Chapter 6 Blood Sea Studio

Deserted island’s shipwreck, following the death of the last Skeleton Warrior on the deck, a golden light flashes, Blood Sea Mad Waves increases to level 4. He learned Offence’s sub-skill “Battle Frenzy” as he wished.

——Battle Frenzy: Increases Hero and Hero’s units’ Damage stat by 1, immense increase towards low level units. Learning prerequisite: Must possess Advanced Offence.

At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ character has already been fighting non-stop for a day and night in game time, 2.4 hours in the real world. He is very exhausted and have to relax now. With regards to the leveling speed, Blood Sea Mad Waves expresses satisfaction.

Although he is located at a isolated island with no instructor giving beginner quests or troops recruitment point and the leveling speed cannot be compared to those normal players bringing the few rewarded units, this is the price he has to pay for super account to survive in desperate situation!

But, it is all different after learning Battle Frenzy, base Damage is increased from the 2-5 upon creation to 3-6 and after raising to level 5, the game will reward 1 base Damage every 5 levels which changes it to 4-7. Adding 6 Attack to offset this disgusting shield-bearing skeletons’ 6 Defense, Expert Offence’s 40% increase in damage, the minimum damage will be greater than Skeleton Warrior’s 5 HP and can kill in 1 hit each. Killing mobs will be faster later, especially to a Shieldsman which an initial 8 Attack and Defense, 20 HP, leveling later on will be worry-free and can sweep through all the way to the bottom of the ship!

If there is anything he is not happy with, it is his birth is still a bit low being only a level 3 unit, that is a bit unpresentable! Currently, accounts with estimated value to 1 million USD are born as level 4 units. For example, Stars Team’s Griffin Breeder comes with a level 4 Air Force Griffin which is a long-range monster with high Attack and Speed and can swoop down on normal players who cannot even touch it. That makes development so much easier.

In Hero Genesis, every race’s units is divided into 8 levels, level 0 is militia, backup soldiers like Human’s Peasant, Elves’ Sprite, Dwarves’ Dwarf Miner, Inferno’s Imp, Undeads’ Hard Laborer Skeleton, Beastmen’s Goblin. They are very fragile and weak, players also cannot employ, their main purpose is for production and used in most crucial time in city defense. A castle’s development speed relies on the amount of these level 0 units.

The following level 1, 2, 3 are conventional troops, when normal players have enough Command Power and Tactical Position, they can recruit them in major cities. While level 4 units are the threshold of high level units and will requires completing all kinds of difficult quests and farming Fame.

From level 4 units onward, units will have magic resistance and can cast spells. For example Neutral faction Academy’ Arch-Mage, Elves’ fearsome Druid, Inferno’s ecstasy-inducing Succubus Mistress, Undeads’ famous Vampire, Beastmen’s close combat maniac Shaman, Dwarves’ high health Rune Mage etc. Level 4, 5 units are a race’s central force, not only do they have strong combat capabilities, they have the effect of a nexus or there will be a disjoint in the the troops’ power levels. This point is shown very obviously in Human and Undeads.

Undeads’ units generally have slow Movement Speed while Vampire’s speed outshines others. When they are engaging the enemy, the troops behind have not even caught up and become fighting alone. If they move with the main troops, they lose their advantage of fast speed. So whether Undead is played well or not depends on how well Vampires are played. This is what separates the pro Undead players from the rest.

Similarly, the most awkward of Human’s Haven is Level 6 unit Knight. Charge or not is a very dilemmatic question!

Players can build their own castles in New World and also get all kinds of different units. In other words, building Creature Dwelling and training your own unique units. Especially Undead where all sorts undead creatures come out one after another but not matter how you train and develop, the requirement is they must be able to cooperate with the main troops. Or else, might as well just use the combat units from system-generated cities. At the very least, these units will be convenient to replenish.

To Blood Sea Mad Waves, his development and New World’s development is already planned. Blood Sea Mad Waves wants to build a impregnable pirate fortress and cultivate his unique marine units in the fortress. Although his Shieldsman is not the highest class, it is the most suitable to fight naval battles on cramped ship. While units with long weapons like Level 1 Pikeman, large-sized units like Level 4 Griffin and horse-riding units like Level 6 Knight definitely are unable to fight naval battle on small and cramped area like ships and have to be changed. After which, he will sweep through the seas of the 2 worlds. Only ruling over the seas is considered as truly ruling the world!

Actually, Blood Sea Mad Waves is a naval battle maniac himself. To get a naval battle specialty, he bought 200+ machines himself and drew the lottery 200+ times! This is why he only entered the game 3 days after the game is released.

Have to say, Blood Sea Mad Waves is still very lucky. At the 200th time, the “god rank” specialty Admiral finally appeared! If he really did not managed to get one, he can only spend high price to buy it on the market. As for telling Da Fei he can sell his account after he got sick of PK-ing is all a bluff to show that he is not afraid of anything and scare people away.

As for how to deal with the 200+ machines he bought? After thinking about it, it is best to start a studio. Although machine is not valuable, buying so many machines took a lot of his effort.

Blood Sea Mad Waves gives his best friend a call: “Shao Dong, what are you doing?”

The other side of the phone says unhappily: “What else can I be doing? This young master[1] is born to fuck.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs and says: “Still haven’t had enough of fucking, I’m opening a game studio[2], let’s do it together!”

Shao Dong says in surprise: “Game studio? Are you joking? We are not short of money!”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs: “It’s actually just playing game. Having the name of a studio sounds better and lets those old fogeys feel like we’re doing decent work if they knew.”

Shao Dong laughs: “That’s also right, what game?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves nods: “The most famous! Get Brother Tian, Young Master Ma to play too. Tell them not to race cars anymore, the streets are filled with taxis running on gas nowadays. Crash into one and it becomes a bomb. Getting killed for it is not worth it.

Shao Dong laughs: “So I get a bunch of chicks over? Everyone can play and fuck at the same time?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says unhappily: “Female players are the most troublesome, don’t those too stupid!”

Shao Dong laughs loudly: “Relax, I don’t even wanna fuck those too stupid! Oh right, what will the studio be called?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves without thinking: “Blood Sea Studio!”


After contacting a bunch of rich young master friends, Blood Sea Mad Waves feels even more delightful.

The only unhappiness is the island has an extra loser! This feeling is as unbearable as having sand in eyes.

Therefore, Blood Sea Mad Waves always cannot put all his heart into killing mobs. He always have to put some of his heart into guarding that loser. He seems to have died a lot of times during the day? Heh! Garbage will just be garbage. How can this place be suitable for garbage to survive? But, where is that loser now?

Blood Sea Mad Waves looks around and cannot see his tracks and he checks under the side of the ship, still not there! Where did he go? Cannot take it anymore and log off? Good that he knows his place!

Suddenly Blood Sea Mad Waves remembers something, his rations is not enough! Food is not a problem, it can be solved with catching fish and prawns but what about water?

Blood Sea Mad Waves sees the few coconut trees on the island and thinking that should be the water source, he hurriedly goes ashore to pluck fruits.

——System Notification: Fruits have already been gathered, please wait and come again in 29 days for the next batch of fruit to ripen.

Fuck! Blood Sea Mad Waves kicks fiercely with hate: “Wait for this garbage to come online, I will kill him straight away!”

As for Fame decreasing? At most become a pirate! Being a pirate will be able to brazenly rob NPC merchant ship! Infamy will increase faster than anything! Of course, solo playing definitely cannot be a pirate from the start but there is no problem now with brothers playing too.

T/L note 1: He is referring to himself as a young master in an arrogant way.

T/L note 2: The game studio referred here does not make games. The studio here refers to a group of people playing games together to actually earn money.

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