Chapter 9 Treasure Chest

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[Zombie’s Feast] is a continuous spell. Once completed, unless these cursed zombies are destroyed, this spell will always continue.

Even if the spell’s user Hesse is already killed by Ma Wen, it is still the case.

In just a few minutes, the black shadows outside the small wooden house have already joined together to form a patch.

Ma Wen decisively gives up the small room that has a huge hole caused by Corrosion Fire and retreats to the living room with Anna.

The two are agile and before these zombies barge in, they forcefully seal the door and windows.

This can delay for a while but this is not a long term plan.

In the living room, the atmosphere is a bit stiff. Hesse’s corpse quietly lies over there and black blood is all over the ground.

Anna lowers her head in shame. She did not expect Hesse to be that strong. If Ma Wen did not interfere, she may be killed by this hateful old man.

She blames herself for not being able to stop Hesse’s [Zombie’s Feast].

Ma Wen says softly: “This is not your fault. Anna. Warlock’s spells are impossible to guard against. These cursed zombies are all meticulously processed by him and buried in the surrounding of the house so that it can be summoned at any time. So his casting time has been reduced by more than half.”

“We must think of a way to deal with these zombies now.”

Anna nods and shows a strand of worry: “These zombies are cursed, without sacred water, we will have a difficult time damaging them.”

Ma Wen laughs without sound: “Who said we do not have sacred water?”

After saying, he casually takes out 2 bottles of sacred water and put it on the table.

There is still a label on it, produced by Silver Church.

“The thing I like the most about Silver Church is, as long as one can pay the price, they will sell anything.”

Ma Wen skillfully smears the sacred water onto the machete in preparation for those zombies that can barge in any time.

While his gaze, has been continuously sizing up this living room from the start.

There is something about this place, it is also the most important reason why Ma Wen chose to look for trouble with Corpse-robber Hesse.

It is said that he has a treasure chest.


After killing Hesse, the Warlock’s 220 EXP were all happily accepted by Ma Wen. This rich EXP pack is more than enough to let Ma Wen raise to Level 3.

He searches for the treasure chest that may be in the house while allocating 118 Killing EXP to the Ranger Class.

A warm flow surges over and his Class Level instantly raises to Level 3!

Level 3 Ranger requires 800 EXP to raise to Level 4 Ranger so Ma Wen did not touch the remaining 102 Killing EXP and left it in preparation for other uses.

A free stat points were dumped onto Agility by him without a doubt——Before Agility reaches 20 and getting the Agility Trait [Wall Walking], he will not allocate any free stat point to other stats. With that, his Agility reaches as high as 18.

18 out of the 24 skill points gained from leveling up are kept behind, the remaining 6 are dumped onto [Stealth], and so, he can trigger the hidden effect that 50 Stealth have [Unexpected].

[Unexpected]: When you ambush enemies while in Stealth, Damage * 2

This effect coupled with Thief’s Backstab skill, its effect is really awesome. It can inflict four times the damage and coupled with other combo techniques, it lets Thief have explosive power that other Class cannot compare with. However, Ma Wen is a Ranger now, his frontal combat prowess is stronger Thief but is slightly weaker in terms of ambushing.

And after reaching Level 3, the thing that Ma Wen expects the most is the addition of a Class Specialty.

There is 3 types of Ranger’s Class Specialty, there are respectively [Accurate Shooting], [Dual Wield] and [Nature Affinity].

[Accurate Shooting]: Greatly increase the accuracy and stability of shooting.

[Dual Wield]: You can use 2 sabres as weapons, your left and right hand are relatively balanced.

[Nature Affinity]: Taming wild animal’s ability greatly increases.

3 Class Specialty, respectively represents 3 styles of Ranger: Archery long range shooting kiting style, dual wield close range Ranger and the legendary wild beast style Ranger.

Ma Wen, who self-proclaims to surpass 99% of Fernand world’s Class-ers in terms of close range assault experience and abilities, naturally will not give up his greatest advantage. Compared to hiding far away and shooting, he believes in the sabre in his hands more.

Without a doubt, he chooses [Dual Wield]!

Dual sabre Ranger’s explosive power is not any lesser than Thief or even its advancement Assassin!

The pity is Ma Wen does not have a suitable sabre on him. This black machete is still a bit too light for him. As for his left hand, it can only use a poor dagger as a replacement.

Level 3 Ranger has 68 HP, the ability to take strikes raises and this greatly increases Ma Wen’s sense of security.


“What’re you searching for?”

Anna imitates Ma Wen’s actions, smears the sacred water onto her long sword and looks at Ma Wen strangely.

The small wooden house creaks, the zombies outside are almost barging in, what is he looking for?

“I heard Hesse has a chest, it contains all the ill-gotten gains he plundered from graves all these years.”

Ma Wen explains.

An inexplicable look flashes over Anna’s eyes: “Heard?”

She is not a fool.

“When you’re not around in the day, I’ll walk around. Inquiring some information.” Ma Wen’s ability to cover lies is still very strong, “I’ve heard people discussing before, Hesse will plunder the dead’s wealth.”

“However, on our way here, you told me Hesse may have something special about him.” Anna says curiously: “These are not what normal people can know, right?”

“I know he does business with Necromancers.” Ma Wen says calmly: “As time passes, he naturally will have some tricks.”

“Anna, trust me, I’ve obtained knowledge and abilities you cannot imagine in my dream. My teacher taught me many things, I’ll not harm you.”

Anna shows some hesitations in her face but still nods in the end.

The abilities Ma Wen displays after awakening from his illness really did make her see him in a new light. The Warlock that left her at a loss were easily killed by Ma Wen. Although there is bonus from Class characteristics, his ability is still not to be underestimated.

“Found it! So it’s here!”

Under a thick carpet, there is a secret compartment.

Ma Wen quickly opens it without any defense.

Hesse lived in recluse, is a loner, himself is a Warlock, and not a Thief that can design traps, there is no need to worry about triggering any scary trap.

Taking away the wooden plank on the secret compartment, there is really a small chest in it!


The round log that forms the living room’s wall is suddenly broken by claw and reveals a gap!

A fat Zombie dripping pus reaches a hand in.

“Ma Wen!”

Anna’s voice is a pitch higher out of nervousness.

“Don’t be afraid, they cannot enter.” Ma Wen takes a look and knows that gap is too small for zombies to squeeze in yet.

There is still some time but not much less.

Ma Wen swiftly carries the chest out and put it on the floor.

The chest is not locked. Hesse probably did not expect anyone can have their ideas on him.

Ma Wen opens the chest and the top most compartment is filled with silver coins. Anna is shocked, she did not expect this hateful corpse-stealer to be so rich.

“Keep these silver coins.” Ma Wen pulls out the top most compartment and passes it to Anna. The latter decisively takes out a few cloth bags and packs the silver coins in it.

The 2nd layer is Hesse’s personal items. A [Warlock Advancement Handbook] probably traded from a Necromancer and a [Spellcasting Record], together with the spell tome on Hesse’s hands basically can form a low rank Illusionist’s basic set. It can be sold for a not bad rice——The prerequisite is not to be caught by Wizards Alliance’s enforcer.

Wizards Alliance bans Necromancer and associated Class, this is something everyone knows.

Ma Wen bundles these 2 books and the spell tome together using a tablecloth and put it aside.

The thing he wants is still in the 3rd layer.

Moving away the 2nd layer’s partition, there is only 2 items in the 3rd layer and they are covered with dust.

“As expected, Warlock’s brain are not good. Does not even know to use the really good things”

Ma Wen smiles after seeing those 2 items.

Although the black diamond ring on Hesse’s hand is useful, can designate a spell to instant cast, its restrictions is also large.

While these 2 items in the chest, are real treasures!

These are authentic Shimmer item!

“Counting in black diamond ring, there is 3 Shimmer items! As expected, killing humanoid elite mob is the best way to earn money.” Ma Wen happily takes that pair of gloves and a plain ring out of the 3rd layer.

He is really familiar with these 2 items. He does not even need to use Perception to know their attributes!

[Scary Gloves]

Grade: Shimmer

Effect: Ice resistance +5/ Flame resistance +5

Requirement: Intellect 11

[Ring of Prayer (?)]

Grade: Shimmer

Effect: Comes with spell-Rainbow Spray, limited to 1 use per day

Requirement: Intellect 13


The equipment of these world are mostly blanks, which is the most ordinary items, without any additional effect; A level above is [Shimmer] item, possesses some not bad attributes, of course, there are some Shimmer items that has ordinary attributes; Another level above is [Magic] item that only high rank Wizards that can produce. Magic items are rarely circulated among ordinary people. Only high rank Wizards have the chance to own some because production process is very complex.

As for Legend, Epic and even items like Demi-divine equipment are a bit too far away. When Ma Wen successfully attained godhood as Ruler of Dark Night back then, he only has 1 Demi-divine equipment [Kingdom of Eternal Night].

Low rank adventurers’ weapons are blanks, having 1 Shimmer equipment is already quite impressive.

After Ma Wen killed Hesse, he got 3 Shimmer items in a go. How can he not be happy?

He swiftly wears the Scary Gloves and wears the Ring of Prayer on his right hand’s index finger. 

During his previous life, Turin Fairy forged 49 Ring of Prayer, each possesses very strong magic power and are real Magic items; The one that Ma Wen gotten now is probably an imitation made by human craftsman or alchemist.

Even so, this ring also greatly increases his strength.

Hesse may not know how to trigger the [Rainbow Spray] on the ring but he knows.

“Ma Wen! They’re close to barging in!”

After Anna safely kept the silver coins, she shouts nervously.

“I get it already.”

Ma Wen stands up, with machete in his left hand, dagger in his right, he says calmly:

“Leave them to me.”

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