Chapter 41 Scroll of Changing Hero’s Destiny

Second day’s morning, Da Fei’s job is to use water bucket to repeatedly clean away the house of the stench of wine. Da Fei knows this is the illiterate female pirate’s poetic feel already.

Anyways, all kinds of Heroes, violin artist gets into position and when the music sounds off, waving boobs, wild and sexy Katarina approaches.

Today, Da Fei has money already, he smiles: “To thank Miss for your hospitality, I’ll treat Miss to a drink.”

Katarina receives the wine Da Fei passes over, lightly shakes the bottom of the cup, a pair of beautiful eyes stares at the wine in the cup and says with serious expression: “I heard, you know something about Stealth Sailing?”

Da Fei cannot help but be happy! Bro originally wanted to ask you, in the end, you ask me voluntarily, this is going to be easy now. Be it for getting closer to her, or to gain more information about the godly skill, Bro has sufficient reason to say what I know.

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Know a bit.”

Katarina says in astonishment: “We pirates have a not bad information network on the land but has never heard about Pirate King’s Stealth Sailing being broken before.”

Da Fei’s heart is instantly clear, seems like pirates are also interested in Pirate King’s special skill. Maybe after cracking Pirate King’s special skill, Pirate King’s throne will not be safe? Haha, if it is like this, it will not be Bro going after you, but…

Da Fei laughs and says pretentiously: “Some things cannot be found out by inquiring.”

Katarina asks: “Yesterday, you said Pirate King’s Stealth Sailing was broken by Voyager Renoir, you know Renoir?”

Da Fei nods: “From a certain sense, I’m considered his student, I guess.”

Katarina makes an oh sound: “What can you show to prove that you’re his student?”

Huh? This has to be proven? Da Fei cannot help but be stupefied, is this bragging too much? However, it is expected too, the other side is NPC after all, they pay attention to evidence, there is no way they will just believe players’ bragging. However, if it is evidence, there is!

Da Fei immediately takes out that Renoir’s ambiguous skill book: “This is it! This is given to me by him, Renoir’s Navigation skill book.”

Katarina takes the book, eyes black out: “I’m illiterate.”

——Ah pfft! Da Fei spit-take at the spot, this is the only thing that can prove Bro is related with Renoir!

What to do? Have to find some literate to confirm? I see that violin artiste should be really poetic, he should have no problem.

Katarina did not throw back the book immediately, she just asks while fiddling with the book: “Then how much do you know about Stealth Sailing?”

Oh, not hung up on evidence anymore? That is good.

Da Fei learns and apply immediately: “Not much, this skill possibly involves Skills like Scouting, Navigation, Arcane etc, it may even have something to do the ship’s material itself. Anyways, this should be a group Skill, not something a person can activate.” Hmph hmph, these are all the research results Sailing Master Juan recorded.

Katarina makes an oh sound: “Only know these?”

Da Fei nods: “Yes, so I wanted to know how much does pirates know.”

Katarina shakes her head, and says again: “I heard from Ballack, which is that big beard when you were caught, you had already caught a great white shark?”

Hehe, although do not know what motives she has for asking this, this feels like a women asking you: “Heard that you thrashed that certain OP?” Similarly, as a man, do not let any chance to present your great image in front of beauty go.

Da Fei shrugs pretentiously: “As long as the right method is used, catching great white shark is also not difficult.”

Katarina laughs and then does not say anything, and just flips this book blankly. I say, when giving her the telescope, she also likes to play with it, but she was like a child then, but now, she is like an adult instead, just like repeatedly playing with a letter her lover sent her and lost in thoughts.

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat, could she be impressed by Bro’s OP and knowledgeable? Could it be, could it be…Impossible, impossible, she is a Legend Hero!

Finally, after staying silent for a while, Katarina asks again: “Have you decided yet?”

Da Fei’s heart sinks: “Decide what?”

Katarina laughs: “Of course is decide whether to join us, are you contented to wash dishes for your whole life? Time waits for no one, when you’re washing dishes, others are already taking large steps in surpassing you.”

Aish, took a fancy to Bro’s talents as expected! Although Bro is an OP talent, although there is a Legend beauty in front, Bro will not be wavered.

Da Fei shakes his head: “I’ll not join the pirates.” Hmph? Surpass Bro? Bro do not believe it, unless there is no storm here forever, do not give chance for Bro to escape forever! As long as Bro escaped, even if there is no ship, I can build up a fortune with just 1 Epic quest.

Katarina’s gaze turns cold: “Do you look down on pirates so much?”

Da Fei sighs: “It is not look down on, it is pirates’ stage is really restricted already.”

Katarina says coldly: “That is look down on!”

Bang! She bangs the skill book in her hands vertically on the table heavily, the hard cover is deformed from the bang straight away!

Da Fei is so shocked his heart skips a beat! It cannot be, Bro has offended the rich woman!

Something that made Da Fei even more stunned happened——Next, with a rip sound, she torn that golden yellow cover from the skill book!

——Ah pfft! Skill book can be torn? Hey hey, this is Bro’s mysterious skill book, you cannot do this!

And at this time, a piece of paper flashing with golden light flutters down from in between the torn cover——There is something! Da Fei’s eyes shrink from the shock, this golden light is a light only divine items have!

Katarina smilingly clips this piece of paper and smiles: “I’m illiterate, can you read it to me?”

Looking at the shaking piece of paper in front, Da Fei is stunned from shock at this instant! It is not a treasure map, not a bank card!

——Voyager’s Wisdom Scroll: Can turn Hero’s Sailing Specialty into Voyager Class Specialty!

Renoir’s message:

——I have seen many excellent seafarers, they were born with strange Specialty but regrettably, our Class system now seems to be very outdated, and cannot support their Specialty. Some excellent Specialty that cannot be boosted by Class, cannot be upgraded through training are buried just like this. If strange Specialty is the blessing of god, then only gold can train and upgrade them!

——To the successor that can discover this scroll: Firstly, you must be a Voyager! And then, being able to discover this piece of paper proves that you possess the excellent observation skills of a Voyager, you have the qualifications to use this god’s wisdom scroll that I have kept all my life which recorded all my experience I gain throughout my life.


Da Fei only realized it now, so the mystery that “truth is hidden in things we are accustomed to” at the end of this skill book points to is this? The secret of Heaven Reliant Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber is that there is stuff inside it! A thing with no hint, no idea at all in Bro’s hands showed its loophole in her hands, this is the difference between Legend rank and Bro’s newbie rank!

This is something that can change a Hero’s destiny!

What does this mean? It means Bro can turn his innate Specialty Storm Sailing into Class Specialty, then Bro’s innate Specialty will be gone! Which means Bro can choose a new Specialty again! This is the legendary so-called players can change their Specialty with effort!

No, Bro is even more high-end than them, Bro is equivalent to having 2 Specialty straight away! Under normal situation, Bro may only discover the secret of the book after a very very long time but now, Legend Hero discovered it for Bro, a shortcut to the top is opened to Bro!

Looking Da Fei’s shocked expression, Katarina says while laughing: “What is it exactly? Read it to me?”

Oh my fuck! This is a god rank item that can change fate! As a pirate, what consequences will it have once fallen in her hands? Must find a way to get it back!

Da Fei coughs and says: “It’s a letter.”

Katarina makes an oh sound: “What letter needs such a high grade material to write on?”

Da Fei’s eyebrows tighten! Speak the truth? She is a pirate, a female thief! System’s setting is a Class that can legally take away players’ things! With Bro’s abilities, this piece of paper will definitely not be found, she discovered it, then she will have even more sufficient reason to keep it to herself. Then dupe her? Anyways, she is illiterate! However, won’t Bro suffer a worse fate if it is exposed?

However, women, turn smart when involved with money, turn foolish when involved with emotions, Bro must take the gamble!

Da Fei’s mind comes up with a plan, he coughs and says: “A letter written to goddess…”

Katarina says jokingly: “Goddess? Then read it to me?”

Da Fei scans through her body with a loving love: “My goddess, I remembered the day we met, our…pa pa pa that night, your beautiful red hair, your fiery hot and sweet red lips, your full and bulging breasts, your strong slim waist, your tanned thighs, your sweet juice, I will never forget for my whole life, I love you, leave with me, I will work hard to earn money, I will renovate the big ship into as luxury as royal yacht, I will let you live like a real noble lady, no, like a queen,  we will travel around the whole world on a big luxury ship, and carry a ship full of gold to sell, we will then buy an island, building our kingdom manor on the island!”

If she was duped, Bro may be able to get back the piece of paper. If she exposed Bro, Bro will say Bro is taking the chance to confess to you my love, totally not trying to deceive here. This is called in a position where offence and defense are both possible!

Katarina shakes the piece of paper in astonishment: “That’s it?”

Da Fei nods: “Yup, yup. So Miss, please return this letter to me…”

Katarina smiles instead: “What is pa pa pa?”

Da Fei looks at a distance passionately and says: “That is the sound of waves patting on the side of the ship.”

Katarina laughs loudly: “I like this letter! It’s just like it’s said to me!”

——Ah pfft! Da Fei’s mouthful of blood spurts out…


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  1. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    pls stop using bro, I’ll go crazy seeing the mc referring to him in 3 person, it seems that he has schizophrenia

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