Chapter 44 Discovering Large Crocodile’s Weakness

Under the night sky, Da Fei totally does not need to aim, shooting round after round at those slow-moving, eyes glittering large lizards. And these poor large lizards have no idea where the attack is coming from in the darkness until their death.

And in the sea, it is also glittering, that is the eyes of the crocodiles. They finally begin to have reaction to large lizards’ approaching, and begin to gather towards the shore slowly.

Tactic is effective, there is chance that luring is successful! Da Fei is even more excited. After god knows how many large lizards are killed, a golden light descends from the sky.

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 20! Gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1, gained 1 Tactical Position, gained 1 bonus character base Damage.

——System Notification: As a Basic Voyager, you obtained growth, rewarded 1 free stat point.

Oh yeah! Leveled up! Basic Voyager only rewards 1 point every 5 levels, so Level 20 should have 4 points. And at Level 19, 3 was already rewarded, this 1 point makes up for it.

However, once he thought of the Voyager’s god rank scroll falling into her hands, Da Fei feels like his heart is being twisted! That cannot do, isn’t it just a female NPC? Not needing car or house, can she even give Bro that much of a ball-ache? Bro does not believe he cannot settle her! Not only is Bro going to complete this quest, it have to be completed beautifully, what so great about 1 unit? Bro is going to complete the quest exceeding the quota, Bro is going to harvest all the pearls on this beach.

A red cloud blooms over the east horizon, it is going to be daybreak soon.

After a night of killing, the corpses of large lizards has already piled into a big stack of meat. And after this night of killing, Da Fei’s experience is already not far from Level 21.

Bro can proudly confirm, although the whole world possibly has more than a million players starting with ballista, there is definitely few players that can use ballista so superbly like Bro. Bro does not need units to protect the ballista, does not need to use terrain to body-block, also does not need to aim, and not even need spare parts for maintenance, if this is not superb, what is?

The realm of pros is not about all kinds of fancy tactics, but facing the most suitable enemy in the most suitable timing, just like Bro said, Bro is a pro! A pro like Bro, how is it possible to lower himself to be a pirate? It is practically a waste of talent and intolerable, being a merchant then is the right way, wahahahaha!

Finally, the crocodiles moved after watching for a night. They climb up the shore in groups, and begin to enjoy this easily obtainable feast. Even if it is the crocodile that is known as immune to diseases, large lizards’ decay toxin also more or less made them wary, this is also the reason why they were watching last night.

And this is the chance Da Fei is waiting for, after the crocodiles come ashore in groups, Da Fei immediately charges to the beach to fish the shells.

——System Notification: You picked up a pearl oyster, obtained a Blood Pearl!

Blood Pearl! Looking at this marble-size red glass ball in his hands, Da Fei’s eyebrow twitches! Is this a pearl? Aren’t pearls all white? Could it be this is an extremely rare variant? Does that mean it is very valuable?

Haha! The more valuable, the better. Bro originally intends to gather it all anyways!

Da Fei begins to crazily gather the pearls, the large crocodiles begin to crazily swallow the feast, both sides are taking what they need. Time also passes very quickly. In a blink of eye, the scorching sun is up high, it is afternoon now.

The shells in the sea is getting lesser and harder to find, the corpse mountain on the shore is almost gone now, and it is time to pack up. At this time, Da Fei has already gathered 345 Blood Pearls, which is 3 units and 45 portions, way above the quota of the quest already. Hmph hmph, it is merely a gathering quest only, not too difficult for Bro.

Da Fei goes ashore satisfied and begins to disassemble the ballista preparing to go back. Turning back his head and looking in the direction of the small ship, he cannot help but feel great secretly, hmph! Bro wants to know what your expressions will be later, dare to look down on Bro! Wonder what expressions that beauty will have when Bro give this stack of pearls to her? Pledge to marry? Hahaha! Bro knows your grade is very high, Bro’s expectation is not high too, return the scroll to Bro, merry meet, merry part, there is no reason to force me to stay.

Of course, to guard against the crocodiles from attacking, while Da Fei is disassembling the ballista, he set his gaze on those crocodiles sun-tanning with a full stomach from time to time.

Wait a minute! Suddenly, Da Fei discovers something is not right! Hasn’t this crocodile eaten way too full? It has already swelled into a large tent! How hilarious and funny is this?

Da Fei immediately takes out the telescope and takes a look, he sees a certain large crocodile with a small section of a large lizard’s tail out of its mouth, and this large crocodile is still raising its head non-stop, attempting to completely swallow this tail down too.

Da Fei is so shocked his jaw is dropping, oh fuck, he was only focused on gathering pearls so he did not take a close look at them, could it be these crocodiles swallow those large lizards whole?

Crocodiles are unlike other ferocious beasts, their front legs are too short, they have no way to cut up their preys to eat. They are also unlike sharks that have a few rows of iron saw-like teeth, after biting on the prey and with a swing of their heads, they can tear a piece of meat off. Have you seen how a crocodile eat in Animal World? Throwing their food! It is a group of crocodiles bite onto zebra or antelope they can captured, and then fight over it among themselves and tears at it, until they tear off a big chunk of meat, and then raise their heads and swings it until they swallow it down their throats.

However, this kind of situation now, facing these large lizards with size smaller than them and more than them in numbers, is there a need to fight over it and tear at it? Just swallow it whole like snakes! Under normal circumstances, if a snake is full, it is totally defenseless, right?

Looking at those big tummies swollen like a fully inflated balloons, a crazy, unstoppable idea instantly comes to Da Fei’s mind, how about shooting at it?

That is right! Most people are like this, if you see a balloon that is blown up, wouldn’t you subconsciously want to see it pop? If you see a waiter carrying a lot of plates being in a dangerous pinch, wouldn’t you subconsciously want to see the plates drop onto the floor? What is this called in psychology again?

Anyways, Da Fei especially wants to shoot it now!

However, Da Fei’s reason and desire begins to struggle vigorously! Game is a game after all, how is it possible to apply real world’s template? If the crocodiles are totally not affected, isn’t he just looking for a beating? Under normal circumstances, how much damage can be inflicted on the crocodile?

Master Ballista has 30 Attack, base Damage 6-7; Da Fei is Level 20 now, gained 19 stat points from leveling up, along with Voyager’s bonus 4 stat points, that makes it 23 points. (Note: Ballista is not affected by skills and equipment, so Captain’s Sword’s stats has no effect on ballista)

Total damage = Base Damage X Hero Tactical Stat points = 138-161. But crocodile BOSS has a shocking 50 Defense, it has a 20 Attack/Defense difference with the ballista, damage is only 50%, which is 69-80, facing against crocodile’s 900 HP, is it possible?

However, he has completed the quest already anyways, this ballista has already killed god knows how many BOSS too, it has already made the most of it, if it is asking for a beating, so be it, who can know for sure if he do not give it a try?

Finally! Da Fei’s opportunistic personality wins over his reason——Fight! Instead of regretting over what is not done, regret after doing it! It is just like buying lottery, no matter how low the chance of winning is, as long as you gave it a try, you will have a chance of winning, if you do not try, you will never win!

The determined Da Fei begins to reassemble the ballista excitedly, every time when Da Fei checks the lottery’s winning numbers, he has this kind of excitement.

Ballista is assembled once again!

Da Fei takes a deep breath, loads 2 bolts in, and then aims at a big balloon in a distance! Will this shot be a witness of miracle or a witness of stupidity?

——Boom pat!!! 2 bolts shoots out! Bang! Bang! Rain of blood spurts out! “-243”! “-251!”

Succeeded! Da Fei stands up excitedly! Great reversal of offense and defense, this damage definitely means ballista’s Attack is higher than crocodile’s Defense, at least 10 points higher! Crocodile swelled up from eating really is defenseless as expected! And at the same time, a row of system notifications floods the screen.

——System Notification: You further completed Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile’s information!

——System Notification: You obtained information about Grand Master Scouting sub-skill ‘Analyze Information’.

——Analyze Information: After obtaining all the detailed information of unknown monster, Hero can discover that monster’s fatal weak point and ignore 25%-100% of its Defense during combat. Learning prerequisite: Grand Master Scouting.

Da Fei’s eyebrows twitch from the shock!

Isn’t Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile’s information publicized on the official website? It can still be further completed? Grand Master sub-skill’s information? Da Fei loads the ballista while opening the message window with the fastest speed, and then he discovers there is something extra below the crocodile’s special ability: ???

Discovered crocodile’s new unknown special ability! Needless to say, this special ability must be a negative special ability, or in other words, discovered crocodile’s weakness? Oh fuck, overeating until it looks like this, it is obviously displaying its weakness, there is no need to even discover!

The key is what is with this Grand Master sub-skill Gather Information that suddenly appeared? Isn’t this skill already on the skill book? As long as one reached Grand Master, one can learn it straight away, is there even a need to gather skill information?

However, before he can think too much, the attacked large crocodile staggers over while roaring!

Looking at its zombie-like speed, Da Fei laughs loudly: “After eating Bro’s, time to throw them all out!”


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