018 Looking for a Suitable Familiar

Although the children from the village does not have much knowledge and does not understand any great logic, their independent working capabilities are very strong. More than 20 children working together, distributing the work, a batch digging the foundation at the spot, even if it is building a thatch house, a basic foundation is still required or the built thatch house cannot be used for more than a few days. A few girls go and pick straw and branches, another older batch, children with some strength, prepares to carry the tools to cut some bigger solid wood to be used as foothold for the thatch house.

Seeing the children being busy, Liang Li Dong feels that there is nothing for him here anymore. He says to Kyle who is preparing to help at the side: “Don’t be in a hurry to go over, I need your help with something. You said yesterday that there is many ferocious beasts on the mountains north of the village. Can you bring me over there for a look, I have something I want to do.”

Kyle’s face shows happiness: “Sure, no problem.”

Young people are impulsive by nature, the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. If an adult heard this request of Liang Li Dong, there are many ferocious beasts on northern mountains, for their own safety, they will most probably think twice but Kyle is not afraid, he ran back home to fetch his iron sword first and then excitedly brings Liang Li Dong to the mountains at the north. After walking past 2 hills, there is an even taller and bigger mountain range before them, numerous peaks stretch out to the distance, lush forest covers the whole mountain range, because the terrain is quite high, it is possible to see clouds shrouding the peak.

“That is the largest group of mountains in the northern side in front, many ferocious beasts live here, big snake that is a few meters long, big tigers and forest wolves.” Kyle looks a bit angry: “It’s summer now, they have things to eat in the forest so they rarely come near our village but when it comes to winter, snow seals the mountains, there will occasionally be ferocious beasts charging into the village, running off with cows or sheep is nothing, last year, the Nicholas’ little daughter was taken away by tiger.”

Cries of ferocious beasts can be heard faintly from the peak, Liang Li Dong nods to show understanding, he has seen too much of things like this in the game and has participated in quest to hunt wild beasts near villages himself too.

“Teacher, what do you intend to do coming here?” Kyle asks curiously.

“I intend to contract a familiar.” Spellcaster having familiar is not anything strange, there is no need to hide: “I have many things I want to do now, familiar is akin to spellcaster’s assistant, with it, the things I want to do will be more convenient.”

“Familiar?” It is the first time Kyle heard of this term, he continues to ask curiously: “What does that mean?”

“It is using magic to embed a small piece of your own soul into the consciousness of natural creatures and fuse with it.” Liang Li Dong tries to use easy to understand words to introduce it to him: “As for the natural creature that obtained spellcaster’s soul shard and knowledge, it will evolve into magic beast and possess special ability, under the premise of preserving its independent consciousness, connect with the spellcaster in mind and soul. It can be said to be spellcaster’s special doppelganger and it has the ability to learn, the learnt knowledge will gradually feedback to spellcaster’s soul.”

Kyle is shocked: “That powerful? Then contract 8 or 10 familiars, let them read books, won’t that mean there is no need to study anymore? And more than 10 fighting against one is very advantageous.”

“It’s not that simple!” Liang Li Dong smiles: “Only 1 familiar can only be contracted. Maybe there is someone who can contract 2 or more familiars but I have never heard of it. The spellcaster that can fight one with 8 or 10, that is the Summoner Class. Summoned creature is different from familiar. Firstly, summoned creature belongs to fantasy creature, they normally come from Heaven Realm or Devil Realm. They have limited projection time in the main world. They will vanish once time’s up and Heaven Realm and Devil Realm’s creature are harder to control. Times when they do not listen to orders are common. If there is no specialized skill, there is a chance of being killed by summoned creature. Other than Heaven Realm and Devil Realm’s creature, the other 2 relatively special Summoners are Necromancer and Undead Sorcerer. These 2 types of spellcaster play with corpses for fun, is hunted by everyone, you don’t need to know too much. If you have the chance to meet these 2 types of people, cut them up if you can beat them, run if you cannot, understand?”

Kyle was listening with interest, he scratches his head and says: “Teacher, can you tell me more about spellcaster and Class-ers?”

“If there is a chance in the future, I will tell you in detail.” Liang Li Dong pats lightly on Kyle’s head, although his looks is not much older than young man, this action was done like it is very natural, the latter does not feel it is strange too. He says slowly: “I need to contract a familiar to increase my strength now so I have to find a powerful ferocious beast. You can come along too, it is good to broaden your horizons too.”

Kyle nods vigorously, he naturally cannot ask for more of things like this.

With a snap of finger, Driving Fog skill activates once again, Kyle stands within it and feels very safe. He follows behind Liang Li Dong, walks a few steps and then exclaims: “Teacher, the range of the thick fog seems to be larger.”

“Yup, 50 meters more in radius.” Liang Li Dong smiles: “Because my strength is a bit stronger now.”

“If a familiar is contracted, Teacher will become stronger, right.” Kyle says enviously: “If I have the strength of Teacher, I think Grandfather will not stop me from becoming a mercenary.”

“I’m actually not that strong.” Liang Li Dong advises: “Your grandfather is doing it for your own good, after all you’re the only child of the Reeds and your parents are not around anymore, if something were to happen to you too, it will be the end of the Reeds. Maybe you feel that becoming a mercenary, travelling around is very carefree but in actual fact, a mercenary’s life is very harsh and your abilities now is not sufficient to become a mercenary.”

Kyle is slightly not convinced: “I feel I can already, at least in the villager, other than Teacher, no one is a match for me. And, I have sparred with some mercenaries in the city, other than a small portion that I cannot defeat, the rest are not my match.”

“Mercenaries in the city?” Liang Li Dong laughs happily: “Mercenaries that cannot even defeat you can be called a mercenary? Kyle, you’re obviously deceived, once a real mercenary made a move, even if you do not die, you will lose half of your life because of perpetually living in danger, once they made a move, it is on fatal points, this is already an instinct. With my strength now, it is already the lowest among mercenaries, if I were to deal with you now, there is no need for weapons or spell casting, one hand is sufficient.”

Kyle says unconvinced: “Teacher is stronger than me, I naturally believe but you not using spells and defeating me with just a hand, I don’t believe. No matter what, I have practiced swordsmanship after all.”

“Strength is one thing and then mercenary’s common knowledge is another thing.” Liang Li Dong snaps a thorn vine with a step, ignores the little fellow’s provocation and continues walking up the mountain. Now the roars from the peak are getting more and more obvious: “Strength is only a stepping stone to becoming a mercenary. To become a reliable mercenary, one has to learn many skills. If you’re not a spellcaster, you have to learn how to fight with many kinds of weapons, maintaining weapons and armors because most of the time, you have no way of using your specialized weapon to fight. You have to learn to differentiate the weather changes, know basic botany, zoology, study of magical beasts; You have to know how to start a fire in a damp environment without flint or help from spellcaster. You have to know how to swim, how to not make any sound on trees, how to track preys, how to anti-track……”

Kyle almost cannot open his eyes just by listening: “Mercenary have to learn so many things, then why is that many mercenaries that I saw does not look very knowledgeable.”

“Mercenaries that do not even possess these basic knowledge normally do not live long.”

Kyle suddenly feels like a bucket of cold water splashed onto his head, all his hot blood immediately cools down: “Teacher is also not a mercenary, how do you know what a mercenary must learn!”

“Who said I was not a mercenary before, I at least have 6 years of mercenary’s experience.” Liang Li Dong supplements in his mind: It’s just that it’s in the game.

Kyle’s mouth opens very wide.

“Seeing my fair skin and tender flesh, a look of a noble young master, doesn’t look like it, right.” Liang Li Dong turns his head, smiles and asks instead.

Kyle nods vigorously, he swallows a breath: “Teacher’s age is not that older than me, you said you have 6 years of mercenary’s experience, could it be you’re a qualified mercenary when you were 12 or 13 years old?”

“Who told you I’m only around 20 years old! Class-ers are different from ordinary people, the stronger they are, the longer their lives are. You cannot judge a Class-er’s age from their looks.” Liang Li Dong explains: “I met a young girl that looks like 12 years old once. She is ridiculously strong and in actual fact, she was already 174 years old. And at that time, she was still considered a child. She told me herself once that her adulthood is around 536 years old.”

Kyle’s mouth opens even wider, it can already contain his own fist: “What is this girl’s name, how can she live so long?”

“Human-dragon mixed blood, Fire Dragon King Margaret, the strongest humanoid.” Liang Li Dong continues explaining: “Typically, human Class-ers’ lifespan can reach 140 years. Class-ers that are stronger may live up to around 200 years. If there is special bloodline, their lifespans will be even longer. And those that have special bloodline have slightly different looks from ordinary people, it is very conspicuous.”

“For example, like Teacher?” Kyle points to Liang Li Dong’s bright gold hair.

Typically, ordinary people’s blond hair is dark tone but Liang Li Dong’s bright gold hair is different, it seems to have a weak light source itself. It is very dazzling even in the dark and the luster is very clean, just like strands of gold crystal thread, have to say it is very pretty.

Liang Li Dong touches his hair. In the game, his hair color is not so conspicuous and is just like ordinary people but now, it is way too ‘pretty’ and is kind of like Margaret’s hair nature. The difference is Margaret’s hair is a passionate fiery red and very long, almost reaching the heel.

Maybe it is because of Cloud Dragon bloodline, Liang Li Dong guesses.

Seeing that Liang Li Dong did not answer, Kyle takes it as silent consent from the former, he continues to ask: “Teacher, how old are you exactly?”

“Make a guess!” Liang Li Dong keeps it in suspense.

“How can I guess this.” Kyle is slightly helpless.

Liang Li Dong laughs a bit, and says: “Let’s not talk about these for now, there is a tiger over there, let us go and have a look whether it is suitable to be a familiar or not.”

By now, they have already reached the waist of the peak, right by the edge of the forest. ‘Driving Fog’ skill range expands, at this time, there are many red dots appearing within the duo’s field of view and at the edge of the thick fog, there is a relatively larger red dot. Opening the system prompt, it displays: System introduction of ‘Mountain Tiger’.

The duo walks over, tiger belongs to feline, and normally feline’s hearing, sight, and smell are not bad. But when the duo walks to 50 meters in front of the big cat, this tiger is looks left and right, having no idea what is happening. Driving Fog deprives most of the tiger’s senses. Now, it cannot even see the things in front of it clearly and is roaring in a low voice, not knowing what to do and appears to be very uneasy. This tiger was full and ran to the grassland beside the forest to have a suntan. It did not expect to be engulfed by Liang Li Dong’s ‘Driving Fog’ skill at once.

Although tigers are kings of forest, as a natural creature, once it encounter magic, it is still a vulnerable group.

Liang Li Dong opens the system function ‘Familiar’ contract, facing the fidgeting and uneasy big cat in front, and then checks the prompt given by the System.

Name: Mountain Tiger (Adult)

Race: Feline (Can contract as familiar)

Contract Feat: Silent Movement

Liang Li Dong nods, just like in the game, after feline turned into magical beast, its Feat is Silent Movement as expected. Felines have very strong offensive power and attacking method is very diverse. It can become very strong combat familiar but Liang Li Dong’s Driving Fog skill already comes with the effect of ‘Silent Movement’, if he contracts a feline, the Feat will have duplicates and is a waste.

Passing by the clueless big cat, Liang Li Dong enters the forest. Kyle follows behind and asks: “Teacher, is tiger not suitable? I feel its combat strength is very strong.”

“Its combat strength is really not bad but its combat Feat clashes with my Skill.”

Kyle nods while not fully understanding but he begins to remember a term ‘Combat Feat’.

Many animals can become a familiar but that does not mean all familiar have sufficient combat strength. For example squirrels, sparrows, rabbits etc can all become familiars, their Contract Feat is pretty practical too but even if they become magical beasts, their combat strength is very average and is more inclined to combat support. What Liang Li Dong needs is a familiar that has strong combat strength and has Feat that does not clash with his own Feat.

The duo walks for a while in the forest, Liang Li Dong discovers another natural creature that is suitable to be a combat familiar: Python.

Name: Hundred Spots Yellow Python

Race: Pythonidae

Contract Feat: Fighting Blind

This python actually has already discovered Liang Li Dong and Kyle but it did not attack because the distance between them exceeds 50 meters. Additionally, snakes are actually very afraid of humans, unless it cannot take the hunger, or is threatened, or else it normally will not attack people. Snakes do not rely on sight or hearing to detect living creatures so Driving Fog does not have much effect on it but it is still affected by the decrease in movement speed. It wants to escape from this 2 scary humanoid creature but its movement speed is very slow.

Fighting Blind, Liang Li Dong is a bit tempted. Python has very high combat strength after becoming a familiar, its Feat also does not clash but Liang Li Dong thinks for a bit and gives up again. He has true vision, no matter what the environment is, he can see things, this combat Feat Fighting Blind has no use.

After leaving the terrified python, Liang Li Dong continues to stroll in the forest with Kyle, and met a new combat-type creature again very quickly.

Name: Grey Forest Wolf

Race: Canine

Contract Feat: Spell Resistance

Spell Resistance is a fairly good support Feat, it can slightly increases the possessor’s all magic resistances, the effect is common but it is all-rounded. This effect has affect on no matter what type, and with the increase in the possessor’s level, its effect will gradually become even more obvious, Liang Li Dong has 7 Will power growth, has not bad resistance to magic, if possess Spell Resistance on top of it, the effects will be even better, ordinary magic will hardly have any obvious effect on him.

And canine’s combat ability are relatively not bad, although not as strong as feline, it is still much stronger than support familiar like squirrels.

Note it down first, take a look at other creatures before deciding. The duo continues to stroll around in the forest and encountered many wild animals. Liang Li Dong wants to look at bug-type familiars. In the end, he discovered that this forest does not have large-sized insects and even if small-sized insects become a magical beast, no matter how good the Feat is, its combat strength is very limited so he can only give up.

After walking for more than half a day, seeing that the sun is almost setting, Liang Li Dong finally decides to take the grey wolf as his familiar at this time.

They catch a lone grey wolf in the forest very quickly. Liang Li Dong calls out the familiar contract system, with glowing blue light all over and even mixed with small crackling lightning circling him, a sight of a scary mage. Kyle looks with frowned eyebrows. The grey wolf lie on the ground, not daring to move at all. It is howling and scared to death.

With the help of the System, Liang Li Dong tears off a small soul shard from his sea of consciousness and condenses on the index finger of his right hand. In the game, when he contracted a familiar, his soul shard is blue but now, his soul shard is bright gold, just like the color of his hair.

Although tearing of soul is much more painful than in the game, Liang Li Dong still managed to endure it, he uses his left hand to wipe off the cold sweat from his head and just when he was about to insert the soul shard on his right index finger into the grey wolf’s brain, right at this time, a chirping sound can be heard from above his head. He subconsciously raises his head, a big bird with a long blue tail, white feathered body, 3-colored crown flies past his head. Because of the Driving Fog skill lowing its moving speed, this bird is flying tediously and its speed is not fast.

This blue long-tailed bird’s information appears in Liang Li Dong’s field of view very quickly.

Name: 3 Feather Crown Falcon (Semi-magical beast-ized)

Race: Falconidae (Can contract as familiar)

Contract Feat: Intuition Dodge, Wisdom Inspiration

Oh fuck! Liang Li Dong almost jumped, it is actually a dual Feat creature and a natural creature that is semi-magical beast-ized. He has heard of this special species that is between natural creature and magical beast but has never met it before. It belongs to something that only comes by with luck and not sought after but he never expected to encounter it here.

“Kyle, help me catch this bird.”

Liang Li Dong shouts loudly, chases after it, he now has 7.35 Coordination, adding on the speed increase from Driving Fog skill and Agile Movement, he vanishes with a leap. Kyle get a shock from looking and quickly chases after.


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