Chapter 19 Blood Sea Mad Waves’ Surprise Attack

At times, seemingly difficult problems actually have very simple solutions!

Da Fei’s ballista is surrounded by 3 walls, this is body blocking! However, it is not blocked completely, the front is still open to enemy. Therefore, the front needs a wall to block too and small Zombies are the best meat walls!

How much damage can a normal Zombie with its 1 Attack, 1-2 Damage deal to a ballista with 10 Defense? With close to 10 points difference in Defense, damage will be only be slightly more than 2/3 of normal circumstances, which is only 0.6-1+ damage! It is negligible compared to BOSS’ damage!

As long as there is 5 little Zombies blocking the front of the ballista, the BOSS behind will be unable to push forward and can only do nothing but stare! How to stop BOSS from pushing forward? Of course is with ballista’s Knockback! With the BOSS knock-backed, the gap will naturally be occupied by small Zombies. And with BOSS’ large figure, isn’t it just nice to head-shot it over the small Zombies?

Thus, Da Fei is laughing wildly and head-shot-ing BOSS now, while 5 little Zombies are dutifully blocking the front of ballista and slowly swinging their dull claws, shaving away one after another point of ballista’s HP.

This is nothing now!

——Bang! Finally, a BOSS’ head is blown into smithereens.

——System Notification: You killed Raid Zombie, gained 4000 EXP! Obtained item “Seafarer Room Key”, obtained item “Firefighter’s Axe”!

——System Notification: You further gathered and perfected Raid Zombie’s information!

——System Notification: You carried out the achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins>Progress 3/10.

Haha! Wahahaha! Bro is really an expert! Da Fei opens the message window to check messages with overjoy, other information is still question marks, HP is out, 200!

Oh fuck! HP is high and comes with Intermediate Armorer, it will take 5 or 6 strikes to kill 1, are they trying to tire Bro out? Come, tire Bro out! All your EXP-giving, achievement-giving, room key-giving trash! Wahahaha!


Ship deck, the weather is sunny and warm, the sky and sea are blue. Blood Sea Mad Waves is happily slashing Zombie.

Suddenly, there is booming sounds coming from within the cabin. Blood Sea Mad Waves’ eyebrow twitches, what is this sound, waves? After killing another few Zombies, Blood Sea Mad Waves starts to feel something is wrong! This is not waves, isn’t it?

Blood Sea Mad Waves lies on the deck and sticks his ear onto the deck to listen, the sound is even louder! It is rhythmic too!

Blood Sea Mad Waves is inexplicably shocked! What is this? This sound seems to be the sound of the currently trendy ballista-style’s firing sound!

Blood Sea Mad Waves immediately runs to the side of the ship and looks downward, nothing wrong and then runs to the other side, nothing wrong too! He then jumps into the sea and sticks his ear onto the hull and listens, the sound is even louder and clearer! That is right, this sound is ballista indeed! Yours truly was hesitating over ballista and Offense for a long time when choosing account!

What is this situation?

This is NPC monster shooting? Impossible! Player! Must be player! Could it be that trash called Da Fei? Or did the system allocated player over again while I was unaware?

Blood Sea Mad Waves hurriedly opens the game’s search system and checks for player information!

——System Notification: Hello, esteemed player! Checking player’s information once requires 10 points! Your points balance is insufficient!

“Motherfucker!!! This needs points too, trying way too hard to earn money!”

10 points is also 10 dollars. Money is nothing to Blood Sea Mad Waves, the problem is buying credits is troublesome! Blood Sea Mad Waves only bought 1000 points for each machine for the lottery, there is no more after drawing. Isn’t going to online banking and do some stuff just for this 10 points really annoying?

Bear with it! Blood Sea Mad Waves grits his teeth and bought 10,000 points and then searches player “Da Fei”.

——Search result: Da Fei, Human trainee recruit, level 9, currently online.

Level 9!!! Blood Sea Mad Waves totally cannot believe his own eyes! Your truly thought he cannot take it anymore and went offline! How did a weak ass Pikeman get to this point? Yours truly’s level 3 Shieldsman has not stopped killing after starting and is only level 6 after a day of grinding! He is actually level 9! Could it be he sneakily went into yours truly’s territory and gotten a ballista and level skyrockets? This feels like his girl being slept by others! Intolerable!

“Motherfucker!” Blood Sea Mad Waves charges into the cabin recklessly! So what if he is a level 9 Pikeman? It is only 26 HP, yours truly can kill him with 2 slashes regardless! Yours truly will stop him at the revival point and kill him back to level 0!


Shipwreck’s 2nd lowest deck, when the third Zombie BOSS died from head-shot, Da Fei’s body flashes a golden light, level 9 already!

At this point, Da Fei had shot 16 times, the 5 body blocking Zombies attacked close to 18 times and taken 80 HP off the ballista. If the remaining 3 BOSS is taken out, the ballista will probably be left with tens of HP only and cannot fight anymore. Have to finish the fight as soon as possible!

Da Fei immediately takes out the War Machines skill book and golden light flashes.

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point and learned Intermediate War Machines!

——System Notification: Your ballista’s Attack +5, Defense+5, base Damage +1, max HP +100.

Now, with Intermediate War Machines, ballista’s stats is:

Attack 15, Defense 15, base Damage 3-4 (total Damage = base Damage X Hero’s stats total), HP 120/300, Attack Speed 5, Movement Speed 1, special ability: Knockback, Puncture.

Da Fei has 8 stats total, total Damage is 24-32, ballista with 15 Attack and BOSS with 2 Defense has a Attack/Defense difference of 13 which is a 65% increase in damage and then taking into account BOSS’ Intermediate Armorer’s 20 damage reduction, final damage is 31-41! This is incomparable to the damage of 15-23 just now! It almost doubles!

Anyways, in conclusion: The 200 HP BOSS that requires 5 or 6 shots to kill just now will only require 3 shots to settle now! Furthermore, Defense has increased by 5 now, the average damage the small Zombies deal to the ballista is not even 1 now!

This is War Machines that is known as BOSS Killer, 1 level increase in the skill results in a qualitative leap!

Da Fei is very emotional, how good will it be if he chose ballista as his starting skill! But then again, if his starting skill is really ballista, he probably will never be allocated to this place, wouldn’t he?

Of course, even if emotional, the work at hand cannot be stopped, after finishing off the remaining BOSS, Bro can raise to level 10 again, wahahahaha! This EXP is coming out like flowing water! God rank hero’s trial stage, feels really good!

Not long after, footsteps can be heard from the cabin above Da Fei. Da Fei’s heart skips a beat! Blood Sea Mad Waves! Oh god, he just had to come now! This is troublesome now! What to do! Looking at the small Zombies continually attacking the ballista and looking at the last remaining BOSS, Da Fei frowns!

That’s right! Blood Sea Mad Waves is here! When he charges down the first level of cabin, he is shocked to discover the BOSS that sent him packing yesterday is not here already! Although the small Zombies are still here. The trash littered in the cabin behind the BOSS reveals the answer to him! He vaguely has an idea of what probably happened!


The angry Blood Sea Mad Waves jumps down to the 2nd level of cabin, and bumps into the Da Fei who is blocking mobs at the stairway! Blood Sea Mad Waves is stunned on the spot!

Da Fei, who just finished loading, turns around and smiles brightly: “Hi! Have you eaten?” Da Fei tries to have a friendly communication with him.

“Die!!!” After roughly observing the situation, Blood Sea Mad Waves immediately pulls out his sabre, not giving Da Fei any chance to waste time or bullshit with Da Fei!

Oh fuck! Did I kill his father, steal his lover so he cannot live with me alive?[1] Since there is no way out, then let’s battle. Bro has been through many winning battles and defeats while playing game! If really have to talk it out with him, the ballista would have been destroyed in the meantime!

The already prepared Da Fei immediately raises his pike and strikes first! The advantage of Pikeman’s Long Weapon cannot be thrown away!

The pike goes out like a dragon, bang, “-5!” At the same time, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ charging figure suddenly stops! Paralysis toxin!

——System Notification: You maliciously attacked a player of the same faction Blood Sea Mad Waves, you will receive a penalty of reduced fame.

Ah pfft! Are you kidding me! Bro is the victim this time!

PK starts, let’s take a look at both sides’ stats in comparison first:

Blood Sea Mad Waves level 6, Attack 8, Defense 8, Damage 7-10, HP 30, Attack Speed 13, Master Offence increase damage by 50%. (Blood Sea Mad Waves’ shipwreck weapon +3 Attack +3 Damage, equipment received on creation +8 character Defense)

Da Fei level 9, Attack 8, Defense 3, Damage 4-6, HP 36, Attack Speed 10, no offensive skill. (Da Fei’s tattered leather armor +3 character Defense)

Thus, Blood Sea Mad Waves slashing Da Fei will have final damage of 13-19, 2 or 3 slashes will settle Da Fei.

While Da Fei’s 8 Attack offsets Blood Sea Mad Waves’ 8 Defense nicely, with no bonus from any offensive skill, the final damage will still be 4-6, to take down the Blood Sea Mad Waves with 30 HP will require 5 to 8 strikes!

The difference in weapons, skills causes the gap between the power level of both sides to be very obvious! Under normal circumstances, Da Fei will never be a match for Blood Sea Mad Waves no matter what.

However, all this has changed because of the variable Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Heart! Toxin normally comes with negative status. Although, there is no way to tell what is the effect of this paralysis toxin when fighting anemone and Zombie, there will surely be an effect when fighting players. This is also something the adversity speculator, Da Fei heavily depends on for reversal!

At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves, who sees the notification, is stunned from the shock!

——System Notification: You were inflicted with paralysis toxin, movement is instantly interrupted, Attack -1, Defense -1, Attack Speed -1, Speed -1, maximum Damage -1. Effect will persists until the end of battle.

All stats -1! This feels like having hit with all kinds of weaken darkness curses! And it comes with movement interrupt! What did this trash actually steal from yours truly![2] 而While Da Fei who sees the system notification at the same time is even more shocked with his eyes wide open! No time to think further, continue stabbing!

At the same time, the interrupted Blood Sea Mad Waves also instantly recovers and continues to charge toward Da Fei!

Normally, the advantage of Pikeman’s Long Weapon is to have the first strike and the time the pike is retracted back, the opponent will have just charged to the front and start battle officially. However, the strike just now just so happens to interrupt Blood Sea Mad Waves’ movement, so when Blood Sea Mad Waves charges to within his attack range and swings his sabre, Da Fei’s 2nd stab is already here! It enables Long Weapon to have the advantage of 2 more strikes!


——System Notification: You were inflicted with paralysis toxin, movement is instantly interrupted, Attack -2, Defense -2, Attack Speed -2, Speed -2, maximum Damage -2. Effect will persists until the end of battle.

So that is how it is! Able to interrupt attacks and movements, effects can continuously stack like Plague Zombie’s special ability! However, yours truly’s Damage is still there, even if it is reduced to the minimum damage, it can still kill you in 3 slashes!

The figured out Blood Sea Mad Waves sneers with resentment: “You’re dead for sure!”

Da Fei who also figured it out sneers: “Bro has plenty of health!”

“What’s the use of high health!” The recovered Blood Sea Mad Waves slashes again. His Attack Speed is faster than Da Fei. Da Fei cannot interrupt him this time, -16!!!

A ridiculously high damage jumps out of Da Fei’s head. Da Fei’s eyelid twitches in shock, Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs wildly!

And then, Da Fei’s 3rd stab: “-6”!

——System Notification: You were inflicted with paralysis toxin, Attack -3, Defense -3, Attack Speed -3, Speed -3, maximum Damage -3. Effect will persists until the end of battle.

Ignoring the system message, Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out loud: “Die!!!”

Now, both sides have 10 Speed, both sides attacks together! The heads of the 2 respectively pops out “-12” “-6”

“Actually still not dead?” Blood Sea Mad Waves of course do not know that Da Fei did a small achievement and is rewarded with 10 HP and immediately roars in surprise: “Take another slash!”

Now, Da Fei is left with 8 HP and cannot take the next slash no matter what while Blood Sea Mad Waves has 8 HP too! It will need 2 stabs no matter what! Even if Da Fei’s Attack Speed is 1 point faster and can interrupt a slash of Blood Sea Mad Waves, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ next slash will definitely be when Da Fei retracts his pike and cannot be interrupted no matter what! It will still be a loss!

Thus, the thing Da Fei must do now is, using his leg to step towards the ballista’s trigger that is prepared for so long——Boom, pat, 2 sounds! That last BOSS died from head-shot and a golden light descended onto Da Fei from the sky!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 10! You gained 1 tactical stat point, you gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1, you gained bonus base Damage+1, your Tactical Position +1.

Bro, leveled up! Full health! This is the greatest way out Bro really left! Wahahahahaha!

At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves, who slashes onto Da Fei with a -11 damage, is stunned from the shock!

“So sorry!” The contented Da Fei with Damage +1 stabs his pike, -8!

Blood Sea Mad Waves turns into white light and flies away!


T/L note 1: The raw actually says hatred from killing his father, stealing his partner so they cannot live under the same sky.

T/L note 2: Flawless logic again. Not translation error, he actually did say Da Fei steal from him.


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  1. It’s a bit late to say.. but what happened to those weapons that were hidden behind big zombie? He only took saber, at least from what i remember there were weapons not weapon..

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