019 Situation is Gradually Deviating from Expectation

Kyle always thought that Liang Li Dong is the kind of people that lacks the strength to truss a chicken, after all in ordinary people’s understanding, although spellcasters possess very strong magic power, their bodies are relatively frail and are the type that will start panting after running a few more steps. However, he never expected Liang Li Dong to be so fast once he bursts out, he is at least faster than children that grew up in mountain villages like him.

Moving quickly in the woodland is difficult, after all, woodland is not like flat ground. The terrain here is uneven, there is plants of different sizes becoming obstacles. Not paying attention will be tripped by vines, normally people walking amidst woodland, even if they are very careful, there is still a chance to be caught by vines. Moving at such a fast speed, it is not strange to fall and eat dirt.

However, Kyle follows behind Liang Li Dong, looking at his teacher running at a very ridiculous speed, moving around. Trees of various sizes cannot even stop his advancement, every time he encounters trees blocking the way, he will always use a strange footstep and sway over sideways almost touching the trunk. Because the speed is too fast, it even gave people the illusion of penetrating through the tree trunk.

Kyle chases with all his might but the distance gets wider and wider and he almost got tripped by vines. He only discovers now that the gap between them is indeed very big.

3 Feather Crown Falcon flies really slowly. It is smarter than ordinary wild beasts and has already discovered abnormality at this time. It intends to fly up high but it felt a strange tearing force in this patch of thick fog causing it to not be able to fly high. It must fly even faster so as to shake off this patch of thick fog but the problem is, its field of view is pitifully small now. It dares not fly fast in fear of knocking into trees so it intends to fly forward slowly and break away from this patch of thick fog.

At this time, Liang Li Dong is already hanging below the 3 Feather Crown Falcon and still chasing. The thick fog of ‘Driving Fog’ magic is produced with him as the center, so as long as Liang Li Dong is always following this 3 Feather Crown Falcon, the other side will forever have no way of escaping from the thick fog’s range

After catching up with 3 Feather Crown Falcon, Liang Li Dong slows down his pace. At this time, Kyle finally barely managed to catch up. He is panting but he discovers his teacher is still calm and composed. This discovery made him feel even more that his strength is very weak.

Liang Li Dong follows behind the 3 Feather Crown Falcon all the way like this. Because the magic ‘Driving Fog’ comes with the feat ‘Silent Movement’ and restricted the 3 Feather Crown Falcon’s sight and hearing, so this big bird did not discover the 2 humans hanging behind it all the way. It just fly slowly like this and keeps flying……very quickly, it became tired, Driving Fog magic restricts its speed, it must spend even more strength to maintain flight or else it will fall off from the sky.

Seeing that the 3 Feather Crown Falcon landing on a tree branch, Liang Li Dong’s face shows happiness. He looks at the surrounding environment and then after estimating the distance between the numerous trees and the height the big bird is at, he takes a few steps back and says to the slightly out of breath Kyle: “Later, I’ll think of a way to get the big bird down. You wait behind first, after all, this thing is already semi-magical beast-ized. It is slightly dangerous for you. After I call for you, just act according to my instructions, understand?”

Kyle originally wanted to say he wants to help but once he thought of the gap between him and Teacher, he cannot say anything and can only nod.

Kyle backs away at a distance and hides his body behind a big tree.

Liang Li Dong looks at this big bird for a while. But it is still resting, so he climbs to the other tree closest to it. With a nimble body like a monkey, he climbs up the tree in a fast speed and did not even make a sound. Kyle looks in surprise, at this time, he finally believes that Liang Li Dong had more than 6 years of mercenary life and also believes what Liang Li Dong had said about those knowledge and techniques that mercenary need to possess.

Although the creature in front of his eyes is a relatively rare demi-magical beast-ized natural creature and as long as he can contract it, his combat abilities can increase greatly, Liang Li Dong’s mood is quite calm. He had went through countless of battles before after all. Even large-scale battles of 100 thousand people, he has been through it more than 10 times himself and has already worked out a strong heart. The more crucial the timing is, the more he can hold his composure.

He confirms the 3 Feather Crown Falcon’s position from the gaps between leaves once again and climbs even higher and even facing the big bird’s position, he leaps down from above……Numerous branches hit on his body, hit on his face, the pain is burning but he did not even blink once and keeps staring below. When his position falls to above the big bird, he kicks with his leg.

The resting 3 Feather Crown Falcon did not even expect a hunter to descend from the sky at all. Its back is kicked and it falls off from the tree with a scream.

Liang Li Dong’s kick looks heavy but he is clear that this will only cause minor injury to the 3 Feather Crown Falcon at most and not cause its death. As expected, after this big bird falls to the ground, it immediately flips itself up and screeches to the still airborne Liang Li Dong. Invisible air blades spit out from its metal hook-like beak which forms a half moon shape air blade and slashes over.

With a bend of his waist, Liang Li Dong forcefully shifts his body’s straight descent from mid-air to one side. This is the advantage of having high mobility which is the effect from the Feat ‘Agile Movement’. In battle, the more one can move and shift nimbly, the more advantage one will have.

Air blade flies to mid-air and cut off several branches. At where every branch is cut off, it is quite smooth just like being cut by a sharp blade. Liang Li Dong is not surprised but happy instead……The game forum was not wrong indeed. This type of semi-magical beast-ized pet really can use special magical beast magic. This made his determination in contracting this big bird even firmer.

Missing a strike, the 3 Feather Crown Falcon’s eyes actually shows an angry expression, this relatively humanly expression shows that it has sufficient intelligent.

It flaps its wings a few times and discovers it cannot fly up……Liang Li Dong descends from the sky, kicks its back just to injure its wings.

Taking this chance, Liang Li Dong quickly charges over after landing, the 3 Feather Crown Falcon uses 2 air blades in a row. It is a pity that both are dodged by Liang Li Dong……Although it is a semi-magical beast-ized creature and is really stronger than ordinary natural creature, not completely magical beast-ized is its weakness. Furthermore, birds’ advantage is in the air and not on the ground.

Liang Li Dong’s speed is very fast. After dodging 2 air blades, he has already ran to the front of big bird and then followed by a quick side kick……Divine Noble’s abilities are all on swordsmanship and bloodline magic, combat is not its specialty so Liang Li Dong’s seemingly powerful attack actually is not that strong. Big bird’s brain is kicked, its body tilts to a side and then it becomes even angrier.

All its feathers stand up……Liang Li Dong’s combat experience is plentiful. Knowing that the other party is going to use its trump card, he immediately retreats. Just when he takes a few steps back, all the feathers of 3 Feather Crown Falcon shoot out in all directions with no blind spot……Liang Li Dong rolls on the spot and avoids most of the feather attach but 2 feathers still hit him.

A feather pierces into his arm, it is very deep in. Another feather originally shot towards his face but he used his left hand to block it so it is stuck on his left palm now.

Plucking off the 2 feathers……Bright red blood flows out from the wound. It looks very serious but Liang Li Dong knows, this kind of small-sized penetrating wound is actually nothing. It will create a scab by itself very quickly if left alone and the wound can heal completely in 10+ days.

“Teacher, are you okay?” Kyle sees that Liang Li Dong is injured, he gets a shock and jumps out.

“It’s nothing, go and help me hold that big bird now. Now, it has fainted already.” Liang Li Dong points in front.

Kyle walks over and then cannot help but laughs out loud……After shooting all its feathers, this originally very mighty 3 Feather Crown Falcon immediately turns into a featherless bald chicken and became quite ugly. 3 Feather Crown Falcon’s back was kicked once and its head was also kicked once. Although it is a semi-magical beast-ized creature, after using all its strength, it still collapses from exhaustion.

Liang Li Dong walks over, slightly deals with his 2 wounds and then pulls out the contract system. Pointing towards the unconscious ‘bald chicken’, with the help from the system, he endures the pain of tearing out his soul and points it into the big bird’s brain.

At this time, the 3 Feather Crown Falcon awakens, struggles non-stop with its body and lets out screams followed by screams. One of Kyle’s hand presses on the big bird’s bald wings, another seizes the big bird’s legs. That looks just like a chicken slaughtering scene. He asks slightly nervously: “How is it, Teacher, will it work?”

Liang Li Dong rubs his head for a while. He sees this situation, grits his teeth and says: “This big bird’s soul power is quite strong, I need to separate out more soul fragments, continue……”

Another golden light is sent into the big bird’s brain by Liang Li Dong. After completing this action, Liang Li Dong finally cannot take it anymore. He grabs his head with his hands and squats down on the ground. He mumbles: “So painful, so painful, so painful……Going to die, going to die, going to die……”

And that big bird on the ground struggles even more. It raises it heard and lets out a hoarse scream just like it is crying and also like it is complaining. Kyle seeing this situation of the man and bird, he cannot help but shivers: “This is using life to contract familiar.”

Around 10 minutes later, the man and bird gradually quieten down. Liang Li Dong stands up with sweat all over and scolds with resentment: “Separating 2 pieces of soul fragments is actually so unbearable, if I know earlier, I’ll not contract this damn thing already.”

“You think I wanted to be your familiar.” A nice young girl voice sounds off from the ground: “I was originally living freely in this forest. You forcefully stuff your thing in and turn me into this. You still have the guts to complain?”

Kyle gets a shock: “Bird….Big bird talked.”

“Familiars originally are able to speak. Kid, you are being too surprised over nothing.” The young girl voice continues: “And take your smelly hand away or else I’m going to turn nasty. I’m a young girl that is yet to be married.”

“Release it, the contract succeeded.” Liang Li Dong lightly knocks on his head to relieve the residual pain.

Kyle immediately jumps off, the ‘bald chicken’ on the ground stands up. It looks down on its body and says with a crying voice: “Ah, my beautiful clothes are gone, it’s so ugly. What to do, for it to grow back again, it will take at least a month.”

Kyle points at the big bird on the group with force: “Teacher…it, how did it suddenly be able to talk?”

“I shared 2 pieces of my soul fragment with it. It obtained a large portion of my knowledge and evolved into a familiar, it naturally is able to speak now.” Liang Li Dong shrugs his shoulders and says: “Don’t be too mindful of it. Familiars have independent personality and consciousness, and possess wisdom, have all kinds of personality. I have even seen familiars that steal the owner’s gold coins or secretly looks for prostitute for fun at night.”

“Don’t compare me to those disgusting things!” The bald chicken jumps and flaps its featherless wings: “I’m a noble lady.”

“Yes yes, cute Miss Lady, we will go back home together now.” Liang Li Dong walks over and carries up the bald chicken to put on his shoulder.

The featherless 3 Feather Crown Falcon’s size shrinks greatly. It can now stand on top Liang Li Dong’s shoulder with no pressure.

Kyle looks at the bald chicken on Liang Li Dong’s shoulder and says enviously: “I also want a familiar that can talk, how smug is that.”


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  1. What a snappy pet! Also, didn’t one of MC’s companion warn him of cheating?… It’s also interesting how long he plays the priest charade

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