Chapter 31 Huge Tuna

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When Da Fei awakens, it is already 6 in the evening. By now, it has already been 3 days in the game. The ship has been drifting like this for 3 days and god knows where it is drifting to. Da Fei’s character is already very hungry and thirsty, Stamina is reduced to 0 and extremely weak now due to not moving while AFK for 3 days.

Anyways, it is good that nothing went wrong. Da Fei hurriedly goes downstairs and have a plate of fried rice, comes back, continues playing, and then continues staring at the sea in a daze.

The sea is calm and the sky is clear. Typically, there will be more seabirds when approaching small island or land, and needless to say in this situation where there is not even a bird feather in sight, it is definitely in the middle of the ocean. Although the sea in the game is not that big, with regards to this ridiculous drifting speed, it is still really terrifying. When will Bro’s drifting come to an end?

Bro has 7 skill points now, should I maximize Navigation? That way speed will increase by 100% and drifting will be better… No no! With this situation now, it is highly possible that Bro has to kill mobs, do quests after landing ashore to earn repair fees, so skill points must be left in preparation for battle.

Sigh, so conflicted. Even after this trial quest is over, life is not any better. Forget it, it will not do for character to be so weak, I should eat something. Although the 7 days of rations beginners come with is gone, Bro still has some seafood gotten from the island and it should be enough to tide over.

Da Fei opens his bag and is instantly stunned.

——Rotten Ingredients: Ingredients that have passed its shelf live, eating it will cause poisoned illness status.

Oh fuck! There is something like shelf life! Way too ballache! What to do? Survive by drinking water only?

Tut! This will not stump Bro.

Da Fei drags his weak body slowly while holding on to the wall to gun deck below and pulls out over a dozen of fishing rods. Hmph, he felt that while feeling around in the gun deck that evening. There is no way seafares do not have fishing rods. And this slow drifting is the most suitable for fishing. As for baits, it is these rotten ingredients naturally.

Seafarers’ fishing rods have special hook at the end so Da Fei hangs the fishing rods in a row on the side of the hull and flips through the boring sailing journal while waiting for fish to bite.

System did not disappoint Da Fei, in a day’s time, all sorts of little fishes were hooked up and can only be eaten raw. Well, those seafarers even took fleas as sesame. Anyways, although eating raw caused a debuff of reducing damage, the problem of hunger is finally resolved and after drinking some water, Stamina recovered too.

And then, Da Fei’s balls start to ache again. He can only continue fishing. Bro really does not like fishing but it is another story if he can fish out a drift bottle that can grant 3 wishes or fishing out a mermaid will do too.

This time, Da Fei’s bait is of higher grade too, which is those little fishes. And then, System did not bored Da Fei too.

After a while, the fishing rod shakes, there is something!

——System Notification: You fished out a Sailfish, gained 135 EXP!

Eh! Fish that gives EXP! It is a big fellow! Thinking back, when Bro was solo-ing in the sea at the island, I cannot even defeat fish of this size.

Da Fei finally finds something fun to do. Since it is possible to use trash to fish out small fishes, using small fishes to fish out middle-sized fishes, then middle-sized fishes will definitely be able to fish out big fishes, right? Then let’s go all the way.

Da Fei spends much stamina and almost broke the fishing rod before he can raise this fish that is half as large as a man. And then he attempts to combine the fishing lines of a dozen of fishing rods into 1 and cruelly stuffs the dozen of fishing hooks into the fish’s body.

Since it is fishing for big fishes, the fishing line must be durable and fishing hooks must be plenty. However, if a big fish really gets hooked up, these fishing rods probably are unreliable too?

After thinking about it, Da Fei finds a bundle of spare cables for controlling sails and bundles the fishing rods into a big dumpling with the other end tied to the mast. This will probably do it. And then, he dumps the fish back into the sea.

Will the System recognize Bro messing around like this as fishing? If it does not recognize this as fishing, will it be turned into fighting mobs?

Fighting mobs? It is Bro’s favorite, Bro’s Ballista is already thirsty!

Thus Da Fei returns to the gun deck, spends 10 minutes to reassemble the Ballista, the Ballista only has 8 HP now. However, it does not matter, the situation now is completely different already. The gun deck is the Ballista’s HP now, one will have to destroy the gun deck before killing this Ballista with 8 HP. Bro believes a mere big fish definitely does not have this capability.

Time passes, the sun rise from the east and sets at the west. 2 hours in the real world, a day has passed just like this in the game. A predator that can eat such a big bait in the sea seems difficult to encounter. Maybe, System really does not recognize this method of bundling dozen of fishing rods into 1 and fortifying with cables as fishing, so no fish is allowed to bite the bait?

It does not matter anymore, let’s just drift slowly.

Da Fei really cannot stand the diary of those ordinary seafarers doing their routine work. Mass-produced is indeed mass-produced, System did not arrange too much role for them. And the Captain’s diary is even more boring, filled with lectures, an excellent voyager should have a firm will, should be always alert so and so, is he a political commissar? It is not even remotely as interesting as Master Gunner’s. Seems like that is all the information the diary can provide.

The night passes and it is the beginning of a new day. Da Fei looks at the endless light and watches the sunrise on the sea blank. Maybe it feels like the scenery is very beautiful and magnificent in the first 2 days of the voyage but when the time gets longer, it will probably drive people to madness out of boredom. For example, those seafarers that played cards everyday to pass time in Master Gunner’s diary. This occupation, seafarer is really not meant for ordinary people. It is still better if there is a woman on the ship. Oh fuck, would it be going on a voyage if there is woman? That is tycoons’ yachts that comes with bikini girls, right? So envious.

If Bro gets rich, I will definitely hire the most beautiful female Hero in the tavern and then bring them onboard, buy the most coquettish bikini for them to buy and let seafarers stroke blood out every night! wahahaha!

God knows how long he spent daydreaming, the fishing rods hanging on the hull suddenly crackles and the cable tying the fishing rods is suddenly tensed up.

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat, a big fish is hooked? He hurriedly checks and the sea surface is churning! Oh fuck, it really is a big fish! Forget about pulling this type of fish up, a big fish that can swallow a fish half the size of a man definitely will give tons of EXP!

Da Fei immediately runs to the gun deck and the Ballista is already loaded up——Aim! Shoot!

Boom pat! 2 bolts shoot out and causes a huge splash——”Miss!” “Miss!”

Oh fuck! There is actually miss! Yes, Master Gunner also had a ballache in his diary too, then there is nothing more to say, continue loading! Will have to look closely and wait for it to jump out of the water this time!

——Boom! “-33!” “-21!”

——System Notification: You obtained Huge Tuna’s incomplete information.

Da Fei’s spirits is lifted, Huge Tuna? BOSS? Whatever, continue firing. However, this damage fluctuation is really too big, using Ballista to hit underwater creature is really too disadvantageous. Thank goodness its throat has dozen of fishing hooks, the more it struggles, the more “-2” “-3” “-2” “-3” the HP drops, that is good!

The combat lasted for more than half an hour, amidst the blood squirting and Ballista’s bombarding, a Huge Tuna that is more than 10 meters long finally floats up the surface with its belly overturned.

——System Notification: You killed Huge Tuna, gained 20000 EXP, gained Specialty Product “Tuna Roe”.

——System Notification: You killed 10 leader-rank BOSS on your own, completed achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins>, gained reward HP +15, gained character base Damage +1. Next achievement <Lonely Warrior’s 100 Consecutive Wins>, requires Hero to kill 100 leader-rank monsters higher than your level without bringing any troops along.

——System Notification: You further completed Huge Tuna’s information.

Da Fei laughs out loudly! Finally completed the achievement! Sailing on sea is not that boring after all, he is too lazy to look at the information already, it is not bad to even encounter a BOSS in the sea in this lifetime. Let’s look at what is this roe.

——Tuna Roe: Seafood. Can cultivate tuna in fish farm of territory near to the sea. Tuna is a very delicious large-size fish product, very difficult to catch and is very popular in the market.

So it is a territory specialty product! This is a really good stuff. It is not easy for a player to be a lord, building units, maintaining units and building the city requires money, while there is not that many ways to earn money. A specialty product more means a way more to earn money. If Bro just put it up on the net, it is at least hundreds of thousands, Bro is rich, wahahaha! Sea voyage is really good!

No no no, is it easy to encounter a big BOSS in this boundless ocean? Even if there is a BOSS encounter, killing it is even more difficult and not everyone is as smart and brave as Bro, so why must Bro sell it to others? Bro can occupy an island, build a city and fishery myself, raising fish myself, wouldn’t that be earning lots of money? However, building city myself is not easy too, the initial investment is very great too. Anyways, there is no hurry to sell it, let’s keep it and monitor the market first.

Right at this time,

——System Notification: Scouting warning! Large amount of enemies approaching you, please stay alert.

Da Fei gets a shock! Large amount of enemies! He immediately takes out the telescope and looks around, he indeed sees a large group of dark green backs coming through the waves in a distance——Shark horde!

Oh fuck! Is it shark after tuna? This is The Old Man and the Sea![1]

T/L note 1: Referring to the novel


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 31 Huge Tuna

  1. Agreed. The MC is kicking ass but the title bonuses are pretty small given how hard it must be to achieve solo boss kills. On the other hand, the MC is stupid weed like character / or rather like most any MC stuck in a story involving money – the author can’t afford the MC to ever gain enough $ to stop playing the game so the MC will likely only make money right before having to spend it (or rather choosing to spend it) to get stronger or hope to make more money etc.
    the cycle is understandable from a forced plot perspective but also somewhat annoying. How about the MC sells some stuff to live a decent life and hook up with glasses beauty. Then keep playing to get middle class to upper class enhancement in socioeconomic status? What? No? The MC must always be put upon and scrabbling hard to survive in RL? Sigh. Realism fail. Oh well. Still fun to read.

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