Chapter 2 Choosing of Fate

Da Fei carries a big box back to the hostel, follows the step-by-step instructions on the manual and carefully sets up the machine. After connecting the backup power supply and the holographic helmet, Da Fei takes a shower and smokes a stick of cigarette—— Every time before buying a lottery ticket, Da Fei will burn incense, shower and pray devoutly. As this time is the start of Da Fei’s new career, it needs to pay even more attention!

Bro never won after so many years of buying lottery tickets, the accumulated luck should have pierced the heaven, right? There goes a Chinese saying that frequent shifts make a tree dead but a person prosperous. Isn’t time for a luck outbreak? This time, even if Bro cannot get a 10 million USD god rank hero, getting any few thousand bucks hero is good enough! Bro’s request is not high, getting back the 1000 bucks spent on the lottery is good enough.

In the game, first 10 levels are beginner stage, doing errand quests in the main city, developing small amount of low level units steadily through the simple quest rewards. But random lottery is different, the spawn point normally is very remote or even harsh, it’s okay, Bro is already mentally prepared.

12:12:12, the auspicious time is here!

Enter game!

——System notification: Great hero, welcome to China region’s Hero Continent, please register your name!

Hero Genesis is divided into North America, EU, Russia, India, China, Japan and Korea 7 individual servers. Each server is called Hero Continent, other than the difference in maps, players of every server are practically playing the same game. Then the 7 server are connected to a super server, New World! Players from all countries can meet here, New World is also called war server and is where Hero Genesis makes all players hot-blooded!

Official poster is very simple. There is a huge planet like Earth with 7 smaller Earth orbiting it. The 7 Earths are the 7 servers and the large Earth at the center is New World. The main idea of Hero Genesis is of course the colonial war of the 7 old worlds toward the New World.

——Name: Da Fei!

——System notification: Name is valid! There is 3 main Good factions, Haven, Elves, Dwarves; 3 main Evil factions, Undead, Beastmen, Devil and the neutral faction Wizard’s Academy which cannot be chosen under normal circumstances. Every new hero can choose their own hero specialty and a starting hero skill. Please choose your race faction and hero specialty! Or choose random lottery!

——Random lottery!

Specialties that can be chosen by players themselves are those standard specialties that cannot be sold for money! This is the one Bro is betting on!

——System notification: Hero!  Are you sure to let God determine your fate?

Confirm! My fate depends on Heavens and not me!

——System notification: Hero! Please wait for fate’s choice!

White light flashes before one’s eyes and the image of a tall, handsome, upright mature human with thick eyebrows holding a wooden spear appears before one’s eyes! Ok, that is just the default human male set up by the system according to the player’s actual age! Da Fei cannot wait to open the stats window and breathing suddenly stops!

Icon never seen before! Not the public standard skill!

But what is this weird sail boat icon? Cannot be Navigation, right? Da Fei suddenly has a bad feeling and hastily checks!

——Storm Sailing: Hero’s fleet will have increased safety when sailing in harsh storms. (Note: Prerequisite is for hero to possess large galleon with good wave resistance. Large galleon requires hero to have a certain amount of fame before having the right to buy at the shipyard.)

Da Fei is stunned on the spot!

A non-combat specialty cannot be sold for money! If Bro was given any low level unit command specialty, any general skill specialty, any management specialty, Bro can still live with it. The problem is, what is with giving Bro a specialty that relies on the weather to make a living? And requires having a large galleon, how much does one of these boats cost? Buying still requires fame? The crucial thing is having this specialty, do Bro hope for a storm to brew or not? This is a stop-loss specialty and not a profit specialty, is this out to give Bro a ball ache?

——System notification: Hero specialty selection complete, please use the remaining 1 skill point to choose a hero skill. For the sake of your initial development, it is recommended to choose a skill that is compatible with your hero specialty!

Da Fei finally snaps back and deeply sighs! This is heaven’s will! It is heaven’s will for Bro to earn gold coin in game by seafaring with peace of mind! This specialty of Bro lets ships be free of the huge threat from their natural enemy, storms. The rest like pirates, Nagas etc depends on the ability of effort!

That’s right, Bro is not young anymore. There is no time to be fighting and killing with kids, Bro earning money is the King’s way![1] Without hesitation, Da Fei uses the skill point given by the system to select the general skill——Navigation!

——System notification: You received the Navigation skill book given by system for beginners! You can used skill points received to increase Navigation skill level through the skill book or learn Navigation branch skill recorded in the skill book.

——System notification: You have learnt Basic Navigation!

——Basic Navigation: Hero’s boat will have 20% increase in speed on the sea.

Now, Da Fei’s stats are:

Player Level: Lv 1

Class: Pikeman (Haven Level 1 unit normal form, special ability: Long Weapon, Pike Formation), Lv 1 Explorer (In the game, depending on Hero’s skills function is divided into 4 major types Explorer, Commander, Lord, Scholar. Navigation belongs to Explorer-type skill.)

Fame: 0 (You are a nobody, will not receive special quests or invitation, killing players or NPCs from the same faction will reduce your fame.)

Command Power: 0 (Amount of units hero can bring, unable to command any troops now. Every troop has basic Command requirement, Lv 1 unit requires 1 Command. When hero’s Command Power is 10, able to bring 10 Lv 1 units.)

Tactical Position: 1 (Type of units and amount of deputy hero hero can bring, can only command 1 unit type and 1 deputy hero currently.)

Attack: 0 (Increases hero and hero’s troops’ damage. Attack and Defense are hero’s tactical stats, can affect the whole army.)

Defense: 0 (Reduces damage received by hero and hero’s troops)

Magic: 0 (Magic can increase hero’s spell effects)

Knowledge: 0 (Every point of Knowledge can give hero 10 mana point)

HP: 10 (Hero will die when killed)

Attack Speed: Normal speed, 10 (10 speed is standard speed, is the reference value to all creatures’ striking speed. Units with faster speed not only strike faster and more frequently. For example, zombies’ Attack Speed is 5, that means player’s attack frequency is twice of zombie’s, phoenix’s Attack Speed is 20 which means phoenix’s attack frequency is twice of player.)

Movement Speed: 10 (Maximum moving speed is 10m/s, there is a certain probability to dodge enemy’s attacks when running. The probability is higher the higher the running speed is, stamina consumed is higher at the same time.)

Base Damage: 1 – 3 (Damage is amount dealt to enemy’s HP.)

(Note: Damage changes with the difference in Attack and Defense of both sides. When Attack is higher than enemy’s Defense, every point of Attack higher increases 5% of damage, every point of Defense higher reduces 5% of damage, i.e final damage = base damage X (1+ Attack-Defense difference X 5%); According to the formula, when Attack is higher than enemy’s Defense by 20, damage doubles! So high level units is very powerful when fighting against low level units.)

(Note: When Attack is lower than enemy’s Defense, final damage = base damage ÷ (1+ Attack-Defense difference X 5%); I.e when Attack is lower than enemy’s Defense by 10, damage is only 2/3. When Attack is lower than enemy’s Defense by 20, damage is only 1/2. When Attack is lower than enemy’s Defense by 40, damage is only 1/3. So it is painful for low level units to fight against high level units, even the normal strength cannot be unleashed.)

Morale: 1 (Units with high morale will have additional damage boost when attacking units with low morale and will have lower chance of deserters when losing.)

Luck: 0 (Will not have lucky effect of 2X damage nor will there be unlucky effect of 1/2X damage. Every point of Luck increases 1% chance of 2X critical rate.[2])

Stamina: 100 (Stamina will continually drops when troops are in battle or marching. When Stamina drops below 10%, hero’s troops morale, speed, damage with reduce. Hero will be in weaken state of 10% Stamina after resurrecting from dying once. The Stamina setting lets player use large amount of weak troops to exhaust enemy’s strong troops’ Stamina to attain survival or even victory.)

After creating account, the scene changes after a flash of white light. Da Fei appears in a grandeur, solemn hall. In the air of the hall, a one-winged angel named Sephiro looks at the dozens of players whispering and asking around with majesty.

Hall of Fate. This is where random lottery players will reach after creating account. It is also the place to allocate jobs. Since players chose random, the spawn point is random too but NPC examiner will ask the player a question and decides where the player goes according the player’s answer.

  At this moment, white light flashes continuously, players continuously enter the hall and then the large door closes with a bang. The whole hall suddenly darkens and a majestic sound echoes through the hall:

“Welcome to Hero Continent, Children of Destiny. However, you have very bad luck to have encountered me! I hate those rubbish garbage that let others decide their fate but I like the feeling of deciding other’s fate very much. Now, let the test begins!”

In the dim hall, a spotlight shines on a player called “All Evil Little White Wolf” in the crowd. Dozens of players simultaneously look at the first candidate with pity! 3 days already passed after the launch, new players all knows this type of examiner is full of traps. Sacrifices in front will provide precious personality data of the examiner to later candidates and make the most reasonable answer.

Sephiro says indifferently: “You obtained God’s blessing and possesses a not so bad Lord specialty but I feel you don’t deserve it. Answer me, what is the most important thing to Lord?”

All the players cannot help but erupt into uproar! Even NPC says his specialty is not bad then he must have it good!

All Evil Little White Wolf clears his throat and says: “Of course is, running a mine.”

Sephiro laughs: “An answer befitting your specialty. Then I will satisfy you and arrange for you to dig ores at the haunted mine in Death Mountains!”

“Oh fuck!” A ray of white light later, All Evil Little White Wolf disappears.

Is that map even for beginners to play with? Everyone feels tense but still cannot help but gloats. Now, everyone has an initial idea of how ridiculous this examiner is.

Spotlight once again shines onto a female player called “Ksana[3] Youth” and she jumps out of shock. 

——”Another fellow with a Lord specialty, what do you think is the most important to being a Lord?”

Female player says while trembling: “Run, running a farm…”

Sephiro sneers and says: “An answer very befitting your specialty!”

All the players cannot help but to sigh in their hearts, with the overturned cart in front, why can’t she be smarter!

——”Very well, please listen to the question, the farm has a total of 450 chickens and ducks. After selling half of the chickens and buying 30 ducks, chickens are twice as many as ducks. How many chickens and ducks are there originally? My patience is limited so answer me quickly. If you cannot even count, how do you qualify as a Lord? I will arrange a suitable post for you at the farm, like sweeping chicken manure!”

The crowd erupts into an uproar! There is primary school math question too? But, who knows how many?

Ksana Youth immediately says loudly: “384 chickens, 66 ducks!”

Examiner screams excitedly: “Correct answer, plus 10 points! With your talents, you should go where you should go!”

The crowd is in commotion! This mental calculation ability is way too OP! Although the question is not difficult, answering so fast is difficult!

At the same time, 10 rays of gold light descends from the sky and sprinkles onto this female player and her level instantly increases to Lv 10! And then white light flashes and she disappears!

The crowd is shocked! Answering a primary school question correctly gives 10 level ups, this is too ridiculous!

As expected, a player present roars loudly: “Ridiculous! Unfair! Too unfair!”

The hall’s spotlight immediately focuses on this roughly 20 years old youth——Blood Sea Mad Waves! Suddenly, the crowd discovers a steel sword hanging on his waist, wearing leather armor and carrying a thick wood shield covered with steel on his back is a Shieldsman! Haven’s level 3 unit Shieldsman!

(Shieldsman: Attack 2, Defense 8, HP 20, Damage 2-5, Attack Speed 12, Movement Speed 8, Command point 2, special ability: Huge Shield, Shield Formation. If player’s class is Shieldsman, equipment received on spawn gives 2 character Attack, 8 character Defense, character Attack and Defense does not affect troops. Command point 2 means that 2 Command Power can only bring 1 Shieldsman.)

Wow! All the Pikeman players are in commotion! His birth is way too good! Others start as the weak level 1 Pikeman with 0 Attack and Defense, 1-3 Damage, 10 HP, he is a level 3 unit with 10 stat points more than others! He still has the nerve to call out unfair?

Sephiro smiles coldly: “Unfair? Isn’t it you all who let God choose your fates just want to have shortcuts earlier than others? You deserve to talk about fairness?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says coldly: “I spent money to get the chance of God chosen, this is fairness! As for you, raising others’ levels as you wish, this is unfair!”

Sephiro laughs loudly: “When you let other decide your fate, you can forget about fairness! However, I can give you a fair chance, if you have the ability to grasp it!”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says proudly: “The reason I am chosen by God is because no matter what my fate is, I will have the ability to grasp it! My specialty is Admiral, do as you deem fit!” He immediately publicly reveal his hero specialty!

——Admiral: Hero’s troops’ overall combat capability on sea with have bonus increase with the increase of hero’s level.

The crowd exclaims: “God rank hero!!!”

Increase in overall combat capability! And not increase in Attack and Defense! Combat capability includes all elements like Attack, Defense, Speed, Morale etc! Who can win him on the seas?

Da Fei’s jaws even drops onto the ground! Are god rank heroes as many as dogs? Lottery drawing at the same period, why doesn’t Bro have such good luck? Both are water-based, Bro’s specialty is nothing compared to his! Ridiculous! Unfair! Too unfair!

Sephiro smiles coldly: “Very well, the deserted island at the empire’s most distant border urgently requires ambitious youth to guard. You can go there and be your admiral!”

White light flashes and Blood Sea Mad Waves disappears!

The crowd is sobbing and sighing.

The spotlight flashes and it is shining on Da Fei this time! It is my turn?

Sephiro says coldly: “What is your ambition?”

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat! This fellow seems to be choosing similar specialty in a row so after Admiral, it is turn for my Storm Sailing! However, similar people have different lives. Bro is so not going to deserted island at the border, Bro wants to receive quests at big port city to earn fame and money to buy large galleon!

Da Fei says primly: “I want to be a sea freight merchant and contribute to the prosperity of the empire’s commerce.”

Sephiro says indifferently: “Is that so? The deserted island at the empire’s most distant border urgently requires ambitious youth to develop. You can go there to be your sea freight merchant!”

“Oh fuck!” White light flashes and Da Fei disappears!

The scene changes! Clear sea, blue skies and seagulls soaring.

——System notification: You have reached Beginner’s Trial area Island of Miracle!

And then, naturally there is someone looking around beside him, Blood Sea Mad Waves!

(Note: Galleon, mainstream large-scale sailing ship of Western countries at 16th-18th century, 4 masts, 50 meters long, displacement 2000 tonnes, replaced by steamships after Industrial Revolution. The ships in the game is also designed after antiques.)

T/L note 1: The King’s way meant the path Kings take. It is used to refer to something as the best way to do something or the most popular option.

T/L note 2: It means Luck affects the critical rate of 2X damage and not doubling the chance of critical hits.

T/L note 3: In Buddhism, ksana is approximately one seventy-fifth of a second

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