Chapter 26 Trial’s Reward

Bro is back? Da Fei kinda feels like it have been a lifetime. Yes, back already, such a pity for Bro’s Sea Anemone Nest. It was forever left back in the world of the dead. It could have been sold for tens of thousands originally. Let’s look ahead.

——System Notification: You completed Trial quest <Assist Captain in Fighting>, gained 20 thousand EXP.

——System Notification: Congratulations, you raised to level 15, gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1, gained reward base Damage +1.

——System Notification: You received Rank B Strategic Artifact, Captain’s Sword.

——Captain’s Sword: Rank B Strategic Artifact, quest item, Attack +1, Defense +1, Damage + 1, Attack Speed +1. On the sea, this sword’s effect is doubled.

——System Notification: You obtained Large High Speed Sailing Ship’s Certificate of Ownership.

Looking at the whole row of notification spamming the screen, Da Fei laughs loudly!

Strategic Artifact, the quest’s reward is actually a Rank B Strategic Artifact! Strategic Artifact is different from normal unit’s equipment. It is Artifact that can boost the whole troops, its equipment slot does not clash with normal equipment. Therefore even if Da Fei is a Pikeman and cannot use long sword, it will not affect usage.

And currently the easiest to appear on the market and also the most expensive Artifact is Rank C Strategic Artifact “Blood Claw Necklace”. It only has 1 effect: Units’ Damage +1! That’s right, it has the same effect as Offense’s sub-skill “Battle Frenzy”, Damage +1. And all players know, what does +1 Damage means to low level units with only 1,2,3,4 Damage in the early stage? It typically means damage effect that Hero has to raise more than 10 levels and increase 10+ Attack to achieve.

And this Captain’s Sword, having only a +1 Damage effect will make it a Rank C Artifact while its effect doubled on the seas will make it +2 Damage! It is absolutely appalling! If not for the limitation of using on the sea, it will definitely be Rank A! As for other effects, just take it as a giveaway. Good sword! It is really a good sword! It is virtually a divine weapon for low level units!

This night of hardship is really worth it, Da Fei contentedly equips the long sword. And then excitedly checks his stats.

Level: 15

Fame: -160 (Killed 3 times)

Attack: 10 (6 more free stat points not allocated yet)

Defense: 4 (Tattered Armor’s 3 Character Defense, Artifact’s 1 Tactical Defense)

Magic: 0

Knowledge: 0

Base Damage: 7-9 (Initial 1-3, sea anemone enchantment +1, achievements +1, every 5 levels system rewards Damage, 15 levels +3, Captain’s Sword +1, of course, only Captain’s Sword’s +1 effects the whole army)

HP: 48

Attack Speed: Normal 11 (Captain’s Sword +1)

Movement Speed: 10

Morale: 1

Luck: 0

Command Power: 14

Stamina: 100

Skills: Basic Navigation, Advanced Scouting (Stealth, Gather Information), Intermediate War Machines (Ballista Master), 6 unallocated skill points.


Looking at his stats, Da Fei feels achieved, yet feel lost. After all, after being used to be able to insta-kill level 4 units under strong hero’s leadership, now that it is back to square one, he more or less feels a bit uneasy in his heart.

Wait! This is game company’s sinister intent! This is letting players experience the benefits of Hero Legion through a temporary quest. After experiencing the benefits of high level hero, players will smash money in and fight his own life after having the taste and longing for it! Oh fuck! Bro is here to earn money and not here to smash money, Bro will not be tricked by game company!

Time to look at his ship now.

——Large High Speed Sailing Ship’s Certificate of Ownership (Soulbound quest reward and cannot be traded with players):

Original Name: St. Antonio (Can be changed)

Captain: Da Fei

Ship Specifications: Large size 4 masts 3 deck levels high speed sailing ship. (Note: High speed sailing ship, also known as clipper tea trade ship, the ship is narrow and graceful but has small freight volume but it has very good windward sailing ability. Its speed is way higher than mainstream galleon ship. As for why the sailing ship can sail windward, this involves very complex aerodynamics issues, interested students can ask your P.E teachers.[1])

Ship Special Ability: God’s Blessing (Seafarers’ Luck +2)

Ship Cargo Volume: 1000 Units

Ship Minimum Seafarers On-board: 30 people (Lower than minimum seafarers amount will be unable to bring out ship’s standard capabilities)

Ship Durability 2357/3754

Time Ship Been Used For: 10 years

Ship Armor Defense 80

Ship Speed: 10 (Note: To standardize with Speed of units in the game, ship’s speed is not in “knots”. 10 means the maximum sailing speed is 10m/s. In Age of Exploration[2], ship’s maximum speed varies from 10 to 20 knots depending on different models. 1 knot = 1.8 km/h. 20 knots is 10m/s. Hero’s Navigation can additionally increase ship’s speed.)

Sea God’s Insured Level: 0 (Note: Ship is player’s valuable asset, once sunk, player will suffer a huge loss. Therefore, the game sets Insured Level, i.e paying huge premium to Sea God at major cities with Sea God Temple. If the ship were to be sunk, Sea God’s divine power can instantly drift the ship back to the port it set sail from but all the cargo and seafarers will be lost and the maximum durability of the ship will decrease at the same time. It is akin to ship being able to revive. Insured Level 1 can revive once, Insured Level 2 can revive twice, so on and so forth.)

Ship Current Status: Bottom hull damaged, unable to sail, cursed by bad luck (Seafarers’ Luck -3).

Da Fei heaves a long a sigh of relief. Finally got Bro’s ship settled. So this ship cannot be sailed away just like that, it still requires this certificate. Then again, without certificate means it is unregistered property and will be seized by Navy. Captain, you are so terrific to even give Bro a driving license.

As for now, this captain will of course inspect his ship, isn’t there still a fellow on board? Hehe, so sorry, this ship is Bro’s territory now. Bro, do not welcome him already. Especially that magic tome BOSS cannot fall into his hands no matter what.


Shipwreck’s passenger cabin aisle. Blood Sea Mad Waves selflessly kills the swarming Zombies. After a whole day of killing, along with Master level sub-skill Cleave, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ level skyrockets to level 10 and gained the system rewarded 1 base Damage.

Now is the time to lay his hands on the BOSS. If not for the disruption by that trash, he would have taken it down long ago.

Blood Sea Mad Waves angrily charges to the BOSS’ room, suddenly there is no more Zombie! What is going on? BOSS is not summoning Zombie anymore?

When Blood Sea Mad Waves reaches the BOSS’ room, BOSS is indeed not summoning anymore.

This must be due to changes in the game progress of the scene. That trash must have did something! A sense of uneasiness fills his heart. However, there is no time to think anymore, isn’t the BOSS that cannot summon just a piece of cake? Let’s get the magic tome first.

Blood Sea Mad Waves starts to slash furiously at the ghost BOSS with all the curses on him. Against overwhelming difference in strength, BOSS has a hard time blocking. The magic tome is continuously flashing black light and sending mana for it to recover HP. At the end, it seems like the magic tome lost its glow and BOSS finally cannot recover its health!

Haha, it finally cannot make it! Just thinking of finally getting his hands on the magic tome he dreamed of, Blood Sea Mad Waves cannot help but to shout out loud: “Die!”

Just at this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ ass tightens, a familiar sense of paralysis surges through his body!

——System Notification: You were maliciously attacked by player Da Fei, you can retaliate now!

Blood Sea Mad Waves turns his head and look in shock, Da Fei!

Da Fei gloomy smiles: “You’ve worked hard! Goodbye!” Yet another stab, Blood Sea Mad Waves scolds out before turning into white light and flies off.

——System Notification: You maliciously killed player Blood Sea Mad Waves, your Fame -100.

Hmph! The ship belongs to Bro, everything on the ship of course belongs to Bro too. Stealing Bro’s BOSS, don’t even think about it but this drop in Fame is really a heartache.

The Da Fei now is of course completely different from a day before in game time. And this near-death BOSS does not have the bizarre phenomenon of recovering to full health, victory is already without a doubt. Maybe, with the destruction of the curse dimension, the fighting power of this BOSS is greatly reduced too.

——System Notification: You killed Misfortune Ghost, gained 250 EXP! You obtained  <Makarl’s Dark Magic Skill Book>. You obtained Misfortune Ghost’s Soul Crystal.

——System Notification: You obtained incomplete information of Misfortune Ghost.

Da Fei is startled! With this little EXP, it is really not a BOSS? Dark Magic Skill Book? Not a magic tome? What is going on? Da Fei hurriedly checks the item window.

——Makarl’s Dark Magic Skill Book: Dark Magic Skill Book annotated with Makarl’s learning experience. While Makarl was studying magic, this book virtually absorbed much Makarl’s mana from meditation. Now that the mana is used up, the magic tome turned into a normal Skill Book. You can spend 1 skill point to learn Beginner Dark Magic skill.

——Beginner Dark Magic: Can learn and use level 1 Dark Magic.

——Misfortune Ghost’s Soul Crystal: Unknown item.

Pfft! Da Fei vomits out blood! Just like Bro said, how can a high level Strategic Artifact that does not require learning like magic tome appear in beginner’s village and even appears in the hands of a small Ghost! So it is just a charged up Skill Book! Which is to say, this magic tome’s mana is already completely squandered off by this small Ghost? Which is to say, under normal circumstances, players should party from the start and take down that small Ghost and try to conserve as much mana in the magic tome as possible for fighting against the BOSS behind?

Ay, if he had known earlier, there is no need to worry about this book getting into Blood Sea Mad Waves’ hands. He was worried for nothing. Then again, what is with this Misfortune Ghost? Wasn’t it Evil Spirit back then? From the looks of the incomplete information, its stats seems to be slightly stronger than Evil Spirit, upgrade form of Evil Spirit? Elite units like Evil Spirit can continue to level up? Then what is this unknown item, Soul Crystal? Quest item? Forget it, Undead creatures are all kinds of weird, no need to bother with it.

The main thing is standard goods like Skill Books actually has special version. That is actually worth researching. Da Fei begins to flips the first page of this book with much interest.

——Life is Impermanence[3], filled with chaos, filth and suffering. Death means peace, eternal and beauty of order!

Oh my fuck, this annotation at the beginning is really different! Continues flipping, oh yeah, so many words! Does Makarl like to scribble on textbooks?

——Like follows God’s Creation Law, although relative perfect, it also restricts its space for growth. Undead, on the other hand, possess unlimited plasticity growth. Zombie and Ghost are the purest representatives of Corpse Undead and Soul Undead respectively. They are also the easiest Undead races to beget leader units. While up until now, no wizard was able to create Undead leader unit by hand because wizards have not much knowledge about the process for Undead to evolve from normal units to leader units. From my viewpoint, this is not a simple process but is across many stages.

However, the irony is although there is not much room for lifeforms to evolve and was always looked down upon by wizards, it had to be Legend hero of Elves to be able to train Human Archers, Elven Archers into the strong Phantom Archer. This is totally a leap in biology from totally different species. It is evident that be it life or Undead, this is all God’s domain and we are still elementary students in this field. We should be even more modest and prudent. I think we should start experimenting from the most basic Zombie and Ghost…

Da Fei stares his eyes out! This Makarl has very lofty ambitions, is his goal mass producing BOSS? Which is to say, those Zombie BOSS in the cabin are his results? Could it be this book will provide information about god level skill too?

Right at this time——”Motherfucker!” Blood Sea Mad Waves’s angry bawling can be heard.

Da Fei puts down the book and looks, isn’t it that fellow, who has not gotten over the Weaken state, in a hurry to climb on board to get his revenge. Has he gotten stupid with rage or crazy?


T/L note 1: In china, they refer people bad in maths as being taught maths by P.E teachers. Anyways, go to learn more about clipper ships.

T/L note 2:

T/L note 3: Buddhism concept. In short, everything is always changing.


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  1. This story is so different from other VRMMO’s and its hilarious lol. Thanks for your efforts. Im waiting for more.

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