Chapter 23 Planting Sea Anemone King’s Seed

Blood Sea Mad Waves furiously searches every nook and cranny of the shipwreck and the whole shipwreck has been swept clean. Now, that trash has nothing to rely on and can only fight with yours truly head on!

——System Notification: Esteemed user, the user you searched is not in the current service zone.

Not in service zone definitely does not mean offline but the other party went into another scene! Which is to say, the other party snatched his fruit![1]

Blood Sea Mad Waves grits his teeth. He has never ever felt such great sense of crisis and defeat!

Blood Sea Mad Waves actually does not care about the equipments. He has money and can buy all the equipments he wants! But the only thing he hates is this sense of defeat! From young, be it studying or fighting, Blood Sea Mad Waves had never lost! Blood Sea Mad Waves also believes he is superior to others in intelligence and physique.

However being killed 3 times is a fact, not matter how unwilling or not accepting, Blood Sea Mad Waves has to face the reality that this is already an opponent he cannot belittle! However, this is a trial arranged by system for yours truly’s god rank hero, not him —— Although have to admit his Specialty is very bizarre but not being a combat Specialty has already decided that he will not succeed so easily! Without magic tome, without a unit, what can he a Pikeman do with only a slow speed ballista?

That is right, at least system has not notified him failing his trial. At least, there is still a magic tome BOSS, at least the ship is still here. His advantage still exists, although not obvious, he still has a chance to turn the table around! Not for equipments nor rewards, just for the sake of winning!

Blood Sea Mad Waves is back to the passenger cabin again. Suddenly, he discovers the amount of Zombies the BOSS summoned has clearly increased, the whole aisle is filled with them. Needless to say, it must be that trash entering another scene effecting the trial quest. Fine, yours truly is unsatisfied with the leveling speed too, then let’s have more Zombies, yours truly can level all I want!


World of the dead.

Bone Servants are climbing ashore from east, west, south and north non-stop. Da Fei runs off his legs intercepting them everywhere.

Oh fuck! Can they focus on 1 direction or not! Can they not make Bro run around like this or not, it is very Stamina-consuming!

The situation is getting more and more dire. The spawning speed of the monster is getting faster and faster, the mini-map is filled with bone fishes climbing ashore from all directions. Da Fei’s circle of defense is gradually shrinking till a small circle around the captain.

No way! How to defend like this! Unless Bro is Archer and can kill one with a shot! Da Fei breaks out in a cold sweat from anxiety.

Finally, a bone fish successfully breaks through Da Fei’s interception and gives a strike to the captain in the ritual -1! Oh fuck! Da Fei hurriedly turns around and stabs it to death.

Captain immediately says: “Adventure, protect me well, I have no more energy to withstand external disruption! If I failed, I will fall into eternal depravity!”

Da Fei’s balls are aching! Which is to say, he will not get an Epic Hero if the trial fails?

Da Fei finally understands why the system sent 2 players to this island for trial. This kind of besiege from four sides totally cannot be taken care of by just 1 player!

Isn’t this screwed up! It is not that Bro wants to monopolize, it is that idiot who does not intend to cooperate with Bro! It is not Bro’s fault! Oh heavens, oh seas, Bro admits that Bro had did many bad things all these years but is there a need to send an idiot to disgust Bro?

Looking at the increasing monsters coming ashore in the surroundings, Da Fei is burning with anxiety! What to do, what to do?! Is this hero trial really this difficult? Does it really need two players to work together? That’s true, even America and Soviet can work together, it is not impossible with me and idiot!

Captain, do you know Bro cannot complete this quest alone? Should have said it if it cannot be completed, why the hurry to start the Instance, give Bro some time to chat with that idiot slowly, it is not completely hopeless. It is okay you screw with Bro, Bro will take it I have never seen you before but it is not worthwhile to screw with your own life!

Wait, Bro still has something! Da Fei hurriedly opens the bag.

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Seed: Creature Dwelling. Able train new type unit, Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone in specific environment. Has a small chance of training Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King. Building requirement: Unknown.

This thing is a sure-drop from the first kill of BOSS. Which is to say, if the trial player did not discover that hidden BOSS in the wild, getting to this step will have to kill this BOSS and will definitely get this item.

What will happen if Bro planted this Dwelling here? Normally, when Creature Dwelling finished building, there will at least have 1 unit in it while what Bro lacks is 1 unit! Even if it is a level 1 unit, with Renoir’s amazing Attack/Defense boost, it can still insta-kill without a doubt! As long as this Epic hero is saved, paying the price of a Creature Dwelling is totally worth it. More so when this Creature Dwelling has unknown building requirement and it is difficult to fetch a high price.

The question is, when will it finish building? Of course, the most important question is, can it be planted here? This is Undead World, it is not somewhere normal creatures can survive in, right?

Oh fuck! What time is it already, no need to consider anymore! Bro never hesitates when buying lottery tickets! Plant it beside Captain, it can at the very least be a wall for body-blocking and turns this 4-sided besiege into a 3-sided besiege.

——System Notification: Do you confirm using Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Seed here?

——System Notification: Here do not belong to territory owned by the kingdom you are in, your Dwelling can be destroyed or occupied by hostile forces anytime. At the same time, Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Seed is an unknown creature, its growth and building requirement are unknown, your planting may fail. If it fails, you will lose the Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Seed.

Bro, risk it! Confirm!

——System Notification: As the requirement for planting Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Seed is unknown, please attempt to come up with the resource allocation.

Resource allocation?How do Bro know what resources are needed! Wait!

Suddenly, Da Fei remembers that first hidden Sea Anemone King he met at the whale bones! Why is there some wooden barrels with resources there? Why is there Sea Anemone King in the ship too?

System has already given me the answer! This Sea Anemone King must be growing by absorbing the cargo on the ship! As for the small sea anemones in the wild, it must have be growing by absorbing the nutriments from the cargo unloaded from the ship. If Bro only discovers them on the ship, how will Bro know which nutriments they need? However, that hidden BOSS met in the wild is obviously telling Bro, the resource it needs for growing must be the Condensed Mercury, Fine Sulfur Crystal and Mithril from the wooden barrels! I see!

Da Fei immediately puts in all the resources he picked up then into the deployment list, confirm!

This is special grade resources unique to New World, 1 U is equivalent to 10 U of normal resources. Even building an Angel Altar, which can recruit level 7 units, only needs 20 U of Wood, Stone, Crystal and Gem each. Bro is using level 7 building’s specification to deploy you. Bro is betting all my starting capital in this, you better succeed!

——System Notification: You planted Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone King’s Seed, please wait for the results patiently.

At the same time, a big circle of red flashing light appears on the ground underneath Da Fei’s feet. A progress bar is slowing moving above the circle of light.

Oh fuck, let’s not talk about success or not first, how long do you have to make Bro wait? Forget it, all can be done is done, it is all up to heaven’s will by now!

Bone Servants are surrounding from 4 directions as always. Da Fei is swinging his pike to defend from left and right.

Just when he is in a sorry plight, another Bone Servant breaks through the interception and charges forward. Its position is right within the red circle of the building Dwelling. Da Fei hurriedly rushes over and kills it with a stab. And at that very instant, the bone fire in the Bone Servant’s skull turns into a strand of green smoke and flies into the red circle. At the same time, the building progress bar increases by a very small section with a visible speed!

Da Fei suddenly gets a shock, I see! This sea anemone is not vegetarian, it can also eat the higher tier power of soul! No wonder there is a whale skull beside the first Sea Anemone King!

Since there is a new discovery, Da Fei changes his tactics and no longer stops the enemies outside but let the enemies enter all the way in.

Captain anxiously says: “Adventurer, I’m hit again!”

Da Fei immediately says: “Hold on, Captain, I have a secret weapon!” After saying that and killing that Bone Servant with a stab, the fire in the Bone Servant’s skull turns into green smoke again and contributes to the progress bar.

Wahahaha! Looking at the stance for this progress bar, Bro’s planting is most likely going to succeed! Now, Da Fei is filled with confidence. A stab after another finishes off the Bone Servants besieging the Captain. The bone first of these Bone Servants all are absorbed and the building progress goes past one-fifth in a blink of an eye.

While Captain is chirping non-stop: “Adventurer, although I do not care about this amount of damage, it really affects my concentration!”

Da Fei laughs: “Then, Captain, please focus fully and do not bother with these ants.” After speaking, he leisurely stabs a Bone Servant to death.

Now, Da Fei is starting to get the hang of it and can guarantee the death of most Bone Servants before they can attack Captain and yet guarantee that the circle of light can absorb the nutrients.

Not long after, a golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to level 11, you gained 1 unallocated stat point, you gained 1 skill point, your HP +2, your Command Power +1.

Leveled up! Did leveling after level 10 became more difficult? Not at all! These EXP are really good! Feels like killing level 0 units and getting EXP of level 4 unit, when did Bro ever encountered such awesome things in this lifetime?

While at this time, a silvery black protruding object breaks out from the ground in the red circle of the Dwelling! Spr, sprouted? Succ, succeeded? Wahahaha, continue!

Another while later, the sword in the Captain’s hands flashes, a thunder roars in the sky and the island suddenly shakes!

Captain says in a deep voice: “It is entering phase 2 now, stronger enemies are going to appear, must keep up the guard.”

Even stronger enemies are good! Bro was still thinking these Bone Servants are not enough. Da Fei hurriedly says: “No problem, rest assured.”

Waves are surging on the sea, a tall monster with a human body, snake tail and dragon head slithers ashore with thick black smoke surrounding it. Is this Undead Naga?

Like before, charge to the front and kill, Bro believes with Epic hero like Captain with 60 tactical Defense, along with god knows how many Character Defense and with Grand Master 60% damage decrease, it should be easy to tank it through.

It’s close! Stabs with the pike, -53! Not dead! This health is way more than level 4 unit!

——System Notification: You gained incomplete information of Hades Sea Supervisor!

It is getting closer, strike first before it does, another stab, -17!

——System Notification: You killed a Hades Sea Supervisor, gained 90 EXP!

90 EXP! This Undead sea monster is way too strong…Ehm, too fat! So fat that Bro has no interest in looking at the information! Bro likes EXP-givers and fertiliser-givers, wahahaha!


T/L note 1: The fruit here does not refer to the coconut but something like fruits of labor which makes his logic really flawless. >_>


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