023 Mayor’s Invisible Pretense……

In the game, situations like Joan’s did not happen, Liang Li Dong also does not understand why, but he guesses it could be related to his soul turning into gold color. He remembers when he contracted familiar back in the game, the soul fragment separated out is blue in color, but when he contracted Joan the day before yesterday, the separated soul fragment is gold in color, because he needed to contract familiar then, he did not take it to heart, thinking back now, there seems to be something to this.

But this involves soul, Liang Li Dong’s energy is mainly put in managing internal affair, territory wars, mercenary quest, and collecting magic model structure diagrams, knowledge in soul aspects, he only has shallow perception, and not very proficient. People of Grey Magic Tower are very good at magic in soul aspect, but Liang Li Dong does not dare to look for them, if that bunch of eccentric research maniacs know his soul can change color……Becoming research subject will most likely be Liang Li Dong’s future.

Hence regarding why Joan’s feathers changed color, can only be put aside for now. Liang Li Dong holds up Joan, looks up and down, left and right for a while, and says: “Do you feel anywhere uncomfortable?”

“That, I don’t!” Joan looks at its master with a strange look: “But can you don’t toy with me like this, although I’m only a bird, I have intelligence, and I’m still only a young girl, this makes me feel quite uncomfortable.”

“Okay, I respect your world view!” Liang Li Dong puts down Joan.

Joan uses the blanket to curl itself up, it says lightly: “Thanks, with a reasonable master, I also feel quite lucky……If counting in your culinary skills, I feel very lucky.”

Just like this, man and familiar form a bond for the first time. Almost all spellcasters and their familiars, form close relationship through small interactions like this accumulated over time. When their rapport reaches a certain degree, which is over 80 Affection Points according to game system, they can form a spiritual passage, not only can they converse using consciousness, the master can even share the familiar’s field of view. In addition, the Feat familiar can get through contracting, must wait until spiritual passage is built before it can take effect.

Because of the downpour, Liang Li Dong thought no one will deliver food over today, but never did he expect, Behring wearing a straw hat, a woven rush raincoat, carrying a basket in each of her hands, walks over in the downpour with a heavy step after a light step.

“Teacher, this is food the village prepared yesterday.” Behring stands in front of the thatch house all wet.

Liang Li Dong pulls the young girl into the thatch house, controls the fire element to encircle Behring, and warming her body: “Since you’re here already, help me out, and then eat here before going.”

Behring’s eyes shine, she remembered that Stewed Rabbit with Black Nightshade she ate a few days ago, that was the most delicious food she ever ate.

The downpour continues until evening……Behring listens to Liang Li Dong tell story and knowledge in the thatch house for a day, and then eats 2 meals of delicious delicacy, and leaves satisfied. At midnight 0 hour, System gives today’s character EXP……4 points, if not for teaching Behring a day of knowledge today, it is possible there will not even be 1 EXP.

The second day, the weather is clear now, Liang Li Dong looks at the group of children in front at the riverside, and says: “Although I did not teach you words yesterday, I hope you all have the initiative to revise what you have learnt, things like words, there is not much point just knowing it, you all have to know how to write too. Your handwriting is beautiful or not, concerns how others think of you, those that can write well, has an easier time getting other’s recognition. Of course, this is only a small factor to success, for ordinary people to catch the eyes of big-shots, abilities are very important, what is ability? Your disposition, your character, your specialty, even……your luck, all these combined together, is your general ability! I can groom your disposition, can teach you all a lot of specialties, but, I cannot change your character, this is innate, if there is no opportunity, it is very difficult to change. But I hope, no matter what your character is, in life, please display the best of your character, bury the bad side of character deep in your heart, the greatest difference between man and wild beasts, is self-control. Good character like kind, gentle, bright, perseverance etc, can let your road of growing up be smoother, and can also let you be closer to success.”

After he finishes saying these words, a round of applause can be heard from the side, Liang Li Dong turns his head around and smiles: “Lord Carl, you’re here.”

Liang Li Dong already knew the other party is approaching, Carl’s mind power is very unstable, it releases a circle of harmless mind power field from time to time, ordinary people cannot feel this kind of field but spellcasters can sense it easily. Typically, the feeling normal Mage’s mind power field gives is like a continuously flowing water, while Carl’s is wave after wave.

“Lord Beta said it really well!” Wearing a black robe, Carl claps and praises: “If my teacher was able to tell me these back then, maybe I could have gone a bit further.”

Liang Li Dong slightly nods: “Thanks! But please wait for a while, I still need some time to teach them, I’m almost done.”

“Please!” Carl makes a hand gesture, and then takes a few steps back.

Liang Li Dong teaches the children 3 new words seriously, teaching them how to write, after around half an hour, he announces dismissal. The children carefully keep away from Carl, and then rushes off. Although the children are no longer afraid of Liang Li Dong, this does not mean they do not fear Carl. And just looking at the appearances, Liang Li Dong has fair skin, bright golden hair, looks valiant, and often carries a bright smile, looks like someone amiable at first glance.

On the other hand, Carl has pale skin, wears a big black robe, because of the problem with his mind dimension, he is under a lot of pressure, often keeps a straight face, let alone children, ordinary adult will also keep far away when they see a spellcaster with this kind of cold expression.

“Sorry for the wait!” Liang Li Dong walks over and says while smiling: “Please come over to my house.”

Liang Li Dong brings Carl out of the village.

Standing in front of the thatch house, Carl is very surprised: “Lord, you’re staying in this kind of place?”

“As long as god is in the heart, everywhere is paradise.” Liang Li Dong acts like a devout religious quack, and leads Carl into the house.

Carl smiles bitterly: “Lord, a follower like you, it is the first time I’m seeing it.”

Joan is sleeping on the bed, it awakens after hearing the sounds and says in a daze: “It’s time for lunch already?”

Carl looks at Joan, although his face does not have too much expression, his tone is quite conflicted: “Familiar? Since Lord is already able to contract a familiar, possessing such a strong strength, why are you willing to be a ascetic believer, I think you should be able to fight for the position of bishop.”

Joan sees that there is a guest, it instantly has no energy again and continues sleeping while curling the blanket.

The same reaction as Barbara, seems like contracting familiar really did became a kind of relatively high level technique. This thought flashes through Liang Li Dong’s mind, and then he invites Carl to sit down, and smiles: “This position like bishop, is not assigned to whoever is strong, it is mainly based on whether one is sufficiently devout to god or not. Towards god’s ideals, my understanding is not thorough enough, so I can only be a ascetic believer now, and not bishop.”

“Honestly speaking, I’m unable to understand you, believers.” Carl’s expression is very sullen: “At times, very kind, but at times, very wild, especially when they felt god’s glory is humiliated.”

Liang Li Dong does not answer, what Carl said is the truth, many god’s believer are very reasonable, but there are also some god’s believers that are very fanatic, so fanatic that they cannot accept other gods’ ideology, having crusade from time to time. This actually is purely the doctrine’s problem, based on Liang Li Dong’s experience in the game, many religions’ doctrines were tampered with by men, and became specious.

“I seems to have said too much?” Seeing that Liang Li Dong is not speaking, Carl thought he is slightly angry.

Liang Li Dong shakes his head: “Not really, I’m just speechless, because it is a fact.” He pauses, takes out 3 scrolls from his dimensional backpack, puts it on the table and continues saying: “Lord Carl, you came at the right time, I’ve already completed the scrolls last night. Fortunately, I succeeded 3 times, I wonder if this amount reached your bottom-line?”

Carl’s expression is very serious, his hands are also slightly trembling, he takes the 3 scrolls, after feeling the magic fluctuation in it, immediately be all smiles: “Enough, enough already! I originally though the best result is to have 2 scrolls. I even made mental preparation for a complete failure. After all, I’m too clear how difficult the crafting process of Level 3 magic scrolls is.”

With 3 ‘Dimensional Anchor’ scrolls in hand, Carl’s chance of immobilizing his mind dimension is even higher, because there is even more chance for error.

Liang Li Dong keeping 2 ‘Dimensional Anchor’ scrolls, is actually not considered greedy, because the 2 extra scrolls, is what he deserved. According to statistics in the game, the success rate of crafting Level 3 magic scrolls, is only around 30% on the average, in other words, with 7 sets of materials, normally can only produce 2 scrolls, this is also why Carl said 2 scrolls is already the best results. Liang Li Dong giving him 3 scrolls already made him unexpectedly happy.

Furthermore, Liang Li Dong is the only one who he encountered in the recent few years that can craft ‘Dimensional Anchor’ magic scroll, even if he was given 1……He will still be very grateful.

Carl carefully keeps the 3 scrolls into his robe, and then he says very sincerely: “Lord, you’re my friend forever, I’ll definitely repay you well……Oh right, I came to the village this time is actually because I was requested by someone to deliver a letter to you.”

An exquisite white magic letter is placed onto the table. Liang Li Dong takes it up for a look, it is the invitation card to invite him to Barbara’s 17th birthday, and inviter is Winter Wind City Mayor, Uther-Longman.

Carl is a war mage, being under Winter Wind City’s management is not too strange, but what he is curious about is: “Although I’m also a spellcaster, even if Mayor Uther wants to show that he thinks highly of me, sending a servant to deliver the invitation will do, there is no need to make a honorable spellcaster to come, this does not goes with the rules, this makes me feel slightly fearful.”

“I’m just an errand man!” Carl smiles slightly bitterly.

Making a spellcaster do the legwork……Imperceptibly, he displayed his power, and not make others dislike it, what a move! And is this considered another way of putting me in place? However, to be able to groom a daughter with that kind of bearing like Barbara, Winter Wind City Mayor must be someone very shrewd, having these kind of tricks is nothing strange.

For a while, Liang Li Dong already thought about many things, but his face does not show anything, shaking the magic letter in his hand, he smiles: “Rest assured, 5 days later, I’ll definitely be punctual for the banquet!”


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