Chapter 15 Ballista Bombarding Zombies

The 10 minutes weakened time after reviving has already passed. Blood Sea Mad Waves swings the brand new sabre and climbs onto the shipwreck’s deck again.

Facing the Zombie appearing before him, Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs and slashes, -12! This damage is more than enough to kill it!

“Die!” Another slash and the Zombie crashes to the ground. As expected, it did not get that disgusting attack out before dying!

This 1 point difference in Attack Speed really makes a huge difference! Finally, he can fight the BOSS with full HP, killing the BOSS will finally not be a problem! Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out loud and slashes his way into the cabin.

This time, victory is inevitable!

Blood Sea Mad Waves kills his way back to the BOSS’ room will all the curses on him.

Before absolute strength, no matter what the curse is, the difference is only 1 slash more or 1 slash less. Yours truly playing this game yet it dares to make me unhappy, that’s enough from it! But the more depressing it was, the better it feels being able to fuck over it! As for those Zombie appearing from the summoning circle, ignore!

Light flashes from the sabre! Blood Sea Mad Waves is venting all his resentment and joy!


First blood! Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs wildly! This damage is really different! I will see with your HP, how many times can you dodge and heal?

Bang! -2! A Zombie claws onto Blood Sea Mad Waves’ big shield, green fluid scatters!

——System Notification: You were hit by Plague Zombie’s special ability Disease Attack, your Attack -1, Defense -1, as long as you continue to be attacked by Plague Zombie, your Attack/Defense will continue to drop until 0, the disease effect will vanish after the end of combat.

Blood Sea Mad Waves suddenly startles! This is actually the upgrade form of Zombie, Plague Zombie! The summoned monster leveled up again?

——Plague Zombie: Attack 2, Defense 2, Damage 2-3, HP 17, Attack Speed: Very Slow 6, Movement Speed: 4, Command Point 1, special ability: Intermediate Armorer, Disease Attack.

At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves finally discovers that the BOSS in the dark is not Spectre already but an unknown undead creature! Although its appearance is not that much different to Ghost, the deathly aura around it is so much stronger!

The sudden change is so shocking Blood Sea Mad Waves is totally stunned!

What exactly is this? There is no description of this type of Ghost in the official data released! BOSS’ upgrade form? Why did the BOSS still leveled up when yours truly died and dropped in level? Could it be this BOSS actually is not growing because of player growing but it will level up as long as it is engaged in battle once? But even if it leveled up, it should be leveling up into Evil Spirit! Could it be my forced charging past just now alerted it and it is considered as combat and triggered its level up?

Just when he is in consternation, white light flashes on the unknown BOSS, a very big +3 jumps out! Self-regeneration!

Bang! Another Plague Zombie joins the fray. The scattering green fluid takes another 2 HP off Blood Sea Mad Waves and 1 Attack/Defense each! Blood Sea Mad Waves’ Attack/Defense was already dropped by 4 from curses, letting Zombie take away another 2 Attack/Defense, his advantage in high Defense will cease to exist!

“I’m going to go all out!” Blood Sea Mad Waves angrily, unreservedly, frantically slashes at the BOSS only!

-6! Miss! +4! -5! Miss! +3! -4!

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ attacks are getting weaker, HP is also getting lesser. When a Plague Zombie inflict a -3 damage on him, Blood Sea Mad Waves is on the verge of dying while the BOSS still has 6 or 7 HP left! Blood Sea Mad Waves is finally clearly aware that it is impossible to succeed anymore!

Retreat! Blood Sea Mad Waves escapes out of the cabin with resentment and escapes back to the island!

Failed again! Blood Sea Mad Waves has an intense urge to smash the machine! However, an intense powerlessness due to hunger surges his whole body just when he is swinging his fist!

So the time for dinner had passed already. It is hard to believe that a few days in the game can make people forget about the existence of real world time. Blood Sea Mad Waves takes out the helmet and shakes his head, let’s eat instead. After all, the trials of god rank hero cannot be so easily completed.

Blood Sea Mad Waves then calls a meal ordering number: “Is this Jin Hao Hotel? Deliver a set of medium Texas steak over and deliver a set of medium well Texas steak to me after 12am.”

“Yes, Sir! May I know what wine do Sir want?”

“Not drinking.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves is going play through the night tonight, of course he is not drinking. His love for steaks is often poke fun at for being low-class by people in the social circle, low my ass! Yours truly is carnivorous and not herbivorous!

Blood Sea Mad Waves walks to the windowsill and opens the windows. While watching the city’s dazzling night view, letting the cold evening breeze cools his brain.

This BOSS can level up just being in battle?

It is said that there is also players at America that faced similar situation but that was just in an instance. As long as the challenge fails, the difficulty of the next instance will be harder. So one can only succeed and not fail. However, after failing 5 or 6 times, that player finally found the trick to clear that already turned difficulty instance and the rewards gained was way beyond expectations.

This trial’s BOSS of his is probably something similar. Then, his next step is to focus on leveling up and not provoke the BOSS anymore. Judging from the situation that the Skeleton suddenly changing into Zombie from the 2nd challenge of the BOSS, as long as he does not charge into the cabin, it will not provoke BOSS.

Then he will have to kill Plague Zombies on the deck, grind to level 10 and learn all the common skills[1] of Offense. Although the special ability of Plague Zombie is very disgusting, it is basically the same as normal Zombie, will die in 2 slashes without retaliating and EXP is a lot too.

However, if the situation is not like he imagined, what to do if he trained to level 10 and still cannot win?

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ eyebrows tighten and suddenly remembers the trash called Da Fei which the system also allocated over! Could it be the intention of the system is the two have to party in order to clear this? Every time, I was just so close to settling it, if there was another person helping, it would have been settled long ago?

Tsk! Party his ass! He dares to steal yours truly’s fruit, as long as it dares to come online, I will slice him up!

If it really cannot be done, the only way is to get brothers to help. Wonder how goes the preparations with Shao Dong and the others? Shao Dong has outstanding vigor, often fuck through the night, it is really a waste if this type of talent does not use it for playing game.

Blood Sea Mad Waves then gives Shao Dong another call: “Shao Dong, how goes the preparations?”

The other end of the phone laughs out loud: “Auctioning for accounts online with Brother Tian and Xiao-Ma now! Will be starting together tomorrow!”

Blood Sea Mad Waves cannot help but be happy: “Bros do get it, don’t they?”

Shao Dong laughs: “We are withdrawing from Jianghu[2] and starting a career in the game, how will it be justifiable to not get some god rank accounts?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out loud: “The small ass place cannot even be considered as Jianghu! The game only has rivers and lakes, there is the sea too!”


Gun deck in the ship, Da Fei is carefully dismantling the first ballista lightly in the dark. After all, the is no way to know whether the sound will alarm that Zombie at the door or not.

At this time, heavy footsteps can be heard from above. Da Fei’s heart tightens! It is Blood Sea Mad Waves! He is coming back to kill BOSS after resting already! You cannot beat it, cannot beat it, cannot beat! Just when he is cursing, the hurried footsteps can be heard from above again. And then thump, the sound of someone jumping into the water! Oh yeah! Which means he failed in challenging the BOSS again? Wahahaha, good!

It should be so after some thinking. How can a BOSS that eerie be solo-ed so easily? The least will be for your level to be almost the same, almost done killing BOSS and then Bro back-stabs!

Now that Da Fei got it out of his head and feeling comfortable, he continues to dismantle the useless ballistae without distractions.

——System Notification: Dismantling successful, obtained damaged Ballista Arm!

——System Notification: Dismantling successful, obtained deformed Ballista Trigger!

——System Notification: Dismantling successful, obtained destroyed Ballista Base!

——System Notification: Dismantling successful, obtained intact Ballista Bowstring![3]

Haha, finally gotten an complete part! Continue! 10+ minutes later, all the spare parts have been dismantled already!

——System Notification: You successfully dismantled a ballista, gained 560 EXP!

Oh! Dismantling cannon can gain EXP too! And pretty much too! Da Fei is overjoyed! Well, of course it have to give EXP! This is Lan Xiang, New East[4] with teaching aids and materials included. There will be no justice if he interns and learns by himself and not get any EXP! In fact, those players, with Mechanical start, being an apprentice in machine workshops, aren’t they aiming for EXP too?

Haha, Bro is going to continue!

A night in the game is almost over while Da Fei is getting more proficient, more deft. When the 11st  ballista is dismantled successfully, a golden light flashes above Da Fei’s head!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 7! You gained 1 tactical stat point, you gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1.

——System Notification: You obtained all intact parts to assemble ballista, you can assemble a new ballista now!

Wahahaha! Good things coming in pairs! Assemble!

The sky gradually brightens. Light shines into the cabin from the gap of the gun ports. The light in the cabin slowly brightens up. Da Fei is even faster in assembling the ballista.

——System Notification: Scouting warning! There is a strong enemy in your surrounding, please stay alert!

Da Fei suddenly gets a shock, isn’t the only strong enemy in the surroundings the door blocking Zombie BOSS? Which is to say it cannot see me in the night but it can be discovered by it in the morning? Bro thought it will be okay hiding behind it. Seems like a battle with this BOSS is inevitable.

Risk it! Da Fei starts to race against time in assembling!

——System Notification: Scouting warning! There is a strong enemy in your surrounding, you are entering its aggro range!

Da Fei’s sweat dropping like rain! This is the last moment and cannot go wrong! The time to test whether Bro is an expert or not is now!

——System Notification: Warning! You were discovered by the enemy! Prepare for battle!

Clatter! A crisp sound and the last bowstring of the ballista is assembled in place!

——System Notification: You successfully assembled a ballista, you gained 1000 EXP!

At this time, the Zombie BOSS at the door has already turned around and the Da Fei sitting on the ballista base kicks on the trigger, pulls the bowstring and loads the first ballista bolt.


——Boom! The ballista slightly vibrates and the bolt turns into a cold light and shoots toward the cabin door.

——Bang! -13! Right at Zombie BOSS’ chest!

——System Notification: You obtained Rapid Zombie’s incomplete information!

Oh fuck! Knock-back is not inflicted! An d what the hell is Rapid Zombie! Never heard of it! But Bro is too busy to look at the information! Da Fei kicks the bowstring again and continues loading!

Zombie BOSS arches its body and jumps with a bang! It is that move that kills Blood Sea Mad Waves with a pounce last night!

In Da Fei’s shocked look, that BOSS draws out a 20 meters long arc in the air of the cabin, and then——BOOM!!! Just like a meatball banging heavily on the ballista! The ballista pops out a very big -58 in the huge vibrations and loud boom!!!

——System Notification: You further perfected Rapid Zombie’s incomplete information!

Oh fuck!!! This damage is on the level of level 7 units! Looking at the ferocious-looking Zombie in front of his eyes, Da Fei gets a shock and kicks on the trigger after loading!

——Boom! The bolt flies out with a loud crash!

——Bang!!! -39! The bolt pierces though the chest and blew Zombie BOSS sticking on the ballista away!

Da Fei’s eyes shrinks out of shock! Bro’s ballista should not be inflicting such a high amount of damage!


T/L note 1: Common skills probably means all the sub-skills that he can learn that does not require the combination with other skills.

T/L note 2:

T/L note 3: I’m not expert in ballista parts so feel free to suggest better translations.

  • Damaged Ballista Arm 破损的弩臂
  • Deformed Ballista Trigger 变形的扳机
  • Destroyed Ballista Base 损毁的机座
  • Ballista Bowstring 完好的弩铉

T/L note 4:

Lan Xiang is one of 8 famous vocational schools known on Chinese internet for a brainwashing ad The line ”Who is the best in excavators? Look for Lan Xiang at China, Shandong” is pretty viral on Chinese internet and all sorts of meme spawned from it. Go watch that ad the scale is pretty ridiculous. The line “‘Here comes the question, who is the best in excavators?” is used by trolls all the time to end off jokes.

New East Cuisine Education is another one of the 8 and is known for training chefs. The ongoing joke is if you went to Lan Xiang and New East, you can cook with an excavator.


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