Chapter 10 Pro is Trained from Solo-ing Boss

Time in the game passes very fast and night is almost over.

The whole whale skull is filled with green fluid. The concentrated Da Fei already cannot remember how many tentacles he has killed. When Da Fei moves his head carefully to the hole once again, the familiar wind did not come attacking! Finished killing already?

Secretly looks out from inside, the sandy ground outside is also filled with green fluid. Dozens of tentacles stabbed beyond recognition are wriggling on the ground and foaming. Succeeded! Succeeded as expected! Bro finished off all its claws! Now, a sea anemone without tentacles is like a tiger without teeth. If I still cannot win like this, then there is really no way to win!

Da Fei walks out of the skull. Sensing Da Fei closing in, the tentacles on the ground struggles and starts twisting.

Hehe, no need to struggle anymore, let Bro end your suffering! Da Fei stands far away, deals each a finishing blow and nailed these tentacles all to death. All that is left is the main body in the ground? Nothing much to say, Da Fei plunges his pike into the sands, -2! A patch of green fluid flows out with a patting sound!

No reaction? The excited Da Fei stabs again, -2!

Cannot retaliate? Haha! Wahahahaha! This is the effect I want! Da Fei laughs out ecstatically!

Just like Bro said, Bro is a pro! How can there be a monster a beginner cannot kill in beginner’s village? Solo-ing BOSS! Since time immemorial, this is how pros builds their capital and develops their talents! This is the foundation stone to walk continuously from 1 victory to another victory! This is a good start and halfway to a successful life!

Da Fei continues to stab his pike fiercely with every strike like dragon and fully enjoying this hard-earned victory!

The east is slightly bright, the waves sound like thunder and the tides are rising!

While Da Fei delivers the final strike! A golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: You killed Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King! Obtained 6000 EXP! You received loot Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s heart! Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s seed!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 5! Your HP +2, you received 1 tactical stat point, you received 1 skill point, your Command Power +1, your base Damage +1.

——System Notification: You gathered part of Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s information and further completes the information card.

——System Notification: You killed a leader-rank monster with a higher level than you on your own, obtained achievement <Lonely Warrior>, awarded HP +10, Character base Damage +1. Next achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins> requires killing of 10 leader-rank monsters higher than your level without bringing any troops along.


Looking at the whole row of expected system information, Da Fei laughs out loud again! This is must-have rewards for solo-ing BOSS! Bro needs Damage the most, achievement awards 1 point of Damage and reaching level 5 adds another point of Damage. Happiness really comes in pairs!

Currently, Da Fei’s stats:

Level 5, Attack: 4, Defense: 3 (Character Defense 3), HP: 28, Damage: 3-5, Attack Speed: 10, Movement Speed: 10, Command Power: 4, Fame: 0, Tactical Position: 1, Stamina: 100.

Skill: Basic Navigation, Intermediate Scouting (Sub-skill Gather Information), 1 un-allocated skill point.

Wahahaha! This is completely different from that weak Pikeman with 1-3 Damage, 10 HP from the day before yesterday, ehm, a few hours ago! But anyways, Pikeman is actually not weak, at least the 10 HP is unparalleled among level 1 units with 5, 6, 7 HP!

But that is not all! There is still loot from killing BOSS!

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s heart: Weapon enchantment. Increases weapon with 1 paralysis toxin damage.

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s seed: Creature Dwelling. Under specific environment, it is able to train new unit type of Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone. There is small chance of training Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King. Building requirement: Unknown.

Da Fei gets a sudden shock! Creature Dwelling to train new unit type! Which is also called Units Building!

Creature Dwelling normally is a blueprint, for example, players after getting the blueprint of Pikeman base can apply to build it in a main city or town of the kingdom. After spending 10 units of wood and 10 units of stone resources and an additional 1000 gold coins for building, players can recruit pikeman at his own base for a low price and not spend a high price to recruit from the kingdom’s NPC barrack anymore.

Of course, to get even cheaper, players can also hire Pikeman instructor etc. Creature Dwelling like this seed is quite rare and special.

Without a doubt, Creature Dwelling is the favorite of Lord players so the best way to deal with it is to sell it! During beta, a weird Slingshot Dwarf instructor was estimated to be worth 100,000 USD! That is hundreds of thousand of RMB! Not to mention plant monster are eerie and sly, selling it for a million should not be a problem?  But the building requirement for this Creature Dwelling is unknown? This will kind of affects the value, won’t it?

Not gonna care anymore! A unit building is still a unit building. Even if it cannot be sold for a million, selling it for 100,000 should not be a problem. If 100,000 still cannot be sold, 50,000 will do! Wahahaha, rich! Bro is getting rich! Bro knew Bro being a pro gamer is right! Bro knew that Bro’s luck from not striking the lottery for so many years is going to gather and unleash already! Wait for the market to go up and Bro will sell it!

Suddenly, Da Fei sees the few wooden barrels that sunk into the sands again. What is this? Da Fei opens a wooden barrel.

——System Notification: You obtained 3 units of Fine Sulfur Crystal!

Da Fei gets a shock! This is special rare strategic resources! It is resources only available in New World, the old world only has normal Sulfur. 1 unit of Fine Sulfur Crystal = 10 units of normal Sulfur. Oh fuck, Bro got it rich again!

What is 1 unit? 1 unit = 100 portions, what is a portion?

Units all need to eat, drink and consume resources. Normal soldiers consume 1 portion of water and ration daily. High level units like Angel consume 1 portion of Crystal and Gem daily. Portion is the basic standard for daily consumption.

And 1 unit = 100 portions. Because this game involves territory management and commerce, trading with NPC is done in bulk and not retail, trade with less than 100 portions is not possible. Just like how stock trading is done in 100 shares = 1 lot, trading in the game is done in “Unit”, abbreviated as U. Players can only carry at most 10 U of resources. Additional resources have to be transported with logistics vehicles. Once a battle is lost, logistics vehicles will fall into the enemy’s hands.

Da Fei continues to open barrel.

——System Notification: You obtained 2 units of Mithril!

Mithril! Mithril recorded in the journal! These are dropped from the ship as expected.

——System Notification: You obtained 2 units of Condensed Mercury!

More resources from New World! Seems like things dropped from the ship. These must be samples gathered from New World by the exploration team, isn’t it? But why is this Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King growing next to these few wooden barrels? Guarding these resources? Forget it, bring it back and sell it and I will have the first start-up capital! Wahahaha.

The roaring sound of waves from afar reminded Da Fei it is time to withdraw back to the city.

Da Fei swims back to the isolated reef again and takes out the last loot, the fluorescent green and ice-like Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s heart.

What exactly is the effect of paralysis toxin? There is no description in the official information.

Poison weapon enchantment is common. All poison will definitely comes with debuff like Attack weaken or Defense weaken or Damage weaken etc. While with the survival restriction of plant monsters, normal poison effects will definitely not be able to survive since it is the survival of the fittest! This paralysis toxin must be very awesome to be the root of this species’ survival! Oh right, Anemone King’s information seems to be more completed. Let’s take a look.

Da Fei then opens the information card:

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King:

Creature type: Large-size plant

Attack: ?

Defense: 4

Damage: ?

HP: 600

Attack Speed: 1, very, very slow

Movement Speed: 0

Special Ability: Lurk, Catapult Attack, ?

Drops: Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s heart (100% drop rate), Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s seed (3% drop rate, 100% for first kill)

EXP: 6000


Information is indeed more complete! 600 HP! As expected of a BOSS, HP is equal to 3 small Angels! This information definitely can be sold for a good price! One more special ability has yet to be uncovered. Judging from the loot, it must have something to do with that paralysis toxin. Since Bro did not get hit after all, there is no way to know its Attack stats.

Nothing much to say, a 1 Damage enchantment, no matter how eerie, will never be sold for a high price. Bro will use it myself!

——System Notification: Are you going to use the weapon enchantment “Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s heart” on your weapon Wooden Pike?

Sigh, Wooden Pike, feels like it is not worthy of this enchantment. But Bro do not have any other weapon to enchant. Bro dares to be sure that even if there is sword or arrows in the shipwreck, there will definitely not have pikes since nobody ever equips pike on a naval battle.


The ice piece flashes a green light, turns into green liquid and sips into the wooden pike coating the whole wooden pike with a light green color.

——System Notification: You successfully enchanted Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s heart onto the weapon. Your weapon increases 1 paralysis toxin damage and the weapon changes name into “Toxic Wooden Pike of Paralysis”.

Oh! It actually got a name now! Oh well, when Bro get rich, I will refine it a bit at the city’s blacksmith and treat it as family heirloom in commemoration of Bro’s getting rich, haha!

Once I mention the shipwreck, I wonder how is that fellow doing? Da Fei takes out the telescope and has a look. He cannot help but to be humored. So that fellow is still level 5, Bro already killed a BOSS and the fellow is still killing skeletons? What a waste of that OP account!

Well, you can take your time to kill skeletons. Bro has killed the BOSS and gotten 6000 EXP. There is only half a bar of EXP to level 6. Wait till Bro raised to level 6 at night and learn Stealth, I will go back and have a long chat with you, humph.

For now, it is time to eat already. 3 days in the game is half a day in reality. It should be nightfall after finishing my meal.


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