Chapter 3 2 Men’s Deserted Island

This is a deserted island with a circumference of a mere 100 meters. Except for a few coconut trees and a big dilapidated sailboat that is stranded for god knows how many years, there is nothing else! A beginner villager with no one! The difficulty of this beginning can be rated as impossible!

Could it be that Bro’s specialty is a godly skill too so I have the same treatment as this Admiral for the beginning! Before entering the game, Da Fei has already done enough homework. The better the specialty that the player gets from lottery, the higher the difficulty the beginning is. Of course, no matter what the difficulty or how tricky the examiner is, at least 1 thing is for sure. That is the examiner will definitely allocate according to discipline, which means there is no way an Admiral will be allocated to a desert or mountain area. It must be because of this reason that Blood Sea Mad Waves dares to provoke and anger the examiner without qualms and then be allocated to this hopeless place! And the more dangerous the place is, normally means the bigger the rewards are!

Oh fuck! Uninhabited deserted island, mysterious shipwreck with treasure, unimaginable rewards, all of it should have been prepared for the main character only! In the end? That is actually 1 more person! Oh my god! Did you send this god rank hero to disgust me or send me to disgust him?

Now, Da Fei and Blood Sea Mad Waves take their gazes from the obviously important stranded boat and look at each other in blank dismay!

Feeling the malicious gaze from the other party, Da Fei cannot help but to feel his heart tighten! This kind of place is not big enough for 2, right? He is not gonna PK me, is he? Level 3 unit! Kinda hard to get out of this, one of him can take on 3 of Bro with no problem!

Da Fei immediately know his place and laugh and says: “Brother, hello, hello, you and I must have affinity to meet at this deserted island. Let’s look out for each other from now on.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says coldly: “I have seen you before, you were at the same beginner hall with me just now.”

Da Fei startled! This fellow has photographic memory! He can remember each of the dozens of people in the hall? He can only laugh and say: “Brother, you have a good eye. We are from the same beginner hall which means we have an even better affinity.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves holds the hilt and says coldly: “You already know my Specialty so I have to know your Specialty too and Skill. I will say it frankly, my skill is Basic Offense!”

(Note: Basic Offense——Increase hero’s units’ hand-to-hand damage by 10%)

Sigh, although it is a request that makes Da Fei unhappy, in this desperate situation, cooperation is better than infighting! Most importantly, Bro cannot defeat him!

Da Fei hurriedly laughs and says: “Useless Specialty, not worth mentioning.” And then quickly shows his specialty and skill.

Blood Sea Mad Waves says coldly: “I don’t carry others!”

Da Fei suddenly stuns: “Erm, hey brother, I never ask you to carry, there is only the 2 of us players here. Isn’t it normal to look out for each other and cooperate?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves pulls out his metal sword with a shiiiiing, pointing it at Da Fei’s throat and says while laughing out loud: “Look out for? Cooperate? Is a useless Pikeman like you even worthy? If your Specialty is not so rubbish to waste dropping my Fame to PK, I would have kill you straight away, kill you every time I see you and let you stay in Weak state for your whole life and never getting out again!”

What the fuck, so direct! Worry became true!

Da Fei’s face changes and says while startled: “Hey brother, we just met the first time in the game and there is no bad blood between us, is there a need to go so far? Besides that, brother’s god rank hero has a bright future, why spoil the harmony because of this small matter?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs arrogantly and says: “I can play this game any way I like, you can kill me if you don’t like it? To me, the most troublesome and cannot be trusted are players! I will say it frankly, my god rank hero account is worth millions. When I get sick of killing and don’t want to play anymore, I can sell my account and there will bosses who will want to take over immediately! Do you understand?”

Oh fuck! Another person who thinks he can do whatever he wants in a game. This kind of person is just like the old Bro, unbelievable!

The waves behind drive on the waves in front?[1] Da Fei can only sighs: “Of course of course, you win.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says coldly: “This ship is my territory, get away!”

So the waves in front died on the beach? Da Fei backs away helplessly with his hands raised and sighs: “Sure sure sure! Bro will play somewhere else…”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says coldly: “At least you’re tactful!” He turns around proudly after saying and walks in the water towards the shipwreck.

10,000 grass mud horses[2] ran past Da Fei’s heart! Retribution! The only choice now is to tolerate and be cool with it. Bro has a career and goal now and cannot do whatever he wants like in the past.

Now what? There is nothing on the island and the shipwreck is seized by this guy. There is only the sea left. Bro used to survive through adversities, there is got to be a way out with careful searching.

Although the island is not big, the area alongshore is not small. In the waist-deep blue sea, there are all kinds of starfish, crab, fishes and shellfish with yellow names that represent neutrality. However, the exact stats of these animals cannot be checked. In Hero Genesis, every newborn beginner player can directly check the stats of units and monsters that are published officially but these animals here are mysterious existences.

Da Fei insta-killed multiple starfish, sea cucumber and little fishes along the way but there is completely no EXP. Much seafood was obtained though. Oh well, these are all food after all. Every player comes with a week of water and rations and ignition tools for cooking and camping upon spawning. The ratio of time in the game and time in the real world is 1:10 which means 1 day in the game is 2.4 hours in the real world. No water and rations will result in hunger and drop in stamina, further drop will result in weaken status. Of course, players are heroes, children of destiny and will not starve to death. If player are leading troops to battle, bringing sufficient rations is even more important, or else there will be deserters in the army or even result in the army disbanding.

But continuing to kill these little fishes and shrimps and not getting EXP is not a solution, that lobster’s claw looks scary, that sea turtle’s shell looks like it is not to be trifled with too, that red name… sea snake! Oh fuck, it is huge, need to get away from it immediately!

Finally, Da Fei sees a fish half as large as a men swimming leisurely and looks like it is not so tough. Maybe this fellow is a giveaway? That’s it!

A drop of cold light flashes and a spear follows like a dragon!


Da Fei revived on the coconut forest on the island and feels even more depressed looking at his 10-minutes weak status! Pikeman’s health is so fragile! Looking at the direction of the shipwreck, skeletons can be seen continually dashing out of the cabin door at the stern onto the deck and Blood Sea Mad Waves is having a lot of fun killing skeletons! Da Fei is gnashing teeth in anger!

Is there a need to ask why are there skeletons? Isn’t shipwreck always filled those things? Then there is treasure chest and then there is also skeleton captain Boss that drops divine equipment etc!

Hm? Carrying shield? That is not an ordinary skeleton! It is the most elite skeleton warrior that is known for its defense among level 1 units and claimed to be nemesis of long range troops! It is an unit exclusive to NPC forces!

——Skeleton Warrior: Attack 2, Defense 6, Damage 1-3, HP 5, Attack Speed 10, Movement Speed 6, Command Point 1, special ability: Huge Shield, Hollow Frame, Undead Creature, EXP reward 10.

(Note: Huge Shield and Hollow Frame both reduce long range damage by 50% but Hollow Frame reduces 50% after the damage is reduced by 50% from Large Shield. Therefore, Skeleton Warrior actually reduce long range damage by 75%)

While humans’ level 3 unit Shieldsman’s stats:

——Shieldsman: Attack 2, Defense 8, HP 20, Damage 2-5, Attack Speed 12, Movement Speed 8, Command Point 2, special ability: Huge Shield, Shield Formation. EXP reward 17.

The difference between Attack and Defense is actually not that big! Even if Blood Sea Mad Waves comes with 2 Attack upon creation, he still cannot break Skeleton Warrior’s Defense, according to the formula’s calculation, the damage is not even 85% of normal damage. He will need 2 strikes to kill if he is lucky or 3 strikes if he is unlucky!

 As expected, the Blood Sea Mad Waves now requires 2 or 3 strikes to kill each skeleton and then gets hit 2 times himself!

 What kind of person is this! If he party with Bro, Bro’s Pikeman with the advantage of having a long weapon will have the first stab and when the enemy charges to us, we can strike together and defeat with no damage? Won’t leveling be very fast and no resting will even be needed?

Not even scared of gorging from fucking hogging! Bro is not even so ** like you in the past, at least use them before breaking off. Da Fei gets angrier thinking about it and hammers the tree trunk beside him.

——System notification: You obtained a coconut fruit!

——Coconut Fruit: HP temporary +1, restore 100 stamina, only source of freshwater on the island!

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches! Only source of freshwater? So there are things on the island! I knew it, there is no way the system will send players to a hopeless place! Very good! Da Fei knocks every tree and obtains 5 coconut fruits.

——System notification: Unable to obtain more coconut fruits, please wait till the fruits ripen next month to collect.

Next month? That is 3 days in the real world! Wahahaha! As expected, it is a good enough trap! You can go eat with a dry mouth without freshwater! Eating without water will more or less reduce stats, right. Anyways, let’s disgust him at every chance!

After the weaken time is over, Da Fei heads to the sea again. And challenges many kinds of unknown ocean creatures again which ended in failure every time!

Bro don’t believe he cannot find one that he can defeat! Continue!

The sky is already getting dark now, the waist-deep seawater starts to drain, ebb! Under the starry sky, the island’s surface area after ebbing enlarges by way more than 100 times?

So there is ebbing in the game? Da Fei has a brainwave, if there is big fishes he cannot defeat that did not retreat on time, won’t it be lying on the beach like meat on Bro’s chopping board? Thinking like this, Da Fei instantly went into high spirits and starts searching everything. Unfortunately, imagination and reality always have that big of a gap.

It cannot be? Is the shipwreck the only way out? Da Fei looks towards the shipwreck with anger. The shipwreck in the night looks even more eerie with ghost light flashing and skeletons swarming and that Blood Sea Mad Waves looks like he leveled up and getting even more pumped up with the killing, damn!

Just when he cannot help but feel resentment, Da Fei suddenly see a patch of glittering red light in the distant, what is it?

Da Fei quickly goes near and checks. It is a large group of little meatball monsters swaying their tentacles in a puddle after the ebbing! What is this? Anyways, Da Fei already has nothing to lose since he already died many times, he fearlessly continues nearing it while these red-named mobs still show no reaction!

 No reaction even when this close? Seems like corals? Sea anemone? It is sea anemone, right?! Could it be plant mobs? Anyways, just take on whatever it comes!

Locking on to a target, Da Fei stabs it with his spear “-2!”

That meatball retaliate with a sweep of its tentacle! But it cannot reach Da Fei! That’s right, Pikeman’s special ability is “Long Weapon”!

Da Fei rejoices! Another stab with the spear “-3!” That sea anemone continues to flail its tentacles in futile!

Da Fei laughs loudly! Found it! Heaven never bars one’s way, Bro finally found it! This is a really good place, if not for the ebb, Bro will never know this hidden place! They say plant mobs are strange, right? Bro’s Pikeman although is weak, it happens to pwn you!

After another 3 stabs, sea anemone died with an explosion!

——System notification: You won against unknown creature, obtained 10 EXP!

Wahahaha, Bro finally leveled up! Miracle Island is indeed a Miracle Island, all these sea anemones are Bro’s EXP!

T/L note 1: This is a saying that means the waves in front = old generation (the old Da Fei) is replaced by the waves behind = new generation (Blood Sea Mad Waves)

T/L note 2: Chinese internet slang for “fuck your mother”


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    • in chinese, there is many ways to refer to yourself other than “I” so for ppl who tot Da Fei referring to himself as “Bro” was bad, know that Blood Sea Mad Waves actually refers to himself as “your father” which is way more arrogant and rude

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