Chapter 1 God Rank Hero

Year 20XX, global economy weakens, unemployment rate raises and the situation is in turmoil.

The 2 super nations China & USA decided to work hand in hand to lead the world out of the dire straits. USA also began a series of major measures to shave military budget and create income. Among it, the US Marine Corps’ holographic virtual reality supercomputer training system code-named ‘Decisive Battle Against Alien’ turned from military used to civil used. A joint development between major game companies from EU, Japan, Korea, India, Russia and China to develop a holographic VR game which players from all over the world can participate in. is a super game that combines fantasy, adventure, war, trade, territory building, sailing, tournament and leisure into one.

In the process of development, all the development companies from each nations already started publicizing all around the world.

Spring of Year 20XX, is launched worldwide simultaneously! Teenagers from all over the world are crazy over it! In China region, Hero Genesis’ China agent overwhelm the region with advertisements!

–Do you want to compete with world-class players in the same stage? Do you want to soar freely in a fantasy world? Do you want to be a hero many admired? Do you want to own your own castle and lead your troops to fulfill your lofty aspirations? Do you want to be a professional player with high income? Come! Let’s you achieve your dreams!

. . . . . .

Da Fei, a 30 years-old freelancer dealing with logistics in the construction industry, used to be a leisure online gamer spotted the unlimited commercial potential in Hero Genesis and joins the queue to purchase the client machine with resolute.

Where is the commercial potential? This is a wildly hyped-up game, a game made to gather money, a game where rich people bring troops to war and build castle. Where does the troops come from? What to do when troops are wiped out? Gold coins! Everyone understands.

Today is actually the 3rd day the game officially went online. Da Fei definitely would be queuing at the store with pillow on the night of launch if he had not have to wait for his year-end bonus to buy the machine.

As a professional player, what a failure it is to actually lose to millions at the starting point by a whole 3 days! No choice but to step up the leveling.

Da Fei thinks for a while and gives his sister who is studying university a call: “Xiao Li, Bro resigned already and found a new job with high income. I’m not going back during New Year, tell Dad and Mom for me.”

To talents like Da Fei, resigning is very simple and jobs are not difficult to find too. Because the world actually has no lack of jobs, it only lacks people willing to do this kind of jobs.

A surprised but capable female voice can be heard from the other end of the phone: “What? Brother, do you think it’s even proper if you do not even go back during New Year?”

Da Fei helplessly says: “Do you even know how many jobs lack manpower during New Year? Covering shifts during New Year earns 3 or 4 times the normal salary! That’s all, give a call during holidays, I will help you send your luggage to the train station!”

“No need to, someone will help.”

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat and anxiously says: “Who? It’s that Liu Da Wei again. Have you kissed? Have you slept with him? Pregnant yet? Quickly get that poor bastard to scram! Not thinking about earning money in university and only thinking about sleeping girls, I will beat him every time I see him!”

Xiao Li urgently says: “What nonsense are you saying! He and I are just classmates!”

Da Fei furiously says: “Just classmates my ass! When Bro was in university, I knock up all the ordinary female classmates from the faculty and just left! Now, they cannot even try to get married to wealthy people!”

Xiao Li angrily says: “That’s just you boasting!”

Da Fei’s spirits are lifted: “Yes! It’s just Bro boasting!”

Xiao Li is fed up and says: “Not gonna talk to you anymore, I’m hanging up!”

Da Fei secretly sighs, Bro is doing it for your own good!

As the elder brother of the family, completing university after spending the money of the not so well-off family, he should be the hope of the family but Da Fei in the end was a disappointment and became the laughing-stock of his hometown. On the other hand, his little sister was smart, got into famous university with excellent grades and even received scholarship. She does not put any burden on the family. How does this even make me, the elder brother feel? When I got into university, the little sister in junior high school used to worship me! But now… *sigh*!

More importantly, little sister is pretty and is the faculty belle. If she can hook up with a wealthy husband in university, then our family will get rich! She is the the real hope of the family! The problem is she is blind. There is so many rich kids to choose from, she had to fall for that poor bastard with no money or connections! What is good about that poor bastard? He is just the tall handsome guy from the track and field team and can write some poems and pluck some guitar. These are all worthless! Those with no money or capabilities are a piece of shit!

As long as Bro is still breathing, the two of you can forget about getting together! Who cares about track and field team! My body is so trained after spending so many years in the construction industry that I can kill you just by slapping with a brick! Bro will call her hostel tonight to check on their schedule! Hmph, Xiao Fang better be the one to pick up!

The long queue is gradually shortening, the big screen at the door of the retail store is playing the game’s advertisement again and again. Da Fei’s passion starts burning along with it!

This is the world of heroes. This world does not have any complex stats that players cannot understand like Strength or Agility. There is also nothing like Whirlwind Cut or Kancho[1] Spear. All the stats have been simplified into a few key elements, Attack, Defense and Damage which is simple, clear and easy for players to calculate.

What is Attack? What is Defense? What is Damage?

Man’s strength is limited but the destruction caused is unlimited. A person using his full strength to punch a wall will not cause the wall to even shed a drop of blood! If it is changed into a sledgehammer, a strike with full strength at the wall will insta-kill the wall! The same amount of strength when using different tools will result in completely different amount of destruction.

Limited strength is Damage, hammer is Attack, and wall is Defense. Attack and Defense is always relative, different Attack and Defense will result in different damage caused.

Hero’s function is to increase units’ Attack and Defense through increasing their own Attack and Defense and let units with limited Damage unleash unlimited destruction! The players’ role is to be these heroes that makes people burn with passion!

Just watch! When Bro was still playing games in the past, I was the expert in internet addiction treatment respected by the whole server! In the past, Bro was able to have such achievements just by casually playing. What will happen now that I am going all out? The playing field in the national server is too small, only games at the global level is Bro’s stage! For this day, Bro did enough homework by gathering data from Beta-testers’ forum and official website long ago! Bro had already memorized all the the units and building data from all the races! Bro will get wealthy! I will get house, car and even wife! Wahahaha!

Right at this moment, the advertisement on the large screen suddenly switched.

——”Hello, all you gamers out there, now is time for Hero Newsflash’s live broadcast again. Today, we have invited Hero Genesis’ China spokesperson, famous professional gamer, team <Stars>’s Miss Deng Jia Yi to our live broadcast channel. Everyone, let’s welcome her!”

——”Hello everyone!I’m Deng Jia Yi!” A refreshing and pleasant face appears on the big screen.

“Wow!!! Goddess of otakus!!!” The queuing players suddenly screamed loudly!

Da Fei even stared still his eyes popped out! Who does not know the goddess of otakus with equal abilities and beauty, Deng Jia Yi, game ID Bu Fei Yan! This is Bro’s white, rich, beautiful dream lover!

Host: “Just now, we received a piece of information. Japan already has a player who used the random lottery system to draw an Inferno hero with innate specialty Mobility Master. This is Japan region 2nd rare specialty hero after Infernal Gate Master. It was bought by Mitsubishi Team with 8 million USD. Can Miss Deng Jia Yi give your opinion on this issue from a professional view?”

8 million USD!!! Suddenly the whole street is in commotion! Da Fei’s heart is even more shocked! This is not just business opportunity, this is literally striking it rich and life-changing by buying lottery ticket! As for what is lottery, that is no need to ask. For this type of money-gathering game, as long as you are willing to spend money to charge, there is a chance to draw a OP account during the lottery at account creation!

What? Unfair? When has competition ever been fair? Yellow people cannot run faster than black people while black people cannot swim faster than white people, so is God to be blamed?

And countless facts prove than the more unfair pay-to-win games are, the more popular it is! The more it is able to give rise to large amount of ‘service industry’ personnel! The more it is able to solve every countries’ unemployment issues! But those that do not spend money do not need to worry, it is possible to painstakingly force out a good specialty at later stage.

The screen switches to the introduction of the hero specialty:

——Mobility Master: For every increase in 3 hero’s levels, hero’s troops’ Attack Speed and Movement Speed increase by 1%!

The whole street is in commotion again!

Hero’s skills can be gained through players’ leveling efforts but hero’s innate specialty is an inborn ability, is the only standard to differentiate the strength of heroes!

Deng Jia Yi says with a wry smile: “This is an unbelievable tactical talent! At later stage, it is equivalent to having Greater Frenzy and Greater Haste cast on the hero’s units right from the start of battle. While Inferno’s main combat units are generally faster, this is totally adding wings to tiger! It is clear that Japan region having 2 rare specialty heroes will definitely go all out to develop Inferno race, once it is time for war, our China region will face immense pressure!”

Host: “Can hero like this be called as god rank hero?”

Deng Jia Yi helplessly smiles:”God rank hero is what normal players calls it in the testing period. There is only normal hero, epic hero and legendary hero in the game. But, this Mobility Master is indeed a presence that surpasses known legendary hero, calling it god rank hero is not exaggerating. I cannot think of how to counter this type of hero at later stage for now!”

The host smiles and says: “Our China region has so many players, if everyone draws the lottery, definitely can get a powerful hero, right?”

Deng Jia Yi smiles and says: “If a so-called god rank hero is drawn, our club’s boss will definitely give a few million to buy the account! But the lottery will often randomly give hero with normal specialty or even weird specialty, this is not good for normal new players’ development. I am not in favor of players going for the lottery. It is better to customize hero based on your own liking. After all, at later stage, players can still upgrade your specialty through your own hard work.”

Host smiles and says: “Up till now, Hero Genesis has already run for 3 days. Currently the ranking for known hero with rare specialty from each countries is as follows, everyone please take a look at the big screen——”

Hero with rare Specialty Ranking:

1、Death Lord——Half of any wild undead monsters will unconditionally join the hero’s troops. Owner: Swedish player Vurtne, hero’s estimated value 10 million USD.

2、Infernal Gate Master——Increases the effect of hero Devil Lord’s class skill ‘Infernal Gate’ with the increase of hero’s level. Owner: Japan’s Mitsubishi Team, hero’s estimated value 6 million USD.

3、Unicorn Maiden——For every increase in 2 hero’s levels, increase Unicorn units’ Attack, Defense, HP by 1 each. Owner: USA Supernova Team. Hero’s estimated value 3 million USD.

4、Siege Technician——For every increase in 2 hero’s levels, increase Ballista’s Attack and Defense by 1 each. Owner: Russia War Angel Team, hero’s estimated 3 million USD.

5、Model Knight——Increases the effect of hero Knight’s class skill ‘Blessing Ritual’ with the increase of hero’s level. Owner: UK Royal Ark Team, hero’s estimated value 3 million USD.

6、Vampire Princess——For every increase in 2 hero’s levels, increase Vampire units’ Attack and Defense by 1 each. Owner: France player Natasa, hero’s estimated value 1 million USD.

7、Griffin Breeder——For every increase in 2 hero’s levels, increase Griffin units’ Attack and Defense by 1 each. Owner: China Stars Team, hero’s estimated value 1 million USD.


Looking at the long quotation list, the whole street is in commotion! Da Fei’s heart is even beating furiously! Although it is known that this game is really hyped, he did not expect it to be crazed to this level! This feeling is just like opening the lottery website, feeling like everyone has won and only himself did not win!

Should Bro get a draw too? Although those doing programs have very obvious intent of instigating people to give them money, isn’t it just charging 1000 bucks? [2] The money Bro spent on buying lottery ticket all these years has got to be at least 8000 if not 10,000 bucks right? Then again, for exponents like Bro, even if the lottery fails and got a normal account, it is possible to make it too!

T/L note 1: The raw actually says ass-exploding which sounds dumb while kancho practically meant the same thing as Thousand Year of Death.

T/L note 2: All money in this novel is in Yuan unless stated otherwise.

On a side note, the game in this novel is based on the mechanics of Heroes of Might and Magic.

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  1. The voice in my head reads this out in a east London accent… But my favourite part is
    “Unfair? When has competition ever been fair? Yellow people cannot run faster than black people while black people cannot swim faster than white people, so is God to be blamed?”

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