Chapter 22 Hero Legion

The so-called Hero Legion refers to when a marshal goes on a campaign, he picks a batch of vice generals to help lead the soldiers. Which also means having many soldiers will also need many generals.

For example, main hero leads 2 units Pikeman and Archer to war, the marshal appoints a deputy hero to lead the Pikeman under him, then Hero Legion is formed. Of course, one can still appoint a deputy hero to lead Archer. The marshal is able to bring as many deputy hero as the amount of Tactical Position one has.

The value of hero lies in the Tactical Attack/Defense stat affect the whole army, i.e how much Tactical Attack/Defense hero has, troops will stack the same amount of Attack/Defense onto their own Attack/Defense. When there is more than 1 hero in the team, then the Tactical Attack/Defense is based on the highest.

For example, the marshal’s Tactical Attack/Defense is higher than all the deputy heroes, then the Attack/Defense of the whole army is based on the marshal’s. Similarly, when the skill levels of the main hero is higher than the rest of deputy heroes, it will be based on the marshal’s skills. Of course, deputy hero’s character Attack/Defense will still be stacked with marshal’s Tactical Attack/Defense.

If deputy hero’s certain stat, for example Defense is higher than the marshal’s, then the units’ Defense led by that deputy hero will be based on the deputy hero’s, i.e the deputy hero’s Attack/Defense and skills only affect the troops he led.

So the basic essentials of building Legion is for deputy heroes to complement main hero’s abilities. Warrior-type main hero with high Attack/Defense of course will want to recruit magic-type deputy heroes. Magic-type hero with low Attack/Defense will definitely want to recruit warrior deputy heroes with high Attack/Defense.

At the same time, players can appoint deputy hero with exceptional Attack/Defense as marshal. With this, all the units in the army will have Attack/Defense and skill bonus according to the deputy hero marshal. That way, magic-type players will only need to focus on training 1 Attack/Defense-type deputy hero will do. In actual fact, magic-type players normally appoint deputy hero as marshal.

And another important value of deputy heroes is their Command Power can stack with main hero directly which means more generals there is, the more soldiers one can bring.

So even if players encounter an applying NPC in the tavern with rubbish stats and skills but has a very high Command Power, these kind of hero is also worth training! After all, plenty of soldiers is the King’s Way!

That’s right, talking about NPC hero in tavern, then there is a need to mention an important point that is player cannot form a Hero Legion between players. If not, with 2 close brothers, one focuses on Attack, another focuses on Defense, might of brothers cooperating can cut through metal, then how is the game developers going to earn any money? Players can only form party with players, i.e your units are your units, my units are my units, everyone gets a share of the EXP and items and only the quest is shared.

Therefore, deputy hero can only be NPC!

Deputy heroes are similar to highest grade pets in normal MMO! However, 1000 soldiers are easy to get, generals are not. Deputy heroes are not so easy to recruit to. There is a certain requirement to the player’s Fame and gold. Even a trash deputy hero will at least let the player has a qualitative increase in amount of troops one can bring! Of course, deputy hero will need EXP too so recruiting deputy heroes is a very fastidious knowledge.

As for highest grade deputy hero, not to mention highest grade beauty deputy hero, that is an existence that will drive players mad and dry!

Deputy heroes are classified into 3 grades, Normal heroes, Epic heroes, Legend heroes. Normal heroes are level 1 to 20 NPC that system will refresh in taverns of major cities, among them, there is no short of highest grade Specialty or even very low chance of god rank Specialty appearing. These NPC heroes have no past, no background and can be treated as free gifts for paying telephone bills.

And Epic heroes are incredible, they have their own stories, legends in Hero Continent. They have high levels from they appeared, even properties. Player wanting to recruit them is very difficult. Of course, Epic heroes sometimes have normal Specialty. Their values lie with their high levels and their relation with associated kingdoms.

Then there is Epic heroes, this type of heroes have OP Specialty, incredibly strong and normally are famous generals of countries or lords of some land. This type of heroes is almost impossible to be recruited but players can have some fun working under them through means of doing quests. Right now, Da Fei is in this kind of situation.

Looking at the all kinds of skill BUFF stacked on him, Da Fei already can imagine the extent of increase in his Attack/Defense!

Da Fei opens and looks at the stats window. Even if he was already prepared, he cannot help but to be stunned from the shock!

——Attack 60, Defense 63, Damage 7-9, Attack Speed 12, Movement Speed 12, HP 40, Morale 6, Luck 5.

Oh my fuck! Is this Attack/Defense trying to blind new players’ dog eyes! While Da Fei’s base stats is:

——Attack 9, Defense 3 (Character Defense 3), Damage 5-7, Attack Speed 10, Movement Speed 10, HP 38, Morale 1, Luck 0.

Which is to say, Renoir is 60 Attack, 60 Defense! (Marshal’s Attack/Defense will still stack with deputy hero’s Character Attack/Defense)[1]

And there is Grand Master Offense! Grand Master Armorer! Master Leadership! Master Luck! This is too OP! Although there is no telling exactly what grade of hero he is, he at least is mentioned in the background information, he should at least be an Epic hero!

Then with the bonus from 60 Attack, Da Fei’s 7-9 Damage increase by 300%, which makes it 28-36! And then with another 60% increase from Grand Master Offense, the final damage is 44-57!

This instantly raises Bro to the basic standard of Angel! Turning something rotten to something magical! Then what kind of a scary existence will an Angel with 50 base Damage, 30 Attack be in his hands? Bro always thought Master ballista will have OP damage in later stage but really at the later stage, ballista’s 600 HP is really not enough! Of course, in Legion mode, Da Fei’s ballista damage will only take into account Da Fei’s character stats and skills and not be boosted by main hero, or else every deputy hero with a ballista each will be very scary.

And such an incredible hero actually lost to Makarl, then how OP of an existence is Makarl? Bro’s Epic quest is going up against him? Is this a joke?

Da Fei cannot help but to ask in shock: “Captain, how strong is Duke Makarl actually is?”

Like candle blew by wind, flames in the skeleton’s eye sockets suddenly shake vigorously: “In the world of the dead, his name is like a forbidden spell. As a dead, I cannot even dare to speak his name or I will become his servant!”

Da Fei suddenly gets a shock: “What is this? God of Death?”

Skeleton seriously says: “Below God of Death, above the dead!”

Da Fei is shocked: “Death Lord!” Isn’t Death Lord Specialty currently that number 1 account in estimated value in the world with 10 million USD!

Skeleton nods: “That’s right! He is Death Lord! A living Death Lord! Looks like you seems to have some understanding of him?”

Da Fei hurriedly takes out Sailing Master Juan’s diary for him to see: “I found this among Juan Sebastian’s relics! He is the only living person to escape that day it happened, he did not turned into Zombie! He recorded down everything that happened that day!”

Flames in the skeleton’s eye sockets shakes vigorously: “Juan! I regretted not believing him then and made a grave mistake in the end! When our ship was damaged at the bottom and all the seafarers went to the lowest deck to unload cargo as rescue, we were done in by poisonous gas! I was not his match in the end, lost in his hands while he placed curses on us that have died to vent his anger! Adventurer, what plans do you have?”

So the reason why there is no cargo in the hold is because they threw it away! As an expert, Da Fei of course knows there is new development in the story-line. After all, Juan’s body was hidden so well, how are normal players supposed to find it? Hidden scen must have hidden quests!

Da Fei immediately says: “Juan’s last words is hoping I can avenge him, expose Makarl’s scam. I will of course inherit his will and uphold justice!”

At this instant, all of skeleton’s body is appearing with blazing cold flames!

Renoir leans back and laughs: “I always thought I’m a fearless person, an explorer that dares to adventure to any dangerous place but when I died, I felt how small my soul is. I became cowardly from the torture of the curse. I originally had no more longing for life, my greatest wish is to break free of the curse, die quietly and even go to heaven! But now, I have changed my mind, I will fight till the end, I will take my revenge! Adventurer, Juan’s last will is my last will, I’ll assist you!”

——System Notification: You accepted Epic quest <Conspirators on Grand Line>’s sub-quest <Captain Renoir’s Revenge>!

——Beginner Tip: Sub-quest are not must be completed quest but completing sub-quests is very advantageous to completing main quest.

Da Fei suddenly gets a shock! Could it be, Bro is going to enlist an Epic Undead hero?

This must be! Giving Bro an Epic quest to fight an OP hero, it is practically unreasonable to not arrange an Epic hero Bro, right?

Renoir continues: “But before that, I must destroy the curse barrier on the island too no matter what, or my soul will always be imprisoned here and unable to leave! Starting now, I’m going to focus all my might on destroying the barrier. It may take 1 or 2 days. In the meantime, it will bound to alarm many enemies and attack me while I have no time to spare. Adventurer, your quest is to protect me, stop the enemies from disturbing me!”

——System Notification: Trial quest <Assist Captain in Fighting> is going to start in 30 seconds, please defend against the enemies’s offense until the destruction ritual is completed!

Da Fei is immediately stunned! Oh fuck! So you still cannot make a move yet! Depending on a minion like Bro to defend! However, Bro is boosted to this extent by him, typical enemies is really nothing! Those below level 4 units, Bro can kill one with one pike! Bro will risk it!

As for what to do if fails? Da Fei cannot be bothered to think about this question just like how Da Fei never bothers with what to do if the lottery ticket he bought did not win. After all, Da Fei is a failure in reality, it does not matter if he fails a few times in the game too.

While there is still time left, Da Fei immediately takes out the beginner’s pack and starts eating and drinking to replenish Stamina. Then again, has it been 5 days in the game already? That Blood Sea Mad Waves probably is almost done with his freshwater, right? His fruits are all taken by Bro too, is he thirsty now? Haha!

——System Notification: Trial quest will begin after 10 seconds.

At this time, Renoir walks to the center of the deserted island. The blazing cold flames surrounding his body all pour into the sword and then stabs the sword into the ground. A shock-wave spreads out with a boom. A thunder suddenly roars in the grey dark sky above the island and the grey black sea in the surroundings is also swelling.

——System Notification: Trial quest begins! Wish you good luck!

Red dot flashes on the mini-map. At the beach, a strange 4-legged bone fish climbs up the shore.

An unit that has never been seen before! An unit not introduced in the official site too! Of course, types of Undead in the Undead world is as many as bugs on the surface world, there are too many that are not seen before.

Da Fei immediately rushes to the front of the bone fish that is as large as a dog and stabs with his pike! -45! Insta-kill! Yeah!

——System Notification: You gained incomplete information of Hades Sea Bone Servant!

——System Notification: You killed a Hades Sea Bone Servant, gained 50 EXP!

50 EXP?! Da Fei immediately opens the message window.

——Hades Sea Bone Servant

Small-size Undead creature

Attack: ?

Defense: 10

HP: 45

Damage: ?

Attack Speed: 8

Movement Speed: 5

Special Ability: ?

EXP: 50

This HP/Defense is on the level of level 4 unit! Of course, units from level 4 onward has great EXP fluctuation and cannot be measured with level 1, 2, 3 regular troops. All in all, the more Special Abilities, the stronger the Special Ability is, the higher the HP the unit has, the higher the EXP, i.e difficulty decides the EXP. Elite form normally has 1 Special Ability more than normal form so EXP being twice as many is normal. As for BOSS, needless to say, it cannot be calculated with common logic.

Now, the very first minion is already this kind of existence? What will it be afterwards?

Right at this time, another Bone Servant climbs up the beach at the back of the island, without thinking further, Da Fei immediately rushes over.

T/L note 1: I have no idea how it came up with 60 Attack when 60 – 9 is 51 just like how I have no idea why his Damage and Speeds increased too. The numbers in this part is really confusing but heck it.


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