Chapter 33 Staging Jaws This Time

Da Fei takes a deep breath and immediately adjusts his condition from the shock just now.

Leadership is a must-learn skill for Hero, it had to be learned sooner or later, so leave it since Bro still has many skill points. Luck naturally must be learned, must correct back the misfortune curse. There must not be any error for the remaining sharks.

Da Fei takes out the Luck skill book and gold light flashes.

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point, learned Basic Luck!

——Basic Luck: Increases Hero and Hero’s troops Luck by 1. 1 Luck has 2% chance of landing Lucky Strike which deals twice of maximum damage.

Now, Da Fei can finally relax and kill sharks with the bombarding.

Ballista sounds off, every rumble takes away a shark’s life like a god of death. The sea surface is stained red with blood, tens of sharks billow in the wave of blood with their belly facing the sky. Those sharks that cannot reach the tuna starts to feed on the corpses of their kind. To sharks, as long as there is blood and flesh, it does not care whether they are of the same kind or not. And once a shark smells blood, its Damage and Attack Speed will have large increase, this is shark’s strong special ability Bloody Frenzy. If not for the negative effect of friendly fire, this special ability can be called god rank special ability already.

Finally, another gold light descends from the sky.

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to level 18! Gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1.

Da Fei also heaves a long sigh of relief, having the foresight to save the Ballista then is really great. It is said that raising levels after level 10 is difficult, is it difficult? Bro do not feel so! Bro is a pro, the hell for the weak is the heaven for pros! Wahahaha!

There are slightly more than 10 left, Bro will send you lot on your way. It is a pity that there is no shark’s fin for Bro after killing so many sharks.

Ballista sounds off with a boom and takes away another shark’s life. And at this time, the sharks are like birds frightened by bow escaping without a trace instantly.

Da Fei is involuntarily startled, why did they suddenly run away? There are tens of thousands of EXP to go. Just when he is surprised,

——System Notification: Scouting warning! Strong enemy approaching, please stay alert.

The mini-map immediately flashes with red light! Oh fuck, BOSS! No wonder they escaped so quickly, it is because there is an enemy that even sharks are scared of! Bro thought sharks are fearless after Bloody Frenzy activates.

Da Fei then takes out telescope and looks toward the direction the mini-map is alerting. As expected, he sees a huge fish’s back on the sea surface in the distance breaking through the waves like a motor boat——Great white shark! Conqueror of the ocean, king among the conquerors! Legend goes that in the ocean, great white shark’s speed can reach the standard of cars, looking from this shocking sailing speed, it is true indeed!

Da Fei is instantly dumbfounded! Is it here to eat meat or ram the ship? As long as it is not to ram the ship, everything is negotiable, Bro definitely will not attack you! No no no, there is definitely no one here, you can be at ease and eat your meat!

Scared of being seen by it, Da Fei immediately runs to a closed gun port in the gun deck and secretly looks out from the gap. After all, the great white shark of legends is the only shark that can straighten its head above the water surface, its field of view is incomparable to ordinary sharks, god knows what will happen if discovered by it.

Great white shark arrives very quickly, its size is so large it is beyond Da Fei’s imagination! It is almost half as long as the ship! This is a prehistoric shark!

Among the corpses in this sea of blood, the first prey it chooses is that fragrant tuna that was bitten badly! And then, it opens its large mouth that is like a garage door——Awoo!

——Bang! The ship suddenly shakes! Da Fei’s heart is shocked!

Is Bro fishing for prehistoric shark now? Bro is playing with fire now, isn’t he? No way no way, Bro just finished staging Hemingway’s <The Old Man and the Sea>, now staging Steven Spielberg’s <Jaws> for Bro, what will there be later? <Pacific Rim>? Does Bro need to summon a Gundam?

On the sea surface, huge waves are rolling, the ship starts to shake violently, the huge shark’s strength is so strong it can be considered as turning over lakes and seas!

Da Fei’s heart tightens, playing anymore will result in <Titanic> being staged! Cannot lose control, he hurriedly untie the cables.

Right when Da Fei runs to the deck, Da Fei feels the ship beginning to move and its speed is not slow! The huge shark begins to drag the ship along!

Da Fei gets a shock! Why is the shark not attacking Bro’s ship?

So it is still staging <The Old Man and the Sea> now? In the story, didn’t that tuna dragged the old man’s small boat on the sea for a few days and nights before exhausting its stamina and bleeding to death? Which is to say this huge shark’s intelligence is the same level as it? It does not know that the rope on it is on the ship?

If it is like this, take the gamble or not!?

As a lottery enthusiast, as an opportunist, this kind of problem is not a problem at all! However, Da Fei suddenly discovers that ever since he has the ship, he begins to worry about gains and losses. For example, that kind of low-level mistake just now, if it were in the past, he would definitely not make it.

This is to be expected, back then when he was being an expert, curing those pros is not because his skills are better than them, Da Fei still knows that of himself. In the end it is because he does not care about the game so he can do whatever he wants hence the results are brilliant.

In the end, what Bro needs is to surpass myself!

Gamble it! Bro has already gotten a treasure map, information about super ballista, and even gotten much from the epic captain, isn’t it just a ship in the game, Bro can take it.

Now, <The Old Man and the Sea> is being staged again, the protagonist is changed into Da Fei, the supporting role is changed into great white shark and the small boat is also changed into a big ship. Dragged by the shocking strength of the great white shark, Soaring is breaking through the waves on the sea.

Where is it going? There is no need to care about it, Bro will play along!

However, even if it said like this, Da Fei’s heart still cannot be calm. Da Fei shrinks on the ship, not daring to even move, he is scared that any sound will alert the shark and enlighten it.

Suddenly, Da Fei feels a strong sense of unnaturalness. Why is the shark not attacking Bro’s ship? Once attacked, Bro definitely cannot survive, this feeling is just like when doing the trial quest Assist Captain and those mobs only attacked the Captain and ignored Bro, which is to say this is the System manually lowering the difficulty?

Thinking carefully, the moment he fixed the ship, the storm came, yep, story quest advancement, that is definitely the case.

And then when he has nothing to eat, fishing, yep, have to do that.

And then, bosses on the sea like tuna, sharks, great white shark, which so many Navigation players rarely encounter during beta, appearing one right after another, won’t that seems to be too deliberate? Under normal circumstances, every BOSS in the game has its own territory and are difficult to encounter, these are obviously mobs spawned by the System, right? Just like in the Undead World, the System continuously spawning mobs to attack the island.

Could it be Bro’s beginner trial is actually not over yet? However, it obviously notified that <Assist Captain in Fighting> is already completed, the sword is awarded and the ship is given already, Epic Hero is not far away too. These rewards are already explosive for beginners, how is it not over?

Wait! Such a high difficulty combat quest like Assisting Captain most probably would not be assigned to player that is obviously not a combat Hero like Bro, right? Isn’t that asking for the impossible? Although the System is full of traps, just like how it will never send an Admiral onto the mountains, System will never arrange combat for Bro who started with Navigation.

Could it be after Bro ostracized Blood Sea Mad Waves, Bro snatched away his trial quest too, the trial quest Bro completed is actually his while Bro’s quest is just starting?

At that instant, Da Fei is suddenly enlightened!

Possible! Everything is possible! Although his Specialty is strong, it is just a Specialty for fighting men and mobs while Bro’s Specialty is for fighting heavens and seas, this is a difference in state! Only heavens and seas have the right to test Bro!

That is right, Bro’s trial is just beginning! Wahaha——Ehm! Da Fei, who has suddenly straightened out, immediately covers his mouth after laughing out. He cannot let the shark hear him, if the ship is gone, his trial will be over before it starts.

AS the saying goes sort this one thing out and you will sort out all the rest, the thing that Da Fei always cannot figure out suddenly has a faint hint, if ship, sword, Epic Hero are actually all prepared for the god rank hero Admiral, then for Bro, whose trial that has just started, what reward will he get? Exactly what kind of rewards will match Bro who fought with the heavens and seas?

Divine weapon? A thunder from the sky hitting on the ship and a titan’s sword is stabbed amidst the thunder and flames?

Makarl? This is already a NPC of an epic quest.

God rank skill? Without any information clue, there is no way the System will award. In the money-grubbing game, he rather believe it is possible to buy it from the System.

Hidden Class?

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches, is there a beginner’s villager that cannot job change? None! Bro is already level 18 beginner yet still cannot job change, isn’t it very strange? Very strange!


At that instant, the word “Voyager” jumps onto Da Fei’s mind!

The captain’s diary talks about Voyager everywhere, even that strange skill book starts with what a Voyager is, it is like it is scared that Bro does not know he is a Voyager, so what exactly is a Voyager?

Voyager is of course a Class! However, Miner, Doctor, Chef, Fisherman, Dancer, including Bro’s Pikeman are all Classes, there is so many Classes in the game so the key question is whether Voyager is a Hero Class or not? At least, it is not stated in the official website.

On the official website, human’s Hero Class are Knight and Priest, Elves are Ranger and Druid, Undead are Death Knight and Necromancer, Beastmen are Shaman and Barbarian. Anyways, they are warrior-type and magic-type, both are Classes that can lead troops and increase the abilities of the whole legion, these are on a different level than Miner and Chef!

If Voyager is a hidden Hero Class, then Bro’s trial reward will probably be it!

And Voyager is leading all the crew on the ship to do the most dangerous job in the world, is there a chance that it is not a Hero Class? I have already worked under him once! So what is the condition of changing into Voyager Class?

——”An excellent voyager, only mastering all battle and adventure skills are not enough. Ocean is human’s unknown territory, we are so small in front of ocean, our knowledge and skills are never enough.”

Da Fei flips to the first page of Renoir special version of the skill book once again and is suddenly enlightened!


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