Chapter 20 Skill Book in Seafarer’s Room

——System Notification: You maliciously killed a player of the same faction Blood Sea Mad Waves, your Fame -60! You turned into a Red Name!

——Beginner Tip: Red Name can white-wash by repenting in churches, donating at officials and using contributions fame etc. Red Name with a too low Fame due to killing people will have difficulty entering cities. Player, please cherish your Fame.

——System Notification: You raised to level 10 and obtained the right to change class. Please find skill instructor to apply for class change. Human players can class change to 2 Hero class Knight or Priest. After class change, every increase in level will obtain a free stat point, a system-allocated stat point. Knight class will automatically be allocated to Defense while Priest class will automatically be allocated to Knowledge.

——System Notification: You carried out the achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins>Progress 8/10.


No time to bother with the long list of system messages, Da Fei immediately positions the ballista to shoot the small Zombies. After being delayed by Blood Sea Mad Waves for a while, ballista’s HP is left with 30+ only, it is really detestable. The even more detestable this is this fucker got Bro into Red Name! Although Bro turning Red Name was a common thing in the past and was proud of it, things are different now! Bro is a professional gamer now, Bro wants to earn big bucks being a good merchant!

Looking at the precarious ballista and then looking at the 1 skill point he gotten from leveling up, Da Fei is very conflicted, should he raise War Machines? Fuck, forget it, ballista is already way too damaged, what hope is left? Save the skill point and see how it goes from here.

However, not all is unlucky, the greatest reward this time is tested out the toxin effect of Devilized Sea Anemone King, all stats reduction and movement interrupt, this effect is really flashy and eerie! From the looks of the duel just now, this interrupt lets me get attacked 1 time lesser, he only attacked 4 times! This is akin to 25% reduction in damage! Furthermore, it lets me attack 1 time more, this is increasing damage by 25%! Isn’t that an unbelievable effect just from 1 enchantment? Is there anymore restriction? At least, it does not work on sea anemone and Undead.

And judging from the multiple tentacles of Toxic Sea Anemone, if a prey will to be touched once, that will be endless attacks from a bunch tentacles, wouldn’t it be attacked to death without even moving? Which is to say this sea anemone is practically untouchable? Wouldn’t that make it an invincible plant monster in close range? If this is the case, won’t that sea anemone creature dwelling be valuable beyond imaginations?

Haha! Bro really struck it rich! Thinking like this, Da Fei instantly feels happier.

When the last Zombie has fallen, ballista is left with 8 HP!]

Da Fei immediately dismantles the ballista, god knows whether that fucker will continue to seek revenge after recovering?

Wait! Cannot dismantle! Bro needs 10 minutes to dismantle ballista, he needs 10 minutes too to recover from weaken. Bro spent a while to fight Zombies, what if he immediately comes to Bro for revenge after he recovered and Bro is dismantling, wouldn’t Bro be in a huge disadvantage?

This fucker is very like the Bro in the past, if Bro is him, I will definitely come for revenge. After all, Bro won just now is because of the HP recovery from leveling up, Bro cannot be constantly leveling up, can I?

Thus, just in case, Da Fei pushes the ballista into the cargo hold and turns around to aim at the stairway.

Come, Bro is waiting for you!

Times passes with every minute, after about 10 minutes, hurried footsteps can be heard from above again!Oh yeah! Came at the right time! The weaken will be over when he ran until here! This timing is very accurate, Bro is right about you!

Thump, Blood Sea Mad Waves jumps down the stairway with a murderous look.

The already prepared Da Fei laughs: “Hello! Goodbye!”

——Boom, pat! Ballista sounds off twice, Blood Sea Mad Waves said fuck and turns into white light and flies off once again!

——System Notification: You maliciously killed a player of the same faction Blood Sea Mad Waves, your Fame -50!

Damn! Caused Bro’s fame to drop again, you win! Eh? It was 60 points just now, why is it 50 points now? Which is to say he died and dropped in level just now? Ah, isn’t that way too good? Wahahaha!

As for now, time to dismantle.


In a certain luxurious bedroom, Blood Sea Mad Waves angrily takes off his helmet and smashes it :”Fuck you!”

Smashing the helmet is not appeasing enough, Blood Sea Mad Waves kicks and smashes a few furniture! Then, he takes out his phone, while dialing, he puts down the phone after some pondering. This is playing game online and not picking a fight with someone in the same city, what is the use of calling people? Furthermore, this is only the first day, his buddies are still buying accounts and telling them he got pwned? Isn’t that just making himself a laughingstock in front of his buddies?

Anyways, he has to get revenge himself. As long as he can get his hands on the magic tome, he will have no fear for whatever poison pike, as for ballista? This is a big problem but at least ballista cannot be placed in the passenger cabin in the 1st level, the passenger cabin is still yours truly’s territory!

Endure! Leveling and kill BOSS! Wait till yours truly built a studio, place a bounty on him throughout the whole server!


Da Fei finished dismantling the ballista and instantly feels relaxed.This ship should still has a last level, take a look down there.

Da Fei goes to the stairway at the end of the cargo hold, only water can be seen below!

No way? Flooding? So this ship really did sink due to a hole? Then what is Bro still hoping for?

Ah, wait, there is spare materials and tools at the level above and Bro even got an axe from killing Zombie BOSS. This is clearly going to fix the ship! Bro will wait till night when the tide ebbs to take a look. If the tide ebbed, the water in the lower deck should ebb too?

As for now, of course is to go and take a look at the passenger cabin above since 6 room keys was gotten from killing BOSS! These Zombies that can turn into BOSS must be executives level when they were alive? God knows what treasures can be found in their room! Wahahaha!

Da Fei Stealth back to the passenger cabin at the highest level, fighting sounds can be heard faintly from the deck outside the aisle. Oh, leveling after learning his lesson? Same as Bro in the past, haha!

Da Fei begins to try every key starting from the first room from the stairway. And then, clunk, the cabin door opens, a moldy and dusty smells comes out. At least there is no smell of corpse. Da Fei quietly enters.

The room is not big, 7 or 8 square.[1] Not much items too, 1 single bed, 1 desk, chair below the desk, bookshelf on the wall, item rack, wardrobe. Compact and simple which clearly shows the characteristics of a room in a ship.

Da Fei impatiently starts to flip through the bookshelf. A golden book jumps into his eyes! Da Fei’s eyes sparkles!

——System Notification: You obtained Armorer skill book, you spent 1 skill point to learn Basic Armorer.

——Armorer: Reduce damage received by Hero and Hero’s troops, every level reduce damage by 10%.

Just as expected! Bro knew it, this beginner’s village although does not have instructor and no NPC, there is skill book! Since this room has skill book, the next room must has one too, right? Since skill is gotten already, then there should be equipment reward for beginner, right? Da Fei begins to flip through the chests to search for equipments. Bro do not believe executives do not have equipment!

Sailing diary, oil lamp, cup, fountain pen, poetic novel, harmonica, oh god! This Zombie is actually a cultural youth!

Oh! Found it!

——Captain of Marine’s[2] Formal Uniform: The dress sailors only wear when receiving official inspection, Formality Value: 80, Masking Value: 50. Durability 96/100,

——Formality Value: Clothes’ degree of solemnity. When one’s Formality Value is too low, one is unable to communicate with certain NPC and cannot enter officials’ residences and palaces.

——Masking Value: Can cover some of your shortcomings. Even if you are a crude sailor, wearing it can make you seem slightly decent.

Da Fei is startled for a while, only this? Not even 1 point of Defense is added? Oh fuck! This is not what Bro wants now, Bro wants steel armor that adds a lot of Defense! As a seaman with Armorer, how can you not have a spare steel armor?

Da Fei searches for a while and still does not have any findings in the end. Come to think of it, seafarers normally do not wear steel armor since it will be the end if they dropped into the sea. If it is leather armor, it will rot very quickly, so there is no hope in finding armors. If even normal equipments are so hard to find, it is even more pointless to think about Strategic Artifacts. Then, forget about it, on to the other rooms.

Da Fei exits from the door and lightly locks it. He then Stealth into the other rooms.

After a daytime of searching in the game, the results are out, other than the ball-ache uniforms everyone has, the rest are just as Da Fei expected. Each room respectively has: Offence skill book, Logistics skill book, Leadership skill book, Luck skill book, Archery skill book!

Basically, combat skills and exploration skills are all here! Counting in Makarl’s room which he has not been in, probably a skill book like Light Magic skill book, Destructive Magic skill book, Arcane Magic skill book or so will be there. Anyways, all the skills a normal beginner can learn in a beginner’s village is all available here! In the end, other that unable to change class, here is no essential difference with normal beginner’s village, everything that a beginner should learn should be taught.

Da Fei helplessly looks at the stack of skill books he has on him and no longer has the excitement he got when he first discovered Scouting.

When he has no skills, he hunger for skill books but now that he has all the books, only ball ache is left. what is the use of all these books? Which player do not want to learn all the skills? But the problem is skill points! Trying to learn a skill here have to waste a lot of effort to kill BOSS while normal beginners just have to look for instructor! This is equivalent to having no reward! Could it be the real gain is all those weird skills in their sailing diary? Don’t mess with Bro! At least Sailing Master Juan, Master Gunner Grint are named. That batch of 6 BOSS do not even have names, Bro do not believe they have any research project.

Wait! What about Captain’s room?

These normal executives does not have equipment or Artifact but this ultimate big BOSS like the captain probably does? Where is the captain’s room? The bridge above the passenger cabin? However, captain’s room is very special, it is the private area of the ship owner, it is akin to players buying properties in the game, other than being authorized by the owner, no one else can enter. Even if the ship is sunken, or the house is destroyed, there is no way to enter. Which is to say, private property is inviolable and sacred.

At this time, sky is darkening, the tide is ebbing again. Let’s take a look at the lowest cabin first.

Da Fei returns to the lowest level, as expected, the rippling water in the day is no longer here, a seawater scent can be smelled. What is down there? If there is a BOSS, what can his 8 HP ballista do? But since it is all water down there, according to the game’s normal environment setting, the monsters down there are probably sea monsters?

Don’t care, Bro is already here. Da Fei takes a deep breath and Stealth in.

Once entered the lowest cabin, there is a patch of glittering red light in the dark. Da Fei is startled, this is ……old friends, sea anemones buddies!

T/L note 1: The raw does not say whether it is square feet or square metre. It only wrote square.

T/L note 2: I have absolutely no idea what the rank 水兵长 means. It literally means chief of seaman. I just take what I feel like is the correct rank from here I went and changed Navigation Chief to Sailing Master so it fits better with this list.


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