002 Does this count as account deletion & restart? (Part 2)

<Flange Continent> is Earth’s first virtual reality online game and NPCs in it is very intelligent, same as actual human, their actions fully fits human psychology. Hence there are people who jokingly claim is this game an alternate world disguised as a game! Most importantly, the ratio of in-game time and real-world time is 3:1, which means an hour in the real world means 3 hours in the game. Liang Li Dong played this game for 8 years…. Playing 8 hours everyday during sleep, converting that to in-game time, the time he spent in <<Flange Continent>> is a full 8 years!

Therefore he is very familiar with this game, by right Divine Noble’s traits should have ended here but he saw there is still 3 traits below!

Glutton Noble: As a member of Glutton Empire, you have tasted all kinds of delicious food from young, obsession to good food is embedded into your soul. You additionally receive non-combat feat: Craft Cooking!Also when you consume food with taste value below 5 for 3 consecutive meals, you will gain an anorexia status, all stats will decrease by 10%, if under anorexia for a long period of time, negative effects will worsen and cause irreversible effect on body and mind.

Craft Cooking: Including  using spells like Conjure Food, the food you make personally will receive additional +3 taste value!

Cloud Dragon’s Bloodline: You used to be a pure member of Glutton Empire, cloud dragon’s bloodline is always hidden with your body, embedded into your soul, now it has been awakened, cloud dragon’s bloodline magic has already replaced your Divine Sorcerer’s bloodline magic and will slowly awaken as your strength grows.

Driving Fog: With yourself as center, you can create a thick fog with radius of 100+(LV*50)m, this fog is regarded as natural phenomenon and not magic, cannot be cleared directly with magic but is slightly affected by wind-type magic. Within this fog, your sight will not be affected and can sense the position of all life in the fog, also your moving speed will have additional +3 and regarded as soundless stealth, allies will receive half of the effects. Enemies’ sight and hearing will be greatly affected, moving speed will also decrease, exact effects is dependent on the level difference, willpower difference and charisma difference between caster and target.

Summoning Rain: Awaken at Level 5!

Soaring Cloud: Awaken at Level 15!

Calling Wind: Awaken at Level 20!

Materialist: You believe science can explain all phenomenon in this world, if science cannot explain, that means science has not advance to that extent. Magic in your eyes is just another kind of energy usage and conversion, to you, gods are just very powerful living beings and not sacred and untouchable! Because of your stubbornness, you will not be able to use prophecy-type magic, time-type magic and causality divine arts, you cannot even observe the effects of such magic and skills.Similarly, these magic and abilities will not be able to have even any slightest effect on you!

After seeing this 3 traits, Liang Li Dong is quite surprised. Ignoring the Glutton Noble trait which is obviously not a good trait, but Cloud Dragon’s Bloodline and Materialist are actually kind of overpowered. Although Cloud Dragon’s Bloodline only has 4 awaken magic, and compared to the original random 8 dragon race or the Sorcerer’s bloodline with random 10 divine race magic, there is a big difference in quantity, but just the skill Driving Fog alone is enough to make someone’s heart thumping.With the massive effective range, powerful ally buffs and enemy debuff, it is useful in soloing, or small team operation, when LV is high enough, it is enough to be used as legion magic.

Furthermore according to the rule that the later a Sorcerer’s invocation awaken, the more powerful and effective, Liang Li Dong can imagine once Summoning Rain, Soaring Cloud and Calling Wind, the 3 invocation will be legion-level magic.

As for Materialist, there is positive and also negative effects, it seems like double-edged sword but Divine Noble cannot learn prophecy-type magic, time-type magic and causality magic in the first place. Using something he does not have to trade for benefits is just too worthwhile. And in the game, this 3 types of magic can be treated as harmless, but its effects is really disgusting, it is a skill that can reverse the situation once used. Back when Liang Li Dong were involved in team combat in the game, he harbor resentment just thinking about the losses he had due to this 3 type of magic. This 3 types of magic are unreasonable, a Time Regression can negate a supposed hit. A causality can make the opponent’s  easily avoidable threat-type magic completely unavoidable…… Even now when he thinks it is ridiculous to be killed by Concent Big Fireball[1] when he ran 1km away and hid within a fortress with defense magic.

Talking about prophecy-type magic, that is even more hateful…… Liang Li Dong is also a noble and own a piece of territory in the game. He remembered that once when he led troops to ambush a NPC lord, originally it was a foolproof plan with no leak of information, unexpectedly that NPC lord hired a player priest, this priest had Prophecy spell…… In the end his actions was totally predicted by them and was counter-ambushed, even his escape route was predicted and taken over which led to complete annihilation!

This defeat caused his territory resources to drop by half and was harassed by nearby nobles because his troops decreased. Thankfully, with the help of a few friends, he rebuilt his territory in the end. But this incident was posted onto the game official forum, he became the negative example, the green leaf to bring out the red flower! And the formidable Prophecy spell became wide-known because of this incident.

Character window is done, character model is 18 year old Liang Li Dong when he was alive but hair color and eye color are changed, blond hair blue eyes, full of noble vibe.

“Do you want to create character?”

Looking at the notification, Liang Li Dong slightly hesitated. If he choose confirm, will he really get a body again? What if he really obtain a body, where will he appear, in the game, or in that hall? There is too many unknowns in this, he only remembered he was knocked into a virtual reality game center by a public bus while trying to save a little girl. The last thing he saw was his body knocked onto the wall by the bus, it turned into a thin bloody mess, head separated from body and drop into a virtual reality game capsule, the 2 female ghosts that was always with him, Persian Cat and Xiao-Bai, had their hands pressed together and holy white light emitting from their whole body.

Is that illusion before death or is it the truth?

If that is true, then the state he is in is their doing? Liang Li Dong has too many questions to be answered in his mind.

No matter what, the stale situation has changed, no matter if this character creation is true or not, he does not have anything to lose, but if this is true, maybe he will be able to find Persian Cat and Xiao-Bai to ask everything!

Character creation confirmed!

As the notification vanishes, the energy matter that was trapping him start to flow into his soul, pain surges, the center of the basilica which is dark and silent for hundreds of year is flashing white and gold light!

T/L note 1: For Concent Big Fireball, in the raw is 气定大火球 which is the combination of the short form of “气定等闲”+ “大火球(aka Big Fireball)”. im not really sure how to translate 气定等闲 since its effects is not really clear to me and i only know its used in combination with Big Fireball. So for now before anyone with D&D experience can tell me what skill it is im gonna translate it as Concentration. Then the short form of Concentration will be Concent cos i feel shortening it to Con is kinda misleading. Lemme know if many feels Con will be better.

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4 thoughts on “002 Does this count as account deletion & restart? (Part 2)

  1. im just gonna say Prophecy magic is like the system gives me the enemies quest information something like that and propably not “real” prophecy for those who think it’s actually prophecy while in this world “prophecy” is real but the mc is unaffected >_< OP

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