Chapter 29 Slaying Dragon Guild

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China Region’s naval battle god rank hero, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ video of being killed to level 0 by a normal Pikeman exploded the eyes of tens of thousands of players.

Although exposing his disgracefulness is not Blood Sea Mad Waves’ style, trying to stand out nowadays, especially being famous worldwide, the fastest and most efficient way is scandal. Good deeds do not spread but bad deeds spread far after all. Being famous is beneficial to the just started Blood Sea Studio in raising people’s awareness in one shot and also useful in striking the enemy.

After knowing about Blood Sea Mad Waves’ experience, Blood Sea Mad Waves’ 3 close brothers who just bought accounts and joined the game knew how much has happened in the whole of yesterday. Ehm, which expression should they use to face this?

Anyways, even Hero Newsflash team made swift response to this shocking event, after all, Hero Newsflash is always at the top of fashion trends.

Host: “Hello to all players and friends, we are broadcasting a newsflash live now which is a very sad PK event that happened in China region. This event has made some negative impact on China players’ global image. Here, we once again connect with Stars Team’s Leader Jiang via phone to respond on the paralysis toxin that players are more interested in——Hi! Leader Jiang, hello!”

Leader Jiang: “Hello Host, hello to all players and friends.”

Host: “Judging from the video provided by the party involved and battle log, this paralysis toxin has the ability to interrupt the opponent’s movement, does this mean that it can hit enemies that have slower Attack Speed until they can never retaliate?”

Leader Jiang: “Using that player Da Fei’s Pikeman as an example, Pikeman’s Attack Speed is 10, theoretically speaking, as long as the enemy’s Attack Speed is lower than 5, which means it will be hit twice and cannot retaliate, then in this situation, it will never be able to retaliate at all. This is really a bizarre weapon enchantment. However, in the game, even Zombie’s Attack Speed is already 6 and it is very difficult to find slower units than Zombie so the situation of hitting someone until they cannot retaliate is still very rare.”

Host: “However, in a battle, wouldn’t interrupting the opponent once normally be able to decide the victory?”

Leader Jiang nods: “That’s right. But one thing is for sure, this paralysis toxin is definitely a very rare weapon enchantment and cannot be used in arming troops so its effect on large-scale war is still not big. Players also have no need to worry, be it Zombie’s corpse poison or other venom damage, as long as players changes into poison resistance equipment, it will effective guard against the effects of poison. Poison resistance can be obtained through enchantment at main cities’ Alchemist Guild…”


Slaying Dragon Internet Entertainment Company, one of China’s 3 largest eSports club, the headquarters of China’s 3 largest MMO guilds Slaying Dragon Guild.

Right now, the company’s chairman of the board Ma Ying Long is frowning while watching this week’s Hero Newsflash and seems to be very depressed.

“Stars! Stars! Asking Stars about every little thing! It’s always about Stars!” His assistant beside him, Chang Liang says in disdain: “It’s only been 4 days since the server started, whether they can even be the first to form a guild is still an uncertainty. Do not worry, Big Bro. We will train even harder and definitely get the first guild in China Region.”

Ma Ying Long nods: “That’s right so this time, we must give our all to build the guild first. This game is different from the games before. This is a world-class game. Whoever built their guild first will represent the nation’s image. This is very important to company and guild’s interest. We definitely must give our best this time.”

Chang Liang nods: “Don’t worry, Big Bro. Oh right, this Blood Sea Mad Waves is quite prospective, do we try to pull him in?”

Ma Ying Long says indifferently: “It’s best if he is willing to come, at least maintain cooperation with him.”

Chang Liang immediately says: “Okay, I’ll instruct the ones below immediately, no, I’ll contact him personally.”

Ma Ying Long smiles: “You’ll have to work hard for a bit then.”

Ma Ying Long, guildmaster of Slaying Dragon Guild, game ID, Dragonscale, focused on company management and had not played games for many years already. Chang Liang, the successor Ma Ying Long groomed, No. 1 exponent of Slaying Dragon Guild, game ID, Dragontooth, well-known eSport competitor in China.

This week’s Hero Newsflash evoked his unpleasant, to be exact, painful memories.

Da Fei! A trash that made him gnash his teeth in anger! There are many people with the same names on the internet, whether this Da Fei is that Da Fei from before cannot be confirmed nor is it important anymore. However, it is because of this trash that shook Slaying Dragon Guild’s previously No. 1 Guild status and let Stars and 9th Heaven have the chance to rise up forming the China Region’s 3 largest MMO guilds situation now. And now, Stars has surpassed Slaying Dragon in every aspects and shows faint signs of becoming China Region’s No. 1 player’s guild.

Many years ago, when Ma Ying Long was still a juvenile skipping classes to play through the night at internet cafe, he was passionate about MMO. Not only does he has superb techniques, he also has very strong tactical view and vocal command abilities and used this to gather the first batch of best friends. Then, they sold gold and equipment, thrived and had a good life.

Being able to play games that they liked and also earning few times more than others working, where to find such a good deal? The answer is to join Brother Long’s group!

Thus, Ma Ying Long’s offline elite team <Slaying Dragon> guild’s website was officially started. Whichever games are fun and has commercial value, their group will station at that game. And then, the guild’s scale gets bigger and bigger, the offline sub-guilds increases and thus whether Slaying Dragon Guild stayed in a game or not already became the weather vane of games’ popularity and even to the extent of deciding the life or death of a game!

Playing games to this state, huge interests comes along too. Slaying Dragon Guild became an object that all the large game companies must fawn over and no longer that small-timer that only farms gold and equipment.

And then that year, a game called <Supremacy> went online. Slaying Dragon Guild was paid by the game company to enter the game

It is also that year, Slaying Dragon Guild met a trash called Da Fei. In the beginning, he snatched the guildmaster Dragonscale’s BOSS rank pet tiger at the beginner’s village. Then, he let his tiger run loose and became very arrogant. Slaying Dragon Guild also mobilized those below to suppress him but this trash would not stop.

And then, Slaying Dragon Guild in an attempt to be the first to build their guild in the game, forcefully killed a BOSS when its members have generally insufficient levels to try and drop a guild token. During the most crucial point in the battle, that trash called Da Fei suddenly rushed out, caused the death of the group and KS-ed the near-death BOSS and snatched away the guild token. The most disgusting thing is this trash actually registered the <Slaying Dragon> guild name!

Even their sign was snatched away, this joke was really big then and has a serious impact on Slaying Dragon Guild’s prestige.

To redeem their prestige, Dragonscale swallowed the humiliation and sent someone to contact Da Fei privately to use money to buy back their guild but it is impossible to communicate with this Da Fei! He actually does not believe Slaying Dragon Guild’s sincerity! Not only that, he went even more overboard and recruited rogue and trashy players from the whole server and went around PK-ing and used curing internet addiction as a reason to undermine <Slaying Dragon>’s prestige and corrupt the gaming environment.

In the end, the game Supremacy went down under and Slaying Dragon Guild hence went downslope. Stars and 9th Heaven rose up and forming the 3-way situation.

Carving a career cannot be compared to playing a game after all. Making a mistake during BOSS fight is nothing more than reviving and trying again. Making a mistake in carving a career, that will be one mistake leading to another.

Ever since that incident, Ma Ying Long became cautious and mature, mistakes can make people grow.

And now, this international game Hero Genesis is not a trivial matter. This time, Slaying Dragon Guild must combine all the power it can combine and vow to rise up to the peak again!

While thinking, the secretary appears again and whispers in his ears: “Boss, President Igarashi wishes to speak with you directly.”

Ma Ying Long frowns and sighs: “Sure, then arrange a time, anyways I’m always free. Remember, everything must be confidential, not even Chang Liang should know about it.”



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  1. It is funny to me if someone boasted about being having a Godly account then put up a video of them getting their ass handed to them repeatedly by a normal generic one then I would laugh at them not fell sorry/mad for them.

    • Agreed, if nothing else it seems to show this person has so little skill he lost to someone with a normal ability with his godly ability.

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