Chapter 8 2 Men’s Boss Encounter

Deserted island, shipwreck.

After a day of fighting, Blood Sea Mad Waves is making the last charge toward Level 5. When the sky is dark, the skeletons in the sunken increases in amount again. Nice timing!

Golden light flashes and Blood Sea Mad Waves finally raises to Level 5 and receives the precious reward of +1 base Damage! The system is very stingy towards raising of base Damage. Players only get 1 point every 5 levels. But even so, with the addition from all kinds of equipments, player’s damage will still get very scary at the later stage and will not disgrace the name of Hero.

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ base Damage has reached 4-7 now, Attack has also finally offsets the monster’s 6 Defense. With the 40% damage increase from Expert Offense, Skeleton Warrior with 5 HP will definitely be insta-killed with every strike! Because of insufficient Damage previously, the mobs cannot be insta-killed, the difference between taking 1 strike and 2 strikes means whether the leveling efficiency can be doubled or not!

But Blood Sea Mad Waves is not going to continue killing skeletons, it is time to charge into the cabin to explore the secrets inside the ship. All evidences show that the cabin must have something like an undead mage summoning skeletons non-stop. Let’s kill it first!

Facing the stream of skeletons flowing out from the cabin, Blood Sea Mad Waves makes use of the 2 point of Attack Speed advantage over skeletons of Shieldsman and has the first strike, killing skeletons every strike while not receiving damage himself anymore! Nice! Now, there is no need to rest and recover HP! The efficiency has raised by more than 2 times. Level 5 is indeed a watershed!

Following down the narrow and dark cabin aisle, Blood Sea Mad Waves kills along the way and finally reaches the goal, a dark room that has Skeleton Warriors continuously flowing out!

There indeed is a humanoid monster shrouded in white fog chanting spell non-stop in the room. Skeletons emerge one by one from the summoning magic circle below it! BOSS!!!

The target is you, kill!

Blood Sea Mad Waves brandishes his sabre and charges forward with his shield. At this time,  that BOSS flashes a black light, a black light descends upon Blood Sea Mad Waves from above!

——System Notification: You were hit by Ghost Mage’s dark magic “Weaken Curse”, maximum Damage -2, lasts for 1 day!

Blood Sea Mad Waves has a sudden shock! Reduce maximum Damage! My Damage becomes 4-5! No problem, insta-kill is still possible with 4-4! Blood Sea Mad Waves slashes again and insta-kills a skeleton and charges forward steadily!

BOSS flashes a black light again!

——System Notification: You were hit by Ghost Mage’s dark magic “Painful Torture”, Attack -6, lasts for 1 day!

Blood Sea Mad Waves is shocked again! Attack -6! This means he cannot break through Skeleton Warrior’s Defense again! This 6 point difference in Attack and Defense can only inflict 85% damage which is 3.4 – 4.2! Even with the 40% boost from Expert Offense, it may still not reach 5!

While in astonishment, Blood Sea Mad Waves insta-kills a skeleton blocking the way with a slash again!

Blood Sea Mad Waves firms his resolve, charge! As long as it is not the minimum damage, it is still possible to insta-kill skeletons!

That BOSS flashes a black light again!

——System Notification: You were hit by Ghost Mage’s dark magic “Delay Magic”, your Attack Speed reduces by 30%! Duration: 1 day!

Blood Sea Mad Waves scolds out loud: “Fuck this shit! Are you not done yet!”

Now, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ 12 Attack Speed reduces to 8 and cannot strike as fast as skeletons already! With a sound of “dang”,  a skeleton in front chips off 1 HP of him with a slash!

Blood Sea Mad Waves kills off the skeleton in front once again, charges into the room and the BOSS is within reach!

——System Notification: You were hit by Ghost Mage’s dark magic “Armor Break”, your Defense reduce by 4! Duration: 1 day!

My Defense is high and do not fear your reduction! The amount of spells the BOSS possesses has already left Blood Sea Mad Waves beyond speechless!

At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves finally is able to see clearly that this BOSS is actually a Ghost holding a shiny black magic tome! While the stats of this Ghost is just a normal Ghost! Undead’s Level 3 unit normal form!

——Ghost: Attack 4, Defense 4, HP 16, Damage 2-4, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 15, Special Ability: Incorporeal Body, Flying Unit, Undead Creature.

Blood Sea Mad Waves suddenly realizes! How can a minor BOSS of a beginner’s villager have so many dark spells? This magic tome is the key! As long as this BOSS is killed, this magic tome will probably drop! Magic tome itself possesses large amount of magic power! The magic tome itself may even be alive! A magic tome that lets a person with no magic foundation unleash magics recorded in the tome! This kind of treasure actually appearing in beginner’s trial village?

Of course, for a trial towards god rank hero like yours truly, even divine equipment appearing directly is nothing to be strange about!

Blood Sea Mad Waves excitedly slashes towards this Ghost——”MISS”!

——Beginner Tip: Ghost has the special ability Incorporeal Body, there is 50% chance to avoid physical or magic attacks! If the previous 2 attacks missed, the 3rd attack will definitely hit.

——Ah pfft! Blood Sea Mad Waves spits![1]

Fuck! Even if I am inflicted with all kinds of dark magic, I still have 30 HP, I will drag you out, you 16 HP weakling! Blood Sea Mad Waves slashes again “-3!”

You won’t be able to dodge it this time! 13 HP to go! Blood Sea Mad Waves is full of fighting spirit!

While at this time, 2 more skeletons come out from the transportation circle and surround Blood Sea Mad Waves while slashing ferociously. Blood Sea Mad Waves ferociously slashes the Ghost while taking hits from the skeletons! -4! Miss! Miss! -3!…

The Ghost’s HP continues to drop, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ HP is running low too. When yet another Skeleton Warrior comes out of the summoning circle, when the crucial slash that Blood Sea Mad Waves has high hopes for missed again, the Blood Sea Mad Waves with 4 HP left knows it cannot be done, shouts out in anger and has no choice but to turn around and run!

At least his Movement Speed is still there, the skeletons cannot catch up if he is bent on escaping. The Ghost can of course catch up but if it dares to give chase without the skeletons, my 4 HP can still take a few hits and I will still have a chance to kill it!

But the last hope is still dashed, that Ghost did not give chase.

Just a little bit more! Just that little bit more! While escaping, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ whole body is having hiccups out of anger!

If, if I party with that trash, I should be able to get it for sure? This thought only stops in Blood Sea Mad Waves’ mind for half a second before he dismisses it. All the things on the ship, the EXP, equipments and treasures all belong to yours truly. Outsiders cannot even think of touching it! It is okay if I cannot defeat it now, it should be all right after raising another level.  Just have to continue killing skeletons on the deck.

Just that all the dark magic that lasts for 1 day is so annoying! Others are fine, it is just like reverting to level 1 but the thing is this Delay Magic is too disgusting! I’m slower than skeleton means i will definitely get hit first! Resting and recovering HP will waste large amount of time again, depressing!

But, depressing is good! All the more shows that this magic tome is valuable! I will definitely get my hands on it!


Deserted island’s beach.

Da Fei swims ashore and finds the nearest sea anemone puddle and the first stab opens up with success!

——System Notification: You obtained the incomplete information card of Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone!

——Beginner Tip: It is difficult to receive enough rewards from NPCs with incomplete information card. Please continue to fight with it and gather more detailed information.

It is indeed sea anemone! So this is its name! Indeed domineering! Da Fei excitedly checks the information card quickly.

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone:

Creature type: Small-size plant

Attack: ?

Defense: 0

Damage: ?

HP: 11

Attack Speed: Very slow

Movement Speed: 0

Special Ability: ?

Drops: ?

EXP: 10

Wahahaha, accumulation is indeed key to success! Continue! Da Fei kills a few dozens more but there is no reaction.

What happened? Could it be that because Bro is hitting them without them retaliation so there is no way to know their Damage information? Probably that is the case, after all, there is no way to know how painful a fist is unless you were hit by it.

Why not try and take a blow?

No no, is there nothing better to do! Although from the looks of HP and EXP, this sea anemone is only on the level of a level 2 unit but plant monster is well-known for its eeriness which cannot be judged by common sense, not to mention its name has “Toxic” in it! Can a fragile Pikeman like Bro really take it?

Furthermore, Bro just got to 2000 EXP and is close to Level 4 now, all the more cannot get out of hands. Anyways, information is not something that is urgently needed, leveling is the right way. Not to mention, Scouting’s skill level is low will affect the effects of sub-skill. Let’s wait until Bro raises a level and reached Intermediate Scouting first.

Thus, Da Fei continues fighting and finally gold light flashes, leveled up!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 4, your HP +2, you received 1 tactical stat point, you received 1 skill point, your Command Power +1.

Nothing to say, level up Scouting!

——System Notification: You used 1 skill point and learned Intermediate Scouting!

——Intermediate Scouting: Your field of view by 40%, you can check enemy’s troops amount, morale and supplies information. There is a certain chance of finding hidden enemies in your field of view and forewarn hidden enemies’ attack, increase player’s chance of dodging the attack.

At this moment,

——System Notification: Scouting detected strong hidden enemy lurking in your surroundings, please stay alert!

Legendary hidden BOSS! Da Fei is stunned on the spot! Isn’t the effect of this Intermediate Scouting getting results too fast?

Now, a big red box keeps blinking on Da Fei’s mini-map showing that the threat is right within this region! The world in the eyes of players with Scouting is indeed different from normal players.

The problem now is, what to do?  Facing a hidden BOSS, what can a weak Pikeman like myself do? However, Da Fei shakes this question out of his head after only half a second!

Of course is to search it out! How to know the chances without looking at it? Just like how Da Fei regularly buys lottery tickets, although he never strikes it once, as long as you brought it, then you will have a one in a few million chance to change fate but if you don’t buy it, then you will never have the chance to change fate!

T/L note 1:  kinda like this

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One thought on “Chapter 8 2 Men’s Boss Encounter

  1. Now to see who will PK who, or they could team up. I am curious if they PK if the Red Sea will wait… til after his curses fade or after the boss is defeated. Also that dodge will probably be pretty useful.

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