Chapter 7 Stealth Sailing

The Da Fei right now is flipping through this boring notebook with all kinds of navigation courses and numeric coordinates while yawning on the reef and stopping to have a few look at places with words. However, it is just all kinds of weather, geographical notes. As for the location of Mithril Island, he would not understand even if he is given a look.

Then again, mithrils should be strategic resources more valuable than gold in the eyes of mages. So how do Bro deal with this map? Offer it as tribute? Sell it? Exploit it himself?

Offering as tribute or selling it seems too short-sighted. Exploiting it himself is equivalent to directly making an enemy out of that Makarl or what, right? Doing a major Instance Dungeon in the game supposedly requires all the power of a major guild. How can he a ordinary player settle an epic quest by himself? Cooperate with others? Fuck, Bro is the same as Blood Sea Mad Waves and cannot trust players!

At this instant, a line of words pops out.

——Year 155, May 12, foggy. Today is the 10 years old birthday of my beloved Serbia already but I’m not by her side. After leaving the family for 5 years, I wonder whether she is used to the life at church or not? Is she still waiting for my return at the pier of St. Paul Port every morning? Will she still be able to recognize her father? We experienced all kinds of extreme conditions on the sea these 5 years and have changed beyond recognition. I cannot even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. May God bless my Serbia.

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches, there is content in this? What is this? Hidden story-line? Must be it! Bro is a self-taught expert! St. Paul Port, daughter living in a church, right? Hm, looks like those seafarers in the game without relatives all send their children to church for care taking. 10 years old at Year 155, so she is 15 years old now?

15 years old! Kekeke! Uncle, you can rest in peace now. Bro is grateful to you for giving me with the skill, Bro will definitely take care of her!

Da Fei continues to flip the pages in excitement.

——Year 155, September 24, clear. The autumn haze has finally ended for continuing for many months. Everyone brought their bed sheets and blankets out from the living quarters for sunning. Everyone joyfully discovered the many, many fleas in the blankets. And so, everyone caught a bottle full and spread it on dry bread after mixing with the treasured butter, it becomes a delightful lunch!

Oh my fuck!

——Year 155, November 4, clear. The sea is calm and the sky is clear for miles. We were already at the boundary of the New Caribbean Sea where pirates are rampant. I warily looked at the winds without slack. At noon 12pm, everyone began to have their lunch, I suddenly discovered there is a unnatural wave at a distance from the side of the ship, was it my illusion? Or was it fishes?

No! That’s not it! Instincts tell me this must be the Pirate King’s ultimate skill in the legends “Stealth Sailing”! They can use water-screen to create illusion to conceal the ship and get near to their prey without anyone knowing in broad daylight! I immediately sounded the alarm! But it only got the mocking of the crew in return! I began to regret my recklessness and suspicions!

But Captain Renoir firmly supported me, the ship immediately changed course and escape with full speed under full sail in downwind. At this moment, a shocking thing happened. A pitch black pirate ship suddenly appeared in the open sea surface! It is indeed the legendary frightening Pirate King Red Beard! He saw us escaping and immediately gave up disguising and gave chase in full speed!

At this time,  a golden light bathe my whole body. I finally broke through my limits and reached Grand Master Scouting! I succeeded! God! I praise thee! I finally can step into the realm of God Level!


Reading up till this point, Da Fei involuntarily startles! Seeing through others’ ultimate skill and leveling up to Grand Master is understandable but what does “finally can step into the realm of God Level” mean? Could it be God Level will be easy after Grand Master?

Da Fei hurriedly continues flipping!

The content that follows is about this Juan discussing the logic of this skill with Captain Renoir and the on-board mage Makarl from time to time. After comprehensive analyzing, they felt this Stealth Sailing is not purely within the category of Navigation skill, it may have integrated some kind of magic, some Scouting skill and may even had something to do with the material used in the ship itself. Also, this skill does not seem to be completed with 1 person but should have be completed with a team as a combination skill.

So it is actually a combination skill! Just when Da Fei continues to flip the pages,

——System Notification: You learned experience from senior’s works, obtained 2000 EXP. Obtained related information about skill “Stealth Sailing”.

——Beginner Tip: Player obtaining skill information triggers the research system of that specific skill. Player can research on his own, inquire more detailed information from all kinds of NPCs or find someone to teach that skill etc.

——System Notification: Congratulations, you raised to Level 3! You gained 1 tactical stat point, you gained 1 skill point, your HP +2, your Command Power +1

Skill information! Da Fei’s jaws drop onto the ground!

This Stealth Sailing is a skill not recorded on the Navigation skill book! It should be a pirate’s unique skill? God rank skill? In other words, this journal is also an important research treasure! It is vital item for Bro to learn a god rank skill, Bro cannot turn it over!

Da Fei flips it again thoroughly. The content that follows is after much contact with Makarl, Juan discovered something is wrong with Makarl etc etc. And then, there is no more system notification appearing again.

That is to say, to learn this skill, there is a need to build a team with many talents already. Of course, even if not for learning this skill, talents are still needed. The reason this St. Antonio was able to brave so many dangers is because the whole ship is filled with talented people.

While things like team is too far-fetched to solo player like Da Fei, the only way is to recruit talented NPCs. And to recruit outstanding NPC talent and even NPC hero, player’s Fame is a must. No one will want to follow a nobody.

There is many ways to obtain Fame, for example quest, military contributions etc. While Da Fei just happens to have 1 way to obtain Fame, Scouting’s sub-skill Gather Information!

——Gather Information: When Hero fights with unknown monster, it is possible to obtain monster’s stats and made into information card. Selling information cards to scholar or nobles can receive money, Fame and certain NPCs’ Relationship points.

The surroundings of this deserted island is filled with unknown marine creatures which is just right for Gather Information! There is got to be 1 or 2 information that is very valuable, for example, this plant mob Sea Anemone!

Just so happens that there is a skill point from raising to Level 3 just now. Anyways,  be it for long-term goals or current plan, skill has to be learned. Da Fei takes out the skill book and decisively learns!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point and learned passive skill Gather Information! The more time you spent in contact with unknown things, the more detailed the information gathered is.

Hmm, passive is good, the skills Bro likes the most are passive skills.

At this time, the sky darkens, the tide ebbs again and exposes a large patch of damp land. The well-prepared Da Fei with full status jumps into the sea and swims toward the puddle with patches of red light in the distance…


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