Chapter 30 Epic Quest Guide

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——An excellent voyager, only mastering all battle and adventure skills are not enough. Ocean is human’s unknown territory, we are so small in front of ocean, our knowledge and skills are never enough.

——To seafarers, it is the same scenery every day, it is dull and boring. However, only the most excellent voyager can gain huge discovery from these surroundings they are accustomed to. Truth is normally hidden in things we are accustomed to.

Da Fei flips through this Renoir’s Navigation Skill book page by page. Other than this 2 lines of seemingly inspirational admonitions, there is no other annotation and is no different from that normal Renoir’s Navigation Skill book he has.

This gets Da Fei wondering, could it be Renoir wrote these 2 lines, the skill book’s name is then added with his name and became a special version? Just like how a student wrote his name and it became so-and-so’s language book? Does that even make sense? Shouldn’t the item setting in the game be very stringent, it is what it should be, could it be there is more to it?

Da Fei takes out Makarl’s Skill book again to do a comparison, it is also a textbook with a name written but Makarl’s scribbles and annotations are so much more! Look, randomly flips and there is another line:

——The closer I get to God, the more I feel how small I am.

Oh fuck! He is close to God already? That is true too, a fireball can blast away level 8 creature Leviathan, and he is the strongest below the Undead World’s God of Death after all. Influential, OP Specialty, strength close to god, reputable fame, and also a cunning, hypocritical conspirator, is Bro’s Epic quest really going up against a fellow like this? Then again, isn’t this two awesome men really humble? A proud enemy is not scary, only a humble enemy is the scary one! Won’t Bro have lesser chance now?

Continues flipping, and then there is a bunch of magic symbols that most players cannot understand. After flipping through this book scribbled by Makarl, System did not give any notification about gaining godly skill or anything.

This is obviously not right!

Forget about Juan’s journal that contains divine skill’s information which normal people will not discover, however even that Master Gunner is a guardian BOSS that must be defeated, his diary has information about divine cannon. How is it possible that awesome people like Renoir and Makarl not give any information? Didn’t this Makarl said he is trying to mass-produce BOSS before?

Da Fei is even more puzzled.

Wait! Normal people probably would not discover Juan’s remains, right? Which is to say player completing this trial normally has no way of discovering Makarl is a great conspirator, right? Then what happens after the quest in normal circumstances?

It is definitely to fulfil Master Gunner’s unfinished dream of looking for Makarl to get Phantom Ballista, right? This Dark Magic Skill Book also belongs to Makarl, after player gotten hold of it, it is only naturally to return it to its owner and ask for rewards, right? Oh right, what use does that unknown item obtained from killing Misfortune Ghost, Soul Crystal has? It must have something to do with Makarl, right? So he should let him see this thing and see whether what he will gain as rewards, right?

Which is to say, be it friend or foe, this Makarl is someone he must face.

Suddenly, Da Fei has a flash of inspiration! Bro, understands now!

Be it in power, strength, wits or personality, this Makarl is an impeccable man and players definitely cannot defeat him. And in the quest hint of the Epic quest, there is this line “offering the diary to the Emperor may be ignored by the Emperor due to certain concern”. This shows that even the Emperor of Lionheart Empire has qualms about him, which is to say NPC forces may not even be his match. In actual fact, just with his fame, who dares to touch him?

Which is to say, Makarl is originally set as someone undefeatable?

Then, there is only 1 way to defeat such a person, gain his trust and find a chance to entrap him! Since time immemorial, how many heroes have fallen in the hands of those they trusted the most? After completing this trial under normal circumstances, player will most definitely look for him to befriend him, get his help and follow him, right?

So, there is only 1 way to complete the Epic quest, save the country in a roundabout way!

Therefore, Bro will return this Master Gunner’s diary that is filled with heart-filled praises of Makarl together with his Dark Magic book, Soul Crystal to Makarl, raise the NPC’s affection, gain his trust and then slowly work up to his secret core members, who knows, maybe he can even get the Mithril Island?

By the time Bro is strong enough, Bro will offer the Sailing Master’s journal to the Emperor, display his loyalty and be an insider. Emperor will definitely think he is a very loyal subject. At that time, Bro will be stepping on 2 boats and getting benefits from both sides!

Haha! Wahahaha! Bro is really too sinister! Of course this is not Bro’s fault, Bro is originally pure and is only like this because of this game. Games really harm youths! Wahaha!

However, game is only a game after all, everything has a big prerequisite, Bro has already accepted the Epic quest to go against him, how will the story advance? What exactly will happen after Bro met Makarl? Is it instantly killed by him? Or like Infernal Affairs in the real world, he does not know anything?

Oh fuck, since he has already accepted to go against him, it does not matter being instant-kill by him anyways. Anyways, must to try or this quest will have no way to complete. As long as he can get back to city, the first thing to do is to look for Makarl. As long as he can trick him into giving the monetary reward, Bro will have his first startup capital for being a freight merchant and fixing the ship.

The Da Fei who has thought it through is suddenly cheerful, Bro’s future is clear now.

However, Makarl’s matter is thought through, Captain’s matter is not, could it be he has to wait for Captain’s soul that is residing in the sword to wake up and ask? Oh fuck, how long will he have to wait?

Da Fei flips through the other books on Captain’s bookshelf, it is mostly peotry and geographical maps etc. The sailing log is also just regular safety management sailing record.

Da Fei has no findings after flipping for a while and Da Fei who played through the night until the noon today is getting muddy and really cannot take it anymore so he has to log off to sleep.

——System Notification: Attention, player! You are currently in the high seas, if you log off, your ship may be faced with all kinds of unknown threats, to prevent unnecessary losses, it is suggested for you to buy cash shop’s item God’s Sanctuary (Note: Player cannot log off in hostile factions’ territory)

——God’s Sanctuary: After player logged off in the wild, God’s Sanctuary can protect player’s troops from any attack. During the sheltered period, time is stopped. Item price: 20 points. (Note: The more troops Hero has, the more expensive the item is)

Ah pfft! Even logging off needs 20 dollars! Damn, they are going crazy for money! Is Bro’s ship so valuable?

In Hero Genesis, logging off is a very ballache setting. A single player can log off casually but it is very particular when it comes to players with troops. Anyways, troops cannot log off like players, if not this logging off can be considered as a divine skill for ambush. Therefore, players with troops can only save their troops in a town’s barrack after reaching a town, only then can they log off. If it is in the wild without a town, they can entrust deputy hero to take charge of the march or buy this cash shop item God’s Sanctuary. The longer they are offline, the larger the amount of troops sheltered, the more expensive the item is. Thus, bringing troops to war is a game only rich people can play with.

Tut, Bro is a professional game, is here to earn money and not give you money, Bro will not accept this, Bro will AFK and sleep! Bro sets the system notification as alarm mode. Bro will let the ship continue drifting! The best is when Bro wakes up, the ship has drifted to land. Bro does not believe a Leviathan can pop out in this endless sea and eats up the ship, right? Then again, the ship is already like this, it does not matter what comes, Bro can only die. Anyways, it is all up to fate.

Thus, Da Fei goes to sleep with the helmet on.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 30 Epic Quest Guide

  1. Seems a bit off having such an OP enemy of the faction in your headquarters…. unless every faction has a similar plot, or at least the other side has a quest to save/ serve Markal. (I’ll ignore that only 1 or 2 players have a chance of finding this out and you have to be seafarers) Just seems out of balance for a game which seems unlikely. (pay to play on the other hand is kinda normal)

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