Chapter 17 Phantom Ballista in the Sailing Diary

Da Fei continues to flip the diary and finally there is some contents.

——Year 150, February 8, cloudy, out at sea for more than 2 months already and not even 1 pirate was encountered. All the people stuck in the lower deck like us are all bored out of our minds! Our speed was too fast so there was no way to fish, life was really too boring. Roberts suggested playing cards. I thought about it, since there is no rules against playing cards in the sailing regulations, then let’s play a round. Since this is the smelly and stuffy lower deck, the captain and the mates rarely comes down for inspection. However, even if they did come down, the sounds of their boots will warn us.

——Year 150, February 9, clear, Roberts owes me 14 gold coins, Eric owes me 10 gold coins.

——Year 150, February 10, clear, Roberts won today but he still owed me 4 gold coins. Eric lost again and owed me 15 gold coins in total.

——Year 150, February 11, cloudy, bastard! Eric was really lucky today, I owed him gold coins instead now!

Oh fuck! Finally back to the good old habit of recording every day but can you be any more boring? Where is your wife? Daughter? Continue flipping!

——Year 150, February 14, when playing cards today, suddenly someone came down! It turned out to be Count Makarl! He kindly greeted gunners like us. And even gave us some interesting magic gadgets to kill boredom! It is unimaginable that a mage as noble as Count Makarl will come to this smelly and stuffy lower deck and was so amicable! His bearing really impressed us!

Da Fei’s spirits is lifted! Makarl! Continue flipping! More gambling debts behind, skip!

——Year 150, March 16, storm! 9 in the evening, the lookout raised the alarm! We encountered pirates! I was excited! Finally it was time for me to make a move! All the gunners excitedly stand by! Evening 11pm, our ship shook off the pirates, we were excited for nothing!

Gambling debts, skip.

——Year 150, April 2, clear, evening 10pm, encountered pirates and then shook off the pirates. I was thinking, our ship is so fast, all our sailors are elites of the empire, with such an excellent captain, chief mate and seafarers, will gunners like us ever have the chance to make a move?

——Year 150, April 11, rain! Hello pirates! Goodbye pirates!

——Year 150, April 17, rain! The rainy season that continued for many days caused our sailors to be down with rheumatism, walking will cause kneecaps to ache, this feeling is really painful.

——Year 150, April 18, rain, today Count Makarl came to the lower deck again and gave us a barrel of wine for curing rheumatism. The color was very strange and very bitter too but it was indeed effective. With one cup, our legs were cured and our legs were filled with power! Count Makarl is really admirable!

Legs filled power? That is turning into Jumpy Zombie, isn’t it? Skipping the gambling debts and continue flipping! Oh, there is contents already! This page is filled with words!

——Year 150, June 3, clear! This day came unexpectedly. We entered the seas the Nagas occupied and battle is finally inevitable! Almost half a year out in the sea, it is finally the time for us to shine! In the intense chasing battle, I shot down 6 Nagas, Roberts 4, Eric 3, Robin 5, Joey 5, Hawke 3. The hateful fact is the Naga leader escaped on a seriously injured Sea Dragon! If our ballistae had slightly longer range, slightly more power, we would be able to kill that Sea Dragon and obtain unimaginable rewards, I will also be able to obtain huge merits! I missed the hard to come by chance to perform meritorious service in this half a year, I could not be happy at the commendation ceremony today. This battle exposed the serious accuracy problem!

We are used to battling pirates. The targets of our ballistae are normally large-sized ships or surfaced sea monsters. There is no need to worry about accuracy. However, while facing Naga warriors that are chasing us from below the sea in high speed, it is powerless.

Firstly, of course is because the ship is always shaking.

And then, there is the problem of light refracting in the water making it difficult to aim. Fishermen when using harpoon to catch fishes will aim to the side. Looking at it now, this is a very important skill but it is a pity that I looked down upon fisherman and did not learned this skill. However, Nagas were born with this skill, they can hide in the water and shoot bone arrows at us with accuracy but we have difficulties hitting them.

Next is the water surface greatly reducing the power of the bolt, this is really unbelievable! However, from my calculations, this is a fact. After the bolt is shot into the water, the power is reduced by 1/3 to 1/2! This is equivalent to having armor with 20 Defense! How was the delicate water able to achieve the effect of such a strong armor? I am thinking this should be similar to the logic of using a small flat stone to hit the water and the stone is able to jump on the water surface.

How to solve this problem? Today was too tiring. This problem will have to gather everyone to research on it tomorrow.


Da Fei is excited! There is hope! The accuracy of ballista shooting moving targets is really a problem. After Juan discovered the ultimate skill of Pirate King, he started to study the godly skill. After this Master Gunner discovered this problem, he is bound to research a godly skill too! The key is really in this diary!

Da Fei hurriedly flips to the next page!

——Year 150, June 4, to celebrate the feats of us gunners yesterday, we decided to raise the bets…

Damnit! Where is your research project! Da Fei flips quickly!

——Year 150, August 9, foggy! 9 in the evening, a large patch of fog envelops the sea surface. In this terrible environment, we were attacked by unknown sea creatures while we were totally helpless! I could only make futile attacks based on the sound of waves. At this time, a strong wind dispersed the fog. It was Count Makarl’s miraculous spell! We finally saw a monster as large as an island chasing us while spewing fog! Heavens, I have never seen such a large monster! However, the worst thing is we could not attack the enemy right behind us from our angle! At this time, a large fireball descended from the sky and fended off the monster, it is Count Makarl’s miraculous spell again! It is way too strong! I felt like I should consult him for some advice!

Makarl appears again! This gambler is finally getting wise, Da Fei hurriedly flips the page.

——Year 150, August 10, clear, today I went and paid Count Makarl a visit with respect and anxiety. Count cordially received me in his study. Although Count Makarl was always friendly with us, after seeing his strength with my eyes, his friendliness made me even more excited. There is many books in Count Makarl’s study, the table also has many bottles and cans on it, what a mysterious and wise scholar! I asked about the sea monster yesterday. Count Makarl said that it could be the legendary sea monster that can create fog, Leviathan but he could not be very sure. Oh my god, if it was Leviathan, then Count Makarl is a powerful existence that can defeat Leviathan……

Looking up to here, Da Fei suddenly gets a shock!

Leviathan! Level 8 marine creature publicized on official information, stats unknown, it is something that is above level 7 units like Angel, Devil, Dragons! Legend goes that God created the world in 7 days. In the first 6 days, God created all things and space-time law while in the 7th day, He created 2 god rank monsters, the male is Behemoth, known as overlord of the lands, female is Leviathan, known as overlord of the seas!

And this Makarl was able to repelled Leviathan, then actually how strong is he? Bro’s Sailing Master’s epic quest is to go up against an OP existence like this? Oh ya, Makarl’s study? Normally, executives definitely stayed on the upper deck of the ship, which is to say that room Blood Sea Mad Waves is fighting with BOSS is the study? The study of  a strong mage that is able to defeat Leviathan, will the reward be as simple as a tome?

Now that Bro learned ballista already, dealing with that Evil Spirit should not be a problem anymore but the problem is something as big as ballista cannot fight in such a small space! This is a problem. Let’s use the original plan and back-stab. It has been half a day already, seems like there is no footsteps above. The level 5 him is not anxious, Bro, who is level 8, is even not anxious. Then let’s continue reading diary:

……Of course, the Count’s time is precious, I then consulted him on how to solve the ballista’s accuracy problem. Count Makarl went deep into thoughts and then said, wait for him to think this through and he will definitely find me then. Before leaving, he gave me a bottle of expensive wine, I am so excited!

As expected! Counting on this gambler to do research is impractical. The arch-mage is still more reliable, after all the Sailing Master’s god rank skill is also thought up by Makarl. Continue flipping.

——Year 151, January 17, clear, today was an exciting day. Count Makarl was here again. Not only did he brought fine wine, he also has a plan to solve ballista’s accuracy! It was unexpected for him to pay so much attention to it! So much time had passed, I thought he had forgotten about it!

It was a plan that shocked everyone! It was a design plan for a new type of magic ballista. The wood used for the main body must be wood used in making magic high level magic wanes. The ballista arm and defensive armor have to be replaced by mithril alloy with good magic conductivity too. 12 charged magic stones will be embedded on the ballista, together with 12 high level magic formations. Even the bolt must be made with enchanting! The effect of this shockingly expensive ballista will be it can let a normal gunner who do not know any magic to shoot a powerful strike that ignores obstacles and fog! There is even no need to aim carefully, the magic bolt driven by magic formation will search for enemies automatically! Even dimensional creatures hiding in alternate dimensions cannot escape! Be it Leviathan, Naga, shaking ships, all will not be a problem!

This is just like the divine weapon of Elven Kingdom, Phantom Divine Bow. Thus, Count named this new ballista as Phantom Ballista!

This is a miraculously ingenuity and great idea! It is just a pity that our ship does not have the facilities nor tools and materials, it is impossible to bring this plan to fruition but I have decided. As long as we can complete this exploration, I will definitely follow Count Makarl and do my best to complete Count’s great idea!


——System Notification: You obtained information about new ballista “Phantom Ballista”!

——Beginner Tip: After obtaining information about weapons, player triggered the research story-line of that weapon, can research by yourself, or obtain that weapon by learning from related NPC.

Finally something concrete! The uniqueness of this BOSS is providing me with information of a new type of ballista! Bro’s world’s hardest to obtain skill book is worth all the effort. Although the goal is distant, it is still more reliable than nothing.

Enough time was spent on flipping book, Da Fei directly flips to the last 2 pages.

——Year 156, April 19, the storm is here!

——Year 156, April 20, an unknown fleet appeared in the storm.

The diary ended here, there is still 1 day unrecorded, did he died?

Da Fei sighs lightly. This poor fellow probably do not have wife or daughter. The even more sad thing is not even knowing how he died. He was not even able to leave his last words. Even though, he was so praising Makarl and worshiping him in his diary.

Wait, since this Phantom Ballista is designed by Makarl, then Makarl is the related NPC. If Bro were to give this diary to Makarl, what will happen? He definitely would have been happy? After all, this diary is all about how good he is, it is concrete proof of Makarl’s glory, the only thing that can prove his words, being the only survivor! It is not impossible that he will be so happy he give Bro that Phantom Ballista?

However, Bro has already accepted Sailing Master’s epic quest to go against Makarl. Will it go wrong if Bro sees Makarl with this quest on me?

Forget it, this is not what is important now. Let’s fix the ballista and continue on to the next cabin.


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  1. Give Markel one diary: recipe phantom ballista…. then rat him out with the other diary…. then try and avoid being killed by being who can kill Leviathan.

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