Chapter 11 Shipwreck, Bro is Back

Da Fei rents a place in a small market at the suburbs. The street below has everything from eateries, grocery shops to hair salons. It can be considered as a place where all kinds of people come together. Even so, the rent and cost of living here is not any cheaper. It is hard to survive in big cities nowadays but it is going to be different from now on, Bro is going to get rich!

Da Fei, who is feeling good, orders a plate of stir-fried meat at the restaurant downstairs. Originally, he should be taking a drink as usual but since there may be overnight playing so he can only go without it.

Xiao Li should be revising now, shouldn’t she? Although it is the holidays, Xiao Li is a hardworking child, a seat-occupying straight A student in the self-revision room. This is way better than the seat-occupying gamer in internet cafes that Bro is back in the days. Furthermore, Xiao Li has a good habit of not turning on her mobile phone when she is revising. And it is precisely because of this reason that Da Fei has a chance to hook up her dorm mate above board!

Da Fei then calls the phone at Xiao Li’s dorm. After awhile, just when Da Fei thought there was no one in the dorm, the call got through.

——”Hello! Who’re you looking for?”

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat, it really is Xiao Fang! This is Xiao Li’s dorm’s No. 1 otaku! Bro met her when Bro delivered stuff for Xiao Li during school opening! A bespectacled beauty! Apparently she basically skips lessons and stays in the dorm to play online game all day without going out! Even so, her scores did not drop at all, an oddity among prodigies! But as an otaku, why did she take so long to pick up the phone, was she in the toilet?

Da Fei greedily laughs: “Oh, Xiao Fang, it’s me, big brother!” Hmhm, a sister’s brother is of course the brother of sister’s classmates![1]

Xiao Fang laughs: “So it’s Big Bro, what’s the matter?”

Oh yeah! This voice is so seductive! But calling big bro is so not intimate, call me brother![2]

Da Fei also laughs: “Ehm, it’s the holidays already, are you not going back yet?”

Xiao Fang laughs: “It’s more uneasy being back home. Xiao Li is out for revision, I’ll let her know if Big Bro has anything to say!”

Ehm, let’s talk some more, why get to the main topic so soon?

Da Fei instantly feels depressed and says: “Ehm, when is Xiao Li’s bus leaving? I have some stuff for her to bring back.”

Xiao Fang goes oh and says: “Should be the ticket for noon the day after tomorrow. Big bro should be able to know the specifics after some checking. Does big bro have anything else? If not, I’m hanging up already.”

Ehm, Xiao Fang seems to be busy today? Da Fei can only laughs: “Thanks then, there’s nothing else!”

——”Then, goodbye Big Bro!” Thump! The phone immediately hangs up.

Da Fei shakes his head with a bitter smile. Female student nowadays are so smart. My intention to strike up a conversation on purpose is already seen through by them long ago. This big bro inevitably becomes a laughingstock to them. Xiao Li already nags at me about it but no choice since Bro is lonely! After getting rich, Bro definitely have to buy a house with sea view and then marry a beautiful schoolgirl! Xiao Fang is not bad! Hehe, hehehe…


After meal, Da Fei returns home to go online.

The sky is turning dark now, the sounds of waves is still the same. Da Fei takes out his telescope for a look out of habit and sees that Blood Sea Mad Waves is not fighting too but sitting on the island resting and recovering HP. That’s right, about time he stops, Bro just don’t believe your stamina is unlimited.

Night arrives, the tides whooshes and ebbs. Da Fei stands up after waiting for so long. From tonight on, Bro is going to charge back to the shipwreck. The lord has returned! Hmph!

Da Fei, slightly moved, turns back and smiles to that pile of bones before leaving “Uncle Juan, thanks!”

Currently, Da Fei’s Damage is 4-6. Facing Sea Anemone with 0 Defense and 11 HP is much more easy now. It takes 2, at most 3 stabs to kill 1 unlike before leveling up. When unlucky, getting a few lowest damage in a row and cannot even kill 1 with 5 or 6 stabs. The efficiency has increased by more than 2,3 times. The only thing is, the effect of toxin enchantment seems to not work on Sea Anemone?

Never mind, Level 6, wait for me! Wahahaha!



To Blood Sea Mad Waves, the 2+ hours with all kinds of curses is as long and excruciating as a day in real life. The other curses are still tolerable, only the Delay Magic that reduces Attack Speed is intolerable. Getting hit once upon encounter, killing a skeleton will normally get hit 2 or 3 times. Even if each strike from the skeleton only took away 1 HP, he only has 30 HP in total. After killing 8, 9 skeletons, he will have to rest back on shore to recover HP, almost one-third of the time is wasted in recovering HP! This leveling efficiency is so slow it makes Blood Sea Mad Waves want to smash the machine.

Nightfall, finally the disgusting curse that lasted for a day has vanished. The skeletons on deck has increased again and he can insta-kill without taking damage again. Blood Sea Mad Waves’ anger exploded after keeping it in for a day! 50 kill! 100 kill! 200 kill!

Finally, golden light flashes, level 6!

Blood Sea Mad Waves increases his skill to Master Offence, increases 50% close-range damage. Unallocated stat point continues to be added to Attack. The status now should be ample to kill that BOSS!

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out loud: “Magic tome, I’m here!”

Only after personally experiencing the pain of dark magic will one deeply appreciate the joy of torturing others!

Blood Sea Mad Waves kills all the way into the cabin and suddenly discovers there is no more skeletons. Ehm? Not summoning anymore? Just when he is doubting, heavy footsteps can be heard from the corridor in front. This is definitely not the sound of skeletons walking!

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ eyebrows tighten, full alert! It appears, it’s Zombie!

Blood Sea Mad Waves scolds out loud out of shock: “Motherfucker, how is it Zombie!”

——Zombie: Attack 1, Defense 2, Damage 1-2, HP 17, Attack Speed: Very slow 6, Movement Speed 4, EXP 10, Command Point 1, special ability: Intermediate Armorer.

Zombie, well-know Undead level 2 unit, well-known main character of apocalypse themes! In this game, Zombie’s Attack, Defense, Attack Speed, Movement Speed are all worse among the level 2 trash units. It is not even comparable to level 1 units but its 17 HP, Intermediate Armorer that reduces 20% close-range damage, high production rate yet low price makes it the strongest cannon fodder meat shield among low level units! Of course, it is also players’ favorite EXP among wild mobs!

However, looking at the slowly incoming zombies, the shocked Blood Sea Mad Waves has no intention of treating them as EXP!

Why is this happening? Is it because I leveled up, the BOSS’ summons level up too? This is Zombie with 17 HP and not Skeleton with 5 HP which he can kill with 1 strike each! Killing 1 requires at least 3 slashes! Blood Sea Mad Waves starts to quickly calculate the cost to kill 1 Zombie:

Zombie’s Attack Speed is 6, his Attack Speed is 12. He can slash it twice before it can retaliate once. Its 2 Defense offsets his 2 Attack. His 4-7 Damage can inflict 5-9 damage. Its Intermediate Armorer offset 2 levels of his Offence so there is only 30% damage boost so the final damage is 6.5-11! 2 slashes, at most 3 slashes! But be it 2 or 3 slashes, he will definitely get hit once but if he is cursed, that will be 3 or 4 slashes…

No! Cannot calculate like this! Zombie’s Damage is lower than Skeleton but Attack Speed is almost half as slow, I can totally ignore the Zombies’ attack and just aim for BOSS! Which is to say, the summons seems to get stronger but actually the BOSS fight is easier!

At this time, the first Zombie walks to the front of Blood Sea Mad Waves. Blood Sea Mad Waves moves his hands and chops this Zombie to the ground with 2 slashes while this Zombie dealt 1 damage to Blood Sea Mad Waves right before dying.

The anger Blood Sea Mad Waves has! Why is his Attack Speed 12 and not 12.1! As long as there is a bit more speed, be it 0.001, he will be able to break through this crucial limit and kill this Zombie with 2 slashes without taking damage! By the looks of things, he will not be full health when he charged to the front of the BOSS!

Damnit, as long as he has 24 HP left, even if cursed, he can take out that 16 HP Ghost!

And so, Blood Sea Mad Waves kills all the way and reached before the cabin where the magic tome is at. This time, he is dumbfounded again!

BOSS leveled up too! No longer the 16 HP Ghost but Ghost’s upgrade form Spectre!

——Spectre: Attack 4, Defense 5, Damage 4-6, HP 20, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 15, Command Point 2, special ability: Incorporeal Body, Mana Drain.

——Mana Drain: Spectre can drain enemy’s mana to recover its HP, can only use once every battle.

Isn’t it just 1 HP more, 1 Damage more, 1 Attack/Defense more! I have no mana for you to drain, risk it! Blood Sea Mad Waves grits his teeth and charges up once again with all kinds of curses on him…


At the ebbed beach, after countless sea anemones have fallen, a golden light flashes above Da Fei’s head!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 6! Your HP +2, you gained 1 tactical stat point, you gained 1 skill point, your Command Power +1.

Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief. Bro tolerated for 3 days in the game and has finally got it! Da Fei flips open the Scouting skill book, a golden light flashes!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill and learned Scouting’s sub-skill “Stealth”!

——Stealth: Lets enemy troops and monster unable to discover Hero in a certain range, effects are related to level of Scouting, monster, time and environment. While using Stealth, Hero cannot lead any units. Learning prerequisite: Advanced Scouting.

This is Stealth! The must-learn key skill for players keen in adventure and treasure hunt! And also the most charming skill in the whole Scouting skill! It is also the indispensable skill equivalent to “invisibility” in all kinds of thief-themed games. From a realistic viewpoint, this kind of skill is definitely a god skill, isn’t it? However, in this game, under broad daylight circumstances, Stealth does not work that well too. At least, it cannot turn people blind in broad daylight. It still requires shadows from obstacles like wall corners to enhance the effects.

Now, Bro has 30 HP, 4-6 Damage with the eerie paralysis toxin and is not any weaker than his god rank hero already. Having learned Stealth too now, he can go on the offense or retreat as he wishes, there is no need to fear that god rank hero!

Shipwreck, Bro is back!

Before leaving, Da Fei waves towards the sea anemones again: “Sea anemone comrades, thanks for the hard work!”


T/L note 1: Flawless logic here

T/L note 2: That’s how it works in Chinese so it’s hard to feel the difference in English. Same as aniki vs onii-san in Japanese and oraboni vs oppa in korean.


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