Chapter 36 Hidden Hero Sub-Class: Voyager

The setting sun is like blood, the night is coming and with the last 2 cannon shots, the struggling great white shark on the surface finally has its belly facing the sky and died.

——System Notification: You killed Great White Shark, gained 50,000 EXP! Obtained Rank B Strategic Artifact: Great White Shark Figurehead.

——Great White Shark Figurehead: Ship equipment. Equipping on the prow can increase ship speed by 10%, on-board troops’ Attack +2, Attack Speed+1.

And then, a golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 19! Gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP+2, Command Power+1.

Giving EXP and treasure! Wahahahaha! Da Fei laughs out loud smugly but the messages are not finished yet!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You possess the basic qualities of a voyager, and successfully went through the basic on-sea test of storm, survival, sea monster, pirates, you completed the add-on beginner trial quest, obtained reward: hidden Hero sub-Class “Voyager”!

——System Notification: You successfully job change into hidden Hero sub-Class, Basic Voyager!

——Basic Voyager: Hero ship’s speed increases by an additional 10% on the seas, effect is stack-able with Sailing. Hero will gain an additional sub-Class free stat point reward every 5 levels. Hero, and Hero’s deputy Hero will gain 100 EXP every day on the sea.

——System Notification: You are currently Level 19, you obtained 3 bonus free stat points from the Voyager sub-Class. After increasing the Voyager skill level, you will gain more bonus stat points. The time the skill is raised will not affect the obtaining of stat points, the stat points will be compensated after higher levels.

——System Notification: You obtained Class information of “Voyager”.

——Beginner Tip: In Hero Continent, due to military secret and commercial secret, this novel sub-Hero Class Voyager does not have a complete system, there is no specialized skill book to raise the Class skill level, there is also no way to learn Class skill directly. Player must communicate with and learn from other Voyagers to raise skill level or learn sub-skill or research skills by themselves.

——Beginner Tip: Hero sub-Class does not class with main Class, you can still job change to Knight or Priest with the skill instructor.


Looking at the whole row of system messages that appears right after, Da Fei’s laughter suddenly stops! What is add-on beginner trial quest? This was originally supposed to be Bro’s quest, right?

After being dumbfounded for a while, Da Fei laughs wildly once again! So these fellows are really sent by System to put on an act to test Bro! The problem is this acting is really too that, isn’t it? Bro definitely did not clear this the orthodox way, right? Forget it, be it orthodox or not, what matters is it was cleared!

It is hidden Class reward as expected, and it is even a sub-Class that does not clash with main Class! Dual Hero Class, what does this mean? It means Bro will have more tactical stat point than others after leveling up! Think about it, Bro will job change a Knight after getting back, every increase in 1 level will gain 2 stat points. And then, Voyager gives stat points when leveling up too!

However, stat points are still subsidiary, the most crucial is, Bro having a Class more means having more Class Specialty than others! Bro is going to be OP!

What is Class Specialty?

Every Hero when account is created has a Specialty, that is innate Specialty, Da Fei’s Storm Sailing is innate Specialty. And when beginner job change into a Hero Class at Level 10, they can get a Class Skill. Class Skill’s sub-skill is Class Specialty.

For example, Priest’s Blessing Ritual, Necromancer’s Banshee’s Howl, Dwarf’s Rune Mastery, Devil’s Infernal Gate etc. In short, Class Specialty is Specialty that other Classes does not know.

And since this hidden Class Voyager is sub-Class, then without a doubt, it must have its own Class Specialty.

Bro knew it, once Bro’s saved luck and Bro’s innate gaming talent erupt together, Bro’s success is predestined already!

Bro struck it rich! What is Bro still afraid of now? Bro is not scared of anyone, Bro’s dual Class is too OP, even if that Blood Sea kid gets the whole server to hunt Bro, made it so that Bro cannot carry on anymore, at most Bro logs off and sells the account. As long as Bro is willing, this account is worth at least a million! Bro meant British Pounds! Once Bro is successful, buying a house at a coastal garden, then marry Xiao Fang, wahahaha!

One should enjoy to the fullest at the good times, the laughing Da Fei dances around and lets off all the anxiety from these 2 days!

Finally, just like the emptiness after you-know-what, Da Fei is tired already, heaving a sigh of relief, his mind starts to calm down and plans his road ahead.

Currently, it is still too early to talk about dual Class. After all, this Basic Voyager’s Class bonus is too weak, only adding 1 tactical stat point every 5 levels, the current 19 levels only gave Bro 3 points which is to say when Bro raise to level 20, it will add another 1 point. In short, very weak, beginner can already get 1 stat point from raising 1 level. It is incomparable to main Class that gives 2 stat points every level.

Judging by prospects, after raising to Intermediate, it should give 1 point every 4 levels, Advanced should be 1 point every 3 levels, Expert is 1 point every 2 levels, Master is 1 point every 1 level and reached the growth standard of a beginner. Which is to say if Bro raise to Master now, then it will award 19 points instantly, which is compensate Bro 16 points.

And it is also said in the system notification, it is not easy to raise hidden Class’ level, without skill book, without sub-skill, the value of raising it is questionable too. After all, skill points are difficult to obtain after Level 20, one has to be cautious when raising Class skill level too.

Anyways, it is still too early to be complacent.

Da Fei who has thought it through, feels drowsiness sweeping through his body. It is also midnight now, body is his capital for getting rich, Bro must guarantee his sacred body, it is also time to get a good rest after striving for almost 2 days in a row.

This time, Da Fei immediately buys a 20 dollars log-off item “God’s Sanctuary” from the cash shop without hesitation. No matter what, the game company is tasked with the important mission of revitalizing the world’s economy, Bro can still assist with the price of 2 plates of fried rice.

Before logging off, Da Fei looks at his current stats with satisfactions:

Level: 19

Specialty: Storm Sailing.

Class: Pikeman, Level 10 Commander, Level 8 Explorer, Beginner Voyager, Newbie Trainee

Fame: -3120(Notorious, your current Fame will make you have a hard time getting quest from NPC, and will even lead to hostility from certain NPC.)

Attack: 20 (Level 19’s 18 stat points all add to Attack, Captain’s Sword on-sea +2, +2 Great White Shark Figurehead has not been equipped yet. The 3 free stat points gained from sub-Class has not been allocated yet)

Defense: 5 (Tattered leather armor’s 3 character Defense, Captain’s Sword’s on-sea +2 tactical Defense)

Magic: 0

Knowledge: 0

Base Damage: 9-11 (On creation 1-3, Sea Anemone enchantment +1, Lonely Warrior achievement +1, Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins achievement +1, every 5 level system has Damage reward at Level 15 +3, Captain’s Sword on sea +2. Captain’s Sword +2 on-sea Damage affects the entire legion)

HP: 71 (Innate 10, every 1 Level +2, Lonely Warrior achievement +10, Lonely Warrior’s 10 Consecutive Wins achievement +15)

Attack Speed: Normal 12 (Captain’s Sword +2)

Movement Speed: 10

Morale: 2 (Hero’s innate +1, Basic Luck +1)

Luck: 1 (Basic Luck +1)

Command Power: 30 (Level up +18, First Battle achievement +10, total 28, Basic Leadership adds 10%, a total of 30)

Stamina: 100

Learned skills: Master War Machines (sub-skill Ballista Master); Advanced Scouting (Sub-skill Gather Information, Stealth), Basic Luck, Basic Leadership, Basic Offence, Basic Armorer, Basic Archery, Basic Logistics.

1 skill point remaining not allocated yet.

Tonight, Da Fei wakes up laughing from his dreams a few times……


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