Chapter 25 Completing Trial Quest

——Toxic Devilized  Sea Anemone: Attack 5, Defense 0, HP 11, Attack Speed 1, Movement Speed 0, Damage 1-2, Command Point: 0, special ability: Multiple Attacks, Paralysis Toxic Attack, Preemptive Attack.

Multiple Attacks: This creature’s every tentacle can participate in battle.

Paralysis Toxic Attack: This creature’s attacks can interrupt enemy’s movement and reduce enemy’s Attack/Defense and Damage.

Preemptive Attack: This creature’s tentacle is agile and can preemptively attack at the instant the enemy approaches.

So this is the full stats of sea anemone. There is no time to think anymore, Da Fei immediately recruits the only unit in the Nest.

——System Notification: You used the accumulated resources in the Nest to recruit a Toxic Devilized Sea Anemone.

——System Notification: Plant-type units cannot move, cannot follow Hero in a march and do not occupy Hero’s Command Power too, you only have 1 chance to allocate its position, please place your unit.

At this time, the big meatball Nest wriggles. A translucent small sea anemone icon appears before Da Fei’s eyes, it is same as choosing area to build a house. Da Fei sees accurately, moves the icon to the path the big BOSS is on and clicks, confirm!

Pat! With a crisp sound, a small meatball spurts out of the top of the Nest and drops in front of the BOSS. Once it landed, it sprouts while the BOSS just happens to be blocked by it and the minions beside it caught up. BOSS stops and slashes, and so it is overtaken by minions.

Body block successful! It is a pity Bro’s first unit was so heroic, born great and died gloriously!

Now, Renoir is surrounded by minions again and nothing for BOSS to do already while BOSS was attacked by big sea anemone before, then attacking the big sea anemone is natural.

Both sides start to compete their health.

-95! -94! BOSS attacks with both sabres and can still deal such astonishing damage against Renoir’s high Attack/Defense! This is still when BOSS has insufficient Stamina and damage is halved. It is imaginable how scary BOSS’ damage is if it is not halved! And not only Damage is halved due to insufficient Stamina, Attack Speed is too! This is akin to Grand Master dark curse but even so, the BOSS is still slashing lightning fast, why does it look like its Attack Speed is reduced?

Looking at the looks of things, how many rounds can the 1000 HP big sea anemone withstand? And how many times can Captain withstand? Seems like this BOSS really needs dark magic tome to summon Zombies to block it in place.

No other choice now, HP competition! Da Fei immediately follows up and ferociously stabs at its ass, -30! -28! This damage, needless to say, BOSS must have Master Armorer to offset Captain’s Offense.

For a while, big sea anemone was slashed till flesh and bloods splatter. At this time, big sea anemone’s worrying Attack Speed reveals its disadvantage. BOSS has already attacked 3 times and taken 300 HP off it while it only retaliated once and took 400 HP of the BOSS. This is still effect with the 2 additional Attack Speed. If it depended on its original 1 Attack Speed, the results are totally unimaginable. God knows how much HP this BOSS still has?

Now that big sea anemone has only less than 200 HP left, situation is dire, Da Fei immediately stops stabbing ass and immediately stabs a minion surrounding Captain. Once the minion died, a gap appears, BOSS stops attacking sea anemone and goes to attack the Captain.

Captain, I have already helped you tank 900 HP, withstand it! If you cannot tank this through, then Bro will have to admit defeat.

Finally, when Captain taken 2 slashes, big sea anemone’s attack slowly reaches, with a boom, the BOSS’ huge body collapses.

——System Notification: You killed leader monster Hades Sea Overseer, gained 20 thousand EXP!

——System Notification: You obtained incomplete information of Hades Sea Overseer!

Finally settled! Da Fei heaves a sigh of relief, at the same time, takes a look at the message and gasps in astonishment. As expected of the BOSS with 50 Defense 1800 HP and Master Armorer! Any one sent to the surface world will definitely, forget it, anyways, Bro made it through the first stage.

Da Fei smiles: “Captain, are you alright?”

Renoir unhappily says: “Adventurer, can’t you see I’m getting attacked?”

Oh yes, there is still minions! Wahaha,how did I forgot about them, Bro will send you all on your way.

And with the death of the BOSS, the green smoke dissipating from the BOSS’ body gathers at the top of the Nest, with a clatter sound, another red short meat pillar sprouts out—— Grew a new tentacle!

Yes yes yes! It have to grow, the 2 Sea Anemone King Bro saw have 10+ tentacles. This having only 5 is really letting down Bro. Seems like the Nest now is still not the final state.

However, from now on, big sea anemone can no longer take attacks for Captain, all that left is to take it head-on.

Tides surging and new enemies appear again.

However, to Da Fei who already knows the big barbette sea anemone, these are all dishes sent to the doorstep. There is almost no chance for them to get close to Renoir. Under the moonlight, Renoir’s HP gradually recovers. Big sea anemone’s 6th tentacle forms completely and the 7th tentacle starts to sprout too. It is imaginable how much nutrients the fall of a BOSS can give to big sea anemone.

Thus, the Da Fei, who gained 20 thousand EXP from the BOSS, easily raised to level 13. This leveling speed is really speechless. Therefore, playground of the strong, hell of the weak refers to places like this? Wahahaha!

——System Notification: Your Sea Anemone Nest obtained sufficient nutrient, produced a Toxic Devilized Sea Anemone, do you want to recruit?

Oh, there is more again? This sea anemone monster is indeed bizarre, does not require gold coins, does not require mineral resources, only requires to absorb death energy! Good! 1 more set of power equals more assurance, if time is sufficient, Bro really wishes to recruit a circle around Captain to body block.

When the silver moon is in the middle of the sky, the fog in the whole Hades Sea is already filled like inside a steamer. In the world of the dead, this is the time when the power of the dead are strongest. And under the moonlight now, big sea anemone’s 7th tentacle is quickly forming in a visible speed. This speed, which is more surprising than mushrooms after the rain, has already left Da Fei unable to determine whether it is exactly animal or plant. Maybe as a plant, its ability to absorb moonlight has huge advantage over animals, like photosynthesis.

Renoir who just recovered to full health says in a deep voice: “There’s 2 this time, whether we can make it through or not depends on this battle!”

——System Notification: Scouting warning! 2 strong enemies are about to reach, please stay alert.

Da Fei’s hearth tightens. Although he cannot see them in the fog, there is 2 big red dots pincer attacking from 2 sides on the mini-map.

No choice, the thing Bro can do now is still that trick, body block.

Da Fei immediately commands the Nest to stop attacking and let minions to continue swarming and surround the Captain. And then another 2 large Undead Nagas with dragon head, human body and snake tail appear.

When the BOSS reaches, Da Fei immediately stabs a minion beside the small sea anemone to death and empties out a spot for one of the BOSS to fill. And thereafter, of course is for the big sea anemone and small sea anemone to attack this BOSS together. The big sea anemone’s power now is naturally very different with 7 tentacles. As for the other BOSS, of course is to let it just watch outside.

Therefore, the body block this time is just only letting 1 BOSS be able to attack the Captain.

While when the big sea anemone is attacking the BOSS, the other BOSS, without anything to do, not willing to just sit around and watch, begins to charge toward the big sea anemone!

Oh fuck! BOSS’ IQ is indeed very different! Da Fei immediately charges up to its back and stabs to draw Aggro and then turns around and run! In the game, no matter how slow the enemy’s Attack Speed it, turning around in front of the enemy is just trying to die because turning around is set to be lower than most creatures’ Attack Speed. However, backstabbing is different, when Da Fei is turning around, the enemy is turning too, then there is no problem.

Usual rules, marathon around the island, Bro still has 2 coconut fruits.

While at this time, big sea anemone has produced result at its side, 7 rainbow light bloom above the 7 tentacles simultaneously!

Lucky Strike! After fighting for so long, finally another Lucky Strike appeared! Lucky Strike is an attack that deals twice the maximum Damage while sea anemone’s maximum Catapult damage is 3 times, therefore when Lucky Strike appears it is 6 times Damage! For sea anemone’s worrying Attack Speed, having Lucky Strike is such an inspiring affair!

Boom pat! BOSS’ huge body collapses with a boom!

At this very instant, Da Fei shouts out with excitement: “Captain!!! Bro wants to learn Luck!!!”

At this very instant, Da Fei remembers a rogue gambler’s saying: I do not wish for good luck but I do not want bad luck too, I only need normal luck!

And now, Da Fei has done all that can be done, when good luck comes unexpected, success in at hand! Da Fei laughs out loudly.

The 2nd BOSS collapsed as expected, they provided nutrients for sea anemone to grow another 2 tentacles and let Da Fei raise to level 14.

Now the tide is unlikely to turn with big sea anemone’s 9 tentacles. As a plant monster, sea anemone is unable to move, a small Archer can easily take it down and is very weak. However as a plant monster, it has its way to survive, at least, its close quarter combat ability should be really powerful.

Therefore the stronger the later monsters’ attacks are, the more nutrients they give will be and the more Da Fei’s EXP will be. Now that Da Fei has already recruited 2 small sea anemones, his forces are strong.

The silver moon sinks into the sea and the seemingly last BOSS finally appears too but in front of Da Fei’s flourishing forces, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Renoir laments: “Adventurer, the crisis is over. Not only did I not receive heavy damage, I even bathed in a night of silver moon’s radiance. You’re so unthinkable.”

Da Fei laughs: “No no, it is this sea anemone that is unthinkable.”

That is true too, if it is 2 players cooperating to clear the shipwreck normally, then they will not discover the hidden BOSS after the ebbed tide and naturally not discover the resources to build the Nest so even if they manage to successfully grow the Nest, it will be one with malnutrition and not as abnormal as Bro’s.

Renoir nods: “Your performance is also praiseworthy. I have nothing to thank you with for now. I will give you this ship of mine. After going back, you can fix the hole, change into new sails and wait for the storm to come. At that time, the strong winds can let the ship escape from the shoal and you are born to be a seafarer so you definitely should be able to do something in the storm!”

It suddenly hit Da Fei! Bro finally understands why the examiner send Bro here! If it is player with ordinary Specialty will definitely die trying to sail in the storm!

Renoir says again: “I’m going to break the barrier with full force now. My soul will then reside in this sword of mine. Leave with this sword. When my power recovers, I will appear again and assist you in subjugating that cheat!”

After finishing, all of Captain’s fire of soul suddenly explodes. An impact from the sword sweeps through the whole island. Thunder roars in the sky. In a patch of white light, the scene changes and Da Fei is back on the deserted island with coconut, blue sea and sky and a whole row of notifications floods the screen.


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