Chapter 37 Da Fei and “Brother-in-law”

Da Fei’s sleep awakens laughing at 9 in the morning the next day. He suddenly remembers today is the day his little sister’s vacation starts and is going home. There is not much time left, he hurriedly goes to the bus station to send her off. It seems to be the ride in the noon.

Da Fei has no time to eat breakfast and goes to the bus station directly. Although the Spring Festival travel season[1] has not begun yet, the people at the bus station is still as many as always. And after asking around, he knows which bus it is for today. Da Fei then searches among the sea of people in the waiting lobby.

And then his eyes lighten up, a pair of curvy sexy legs in warm black stockings, a pair of white high heel boots, a black mini-skirt, good leg and good skirt! Looking upward, pink scarf wrapped around a white down coat, a pure and reserved ponytail head above the scarf——Found it! It is my sister after all, able to exude a model’s demeanor with roadside goods! Be it studies or looks, she does not lose to anyone. As the saying goes, tack during year 1, chic during year 2, proud during year 3, sought after by bosses and tycoons during year 4!

And at this time, she is laughing with a tall boy wearing a shirt and sweater over it beside her.

Da Fei pulls a long face, it really is that poor-ass gigolo! Sweet-talking with a glib tongue and so good at chasing skirts, if you have this quality and have this kind of ability, go seduce rich ladies or rich pretty Missy, don’t come and hold up my family’s Xiao Li’s future! Today, since Bro bumps into it, Bro will make it clear.

Da Fei squeezes through the crowd and greets with a grim face: “Xiao Li!”

That girl turns her head in astonishment: “Bro! Didn’t I tell you not to come?”

That handsome tall boy hurriedly bows, nods and greets: “Hello, big brother!”

Da Fei shows a fierce face: “Who is your big brother!” If anyone calls Da Fei big brother, Da Fei will definitely be happy, only except by this person!

Xiao Li stares: “Brother, what are you saying? Da Wei is my friend! Today, he specially came to help me carry my luggage. Oh ya, why is your eyes so dark? Pulled an all-nighter?”

Hmph! Noob, I will deal with you later!

Da Fei smiles faintly: “Had 2 night shifts in a row, my mental state is not that good, I originally wanted you to bring something back home but it’s inconvenient for a girl like you to bring too many things so forget about it.” Yup, the actual fact is forgotten about in the rush. As for things like professional gamer, Da Fei do not even dare to mention it. Back then when he was crazily playing games, the household had many complaints towards him and it was unbearable to think back upon.

Xiao Li sighs: “Brother, remember to rest, don’t overwork yourself.”

Damn! When are you so gentle towards Bro, it is definitely trying to set up a virtuous image for this Da Wei to see, right? Their relationship is already up till this step! Bro will never let you two be together!

Da Fei shakes his head, sighs and seems to insinuate something: “As a man, one must put in all their might to earn big bucks, or else not only will women not even look at him, not even the dogs outside will take a look.” Finishing this sentence, Da Fei steals a glance with the side of his eyes and he indeed sees this gigolo lowers his head dejectedly. Damn, you also knew you are broke? As a tall poor handsome guy, do you need Bro to teach you what to do?

Xiao Li naturally can tell Da Fei’s words have hidden meaning and immediately retorts: “Money is never enough, not all women only looks at money! Big brother, your mindset has to change, you have to use sincerity to move the other party. Dad and Mum are most worried about your marriage.”

Fuck! Right after growing up, this lass is already lecturing Bro in front of outsiders! Fucking hell, women do not look at money? In the whole world, only our Xiao Li is such a good woman! All the more, I cannot let this poor-ass take advantage!

Da Fei laughs: “Rest assured, Bro is having a turn of luck now and will be rich in no time.”

Xiao Li says in surprise: “Is it so? Please don’t tell me you’re doing multi-level marketing!”

Da Fei hurriedly shakes his head: “Definitely not! Definitely law-abiding! I’m working for a big boss this time, the salary is at least up to 20,000 per month!” Hmph, the big boss is Hero Genesis’s China agent, Bro is scared saying monthly salary of 200,000 will frighten you and make you think Bro is doing something unorthodox again.

Xiao Li laughs: “That’s good, Bro definitely must work hard.”

Damn it! Bro is most annoyed with hearing woman saying you must work hard! Do you think men do not want to work hard?

And so, Da Fei chats with Xiao Li about things about relatives like eldest uncle-in-law, 2nd aunt-in-law, 3rd uncle, 4th grandfather etc that he did not bother to talk about in the past. He is trying to find things to talk about so that he can leave this Da Wei hanging by the side on purpose.

Finally, a horn sounds off at the bus stop, it is time to board the bus.

Da Wei finally finds a sense of presence and hurried over to carry the luggage.

Tch, who do you think you are to our family? Da Fei immediately goes up and snatches the luggage: “No need for you, I’ll carry it!”

Da Wei hurriedly says: “No no, let me do it!”

Da Fei snatches over angrily: “I’ll do it when I say I’ll do it!” Oh fuck! A bit heavy and a bit hard, it is books, right? Why bring books during breaks, Bro did not have breakfast, are you screwing with Bro…

The train left, Da Fei and Da Wei waves their hands to say goodbye to Xiao Li who is sitting by the window. Although cannot hear what she is saying behind the window, that lip shape does not look like ‘goodbye’ at all, could it be ‘Don’t fight’? Tch, Bro did not even have breakfast, legs are already sore from carrying the luggage when queuing to get in, then I will let him off.

Da Fei takes out a cigarette and hands it over, Da Wei hurriedly shakes his hand: “Big brother, I don’t smoke.”

Tch! How can man survive in this world if he cannot smoke? Good-for-nothing!

Da Fei tilts his head, indifferently lit the cigarette and takes a deep smoke. And then, moves the hand holding the cigarette away, making a Chow Yun Fatt’s classic pose, with a puff, smoke spits out like swords. This is Da Fei’s thoroughly trained pose! Kid, see that? This is called acting cool, if men do not act cool, he will be bullied outside!

Right at this time, a auntie wearing a red armband in the station rushes over shouting and points to the no smoking sign on the wall: “No smoking allowed here! Can’t you read! Fine 20 dollars!”

Fucking dampen Bro’s mood! Cannot smoke, is it, then let’s go drink!

After getting rid of the rattling auntie, Da Fei sways his head: “Let’s go, let’s have lunch.”

Da Wei hurriedly says: “Oh oh, yes.”

Tch! No disposition at all, definitely will get screwed by people once he enter the society. Although students are mostly cautious and shy like this, once they enter the society, it will be like recruits entering the battlefield. Taking the first step wrong is equivalent to recruits being killed before even figuring out the situation. By the time you know what is wrong, you are already suppressed by others and may not even make a reversal in 10 years or 20 years! How can Xiao Li be with someone like you.


The small pub beside the bus station. Da Fei orders 3 side dishes and 2 bottles of wine.

Da Wei hurried shakes his hand: “Big brother, I, I cannot drink! Our track and field team doesn’t allow drinking.”

Tch! Track and field team? Can you even run like Liu Xiang? What use are you for if you cannot even drink! Do you really think this is high-class socializing of civilized society now? That is not something a greenhorn like you should be considering! You still want to climb up from below without even understanding what is called China’s drinking culture? Bro looks down on you, eldest brother is like father, Bro will definitely not let Xiao Li be with you.

Da Fei has a sip of wine, sighs: “Actually, I feel you’re not a bad fellow, conduct is upright too but under what premise are you and Xiao Li going out with? Just playing around and going your separate ways after graduating? Or getting married?”

Da Wei hurriedly says: “Of course is marriage! I’m from the local city, we will not go our separate ways!”

Fuck! Marriage! To think you dare to say that? Do you know how much money it takes to marry? However, with Xiao Li’s character, who knows she might agree to marry him with nothing? Oh fuck! That definitely will not do!

Da Fei raises his eyelids, 2 cold light shoots out: “Our family is very poor, my parents’ health are not so good too, the financial burden is very heavy, as the big brother, I don’t have much ability, have you considered these problems before?”

Da Wei hurriedly says: “I know, big brother had a hard time, Xiao Li has also told me before. No matter what difficulties, I will definitely be together with Xiao Li——”

Damn, Bro is most annoyed with youngster poisoned by romance drama, watching more palace fight drama helps you grow healthily!

Da Fei impatiently shakes his hands to interrupt his words: “One more year to graduation, right? Tell me what plans do you have after graduating.”

Da Wei hurriedly says: “I’m sitting for the civil servant exams.”

Da Fei shakes his head and says coldly: “Don’t mention civil servant, a normal employee in the local city on the average earns around 10,000 a month including bonuses. It is not necessary better than Bro carrying bricks or delivering water. With this bit of income, what are you going to use to buy a house? How to support a family? Your household also has father and mother, right? How are you going to support your parents? And don’t mention promoting to executives, without working hard for 10 years, it is impossible for a newcomer! Don’t tell me you intend to make our Xiao Li wait 10 years for you?”

Da Wei is stunned: “I——”

Da Fei continues to interrupt: “I have many classmates and friends that are divorcing now, the reason is very simple, that is emotionally incompatible! The hell with emotionally incompatible, it is just disliking their husbands for not having money or abilities, if they knew it would be like this now earlier, will they do it in the first place?”

Da Wei hurriedly says: “Xiao Li is not that kind of woman!”

Bullshit! Our Xiao Li is not that kind of woman naturally! Bro is scared that you having no abilities and have to put up with things outside will hit your wife! How can this kind of one-in-a-million good woman marry a garbage and suffer?

Da Fei says seriously: “I’ll say it clearly now, I’ll give you 1 year, which is before graduating, you have to earn 300,000. It is just the down-payment for a house in the local city. This is the most basic requirement, Bro is not trying to make things difficult for you. You have to know other women will want car and house directly or no way. Bro is only asking for a down-payment! If you cannot do it, Bro do not want to see you. Borrowing money from relatives is a no-go, Bro will not let Xiao Li be together with a debtor with no abilities.”

Da Wei is shocked: “Earning 300k in a year! I…I still have lessons in my year 4…”

Da Fei says in disdain: “What is the use of you learning all those courses? The economy now is bad, all you undergraduate are not even as sought after than those blue-collar students with skills from vocational schools. Anyways, Bro will put my words out here, you can do as you see fit!”

If you have the ability, shout out “don’t look down at a poor man”? If Bro have your physique, carrying bricks for a year can also earn 100k. If Bro have your looks, being a gigolo can also earn 1 million! Without going through some actual trial, trying to get a beauty just by depending on a glib tongue talking about ideals and future? No way!

For a while, Da Wei cannot swallow the food and Da Fei continues drinking depressingly. This meal ended so dismally and ended on a sour note just like this.

On the way back home, Da Fei’s heart is very uncomfortable. After Xiao Li knows about this matter, she will definitely be enraged, right? This unwelcome big brother will be even more unwelcome, right?

Tch! Even if he has to be a villain or snob, Bro will do it! Bro is just so practical and snob like this! The hardship Bro had endured, the suffering Bro has taken and the things Bro has seen, when has it been less?


Da Wei goes back to the school hostel in distrait. When he passes by the school’s small shop, he suddenly remembers something and goes back to buy a pack of cigarettes. He just sit at the side of the hostel and smokes depressingly while coughing and tearing up. This is the first time he is smoking, one stick after another.

God knows how long later, the dorm’s door opens. Roommate Da Bing excitedly carries a large chest back, smelling the room full of cigarette smell, he cannot help but says in surprise: “Aiyo, Bro Wei actually started smoking? Fallen out of love?”

Da Wei says unhappily: “Scram! What is this?”

Da Bing laughs: “You won’t understand even if you told you, the most popular in the world! Becoming rich overnight! I’m not going back this winter break!”

Da Fei cannot help but be startled: “Becoming rich overnight?”


T/L note 1: Spring Festival travel refers to the high traffic load before and after Spring Festival due to MANY people travelling back home to celebrate Spring Festival.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 37 Da Fei and “Brother-in-law”

  1. Alert.
    To live in this world you just need avoid smoke and alcohol. These thing destroy your body and those closer to you.
    I rather lose a friend rather than losing my life

  2. This was so confusing. I actually read almost whole chapter thinking Da Wei is his sister..
    I mean come on he is Da Fei, the same surname..
    So are they Da Fei, Da Wei, Da Li? WHAT DA F*CK!?
    But then at the end, even his roomater is Da.. so i dunno.. is Da something like Xiao?

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