017 Problems over Interest

There is not special effects like golden light flashing. There is also no setting like full HP and MP. There is only this line of system notification in his view:

Character level increases!

Name: Beta-Liang

Race: Human

Class: Divine Noble

Physique: 7 (7.35)

Coordination: 7 (7.35)

Intelligence: 7 (7.35)

Will: 7 (7.35)

Charisma: 7 (7.35)

Character EXP: 0/100

After leveling up, there is an additional number after the character stats. That is the character current actual stat value while the number in front that did not change is the character’s various stats’ growth potential. Divine is a very mediocre Class, all the growth potential are 7 and growth are locked and cannot be changed. Unlike other Classes which can increase their stats growth potential by doing things like completing Epic quest or bathing in dragon’s blood.

Divine Noble’s stats are too mediocre which cause it to be relatively weak in the beginning……For example, Warrior with full Physique, at Level 1, its Physique is 10.5 and there is a gap of 3.5 at the beginning so if a Divine Noble and a Warrior fight in close quarter, there is no way to gain a upper hand. However, Divine Noble is a Jack-of-all-trades, can protect themselves at close range, use magic at long range hence as long as they do not intentionally try to die, normally they will be able to escape from enemies of same Level.

Naturally, this is also limited to escaping only……Wanting to kill them back, that is definitely one of life’s 3 greatest illusions.[1]

Raising from Level ‘0’ to ‘1’ is easy, just do some things that give EXP, normally one will level up. This is benefit given by the system. The real difficulty starts from then, there is an additional character EXP below character status. It seems like a low value, only 100 EXP to raise to the next level but Liang Li Dong is very clear this seemingly not much value is actually quite a lot because the amount of EXP a character can obtain daily is very miserable.

Liang Li Dong played the game for 8 years, the highest amount of EXP he obtained in a day is 82. He was already Level 15 then and he obtained this amount of EXP was because he won a great victory. When he was low leveled, after a day of slogging, the EXP was normally a single-digit.

From Level 0 to Level 1, as a semi-Sorcerer, Liang Li Dong can now contract a familiar. According to game rules, spellcaster like Mage, Sorcerer, Priest can contract familiar at Level 1 while versatile-type spellcaster Class, for example Magic Swordsman, Paladin etc can only contract familiar at Level 5.

Divine Noble belongs to special Class, its stats are mediocre but there is always pros and cons, in Class feat aspect, it is judged according to specialized Class[2], this made Divine Noble relatively weak in stats at the beginning and yet has a certain amount of fighting strength, for example this contract familiar is a not bad combat feat.

After natural animal is contracted into a familiar by spell, it will turn into a magical being, which is also what people referred to as magical beasts. It will give its owner a feat depending on its innate abilities and it will also have a certain amount of fighting strength, it can even use some magical beasts racial spells after reaching a certain Level.

In the game, Liang Li Dong’s contract familiar is an owl, hence Liang Li Dong gotten the Darkness Vision feat and after the owl turned into a magical beast, its combat prowess greatly increased and can be used as an airborne scout, it was very useful.

But in this real world, Liang Li Dong does not intend to to contract owl again because he already has the true vision ability provided by Cloud Dragon’s Blue Eyes. This is a more useful special ability than Darkness Vision. Persian Cat said this world is very dangerous in her message so he intends to contract a natural animal that is more good at combat, for example feline or canine to indirectly increase his strength.

However, considering he is not too familiar with the surroundings, so Liang Li Dong is not in a hurry, he intends to ask the local villagers tomorrow where is there stronger beast or insects in the vicinity and make a decision as appropriate then.

At the second day’s morning, Liang Li Dong made breakfast and then wait for the children to come for lessons at the riverside. This time, all the children are clean, although their clothes are a bit old, everyone looks lively. Once someone cleans himself up, his spirit will be shown naturally.

After nodding contentedly, Liang Li Dong says: “Before teaching you lot words, I’ll continue talking about other little knowledge with you lot. Maybe, you all feel that my spellcaster identity is very noble but I want to tell you all, I do not feel I’m so great myself. Although not everyone can become a spellcaster, everyone has a chance of becoming a Class-er, as long as you possess a ‘Combat Feat’, you can open up the way of Class-er. Now, I’ll not explain to you all what is a combat feat but I can tell you 1 thing, no doubt that many Class-ers are illiterate but those Class-ers that aren’t can go further, grow faster because they can gain knowledge from reading books. Even if you cannot become a Class-er, those that are literate can also find a good job. 6 months later, I can teach you all how to become a Class-er but……only a small portion will get this chance. Okay, don’t be too busy being excited, now we’ll start learning words, the new words I’m teaching you all this time……”

The men from the 2 villages continue going up the mountain to gather building stones, a portion left behind to build the foundation. At noon, the words Liang Li Dong said was spread among the 2 villages by the children’s mouths and the 2 villages seethe with excitement. Many people urgently wants to ask Liang Li Dong whether he was speaking the truth or not but thinking about the difference in their status, nobody dared to ask him.

And during noon, 3 people sit in the living room having lunch, other than Liang Li Dong enjoying the delicacy he made, the other 2 seem to be preoccupied with troubles. Needless to say about Kyle, he is very excited, looking towards Liang Li Dong from time to time, regarding his little thoughts, Liang Li Dong understands a one glance, it is nothing more than the issue about becoming a Class-er.

While Old Village Head’s expression is a bit weird, worried is more obvious than happiness.

Old Village Head doing this is actually waiting for Liang Li Dong to inquire so as to get the initiative in the conversation but it is a pity, to other people’s emotions and thinking, Liang Li Dong always does not want to guess. Since the other party does not say it, he cannot be bothered to ask.

In this silent atmosphere, Liang Li Dong quietly finishes the lunch before him and when preparing to clean up the dish and fork and knife, Old Village Head finally cannot hold it in and asks: “Lord Beta, I heard from Kyle you know how to open the way of Class-er?”

“Yes.” Liang Li Dong nods.

Old Village Head says worriedly: “Lord Beta are you really going to tell them how to open their power 6 months later?”

Liang Li Dong smiles and continues nodding.

“This isn’t not very good!” Old Village Head says worriedly.

“Oh, what’s wrong with it?” Liang Li Dong asks instead.

“The children in the village are not bad children but their parents are not necessarily kind.” Old Village Head says seriously: “If a certain child becomes a Class-er and is controlled by his parents to do something bad, that may cause great damage to the village and people nearby.”

Liang Li Dong’s eyes squint slightly, he asks jokingly: “Old Village Head, do you mean you know which children’s parents are kind hence you know which children are suitable to become a Class-er?”

“Right, that’s the meaning.”

Hearing till here, Liang Li Dong laughs a bit and then shakes his head. Things like interest really will make people hypocritical. Liang Li Dong understands Old Village Head’s meaning clearly already, the other party wants the power to decide the candidates. To put it simply, Village Head is afraid his dignity will be challenged or the next Village Head’s dignity will be challenged. The Class-er status is very far above, although not a noble, yet above noble. If there is 1 or 2 Class-ers that do not go well with the Reeds in the village, then his family’s hereditary Village Head status will be faced with a very big challenge.

But if the new-born Class-er is close with the Reeds, that will be very different.

Old Village Head’s plans are destined to not succeed, if it is interest over money, then Liang Li Dong has no issue making concession but he is intending to build his own force now. Divine Noble’s strongest Class feat ‘Knight Conferment’ will be obtained automatically at Level 5. NPC that is conferred a knight by Divine Noble can randomly gain 2 to 3 master’s combat feats and greatly increase their fighting strength. Having numerous loyal knights with high fighting strength, this is going to be Liang Li Dong’s confidence for wandering the world looking for Persian Cat and Xiao-Bai, how will he let others decide who his knights are.

Lightly pushing the plate to the center of the table, Liang Li Dong says: “Village Head, thanks for taking care of me for these 2 days, I’ll move out later.”

“How will that do!” Village Head’s expression became bad in an instant, he looks like he is going to be angry but seeing Liang Li Dong’s believer robe glowing with magical blue light, he can only suppress his anger: “Lord Beta, it is me not being a good host, please don’t be angry, I was sprouting nonsense just now……”

Kyle looks at the two worriedly, although he does not understand what just suddenly happened, the tense atmosphere between the 2 adults, he can still see that.

“Not sprouting nonsense.” Liang Li Dong shakes his hand and interrupts the other party: “I have lived here with Village Head for 2 days already, although I helped to make meals as accommodations fees but as Goddess’ ascetic believer, I cannot live too comfortably, it will affect my practice.”

Liang Li Dong first points out that he helped you make meals for 2 days, you provide food and lodging while I provide culinary skills, I do not owe you the Old Village Head anything. Secondly, he brought out Goddess as an excuse telling the Old Village Head there is not turning back this time, right to choose the candidates, he is definitely not letting go.

Actually Liang Li Dong is already very courteous like this, if it were other Class-ers, not only do the Village Head’s family need to house the other party, if Village Head dares to take advantage of other Class-ers like this, being punished and humiliated is still considered light, in more serious cases, he could have lost his life. In many NPC Class-ers’ eyes, commoners’ lives are worthless.

Finishing his words, Liang Li Dong left. Kyle chases out. Although he is not clear what exactly happened, he is clear of 1 thing, his grandfather has angered Teacher, he says anxiously: “Teacher, sorry, my grandfather is being a bit muddle-headed.”

“Relax, you are you, Village Head is Village Head.” Liang Li Dong smiles and says: “I intends to build a temporary thatch house outside the village, go look for a few children for help.”

Building a simple thatch house is not that difficult. It just needs some time. If there is a few helpers working together, it can be built very quickly.

Liang Li Dong finds a suitable flat ground under a large tree outside the village. Soon, Kyle leads a group of children over. He looks carefully and discovers all the children in the village are here.


T/L note 1: FYI, the most common life’s 3 greatest illusion is phone is vibrating, i can kill them back, she loves me. There are other variations of life’s 3 greatest illusion though.

T/L note 2: No idea what it’s saying but im guessing it meant that stats do not affect the effects of a feat and what feats one has depends on their Class and not stats.


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