Chapter 18 Encounter 6 Boss

Blood Sea Mad Waves is having his meal while watching television, the 24-hours around the clock live broadcast, Hero Newsflash.

Blood Sea Mad Waves wants to know badly how much of a sensation did he caused in China server when he publicized his specialty in the beginner’s hall. A search on Admiral and the video of the 12pm live broadcast comes out. Blood Sea Mad Waves’ spirits is lifted. This Hero Newsflash is actually really well-informed and reacts really fast.

Host: “Hello everybody, latest news, our China server just emerged a player with rare Specialty Admiral. That player publicly shown his Specialty in the beginner’s hall and caused quite a commotion. Now, we are connecting with Stars Team’s leader Mr Jiang Da Wei for an interview. Can Team Leader Jiang please comment on this account, hello, Leader Jiang!”

“Hello, Host!”

“About this Admiral, please give us your views.”

Leader Jiang: “The sea is very big in Hero Genesis and islands, small continents are plenty too. More importantly, there is ocean dimensional gate connecting old world and New World so naval battle-type hero has very high tactical value. In actual fact, seafaring is also one of the important selling point of this game. Currently, China server has 10 thousand players that chose the class Marine Merchant. As more players set that gazes onto the ocean, value of Hero with naval battle Specialty will shine even more.”

Host: “So how much does Leader Jiang thinks this Hero is worth?”

Leader Jiang laughs: “We are only concerned with fighting war and not money. If I had to make a comparison no matter what, I think it would probably be able to take down that Japan Server’s Mobility Master.”

Host laughs: “Which is to say Stars Team is willing to pay 10 million USD to buy this account?”

Leader Jiang laughs: “Ehm, currently our team’s plan is focused on occupying mine with ground battles. Anyways, this is up to our boss but I will like to congratulate this player here, If he is interested in joining Stars Team, we will definitely welcome him.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out loud! Stars? He really thinks he can represent the national team? Ridiculous! Wait till yours truly settle this beginner’s trial and immediately start on build Blood Sea Studio, yours truly want to be the One Piece[1] of China server! By that time, I will poach some otaku goddesses over for brothers to have some fun with! Wahahaha!

Host: “Thank you, Leader Jiang for being with us. Now that the game has began for 3 and a half days already, let us take a look at the current global level ranking. Currently at number 1 is still female France player Natasa‘s level 24 Vampire Princess with a huge lead over number 2, China Stars Team’s player Piggy, Run Faster’s level 22 Griffin Breeder and number 3, Russia War Angel Team’s player Pavlov’s level 22 Siege Technician. And the highest valued hero in the world, Swedish player Vurtne‘s Death Lord is only level 20 and ranking at more than 100 thousand, what does Leader Jiang thinks of this ranking?”

Leader Jiang laughs: “Natasa, is it called like this? [2] She is born as Undead’s level 4 unit Vampire. This advantage in the early stage is way too OP. It is totally able to solo without bringing any troops. In comparison, our team’s Piggy, Run Faster’s Griffin Breeder although has a level 4 unit Griffin from the start, I have to say, similarly a level 4 flying unit, Griffin’s solo capabilities and endurance is unable to match up to Vampire which can support fighting by sucking blood.”

Host: “Although if it is one on one, the Griffin, which is also a level 4 unit, is unable to defeat Vampire, the game is fastidious about the coordination between units. Compared to the generally slow moving speed of Undead, Vampire seems to be out of tune and totally dare not break through on their own. While Griffin’s dive from the sky does not have this misgiving, pouncing and killing magic units and long range units from the start and able to retreat safely, this is something Vampire cannot match up to.”

Leader Jiang smiles:”That’s right. As for Russian player Pavlov’s Siege Technician, that is totally dragged down by ballista’s sad Moving Speed and assembling speed. However, it is also because ballista’s transportation is troublesome, he will definitely forego small battles and focus on fighting siege battles so the BOSS he kills and treasures, equipments he gets will definitely be the most. That’s why his power level is definitely number 1 in the world since the advantage of ballista on fighting mobs is too great in the early stage. Furthermore, his Specialty happens to be raising ballista’s Attack/Defense by 1 for every 2 levels he raised. At level 10, the gap between normal ballista players will be great already.”

Host: “What about Vurtne’s Death Lord?”

Leader Jiang seriously says: “Death Lord’s Specialty is indeed very OP, half of the Undead unit met on the field will unconditionally join the player’s troops, be it level 7 Bone Dragon or level 1 Skeleton. If we own such an account, the first thing to do is to find ways to increase Undead command skills and increase Hero’s Command Power and do quest to obtain official position in Undead Empire to further increase Command Power, then plan to quickly build a city. All the units he cannot carry on him will be stored back in the city. Therefore, to him, the maximum units he can lead is the most import, levels are not so his level is not high now is to be expected but his power is undeniable.”

Host: “That is true, seems like the pressure on our China server is big…”

Leader Jiang: “Yes, so the only thing we can do is to hurry up and train our level, divide the work clearly, develop fast..”


Seeing the developments of top players all over the world, Blood Sea Mad Waves, who is also a god rank hero, cannot sit around anymore. Quickly finishing his steak, immediately logs in to continue fighting, charge to level 10 tonight! Get the magic tome! Get the shipwreck!


Shipwreck’s gun deck. After Da Fei dismantles the remaining few ballista, he gotten a few more intact parts and barely manages to fix the destroyed ballista. Have to say, this is a ballache part of Machine-style, always have to have spare parts around and parts have to be bought with money. Therefore, Machine-style is not affordable for just any player.

Anyways, the ballista cannot be totally destroyed for the remaining battles.

Da Fei uses the cabin key obtained to open the metal door after the gun deck and a rotten smell comes out.

This is the stairs leading to the lower deck. Normally, there is 3 levels in cabins below large sailing ship’s deck. While the upper level is installed with such a large gun deck, then the lower level must be the cargo hold that holds down the ship or the ship’s center of gravity will be too high and will easily flip in strong winds. Using metal door to lock the compartment probably means there is valuable cargo! Treasure? Here I com!

Da Fei activates Stealth and enters the cabin below. He hides at the stairs to observe the stairs at first. The dark cabin is long and narrow but empty, not to mention treasure chests, there is not even a few normal wooden barrels or containers! Isn’t that too ridiculous?

Da Fei sticks to the wall and moves a few steps forward to take a closer look and he sees the floor littered with corpses! Although it is unknown why there is so many corpses in the cargo hold, there is nothing to say, the only thing to do is to clear the monsters!

Da Fei retreats back to the stairway, this place is just so happens to be able to place the ballista. Furthermore, it is surrounded by walls on 3 sides, the monsters will not be able to circle to the back of the ballista so there is no need to guard the back. This terrain is definitely for players to place ballista!

Da Fei takes out the parts from the dimensional bag and quietly assembles the ballista. 10 minutes later, the assembling is completed and 2 bolts is then loaded onto the slider. The beginner’s toolkit given by the system is then taken out. Torch is taken out from it, lit and the cabin is brightened up. Last night, this is how Blood Sea Mad Waves attracted mobs.

It moves! All the corpses on the ground started to slowly stand up. Among these are 5 or 6 tall and well-built things. Da Fei’s heart tightens, is it a BOSS? Impossible! There is no way BOSS come in group! At most, it is just some stronger alternate Zombie. Bro have to stay calm!

Now, with Da Fei’s Basic War Machines, the ballista’s stats is: Attack 10, Defense 10, base Damage 2-3 (total Damage = base Damage X Hero’s stats total), HP 200, Attack Speed 5, Movement Speed 1, special ability: Knockback, Puncture.

Da Fei is level 8, stats total is 7, the total Damage of ballista is then 14-21. Zombie’s 2 Defense offsets 2 Attack of the ballista and there is 8 left. Every additional Attack increases 5% which makes that 40% increase in damage which then makes it 19-29. Then, after Zombie’s Intermediate Armorer decreases 20% damage, thus the final damage for ballista blasting Zombie is 15-23! Adding on Ballista Master being able to shoot twice in a row, insta-killing Zombie with 17 HP is for sure! While ballista’s 200 HP, 10 Defense is like level 7 unit’s health and level 4 unit’s Defense, so what if there is even more Zombie?

The Zombie crowd starts to slowly move towards Da Fei. Da Fei aims at the most packed group——Release!

——Boom! Boom! The ballista sounds off twice, the bolt shots out with a howl!

——”-17″ “-3” “-17” “-6”

2 Zombies drop down with a boom. The bolt pierces through and deals 3 and 6 damage to the 2 Zombies behind! It even triggers a Knockback effect!

This feeling, very good! Continue!

Da Fei, on one hand, hurries and loads the bolt, on the other hand, anxiously play close attention to the movement of that few tall Zombie. It seems like they are slowly moving and have no signs of jumping, that is good!

Loading complete, continue——”14″ “-7” “-11” “-10”!

The 2 near-death Zombies drops and the 2 bolts that pierced through both inflict Knockback effect on the Zombies behind. This is akin to adding oil to fire for Zombie originally with pitiful 4 Moving Speed.

——System Notification: You gathered Raid Zombie’s incomplete information!

Hit a big one! Knowing yourself and your enemy is the key to victories.[3] Since loading the ballista takes a bit of time, Da Fei hurriedly takes a look! Da Fei uses the fastest speed to open the message window.

——Raid Zombie

Type: Small-size Undead leader Unit.

Attack: ?

Defense: 2

HP: ?

Damage: ?

Attack Speed: ?

Movement Speed: 4

Special Ability: Heavy Weapon, Intermediate Armorer, ?


Da Fei’s eyes shrink in shock!

Leader unit! Oh fuck, that cannot be, it really is a BOSS! It actually has Heavy Weapon too! Da Fei raises his head and looks in shock and only sees the BOSS slowly walking over with cold light flashing in its hands, it is an axe!

What is Heavy Weapon? For example, Da Fei’s Pikeman special ability is Long Weapon which is I can hit you but you cannot reach me. While Heavy Weapon is axes and hammers, the effect of the special ability is having damage boost towards large-size creatures, city gates and war machines. If attacking ballista, damage doubles!

Which is to say these 6 BOSS are very strong against ballista! Da Fei is instantly stunned!

If this BOSS has 200 HP too and its stats is close to that Zombie above, fighting one may not be a problem, fighting 2 is definitely impossible, let alone fighting 6! There is no way the system will set a trial that beginners cannot clear! Could it be god rank hero’s trial is to be able to win against 6 BOSS? Isn’t that just bullshit?

Unless this BOSS does not have so much HP! But, HP of leader units cannot be low no matter what. Even if it only has 100 HP, Bro still cannot defeat 6 of it! Unless its damage is not high! Even if leader unit’s Damage is not that high, it at least will be on the standard of level 5 or 6 unit. Under double damage, Bro will still eat grass![4] Could it be it is supposed to wait till Master War Machines with ballista having 600 HP before fighting?

But Bro has no room for retreat now! He can run but the ballista cannot! If the ballista is destroyed, Bro will have no parts to repair it already! Without ballista at the back, Bro cannot continue anymore! Isn’t this screwed up? Oh right, even if raised to Master level, ballista is useless too! Without sufficient parts, the ballista’s health will only show 200/600, health is not full! May not pull through too?

Could it only be outwitted? Looking at the Zombie crowd slowly attacking to the front, Da Fei is thinking fast while sweating, thinking back at all the godly reversals in all of the gaming history with all his might! It is all using terrain, body blocking, kiting or guerrilla etc! Kiting and guerrilla is impossible, terrain is only like this already, body block?[5] 

That’s right, it is body block!

Wahahaha! So that is it! Da Fei, who suddenly figuring out the key, aims at a BOSS and fires 2 rounds without hesitation “-20!” “-22!”

T/L note 1: One Piece is written in English in the raw so I have no idea why he wants to be the great treasure left behind by the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

T/L note 2: Remember this novel is originally in Chinese, the name was written in Chinese. Names in italics is written in English in the raw.

T/L note 3: There is probably something wrong in the raw since it actually says “知己知彼百战不胜” which actually means never winning if you know yourself and the enemy.

T/L note 4: Eat grass is vernacular for dead. Most players lie on the ground face down when killed. The raw is actually falling down onto the streets which is a Cantonese slang for cursing others to die or have bad luck. It is also widely used in games for dying. Since it is a slang, so i used eat grass instead of just using dying.

T/L note 5: I spent a lot time finding this word since i don’t actually play MMOs. 卡位 in the raw actually means Jamming Position which is using something to block the NPCs so that there will be jammed in the spot or only follow the path the player wants it to. The closest I can find is body block which is obstructing other with collision detection. Let me know if anyone knows a better term.


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  1. I’m a Swede and I have honestly never met or seen anyone called Vurtne before I began reading this. It is either a really old swedish name or something the Author thought sounded swedish.

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