Chapter 27 The Price to Leave Deserted Island

Blood Sea Mad Waves has indeed gone mad from the anger.

When Blood Sea Mad Waves was attacked by surprise, he turns his head and saw Da Fei’s level, level 15! A day in the game, 2+ hours in real time, this trash went from level 1- to 15. This speed is so fast it has already surpassed any known pros in the world. And all this is because this trash stole his god rank hero’s trial quest.

And now, getting killed by him 4 times in a row and him getting the magic tome, the only hope of turning the table is gone too. He has lost, lost completely. Other than level, he has not gotten anything! God rank hero’s trial turned into a complete joke.

Blood Sea Mad Waves has made a decision. Since it has come to this, might as well forego the level too! Trash is a Red Name, then let him turn red completely, red to the point of getting chased after for all his lifetime and never make it out! Yours truly wants to make this trash unable to survive in the game!

So Blood Sea Mad Waves, disregarding his revived Weaken state, immediately charges to the ship and looks for Da Fei for revenge. It is not a problem even if he is killed back to level 0, beginner’s level before level 10 is worthless anyways.


Against the raging Blood Sea Mad Waves, Da Fei has nothing much to say and settles it with a few stabs. With the difference of both sides’ strength now, Blood Sea Mad Waves is no match for Da Fei even if he is in normal state, not to mention being in Weaken state. This is every dog has its day indeed.

To Da Fei, killing someone in a game is as normal as eating. Da Fei takes it like nothing has happened and continues checking this room which Makarl most probably lived in. Sadly, not only is there no equipment or Skill book, not even a piece of paper is left behind. This cannot be compared to the room filled with bottles and cans in the Master Gunner’s diary.

Forget it, getting a Skill book is not bad already, after all this is a beginner’s villager. Maybe, this book was accidentally left behind when he moved?

Time to fix ship. Da Fei goes to the first level cabin. While transporting timber, Blood Sea Mad Waves charges over while scolding again. Damnit!

——System Notification: You maliciously PK-ed player Blood Sea Mad Waves, your Fame -90.

Hey hey hey! This is not right! This fellow is doing on purpose, isn’t he?

Not long after, Blood Sea Mad Waves comes shouting again. Oh fuck, that is right, it is definitely on purpose! He uses the fact that beginner’s level is easy to train and is worthless to come get yours truly to lose Fame.

Da Fei is anxious: “I say, do you really have to go so far?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves says with resentment: “Yours truly said before, even if this account of yours truly cannot be played anymore, it is easy to get in touch with buyers and sell it for a few millions so yours truly can do whatever I want!”

Da Fei sighs: “Ah yes, because your account is worth millions so Bro has no guilt snatching from you so you should hurry up and sell your account.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs crazily: “Even if yours truly want to sell account, yours truly will not let you have a good time too, if you do not kill yours truly to level 0, yours truly will not be done with you! Even if you kill yours truly to level 0, yours truly will still not be done with you, wahahahaha!”

Da Fei is so crazy he feels like his balls is going to explode: “Your sickness is very serious, Bro will cure you to death!”

Now, Blood Sea Mad Waves begins to pester Da Fei endlessly. When he sees Da Fei transporting resources, he begins to steal Da Fei’s resources, forcing Da Fei to have no choice but to kill him.

Da Fei never had any pressure from killing people in games but this time, the pressure is really very strong and excruciating. Da Fei already cannot remember how many time he had killed him and Fame has already passed -1000 too and gloriously obtained the Title “Scoundrel”! This thing called Fame, losing it is easy while raising it is difficult. However, that is not the end! Blood Sea Mad Waves seems to be enjoying it!

Da Fei speechlessly looks at the sky. Bro is not afraid of fools but lunatics. Bro must have cured too much internet addiction in online games a few years ago so God of Online Games sent this lunatic to punish Bro! Bro admit he is wrong, is it not enough!

The time of this day just passed like this, the progress in fixing the ship is very slow.

2nd day, which is also the 7th day in game time, which is also the 2nd day’s afternoon in real world time, Blood Sea Mad Waves finally cannot mess around anymore. The 7 day worth of rations and water he was given as a beginner is not enough already. Weaken from hunger together with Weaken from death made his walking speed same as a turtle’s crawling speed. Thank gods, Da Fei finally has the excess energy to begin fixing the sail and the hole.

Da Fei then laughs: “I say, both of us have already stayed up through the night till dawn already, right? You’re not going to eat breakfast?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out crazily: “Hungry and want to eat shit? Go, once you’re gone, yours truly will destroy this lousy ship!”

Oh fuck! Retribution! Da Fei firms his heart: “If you want to die so much, Bro will fulfill your wish!”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs: “Kill kill kill! You’re my son if you don’t kill me!”

Now, Blood Sea Mad Waves orders a takeaway, Da Fei gets the store downstairs to send a set of steamed buns, both hurriedly fill their stomach and fight again.

Another 2 days in game time has passed, Blood Sea Mad Waves is level 0 from long ago and Da Fei’s Fame has broken through -3000 and gloriously obtained the title “Notorious”!

Finally, when Da Fei send the trouble-making lunatic flying away with a stab and the moment when he changed the sails and cables

——System Notification: Congratulations! You have fixed high speed sailing ship St. Antonio! Your EXP + 10 thousand.

Fixed, it is finally fixed! Not easy, so not easy, Da Fei cries tears of excitement. God of Games! Please, let there be storm, let the storm be even more fierce, Bro really cannot take this trash anymore!

Maybe Da Fei’s prayers was heard or maybe it is because the progress of the game has moved forward due to the ship being fixed, anyways, the dark clouds loom on the horizon. It is dark between the sky and seas, winds howl and waves surge over the sky!

It is here! Strong winds is finally blowing! Da Fei immediately controls the sail to face the wind direction, boom! Sails are suddenly full, the ship suddenly shakes, the it ship is moving! The excited Da Fei immediately adjusts the direction of the other 3 sails and the ship begins to move slowly. Wahahaha, it is almost out of the shallows! Can such a big ship be driven by a single person? Of course it can, even if it does not have any people on it, it can still drift around the world.

Da Fei feels a sense of relief and walks to side of the ship with mixed feelings, ferociously points his middle finger at the stunned Blood Sea Mad Waves on the island! Motherfucker, can you get back? Bro is not going to bring you on board, you can go sell your account.

The Blood Sea Mad Waves now is really shocked. Although from Da Fei’s giving his all to fix and protect the ship, he already knows the ship has fallen into his hands but seeing him actually set sail still made him really shocked! What does it mean for a beginner to obtain such a large ship now?

In the game, killing mob, digging mine, reading books and trading all gives EXP. That large ship of his has tens of times of cargo volume than normal players. Wouldn’t he be earning tens of times of EXP than normal players when he close a deal? At this time,

——System Notification: Regrettably! Your Trial quest has failed! You shall be transported back to Beginner’s Hall.

Scene changes, Blood Sea Mad Waves is back at the grandeur and solemn beginner’s hall again.

So, failing means coming back, yours truly thought I will be stranded at the deserted island waiting for bros to come fetch me.

Still that one winged angel examiner, his tone filled with ridicule: “When you’re blinded by the interests before you, you will lose many opportunities that you shouldn’t have lost. It’s good that you’re enlightened, you realized your abilities are insufficient and you transferred your trial to someone with stronger abilities. I’m shocked at your selfless spirit and am more or less touched by you so I’ll allow you to begin anew like those normal people. Haha, wahahahaha….”

In the mocking laughter that echoes through the hall, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ scene changes and appears in a plaza of a large city with players bustling.

Yours truly’s gains were all snatched away is selfless devotion? Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs out of anger! The laughter is so unwilling and so helpless. Suddenly, Blood Sea Mad Waves feels that this game cannot get people’s interest and is so boring.

Right at this time, the phone rings, Blood Sea Mad Waves takes a look, N missed calls. It is Xiao Ma and Brother Tian! So he was so engrossed in killing that he did not hear the phone ringing.

“Hi, is it Ah-Tao[1]? Not awake yet? We have raised to level 8 already!”

Blood Sea Mad Waves’ heart is warmed, in the world, the best thing in life is having all these close brothers. Yes, definitely cannot let him off, yours truly wants the whole server to kill him! Yours truly will transfer out the game record, foul his reputation in the forum and make every player not want to trade with him! Yours truly is going all out against him!

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs lightly: “Come, I’ll Carry you all…”

“Get the fuck off, a level 0 wanting to Carry yours truly’s level 8!”

“Do you believe yours truly’s level 8 can fuck you over?”

“Bet on it! If you lose, let bros have a round with your chick!”

“Get the fuck out!”


T/L note 1: Blood Sea Mad Waves is Xue Hai Kuang Tao in Chinese so i guess he’s calling it in short or maybe his real name is something Tao. I’m not really sure here.


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 27 The Price to Leave Deserted Island

    • in the raw, he is using a really arrogant way of referring to himself which literally translate to your father as in he is calling himself father which makes him a generation higher than the people he is talking to. i can’t really just translate it as father so i used yours truly as a substitute unless i can find a better way to translate it.

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