021 Main Character-like Treatment

Note: I’ve changed Warlock to Sorcerer and Magical Pet to Familiar so as to fit D&D terms.

Barbara’s reaction made Liang Li Dong feel strange, contracting familiar is not any special technique,  at least when Liang Li Dong was playing the game, be it players or NPC, almost all spellcasters have a familiar, suitable or not, strong or not is another thing. Could it this world and the game world is similar but not the same, there are many ingenious differences?

“Contracting familiar does not seem like some very powerful ability.” Liang Li Dong makes a hand gesture, inviting the other party to sit down: “Miss Barbara coming all the way here specially, it’s a pity I do not have a formal lodging here and cannot receive you as a real host, please forgive me.”

Barbara collects her skirt and sits down very elegantly. She is staring at Liang Li Dong’s very dazzling blonde hair slightly curiously but says in her mouth: “Colorless Magic Tower’s members are indeed all elites, so contracting a familiar is a very easy thing in your eyes, I always thought I’m considered outstanding even among spellcaster but from what I see now, it is only due to my knowledge not being enough.”

Barbara’s words are very sincere and does not sound like just being polite. Liang Li Dong feels even more doubtful, he cannot help but opens the System and drags out the other party’s data in the System.

Name: Barbara (LV5)

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Faction: Red Magic Tower

System’s detection can tell Class-er’s Level, this is the benefit by the officials. As a Level 5 Mage, she actually did not contract a familiar, this is really a bit strange. However, Liang Li Dong did not want to make himself seem different from others, he buries the doubt in his heart and compliments while smiling: “Red Magic Tower’s members are the real mages, with destructive power as the first priority, when people from other Magic Tower see you all, they all have to hide away in case they infuriate you all.”

Barbara smiles, seems a little happy: “You flatter me.”

That bunch of spellcasters from Red Magic Tower, specializes in fire-type magic and are famous arsonists and explosion maniacs. They are always thinking of how to make the fire burn strong and long, always researching on how to make Big Fireball become even bigger, fly even faster and its explosion even stronger. They specializes in dropping meteor shower of fire from the sky, always thinking about how to summon large meteorite to destroy others’ city gates fast and accurately.

Their signature move is: 3 times Concentration followed with 4 Big Fireballs. Feared by everyone! Back in the game, every time Liang Li Dong encountered Red Magic Tower’s member, he never fights them head-on, he always strike roundabout. Even so, going up against people from Red Magic Tower is still quite dangerous. Their powerful destructive power often lets them accomplish the surprise feat of winning against those stronger.

Barbara is a Level 5 fire-type Mage, she should have learnt Concentration and Big Fireball already. If there is no need to, Liang Li Dong does not want to be enemies with this young girl. Just this move alone is able to blow away half a city gate, he is only a Level 1 Divine Noble now, although his Physique and Will stats are considered not bad and his magic resistance is not bad, getting hit by this head-on, he will definitely die for sure.

Of course, that is the situation if Liang Li Dong is hit by the other party’s magic. If it is a real battle, Liang Li Dong is not that afraid of Barbara though. He can tell this is a academy-style mage who has not gone through battles, data looks good but if it is a real fight, she may not be able to unleash her strength.

Liang Li Dong takes a look at old village head, although there is small conflict between the two of them, old village head is someone who have lived for decades after all, he understood Liang Li Dong’s intention and bring Kyle and the others in the room out.

Now that there is only the 2 spellcasters remaining, Liang Li Dong asks: “Miss Barbara, I know people from Red Magic Tower are always straightforward with their words, I’ll not beat around the bush too, you made a trip specially to find me, what is it about, I just reached this village not long ago and I’ve only been to Winter Wind City once. By right, there should be no reason to alert you.”

“Actually I’m here now is to request something minor from you.” Barbara’s face is slightly red: “I hope you can let me and Kyle be together and not stop us!”

Hearing this, Liang Li Dong is really stunned: “Wait, you mean you’re interested in Kyle? So this means, when we went to the city 2 days ago, those following behind us all the time, are your men?”

Barbara nods: “Yes!”

“But I feel that Kyle is not familiar with you.” Liang Li Dong thinks about it and says: “When he was in the room just now, although he looks at you with admiration, that expression, is definitely not someone close should have.”

Barbara takes a deep breath, this action makes the 2 mountains on her upper body hold up the loose magic robe high: “That is because he is not familiar with him but I’mm very familiar with him. When I was 9 and not a mage yet, there was a time I went out alone and was kidnapped. It was the around 8 years old him that fought off the human trafficker and saved me and then even sent me home. He did something good and forgets about it but I’ll never forget it.”

Looking at the blushing female spellcaster, Liang Li Dong feels the corner of his mouth twitching, a 8 years old boy, fought off a human trafficker, is the boy too strong, or is the human trafficker too weak? He thinks for a while and says: “This is a good thing, although I’m Kyle’s teacher, I’ll not interfere with his personal relationship problems, coming all the way to look for me about this matter, you definitely made a wasted trip.”

“Please let me finish!” Barbara’s brown eyes is filled with worry: “If under normal circumstances, I’ll naturally not trouble you, but last year, Kyle’s grandfather made a deal with my father to preserve their family’s noble status……Kyle is going to marry into our Longman family next year June, our firstborn will inherit the Reed family and the children in the future will belong to Longman family. This is the contract we signed then.”

A parchment is placed on the table, there is signs of magic in the paper, this is a magic contract.

Liang Li Dong frowns at the sight: “Does Kyle not know about this?”

Barbara nods: “He really does not know. However, recently Village Head Reed seems to want to go back on his words. He did many plans in the city but we did not mind, after all, he is Kyle’s grandfather. I also do not want things to turn sour, but from the day before yesterday, things have slight changes, you and Kyle appeared in Winter Wind City together……A spellcaster, Longman family does not want to be enemies with spellcaster and we understand, as long things are said clearly, many unnecessary misunderstanding can be resolved so I came.”

“This is your affairs, I’ll not step in.” Liang Li Dong helplessly smiles: “Since Village Head already had a deal with you all, this is an affair between the two families, I’ll not get mixed in. Although Kyle is considered as my student, I also understand the fairness and sacredness of contracts, spellcasters all the more want to comply with these things.”

“Thanks for your understanding.” Barbara seems very happy.

“However, after this is over, I’ll confirm it with old Village Head, if things are really as you have said, I will maintain complete neutrality. You all can take your time to settle this things slowly.” Liang Li Dong stands up: “Naturally, if there is any difference, I may step in and interfere a bit, by that time, I hope Miss Barbara do not hate me too much. After all, Kyle is also my student.”

Barbara sighs slightly: “I understand, we will not go over your bottom line, please rest assured.”

This is what Liang Li Dong can fight for Kyle, the maximum amount of support already. Old Village Head actually signed a magic contract with someone, if he tries to go back by force, not to mention Reed family has not power to fight against Winter Wind City’s mayor, even if Liang Li Dong steps in and managed to make mayor take a step back but as long as Barbara brings the magic contract back to Red Magic Tower, with that force’s stubborn temper of protecting their own people, it is a miracle if they do not send a few strong Mages to help Barbara get back.

“And, this is a small token of our appreciation, please accept it.” Barbara places a box on the table.

“You’re too courteous.” Liang Li Dong did not accept the other party’s present, he stands up: “If there’s nothing else, I need to go back and continue crafting magic scrolls already.”

Barbara also stands up and seriously does a gesture of thanks.

This Barbara is actually not a bad person, as a spellcaster, although she is proud, she is not that arrogant and knows how to deal with things and people really well. Logically speaking, she has reason on her side in this matter but as a spellcaster, she specially came to this small village and explains to Liang Li Dong the cause of this matter voluntarily.

Being able to raise a daughter like this, the Winter Wind City’s mayor’s shrewdness is probably not that bad.

In comparison, old Village Head just have too many petty tricks, always trying to make use of others to do work for him, taking some advantages, are all petty tricks.

Liang Li Dong exits the house and sees that the old Village Head and Kyle are waiting in the courtyard. He says to the old village head: “I have known the gist of the matter, no wonder when we went to the city the other day, you specifically said those words. Old Village Head, I don’t intend to interfere in this matter, the things you did, resolve it yourself, explain to Kyle yourself.”

“But you’re Kyle’s teacher.” Old Village Head is a little anxious already.

“Precisely because I’m Kyle’s teacher, all the more that I hope that he can fulfill the promise” Liang Li Dong smiles slightly indifferently: “Although you are the one to make the promise, he is your grandson, helping grandfather solve problems is also his obligation. I don’t understand why did you make this decision in the first place and regretting now but personally, I do not intend to help people be fickle.”

Kyle is confused from hearing at the side, he asks: “Grandfather, Teacher, what are you all saying, it seems to be related to me?”

“I think your grandfather will explain it to you very soon, don’t be anxious.” Liang Li Dong pats on Kyle’s shoulder and leaves.

At this time, Barbara also comes out of the house, her face is slightly red, she says to the young man in the courtyard: “Kyle, my birthday is in 6 days, can you come to the city and attend my birthday party?”

Old Village Head’s expression becomes slightly ugly.

Liang Li Dong returns to the thatch house and prepares to continue crafting ‘Dimensional Anchor’ scroll. Standing on the shoulder, the always silent Joan suddenly says: “Master, your personality is quite weird, rational with a bit of passion, and a bit of indifferent, hehe, exactly what kind of environment can produce someone as conflicted as you!”


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