Chapter 16 Learning War Machines

Player Hero when using ballista, if there is units being led, it is possible to designate a minion to help fire it, the damage will still be counted as the Hero’s. If there is no units, then will have to operate by himself. This feeling is such as good as driving a tank. Especially with Master level ballista, 30 Defense, 600 HP, same joy as a real invincible tank!

However, sadly Da Fei’s “tank” is not up to this level yet and the ballista with only half health left is in danger! If he loses the ballista, Da Fei is definitely a goner.

So Da Fei has no time to think, while the Zombie is knocked back, Da Fei hurriedly loads the 3rd bolt!

At this time, the Zombie that was knocked back 10 meters shakily stands up and arches its body again!

Oh fuck! It can still jump! There is no way to fight if it is like this! What kind of Zombie is this! Why is it like the Jumpy Devil? Looking at that meatball flying nearer, Da Fei’s brain is at a loss!

——Boom! The ballista shakes heavily again! -37!!!

The ballista is not destroyed yet! The damage is lower than the previous time! The ballista still has 5 HP left!

The sudden change makes the Da Fei who finished loading wild with joy, no more words needed——Release!

——Boom!!! The bolt pierces through its chest! -55!!! But it did not trigger knockback again!

Da Fei’s eyes shrink with shock, the ballista’s damage increases again! Could it be this Zombie’s attack is actually Jumpy Devil’s signature move Catapult Attack——The further the jump, the greater the damage, the more times it jumps, the greater the damage received?

The situation in the battle is changing very fast and there is no time for Da Fei to check on the gathered information already. This eerie place even has a Sea Anemone King that can use Catapult Attack, how is it not possible a Zombie to know too?

The fast thinking Da Fei makes a prompt decision and stops loading the bolt and immediately stands up, raises his pike and stabs toward the Zombie in front! Because ballista’s Attack Speed is 5 and Zombie’s is 6, there is no way to be faster than it for the next round! So it is up to close-range battle!

One stab and blood flows——”-16!”

Looking at his 4-7 base Damage, because toxin enchantment has no use on Undead so it actually only has 3-6 Damage, being able to inflict 16 damage causes Da Fei to be in total shock! That is right, this is definitely the consequence of Catapult Attack.

Da Fei stabs the 2nd time without hesitation! And the Zombie is already swinging its claws! Although Pikeman’s 10 Attack Speed is faster than Zombie’s 6, it is not twice as fast, it is just the difference of who reaches first.

But no matter, Pikeman’s advantage is Long Weapon, I can stab it while it cannot hit me so the target of the Zombie’s swinging claws must the ballista with full aggro!

——Boom!!! -5! The ballista collapses with a bang! And Da Fei takes another 16 HP off the Zombie!

Now, the tank is gone too, the duel between the commanders begins!

Da Fei stabs the Zombie once again while the Zombie starts to move toward Da Fei. Because the Zombie cannot reach the Da Fei with Long Weapon, it will not aimlessly swings its claws, of course it will charge forward!

“-16!” Da Fei’s last advantageous strike!

Now, Da Fei had taken away 155 HP from the BOSS in total! All the cards have been dealt, all that left is to plain slashing at each other!

Judging from the BOSS taking away 15 HP from Blood Sea Mad Waves with 1 claw last night, his 32 HP can only take 2 hits. With his 10 Attack Speed, before the 6 Attack Speed Zombie can strike 2nd time, he can get in 3 strikes! This is the difference in Attack Speed. If only looking at 1 attack, it is only the difference of who land the hit first. However, if the number of attacks increases, the difference will be pretty obvious! This is Da Fei’s last advantage!

If this BOSS is still not killed by 3 strikes, Da Fei will have nothing to say anymore. Deciding the victory within 3 strikes!

“-16!” Da Fei stabs the first strike!

“-20!” Zombie retaliates! Da Fei is left with 12 HP.

“-16!” After getting hit by Zombie, Da Fei’s 2nd strike follows right away!

And then, the decisive final strike——Da Fei nervously shuts his eyes!

——”-13!” A golden light shoots to the sky!

Hearing the system notification tone, Da Fei suddenly opens his eyes in excitement!

——System Notification: You killed Rapid Zombie, gained 6000 EXP! Obtained item “War Machines Skill Book”, obtained item “War Machines Parts Storage Dimensional Bag”, obtained item “Master Gunner Grint’s Sailing Diary (Quest Item)”, obtained item “Cargo Hold’s Door Key”.

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 8! You gained 1 unallocated tactical stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1.

——System Notification: You further improved the information of Rapid Zombie!

——System Notification: You carried out the achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins>Progress 2/10.


Ha! Wahahaha! Da Fei excitedly laughs out loud! Bro won! Bro actually won! So the skill book is on him! And considerate enough to include Dimensional Bag too! He is indeed the key to clearing! Bro held it in for half a day already, let’s see what exactly  is the stats for this so-called Master Gunner!

——Rapid Zombie: Small-size Undead leader unit: Attack 10, Defense 2, base Damage 10-20, HP 200, Attack Speed 6, Movement Speed 4, Command Point ?, EXP 6000, special ability: Catapult Attack.

It is Catapult Attack as expected! Bro is indeed an expert with god-like predictions! Wahahaha, Bro always know Bro is an expert, Bro’s success is not without reason! Bro is really too OP!

But what kind of weirdo is this unit to have such a large difference in Attack and Defense? It actually does not have normal Zombie’s Armorer and Plague special ability? The fluctuation of this damage is so high, going between level 4 unit and level 6 unit, isn’t that too unreal?!

Forget it, hard to say since there is so many different BOSS units. Anyways, it is all good since he won! This information should fetch some nice price.

Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief! Life, when one is unlucky, it is like sailing a ship against the winds with broken roof in the rain. When everything is going one’s way, good things comes one after another, from one victory to another victory, Bro is really starting to get lucky!

After lamenting about life, Da Fei calms his excitement and starts checking the loot.

First of all is of course this golden War Machines skill book. Bro can be sure this is the most difficult skill book to obtain in this whole world! Just look at how easy it is for normal players to learn, just go to the machine workshop in the big cities and pay, unlike Bro who has to risk his life solo-ing BOSS?

That is why to make Bro’s hard work worth it, definitely must learn! It is just nice that there is 2 skill points after leveling up, 1 for learning the main skill War Machines, 1 for learning the sub-skill Ballista Master.

Da Fei opens the book, golden light flashes!

——System Notification: You learned Basic War Machines, increases ballistas, siege engines, first aid tents’ durability and effects. Can also repair destroyed war machines.

Ballista’s stats with Basic War Machines: Attack 10, Defense 10, base Damage 2-3 (total Damage = base Damage X Hero’s stats total), HP 200, Attack Speed 5, Movement Speed 1, special ability: Knockback, Puncture.

——Ballista Master: Ballista can fire 2 bolts in a row.

Ballista can double strike now! From now on, Bro can be considered as taken the first step in, into the hall of Machine-style! With ballista, what Lonely Hero’s 10 Consecutive win is a piece of cake, wahahaha!

Next up is the equipments obtained.

——War Machines Parts Storage Dimensional Bag: A dimensional bag that lets player carry war machines parts.

Nothing much to say about this, the must-have for Machine-style players, the given for those who graduated from system’s machine workshops. Its relationship with war machines is like bowl and chopsticks.

Because of war machines’ slow Movement Speed and overly large size, it cannot move through some uneven terrain so the solution is to dismantle the war machines into parts and store and then bringing it out to assemble during war. Which is to say, every time there is a fight, assemble 10 minutes, dismantle 10 mins, that takes at least 20 mins and a day in the game is only 2.4 hours! How many wars can it fight in 1 day?

Isn’t it a ballache? Ballache! But this is the price for strength. Just imagine how it is like to transport supplies in real wars in the past and balls will not ache anymore! After all, the Ottoman Empire in the past had to dismantle ships into parts and transport it from Mediterranean Sea across the deserts to Red Sea and there was no dimensional bag then.

However, book, bag and ballista are all things normal Machine-style players can get just by playing step by step. It took Bro so much effort to kill a BOSS, it only gave these things, isn’t that too unfair to Bro? Could it be the mystery lies in this key? Treasure vault key? Or is it in this sailing diary?

Let’s look at the diary first. Or is it going to be another epic quest? Or will it be contact with a god rank skill? God rank skill is the best, better not be epic quest, Bro just want to peacefully earn money being a merchant and do not really want to spend time dealing those messy epic quests. However, Bro also has no choice with quests that comes knocking! Is it worrying about wife and daughter? Hmm, hmm!

With the experience from the last Navigation Chief’s journal, Da Fei starts to carefully flip the first page of the diary.

——Year 150, January 1, this is a sacred and bright day, this is the holy moment when our St. Antonio set sails officially! By the decree of His Majesty, I, with outstanding results, gloriously became the Master Gunner of St. Antonio. The whole ship’s security lies on me and I will definitely not betray His Majesty’s trust! For today onward, I will record down every day of our great journey in detail!

——Year 150, January 2, clear, our ship sails on the safe Shadow Sea, the sending off speech of His Majesty yesterday made me hot-blooded so I will not let my guard down because it is a safe territorial waters. I began to gather the gunners under me for the first round of training!

——Year 150, January 3, clear, training!

——Year 150, January 4, cloudy, training!

——Year 150, January 5, cloudy, training!

——Year 150, January 6, clear, no enemy intel today!

Ehm? Not training?


——Year 150, February 1, cloudy, nothing.

——Year 150, February 2, cloudy, nothing.

——Year 150, February 3, cloudy, nothing.

——Year 150, February 6, clear, boring.

Oh fuck! What about the talk of recording every day? You also know it is boring! Can’t you record something interesting? What about god rank skill? Continue flipping!


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