Chapter 9 Toxic Sea Anemone King

Note: I changed sunken ship to shipwreck since it kinda makes more sense. Thinking back, i have no idea why i stick with sunken ship for so long >_>

Da Fei follows the blinking red box on the mini-map and moves with caution. Actually, there is no need to look around. On the ebbed beach, there is remains of a large size sea monster buried deep in the sands in front which betrays its location! After all, this is the only different scenery in this whole beach!

Da Fei moves towards it with caution at every step. Now, he not only can see this whale-like remains clearly, he can also see the few wooden barrel scattered near the remains. This barrel was dropped from the ship?

If the death of this whale is related to this BOSS, how strong will this BOSS actually be? Seems like most probably cannot defeat it but all I need is to get the BOSS’ information card. The more unknown the strong creature is, even if the information card is incomplete, just letting the world know about its existence itself is a huge amount of Fame to be gained!

So, even if it means dying, its value is not to be underestimated! It is worth it to learn this Scouting skill, wahahaha! The point is where is the BOSS? Where is it hiding? Inside the whale’s skull? Or hiding in the sands?

Da Fei circles to the back of the whale’s skull with nervous yet excited feelings. He stabs the sands in front while moving forward. And, the red box on Da Fei’s mini-map blinks even more frequently and intensely! BOSS is right in front!

It’s near! The skull that is as large as a small house is empty inside. So, it is in the sands?

Da Fei takes a deep breath and takes a nervous yet heavy step forward.

——System Notification: Warning! Scouting detected a hidden enemy is about to appear!

Oh fuck! Da Fei is suddenly shocked and subconsciously turns back and run without thinking! With a sound of “bang” behind, a large and pungent wind howls pass from the back of his head! The splashing sand shoots everywhere! A large “Miss” drifts pass above his head!

Da Fei only recovered his senses now! Why is Bro running, isn’t Bro here to die for information gathering? Thus, he immediately turns his head back and is stunned!

Tentacles! Dozens of thick and long sea anemone tentacles drill out from the sands!  So it is actually a sea anemone BOSS! Because of the forewarning from Scouting and his quick instinctive reflexes, he managed to escape by a hair’s breadth! Intermediate Scouting’s warning function also has a certain chance of dodging attack while character is running.

Looking at the dozens of huge tentacles dancing in the sands, Da Fei helplessly shakes his head in astonishment.

No wonder it is a BOSS! This tentacle is twice as long as my pike. There is no way to fight it! It is a pity Bro is a Pikeman, how good would it be if Bro is Archer! Seems like I can only go up and die to get an information out.

Wait! Archer cannot do either! How can the system send an Archer player to this barren deserted island? Where to buy the arrows after using it all? Pick some from cabin? Even that god rank hero cannot get into the cabin after raising a few levels! How many levels can a beginner Archer raise with the arrow gotten on creation?

Which means this BOSS is still meant for close range players!

Thinking like this, Da Fei moves his gaze to the huge whale skull beside the tentacle!

As a pro, one has to understand that BOSS are meant to be defeated by players, BOSS that looks impossible to defeat head-on must have other ways to defeat! Logical usage of environment is the time proven way to clear any game!

Da Fei observes this skull carefully. The more he looks at it, the more it looks like a bunker and that eye socket is the firing slit! Which means if Bro hides in this skull and stabs from the eye socket… That’s right! This is the trick! If it still cannot be defeated this way, there will not even be a chance in open space! However, I can stab from the eye socket means its tentacle should be able to stab in from outside the eye socket too! Then Bro must dodge to the side after striking once. If its tentacle can turn, Bro will have no chance!

In short, I am here to die anyways, Bro has no pressure! The longer I last in its hands, the larger the chance to get detailed information!

However, there is still a big problem, even if Bro wants to get into the skull now, the chance is not high. Its tentacle is so long, I will definitely get hit by it! Charge in while taking a hit? Oh fuck! Better not think of that, a fragile Pikeman like Bro do not even dare take a hit from a normal anemone yet dare to take a hit from the BOSS? How did the whale die?

The only thing to do is to wait! This BOSS must have its reason for drilling hole. After all, there is no puddle here. It probably is not used to be in the air?

Thus, Da Fei runs to the distance again, kills 20+ small sea anemones for EXP again and then runs back again to check. Hehe, it is underground again as expected! This is the moment Bro is waiting for!

Da Fei tiptoes to the back of the skull and chooses a best angle. At this angle, there is a upright rib of the whale which can block the tentacle’s sweep. There is almost no chance to dodge a sweep but there is still chance to dodge the tentacle’s stab!

1 step, 2 steps, almost within its attack range already! Da Fei bends over and takes a deep breath! Just like a compressed spring ready to attack!

——System Notification: Warning! Scouting detected a hidden enemy is going to appear!

Charge!!! At this very instant, Da Fei springs out with Pikeman’s extreme speed of 10m/s!

Bang!!! Sands breaking out of ground scatters everywhere and a black shadow shoots out from the ground! Da Fei’s heart is raised to his throat at this very instant!

There is never a sure-win strategy in this world. Luck is always the most unpredictable element in strategies! The strong side will try to reduce the luck factor as much as possible while the weak side can only depend on luck!

Forewarning, moving beforehand, using the environment, Da Fei did everything he could, the rest is up to fate! If he is unlucky? Hehe, isn’t that simple, just try again after dying, don’t have too much pressure in a game!

——Ho! Flying sand hits his face! A pungent wind scrapes past his ear! Miss!!!

Oh yeah!!! Breaking through successful!

——Thump! Da Fei pounces into the whale’s skull and waits for the 2nd wave of attack with excited yet nervous feelings! If this tentacle can turn, then he will have no choice but to get some points and just go!

Waiting for a while, the 2nd attack did not arrive. Seems like there is a chance? Da Fei slowly stands up excitedly and carefully moves to the skull’s eye socket and slightly looks——Huff! A black shadow flashes before his eyes!

The prepared Da Fei hurriedly pulls back in fear.

——Bang!!! Miss! A green disgusting tentacle as thick as a thigh with suction pads all over shoots in from outside the skull’s eye socket and strikes heavily on the inside of the skull! The whole whale skull suddenly shakes!

Such power left Da Fei frightened beyond words! This attack not only can insta-kill beginners, it probably can even insta-kill a knight, right? This is definitely not a monster to be take head-on!

Clatter! This tentacle drops onto the ground like a dead snake after knocking the wall! Then, it starts to slowly wriggles towards Da Fei’s hiding spot.

Wa ah ah ah fuck! It really can turn! How to fight like this!

“Ah, stab, ah~~” Da Fei stabs toward that wriggling tentacle “-6”!!!

——System Notification: You obtained Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s incomplete information card!

Obtained information card! Bro can die without regrets already!

However, now is not the time to check the information card and not the time to bother with why he can twice his maximum Damage. Facing the disgusting tentacle wriggling towards him, Da Fei, like a hysteric woman swatting cockroaches, is furiously stabbing the tentacle while nonsensically screaming: “Ah, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab——”

——”-6!” “-6!” “-6!” “-6!”

Every time it is stabbed, that tentacle will suddenly trembles and jumps like an earthworm that is struggling after being cut in half unlike the one with the powerful strike just now! Furthermore, its weak struggle cannot even reach Da Fei with the pike, the special ability Long Weapon is still in effect!

Finally, after leaving behind a pool of green liquid, that stabbed beyond recognition tentacle retreats from the eye socket.

Chance! There is a chance! Wahahaha! Da Fei hurriedly checks the information card after coming back to his senses.

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King:

Creature type: Large-size plant

Attack: ?

Defense: ?

Damage: ?

HP: ?

Attack Speed: 1, very, very slow

Movement Speed: 0

Special Ability: Catapult Attack, ?

Drops: ?

EXP: ?


Its special ability is Catapult Attack!!! The special ability of Inferno’s elite Level 2 unit Horned Grunt, also known as Jumping Devil by beta players!

——Horned Grunt: Attack 3, Defense 2, HP 13, Damage 1-4, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 5, special ability: Catapult Attack, Enraged.

Horned Grunt lives on the archipelago of Inferno’s lava sea. Although they have slow movement speeds themselves, they can use their jumping ability which is on comparable to flying units to travel on hot lava island and possess launching attack ability which any arch devils do not dare to look down upon.

——Catapult Attack: Horned Grunt can use its jumping power to launch its body as cannon to the furthest corner of the battlefield and even into city walls. The further the launching distance is, the greater the damage upon impact is. However, the high speed moving will cause hit rate to drop, at the same time, it will be under the weaken state of complete armor break after impact and receive twice the damage. Continual use of Catapult Attack will aggravate the effect of armor break and received damage will increase in folds.

As a level 2 unit, Horned Grunt is one of the most feared low-leveled mobs by players. Of course, Inferno’s troops are all a headache as mobs. Its Catapult Attack often is able to inflict twice or thrice the damage. It is difficult to come out unscathed after encountering it. Many high level units have problems escaping its hands and it is called the most valuable suicide bomber!

Da Fei only suddenly realizes now! No wonder Bro’s 1-3 Damage can actually inflict 6 damage!

Which is to say, this Sea Anemone King, as a plant mob, has very low Attack Speed itself and relies completely on its lightning-fast special ability to launch its tentacle for attack. While its Attack Speed is more than just slow, it is slow beyond words with only just 1! Which means while the player strikes 10 times, it can only attack once! That is why Bro can stab it for so long and almost destroyed it and it cannot even retaliate!

Of course, this Attack Speed of 1 probably refers to only 1 of its tentacle but it has dozens of tentacles so the issue with Attack Speed should not exist. However, it is different now, Bro is hiding in the skull now and it can only attack in with 1 tentacle!

That’s how it is! Catapult Attack does not have a high accuracy itself while I’m moving and dodging with full speed. That means Bro can try to take it out one by one!

Da Fei takes a deep breath and moves his head to the skull’s eye socket once again. This is the most crucial and most dangerous part of the strategy!

Succeeding once may not be difficult, the difficult thing is to succeed dozens of times in a row! However, to veteran construction personnel Da Fei who has strong mentality due to doing high-rise renovation before, producing safely once is not difficult, producing safely dozens of times in a row is not difficult too!


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