Chapter 38 Bro is Not Going to be a Pirate

Da Fei logs in again. Cash shop’s log-off item God’s Sanctuary’s radiance disappears, the sunk pirate ship’s wreckage and the great white shark’s corpse still remains. It is not the time-stopping divine item for nothing.

——System Notification: A new day on sea begins, you obtained 100 EXP from training on the sea.

This should be the bit of EXP given daily by Voyager Class. Then again, Voyager and Navigation is only a character different[1], this is the different between Class and skill, the grade is really different. Then will Offense have a hidden Class Attacker, will Armorer also have a hidden Class Defender? Hehe.

Anyways, Soaring begins to drift on the sea again.

Now that there is nothing to pull the ship, how long is the ship going to drift? Bro should have completed all the trial quest now, right? There should be no more test and what I see is what I get, from now on, everything is going to done by brute force. If using brute strength, Bro as a lone commander has no more cards to play, whether the ship can be kept is up to heaven’s will.

A day passes by in the game. Last night, Da Fei did not sleep so well again and having drank in the noon, drowsiness strikes, Da Fei then turns the system alarm to the loudest and begins to nap with the helmet on.

God knows how long later, the alarm awakens the napping Da Fei!

——System Notification: Scouting warning! 3 unidentified ships are approaching you! Please stay alert!

Da Fei gets a shock and hurriedly takes out the telescope to have a look, pirates! Pirates again! Done for, the ship finally cannot be protected anymore!

Da Fei shakes his head while smiling bitterly, in the end, trial giving ship is only a gimmick after all. How is it possible that the System is so generous to give new players such a big ship? It is always find a reason to take it back, it is really happy for nothing in the end.

Fight it out? The hell with fighting! Naturally have to seize the time to pack the ballista and escape. Every thing that can be saved counts.

Da Fei hurriedly goes to the gun deck to dismantle the ballista. The pirate ships are getting closer and closer. Finally, the ship vibrates with a clang sound, the sides are connected! Pirates swarm over while shouting.

Footsteps can be heard from above, Da Fei is done packing the last part with a sense of relief.

Plop! Plop! Pirates jumps down to the cabin one by one, looking this incoming pirates, Da Fei sighs, with a swing of his 2 hands, he says coolly: “Kill me if you want! I’m the captain!”

Several pirates rushes up and hold their sabres on Da Fei’s neck, pushing him up to the deck. Eh? Why did they not kill me straight away? Their status clearly shows red which represents hostility, right? Could it be Bro trigger some story-line again.

On the deck, a tall burly big beard with a tobacco pipe in his mouth glances at Da Fei, says coldly: “Which section are you from?”

Da Fei’s eyebrow twitch! Which section? Triads’ lingo? Could it be Bro looks like a pirate? This cannot be some trial again, right? Impossible, trial should have ended, System is not a charity house.

Da Fei can only say: “I’m a beginner and do not belong to anywhere.” Speak the truth and let heaven decide his fate.

A chilling light flashes in Big beard’s eyes: “This is your ship?”

What are you asking for, it is going to be your ship right away! Da Fei can only say: “I’m the captain.”

Big beard asks again: “You killed the shark?”

Da Fei says blankly: “I killed it.”

Big beard laughs loudly: “Drag away!”

Thus, 3 pirate ships use metal chains to drag Da Fei’s ship and begin their return voyage. Pirates also take over Da Fei’s ship and begins controlling the sails. For a while, the fleet rides the wind and sail through the waves.

This, it is different when the number of crew increases. However, Da Fei is even more doubtful, they does not seem like enemies? Could it be he really triggered some story-line? Better ask something, although being talkative most probably will be asking for a beating.

Da Fei then asks: “Where are you guys taking me to?”

Big beard laughs loudly: “You’ll know when we’re there.” And with a sway of his hands, a pirate cover Da Fei’s head with a black hood, it becomes dark in Da Fei’s eyes. Okay, Bro get it, bringing Bro to your hideout, is it. Seems like it is really nothing much or else they will not be saying so much and be just killing people and snatching ship.

Anyways it is pitch dark now, might as well search for pirates’ information on the official site.

Hero Continent has many islands, they are pirates’ best habitats. Hence, pirates are rampant, players focusing on developing on the sea will have no worries of not finding good spots to grind. And pirates have a few large forces, they are Not Guilty Pirates, Blood Raider Pirates, Blood Sail Pirates, Barren Sea Pirates, and the force formed in the New World by Pirate King Red Beard, New Caribbeans Pirates respectively. These large pirate forces has very hidden hideouts, even navies of large nations dare not chase after them rashly.

Pirates are the enemies of all ships on the sea, each force will also fight among each other.  Being able to survive after encountering pirates like this, it probably really triggers a story-line. No choice, take it as it comes.

God knows how long later, noisy shouting and laughter can be heard from the other side of the sea. Da Fei’s world brighten up, the hood is taken off. In front of him is a island harbor. The harbor is packed with pirate ships and the shore is filled with wooden house. Da Fei then looks at the surrounding, small islands are scattered like stars in the sky in the surrounding. This is pirates’ hideout?

Big beard laughs loudly: “Newbie, welcome to Barren Island, I’ll bring you to our leader Captain Locke. At that time, answer whatever boss asks you, if you do not want to suffer, hahahaha!”

Captain Locke! Barren Pirates! A large force! Oh fuck, what is this again?

The fleet lowers the sails and moored, large group of pirates ashore excitedly surround in and chat noisily: “Haha, they actually snatched a big ship!”

“Ballack gotten rich this time!”

“Eh, such a large shark?”

Big beard waves his hand at the crowd: “Guys! Drag the shark up, the skin must be skinned properly!”

Everyone responds loudly: “This shark skin is definitely the highest grade! Definitely can produce good shark skin armor!”

Big beard and entourage escorts Da Fei up the shore and walks through the streets. Da Fei looks left and right at this novel small island city. Shipyard, smithy, equipment store, tavern, it has everything. Especially the taverns everywhere on the street, rough laughter and music and can be heard from everywhere.

Although small, it has everything.

Not long later, Da Fei is escorted to outside a big room, big beard does not even knocks on the door and casually pushes Da Fei in straight away and shouts: “Boss, I brought you something fun.”

Upon entering, Da Fei sees a large half-naked man with strong muscles and face full of scars laying on a big sofa in the center of the hall. A few beauties with thin clothing are waiting on him with drinking, and a few beauties kneeling on the gorgeous carpet in front of the sofa giving him pedicure and massaging his legs. Compared to his bear-like physique, this few petite woman is practically like…This difference in size, can it be used…

This scarred man is naturally the leader of Barren Pirates mentioned on the official site, Locke. Needless to say, definitely an Epic Hero.

Locke laughs: “Ballack, I heard you seized a big ship on this trip?”

Big beard shakes his head: “Not yet, just met an interesting fellow, which is him.”

Locke stares at Da Fei and laughs loudly: “Kid, you have prospects, having done so many crimes and have a ship at such a young age. It’s a waste if you don’t be a pirate, how about it, join us, I’ll groom you into the best pirate, enjoy the most carefree life!”

——System Notification: Pirate leader Locke is going to job change you into the hidden main Hero Class “Pirate”, do you agree?

——Basic Pirate: The uncrowned king that rampage the seas, every level increases units’ Damage on sea by 10%, increases ship speed by 5%, effects stack directly with Offense and Navigation. Every increase in level gains 1 free stat point, 1 stat point automatically allocated to Attack by system.

Class Specialty: Can train marine units Pirate Warrior, learn this Specialty requires 1 skill point.

——Pirate Warrior: Attack 10, Defense 2, Damage 6-10, HP 35, Attack Speed 14, Movement Speed 12, special ability: Ship Piloting, Flying Axe, Agile Dodge, War Plundering.

——Beginner Tip: Once job changed into Pirate Class, you will become the enemy of all the kingdoms, please choose cautiously.

Da Fei only suddenly realized now! The reason for not killing me is because Bro is a beginner who has not job changed and is a notorious Red Name, it fits the requirement to change into Pirate! To think players can actually join Pirate this Hero Class, Bro thought it was only NPC-specific. During beta, although there was many players made a living through plundering on the seas and called themselves pirates, that is not real pirates but just normal Red Names.

This is going to be troublesome, this is a main Hero Class and not a sub-Class like Voyager. Bro can still clear it if it is Red Name, but if I become a pirate, that will be once a thief forever a thief!

Bro does not want to be a pirate. That will really be being enemy with players and NPC of the whole world. Although Bro used to love this kind of things, Bro is a professional player now and going to sell gold coins to earn money, okay? Putting other things aside, how can a Red Name pirate like Bro trade gold coins to middle agent of the website? Getting the Level 1 agent beginner to exit the city, turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left and meet at the beach? Don’t even think about it.

And every day is fighting, killing, repairing, is the plundered money even enough to spend! Do you really think pirates are very carefree? If they are really carefree, they will not be holed up in this island already. Even African lion herds as the kings of grasslands are always starving, preys are not so easily caught. The lions that died under the sharp horns of African buffaloes is way more than the buffaloes eaten by lions. Lions getting injured meant starving to death. Similarly, for a Class that depends on ships for a living like Pirate, once the ships is damaged or wrecked, that will be HAPPY.

Not to even mention Bro also accepted an Epic quest, being a pirate meant not being able to even enter the city, not to even mention meeting the Grand Duke Makarl, Epic quest will be instantly failed.

Anyways, Bro is not going to be a pirate, there is not monetary benefits. Bro is a good citizens, definitely full of positive energy.

Da Fei immediately chooses reject: “I’ll not be a pirate.” At most, kill Bro, Bro don’t believe, can NPC even kill players back to level 0?

Big beard is angry: “Kid, how do you think you saved your save! Don’t get too cocky!”

Locke shakes his hands and laughs: “It’s okay, let him walk around first, he will naturally come and find me once he thought it through.”

Big beard gives a cold snort: “I’ll listen to Boss, Boss take your time to have fun.” He then carries Da Fei out of the room, and then throws him onto the floor like throwing trash and walks off.


T/L note 1: Although in Chinese it is a character different, so it could have been Navigator or Voyager but the description in novel makes it seem like Voyager more.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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  1. Da Fei: Ore Wa Kaizoku Ou Ni Naru!!! IoI ahahaha 😀

    but Pirate King ? i think there is more stage after it, like Pirate Emperor!! Pirate Saint!!! Pirate God!!!! Space Pirate Lord! Space Pirate King!! Space Pirate Emperor!!! Space Pirate Saint!!!! Space Pirate God!!!! Galatic Pirate Lord! Galatic Pirate King!! Galatic Pirate Emperor!!! Galatic Pirate Saint!!!! Galatic Pirate God!!!!! Supercluster Pirate Lord! Supercluster Pirate King!! Supercluster Pirate Emperor!!! Supercluster Pirate Saint!!!! Supercluster Pirate God!!!!!

    thx for the chapter ^^

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