Chapter 28 Drifting after the Storm

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Strong winds howling, large waves rolling, the world is all dark.

The overcasting clouds are like azure flames burning on the sea. The sea grabs the arrow of lightning and extinguishes them in the bottomless abyss. Large waves are roaring with anger. It ferociously casts the sailing ship into the teeth of the wind and then slams it heavily to the bottom of the valley.

Thunder, is the hymn of sailors! Howling wind, is the aspirations of sailors! Our lives are in waves and storms, let us sail through the waves in the storm!

Ok, Bro is being too poetic, sailing in the storm is really trying to die!

Right after Da Fei’s sailing ship successfully left the shallows, the sailing ship sails through the waves like F1 motorboat. Suddenly, the wind direction changes, the ship suddenly tilts and capsizing is not far away while Da Fei is the only one aboard and cannot control the sail in time. He cannot only take out the firefighting axe to chop off the halyard to lower the sail by force and then immediately run to the pilothouse on the 2nd floor and control the helm at random to avoid the huge waves. However, that is not the end.

——System Notification: Leakage at ship’s 3rd bottom cabin, please immediately use resources to fix the leak and use emergency bucket to drain the water.

——System Notification: Wood fracture at ship’s starboard hull, ship’s Durability -55, please immediately use resources to repair.

——System Notification: No. 2 mast’s sail is blown away by the storm, please replenish canvas timely.

——System Notification: Rivet falls off the hull’s port side armoring, armor plate falls off, ship’s port Defense -48.


Oh my fuck! This is trying to kill Bro, this Captain with no men! For a while, Da Fei is stumbling around in all the bumping and shaking to where there is an emergency. This ship is really not meant to be driven alone.

And at this time, Da Fei’s Specialty Storm Sailing’s icon is flashing. This is the sign when player’s Specialty is being activated and while the Specialty is flashing, Da Fei’s EXP is also rising non-stop!

——System Notification: You fought with the storm, gained 1000 EXP.

——System Notification: You fought with the storm, gained 1000 EXP.

Rise! It must rise! Fighting with monster is nothing, Bro is bringing all my assets to fight with heavens and sea! The level is not the same, it is intolerable to not give EXP!

——System Notification: You fixed the leakage in the hull, gained 600 EXP!

——System Notification: You reinforced the broken hull, gained 500 EXP!

Not bad, EXP can rise even if not from killing mobs, sailing is not that boring after all.

Right at this time, a huge sound and another large wave strikes. Da Fei’s feet suddenly sinks and then his body suddenly loses its weight. That is feeling like flying.

——Boom! The ship’s hull crashes heavily and goods in the cabin fly around. Da Fei loses his footing and slams on the wall “-25!”

Oh fuck! People can die from this!

——System Notification: Warning! Ship’s helm is destroyed by large wave, ship’s direction cannot be controlled, ship’s max Durability -300.

——System Notification: Hull fractures at ship’s port bow, ship’s Durability -130, please immediately use resource to repair.

Oh my fuck! How to fix when the helm is broken? Is that below water at the stern?

No choice now, Bro’s Specialty only mentions raising safety in storm and not guarantee the ship do not sink. The situation now can only hope that the ship does not sink, for the rest, can only try to protect as much as possible.

Time passes and Da Fei’s ship is like duckweed in the stormy waves, flowing with the waves with signs of capsizing everywhere. The sea is scarier than any BOSS. In front of the sea, the power of man is minute and negligible.

Golden light flashes, the Da Fei running everywhere and Stamina running low leveled up!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 16! Gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1.

Perfect timing! Bro’s HP and Stamina are both full. Bro can fight for another half an hour!


Finally, the strong winds have stopped and dark clouds have dispersed. The storm is over. The azure sky is empty and blue, a rainbow set up a bridge between sky and sea.

——System Notification: The drain trough on the deck collected 1 unit of freshwater.

——System Notification: Ship is heavily damaged, cannot sail normally and is in drifting state.

Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief and checks the ship’s status.

Original Name: St. Antonio (Can be changed once)

Captain: Da Fei

Ship Special Ability: God’s Blessing (Seafarers’ Luck +2)

Ship Cargo Volume: 1000 Units

Ship Usage Time: 10 years

Ship Minimum Seafarers On-board: 30 people

Ship Durability: 857/1690

Ship Speed: 10

Ship Armor Defense: Port Side 32, Starboard Side 80.

Sea God’s Insured Level: 0 (Ship is not protected by Sea God, once wrecked, it will be sunk forever)

Ship Current Status: Helm damaged and cannot control direction, ship’s sail damaged, port side armor fallen off, cursed by bad luck (Seafarers’ Luck -3).

Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief. It is originally an old ship and now that it dropped so much max Durability, this ship cannot be used for much longer after all. Seems like the System is not that generous to give beginner such a large ship directly. However, can this Sea God Insurance extend this ship’s lifespan? Sea God Insurance must be very expensive, right? Unless it is an ultimate ship, if someone has that kind of money to buy insurance, one might as well buy a new ship, right? However, not to mention buying, Bro does not even have the money to repair ship, what to do?

Forget it, let’s not think that much. Anyways, this stage can be considered as over. It is time to give this ship a new name. Call it The Flying Bro Fei[1]? Bro Fei’s Flying? Forget it, just Flying, poetic.

——System Notification: You renamed St. Antonio as Flying.

What to do now? Hang up the sail again. After that, where is the collected freshwater? 1 unit is 100 portions. It is enough for Bro to drink for 100 days alone. There is no problem as long as there is water. What about after that? Where is Bro now? Da Fei takes out the telescope, it is all blue and water within the field of view, coordinates (???,???)!

Oh my fuck, no coordinates!

Oh right, sailing needs measuring tools like compass, sextant or it is like flying blind. Where is the compass? Captain’s room? Right! All the rooms have been seen. Only the captain’s room was not seen yet, now that Bro is the captain already, this captain’s room can be entered naturally.

Da Fei is at the captain’s room behind the pilothouse at 2nd floor and really did discover a room beside the captain’s room. The door is already damaged. Which executive’s room is this?

Da Fei enters. The floor is littered with sundries. This is? Could it be Juan’s room? Da Fei begins to clear the sundries and yellowed paper on the floor with gusto. That’s right, it is Juan. The handwriting on the paper is the same as the journal.

Then again, he had already given a Strategic Artifact Telescope already, he probably does not have anything more? No no no, he still has a 15 years old daughter, Serbia! These sundries are her father’s legacy, Bro have to keep it safe and then pass it to her. After reminiscing the person from looking at the items, she will immediately acknowledge Bro as her godfather! Wahahahaha, Uncle Juan, you can rest in peace, you have me.

Da Fei then packs all the little things on the desk and in the drawers together to take away——Eh? What is this? Flute? No attributes? This flute, this design, this pattern is so quaint and so artistic, isn’t it out of the ordinary? Hmm, out of the ordinary is good, the little must be able to recognize at one look. Good, it will be chosen as the representative of the legacy.

The Sailing Master’s room is searched thoroughly and there is nothing more to be discovered. Da Fei is back at Captain’s room again and touches the door knob.

——System Notification: Do you want to enter Captain’s room?

See, there is system notification, Captain’s room has a special status and out of the ordinary. Nothing much to say, enter.

Scene changes, Da Fei appears in a narrow room. Seems like Captain’s room exists in the form of Instance. With this kind of setting, even the most OP thief has no chance of entering.

Captain’s room is set as not much luxury than other executives’ rooms and then a big globe, a telescope, a big compass are placed on an obvious spot of the desk. There is also a set of black and white captain uniform hanging trimly in the wardrobe.

Haha! As expected of the captain, there is stuff. Bro has 2 telescopes now! Then again, if a player did this trial normally, it is not too possible to discover Sailing Master’s telescope, then there is a need to compensate one here. After all, telescope is a necessity in sailing. Oh well, it is at least a Rank C Artifact, selling it for thousand gold coins or so can be used as startup capital for repairing ship and being a freight merchant since Bro is penniless now too.

Da Fei looks at the remaining 2 items.

——New World Celestial Globe: Instrument that recorded the astrology of New World, can locate the coordinates of ship while sailing in New World. Usage requirement: Learned Navigation sub-skill Measurement.

Oh! Pretty high grade, it is actually a New World Coordinator, as expected of the captain!

——Compass: Can locate ship’s coordinates on sea, usage requirement: Learned Navigation sub-skill Measurement.

Compass is found but Da Fei starts to have ball ache.

Things like Measurement should be given to NPC adjutant. NPC seafarer that has Measurement can be hired at basically every House of Sailors at harbors or taverns. Bro, as a dignified captain, has to spend a valuable skill point just to learn this ball ache of a skill, Measurement? Although Bro has saved up 7 skill points from level 9 to 16, it still should not be wasted like this! Bro can guarantee, this Measurement definitely can be called the most rubbish sub-skill. Bro really does not want to learn.

Furthermore, now that the ship is like this, other than drifting, it is still drifting. Even if Bro knows the coordinate, what is the use?

Anyways, Da Fei finally found a reason not to learn already. Then, let’s drift. Let’s think about what to do after drifting to somewhere with people. The best thing will be being discovered by the navy of Light Alliance and then ask for help, then everything will be settled.

As for now, it will be continuing exploring captain’s room. As expected, there is a shining golden book in the bookshelf, Navigation! Ah, Bro already has one, can only sell this.

——System Notification: You obtained Renoir’s Navigation Skill Book!

——Renoir’s Navigation Skill Book: Player can spend 1 skill point to learn Basic Navigation.

——System Notification: You have already learned Navigation, unable to use this Skill book.

Da Fei gets a sudden shock! Another special version of a skill book! So the biggest reward of this trial quest is not this old ship but these OP characters’ experience data? Since there is nothing but drifting now anyway, let’s study godly skills.


And Da Fei does not realize, at this time, on the biggest Hero forum in the country, the post <Rubbish Player Da Fei Maliciously Ambushed God Rank Hero Blood Sea Mad Waves to Level 0, There is Video, There is Death Record, There is Truth> is already famous. The name of god rank hero, Blood Sea Mad Waves, which was on television before becomes a celebrity in China Region again while Da Fei is also famous owing to him.

(Note: Sailing ship unlike the passenger ship now that has very high building, sailing ship upper level buildings are normally at the bow and stern and not higher that 3 floors. Or else, the center of gravity of the sailing ship is too high and will easily capsize from winds blowing and is not beneficial to sailing against the wind)


T/L note 1: Fei means fly in Chinese.


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