Chapter 24 Unit Building: Sea Anemone Nest

When another golden light descends from the sky, Da Fei is level 12 already. Killing level 5 unit with 2 stabs, this feeling is way too awesome!

And the big sea anemone has grew into a big silvery black sphere as tall as a person. B By now, the building progress bar already passes halfway, compared to normal Unit Building that gets 10-15 in-game days, this is already godly speed.

While Renoir has taken quite a few hits, but no matter how outstanding a level 5 unit is, it just has around 15 Attack, 15 damage, with an Attack/Defense difference as high as 50, there is less than 1/3 damage left and after 60% decrease by his Grand Master Armorer, it is at most 2 damage. It is nothing compared to his BOSS-like health.

The only thing that really poses a threat to him is not these normal minions but BOSS! This trial quest definitely has BOSS appearing, right?

A huge silver moon rises from the sea surface, the dark clouds covering the sky are swept away. Exactly how big is this moon? 100 times as big as normal moon! This is definitely not the moon on earth.

The tides of the whole Hades Sea erupts loudly, fog spreads above the sea surface.

Renoir says in a deep voice: “Moon of Death, source of life and power in the world of the dead. The enemies’ attack will get fiercer later.”

Da Fei asks in surprise: “Then, what about you Captain?”

Renoir says in a deep voice: “My life is slowly recovering. However, the curse barrier will also get stronger. I do not have any advantage. We have to survive through tonight.”

Can recover health, then there is no need to panic! In the end, the battle in the day looks scary but is actually there to give players EXP. Seems like night is the main dish then. However, looking from the time, this timing should be daytime in the surface world.

While at this time, the top of the silvery black sphere suddenly crackles, a little short red meat pillar breaks out of the shell——This is, a tentacle? Could it be this Unit Dwelling is a living thing itself? Or should I say it is a Sea Anemone King that can give birth?

Possible! Very possible! The Elves’ famous Tree of Life is a building that can fight. In fact, many of Elves’ high level buildings are alive and can fight!

If this sea anemone building is similar to Elves’, then there is a fighting chance even if BOSS came! Looking at the rising building progress bar under the moonlight, Da Fei is laughing loudly from excitement! Bro finally understands why this sea anemone is lurking in the sands, why it needs to absorb soul energy. It is because it is actually not suited for living in the surface world with sunlight, maybe the Undead World is its real home?

Now, the countless Undead Naga is climbing ashore in the thick fog, Da Fei is bursting with confidence, come! Bro’s sea anemone is already hungry for more!

——System Notification: Scouting warning! There is a strong enemy approaching, please stay alert.

Da Fei gets a sudden shock! BOSS!

As expected, behind the monster crowd, a very tall Undead Naga holding 2 large bone sabres is breaking through the fog! Got to be kidding? BOSS appearing right from the start! This is going to turn bad!

Renoir hurriedly says: “A strong enemy has appeared, stop it no matter what! It has the ability to destroy my ritual!”

Oh fuck! Even NPC is not composed anymore!

This trial should be completed by 2 players in normal circumstances, shouldn’t it? It still need from dark magic tome, right? Now there is only Bro, sea anemone is still growing, it seems impossible to take it down alone no matter what, right? What to do?

There is only the old way of playing, body-blocking, drag the time! Drag until the sea anemone is completed!

Da Fei hurriedly says to Renoir: “I have a sure-win strategy, Captain must hold on! Be steady! Be composed!” He hurriedly dodges to the side and Stealth after saying, to avoid the attacks from weapons.

Renoir anxiously says: “Please definitely don’t mess up!”

Undead Nagas charge up together and slashes ferociously after surrounding Captain. For a while, Captain’s head is appearing -2, -1, -2, -2 non-stop. When the big BOSS reaches, Captain is already totally surrounded by minions. Because there is no place to strike, big BOSS is stonily standing outside the crowd and looking.

This is body block, and similar to Da Fei’s bombarding BOSS with ballista at the cargo hold. Even more ideally is the BOSS is also not attacking the sea anemone. Seems like the difficulty of this trial is still manually restricted, i.e the monsters’ target is the Captain and ignore the player. It is similar to the rules of tower defense games.

Since this is the case, Da Fei then tries to go up and stab a minion. When Da Fei strikes, a rainbow light flashes above Da Fei’s head ——Lucky Strike! Damage doubles! Insta-kill!

This is Captain’s Luck skill! Lucky Strike deals damage twice of maximum Damage!

——Luck: Every level of the skill increases the Luck of Hero and Hero’s units by 1, 1 Luck increases 2% chance of Lucky Strike.[1]

Master level equals to 5 points which is 10% chance of dealing Lucky Strike. Its effect is not obvious with little units but when there is many units, this 10% will be very scary! It is like having 10 units out of 100 units definitely being able to deal double damage. Conversely, when Luck is negative, there is a chance to deal Unlucky Strike that is half damage of minimum Damage. Lowering enemy’s Luck is Devil race’s signature skill.

And at this time, a hornet’s nest is brought about one’s ears! Those onlookers including BOSS immediately chase after Da Fei! Although their target is Captain, when there is nothing to do, they will of course attack all the enemies that dare to provoke them.

Da Fei gets a sudden shock! Run immediately!

For a while, Da Fei is pulling large group of monsters on a marathon run. Da Fei’s Movement Speed which was boosted to 12 is still quite praiseworthy.

1 round, 2 rounds, 3 rounds.

Captain’s wails can be heard from afar: “Adventurer, protect me! This can’t go on anymore!”

Da Fei’s ass tightens and can only say: “Captain, withstand it, time is victory!” If he cannot withstand the minions, how to withstand the BOSS? Bro believes in your strength.

Maybe the enemies on the island has reached saturation, no more monster is climbing ashore from the sea while Da Fei’s Stamina is decreasing, seems like he cannot run anymore. The more one moves with maximum speed, the greater the consumption of Stamina. No choice then, he takes out a coconut fruit, smashes it open with his head, Stamina +100! Oh yeah! Continue!

4 rounds, 5 rounds, 6 rounds! Is the sea anemone not done yet? Da Fei turns his head and looks at the relentlessly chasing monsters again. His heart tightens, will they never get tired? Could it be their Stamina is not 100? Or when under the moonlight, they have unlimited Stamina?

Captain shouts loudly: “Adventurer!!!”

Da Fei takes out a coconut fruit again, gulps it down and shouts loudly: “——This little pain is nothing in the storm[2]——”

How many rounds has it been? Da Fei cannot remember already. Da Fei can already obviously feel the speed of the monsters chasing him dropping! Wahahaha! Bro originally thought you guys are marathon athletes and can run forever! So there is also a time when you guys run out of Stamina!

While at this time,

——System Notification: Your Creature Building “Sea Anemone Nest” has been built successfully!

——Beginner Tip: You possesses your own recruitment building now, recruitment building requires related resources and population to start training your troops.

Now, Da Fei’s Lord interface window suddenly activates and is flashing brightly!

Da Fei pleasantly looks toward the center of the island and sees a few long tentacles shoots out, insta-killing the group of monsters besieging Captain.

Oh yeah! It finally paid off!

And with the death of those body-blocking minions, gaps appear and those monsters chasing after Da Fei immediately obey their original mission, abandoning Da Fei to encircle Captain.

Looking at these snake monsters slithering slowly, Da Fei is suddenly happy! They are out of Stamina already! Damage will be at minimum without Stamina, it may even be Weaken status of half Damage! If it like this, getting this BOSS will be even more easy.

Nothing else to say, taking the chance of BOSS not having enough Stamina now, focus on attacking the BOSS and not give him time to recover. Da Fei opens the Lord window, there is a tentacle meatball sea anemone icons more under Personal Facilities column, clicks and checks.

——Devilized Toxic Sea Anemone Nest: Units recruitment building. Attack 80 (+60), Defense 70 (+60), Damage 10-12 (+2), Durability 1000, Attack Speed 3 (+2), Movement Speed 0, Special Ability: Multiple Attacks (5 Tentacles), Toxic Paralysis Attack, Catapult Attack. Current recruitable Toxic Sea Anemone amount: 1/1.

——Ah pfft! Da Fei is so shocked a mouthful of boogers spurts out!

80 Attack! 70 Defense! Hero’s stats can still stack onto buildings! This is going to defy logic! Elves’ building Ancient Tree does not have this setting! Elves’ Ancient Tree although can fight, it is still classified as War Machines, buildings just like Archer Tower etc. This Nest actually can stack with Hero’s Attack/Defense, this can only mean 1 thing, this Nest is a building and also a living thing! Living things can be commanded by Hero.

What else to say!

What does 80 Attack mean? 1 Attack increases 5% damage, 80 Attack will increase 400%! 10 Damage can deal 50! With 60% from Grand Master Offense, it will be 80! This is damage from only 1 tentacle, not taking into account Special Ability!

Let’s go, attack BOSS!

At this time, BOSS slowly leads the army toward Captain, the 5 tentacles of Sea Anemone Nest catapults out——Pat pat pat pat pat! -86! -84! -88! -86! -84!

Da Fei gets a sudden shock! Why is there only this little damage? Catapult Attack can deal 2 to 3 times of normal damage, which is to say sea anemone actually only deals less than 40 damage! While not including skills, sea anemone’s normal damage should be 50!

What does this mean? This means this BOSS’ Defense and defensive skills is on par with Renoir’s Attack! With such an OP Defense, how bad can its Attack be? No wonder when it appeared, Renoir is no longer composed! If encountered it under normal circumstances, how should it be fought? Must it need dark magic tome to continuously reduce it status? However, his Stamina has decreased, isn’t this equivalent to having inflicted whole set of dark magic?

Da Fei’s eyebrows tighten! No, cannot take this risk! Dark magic tome can summon Zombie, that many Zombies boosted by hero’s ridiculous stats will of course be a great fighting force but Bro does not have that many fighting force.

Still needs body block! Sea Anemone Nest has 1000 HP, let sea anemone take a few rounds first.

However, the BOSS is taking the lead now, it will definitely be able to seize the attacking position. The only way to block it is to charge in front of its path and block it himself! No, this is even riskier, although its target is BOSS, there is no guarantee it will not chop Bro too. If Bro died, god knows what will happen?

Sea anemone! Bro still has a sea anemone unit, get the minion out and block it!


T/L note 1: Yup he is calling it Lucky Strike 幸运一击 instead of critical hit 双倍暴击 now.

T/L note 2: FYI, this is lyrics from a song called Sailor 水手 by Zheng Zhi Hua 鄭智化.


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