Chapter 32 Da Fei and Sea

Once, there was a fishing village, in the village, there is an old man that is known as the Number 1 expert in catching fish. However, it has been over 20 years since he last catch a big fish. The villagers have doubts about his No. 1 expert title. He finally cannot take the villagers’ ridicules, disregarding his old body, he rowed his little boat out into the sea alone. This could be the last time he went out to sea.

On the vast sea, the old man waited for many days relying on his familiarity of fish’s nature. Finally, a big tuna bit the bait. This fish is almost as big as his little ship and has huge strength. It could unhook itself or capsize his small ship anytime. Relying on his many years of experience, old man fought with the tuna to prevent it from running while the tuna also dragged the old man’s small ship and sailed on the sea for a few days and nights. This is a fight between both sides’ strength and will. Finally, old man won. He exhausted the tuna, he then tied the tuna on the side of the small ship and returned in triumph. However during the return voyage, the blood from the tuna attracted large school of sharks over. To protect his gains, the already tired old man held up his harpoon and resisted with all he got but he still could not stop the sharks in the end and the huge tuna was eaten into a large skeleton frame. The old man then brought this skeleton frame back to the fishing village.

Seeing that the old man did not returned after many days, the villagers, who thought the old man had died in the sea, had a big shock. Anyways, the old man successfully defended his honor as the number 1 expert in his old age!

This is the famous work that even Da Fei is familiar with, Hemingway’s <The Old Man and the Sea>.

Now, facing the swarming sharks and remembering the plot in the famous work that made the hot-blood in him burn when he was young, Da Fei’s hot-blood, that had already cooled down, burns suddenly. He points his finger out and grunts: “Bro also wants to be a famous work, Bro wants to write an autobiography <Da Fei and the Sea>!”

Yep, just change all the old man in <The Old Man and the Sea> into Da Fei will do.

Sharks are the top predators in the ocean. Its strength is equivalent to level 6 unit on the ground and is not so easily killed by bombing. Without hesitation, Da Fei takes out the War Machines skill book and golden light flashes continuously!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, you learned Advanced War Machines!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, you learned Expert War Machines!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, you learned Master War Machines!

Oh yeah! Graduated!

Now, with the boost from Master War Machines, the Ballista’s stats are:

——Attack: 30, Defense: 30, HP 8/600, Damage 6-7, Attack Speed: 5, Movement Speed: 1, special ability: Knockback, Puncture.

And Ballista’s total damage = base Damage X Hero’s tactical stats total value. Now, Da Fei is level 16, 15 total stats points, Ballista’s total damage is 90-105!

Oh my god! Attack/Defense is the same as Angel while Damage is twice of Angel’s and it shoots twice in a row too! Bro is a BOSS now! Wahahaha!

The school of sharks instantly pounce towards the tuna in the sea and Da Fei, who has prepared for a long time, shoots twice right at their backs on the sea surface “-148!” “-132!” This damage is completely incomparable to the 2 digits damage from shooting the cavorting Tuna just now! This is the power of raising the skill by 3 levels!

——System Notification: You killed a Shark, gained 2550 EXP!

——System Notification: You gained Shark’s completed information.

Da Fei’s eyelids twitch! This EXP! It is really ridiculously high, it is almost the same as the minor BOSS of low level units!

——Shark: Large-size creature, Attack 35, Defense 18, Damage: 25-55, HP: 280, Attack Speed: 7, Movement Speed: 12, EXP: 2550. Special ability: Blood Scent Tracking, Bloody Frenzy, Crippling Bite, Stun Attack, Wound Tearing, Marine Creature.

Information about famous top predators like sharks are naturally not any secret. Ballista and its Attack/Defense difference is as high as 12, increases 60% damage, the final damage Ballista is dealing to it is 144-168. As long as its back dare to surface, a continuous is sure to instant kill it.

And judging from the data, Shark’s Attack, Defense and Damage is around level 6 or 7 units of all the races but the EXP is ridiculously high. Other than its special ability is plenty and savage which increases the difficulty, more importantly it is a “Marine Creature”.

——Marine Creature: Marine creatures are proficient in underwater combat, HP are abundant.

And ground creatures will have hidden reduction in all stats when in water, with this increase and decrease, ground creatures mostly cannot defeat sharks in the water. Actually, this is also the main reason why Da Fei cannot even defeat a single mob on the island back then. It is considering this difficulty level that killing Shark gives such an unimaginable EXP. In other words, killing sea mobs gives way more EXP than killing ground creatures, naturally more EXP ≠ leveling fast.

And in Da Fei’s eyes, the sharks are all here to give out EXP now! Under normal circumstances, sharks will swim far away when encountering large ships and there is no chance to kill them. While now that there is a dead target, the tuna as bait, Da Fei does not even need to aim and just need to keep loading and shooting!

——System Notification: You killed a Shark, gained 2550 EXP!

——System Notification: You killed a Shark, gained 2550 EXP!

——System Notification: You killed a Shark, gained 2550 EXP!


Da Fei laughs loudly from the excitement, how much do these sharks love tunas? The plot from novel really does not lie! What is cool! This is called cool! Must be cool! Bro has done nothing while drifting on the sea for 4 or 5 days, it is practically intolerable to not replenish Bro’s loss of EXP for these few days!

A golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to level 17! Gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1.

Wahahaha! Leveled up! It have to! 1 gives 2500, 10 give 25,000, there is still tens of it, Bro can still level up one more time! Haha! Wahahaha!

After loading once again, Da Fei steps on the trigger excitedly. Right at this time, a rainbow light suddenly flashes over Da Fei’s head and then with a pat sound, a black light disperses rainbow!

——System Notification: You got the Misfortune status, your attack this time will have the effect of minimum damage reduced in half!

Da Fei’s laughter stops abruptly, Misfortune!?

At this time, the bolts shoot out——”-72!” “-72!” Oh fuck! Did not instant-kill!

Oh fuck, Bro’s ship status is “Cursed by bad luck”, -3 Luck, while this ship’s special ability is blessed by god +2 Luck, it is still -1 Luck in the end, which is 2% chance of having Misfortune status! Bro encountered it even with 2% chance, Bro is really too unlucky!

And at this time, that shark that was being attacked gives up on vying for the tuna and begins to charge toward Da Fei’s ship which is Flying!

Da Fei is instantly dumbfounded! No way! It is going to knock the ship! That is right, Bro was too happily bombarding just now, how did I not think of the other side retaliating? Could it be sitting in this high and mighty ship that sense of superiority is overflowing? Or is the tuna giving up resistance that made Bro let down his guard?

No choice now, game is a game after all. In a game, pikeman can stab a tank until it explodes, a shark knocking a ship is not too strange. However, Bro’s ship is already filled with holes, how can it be knocked by you? The most crucial point is this is not the same as flat ground battle, the bottom of the ship is the blind spot for ballista! Once it gets close, the consequences are dire!

Da Fei hurriedly loads and at this time, the shark swiftly swims through the waves! Its speed in the water is comparable to a human sprinting on land!

——Aim! Da Fei hurriedly adjusts the Ballista’s direction and Da Fei’s palms is sweating at this time. A speed so fast and with water in between, it is a test of Ballista’s aiming.

Must hit! Must hit! If it missed, there will be no more chance and Bro can only watch it charge to the hull and tear the ship apart! Wait! What to do if Misfortune Strike happens again? As the saying goes it never rains but it pours, once a person’s luck comes to an end and starts to become unlucky, anything can happen! Bro had encountered this kind of things way too many times all these years!

Decisively, Da Fei takes out Luck skill book and click learn at the fastest speed! As long as that -1 Misfortune is corrected to 0 will do. Bro does not hope for good luck, even not misfortune, Bro only wants common luck!

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Basic Leadership!

——Basic Leadership: Hero’s Command Power increase by 10%, Hero and Hero’s troops’ Morale +1.

——Ah pfft! Da Fei spits out a mouthful of blood! Damn you, I took the wrong book! It really never rains but it pours when one is unlucky. Bro actually made such a lowly mistake at the most crucial timing! As a pro, Bro’s mentality is insufficient!

Now, the shark is close to the ship, Da Fei can already see its blood red eyes on each side of its head underneath the water! There is no time for any tricks, he must shoot already!

It is so close, there is no reason to not hit! Bro has already been unlucky twice, there is no reason to be unlucky 3 times in a row!

——Boom pat! 2 shots flies out strongly! Da Fei closes his eyes nervously!

——System Notification: You killed a Shark, gained 2550 EXP!

Hearing the system notification, Da Fei feels like hearing heavenly music and immediately collapses. At this time, Da Fei’s back is already drenched with sweat.

Bro, really do care about this ship. The next time I log off, Bro must buy cash shop item! Isn’t it just the price of 2 plates of fried rice, Bro will never take the risk anymore!


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