Chapter 46 Bro is a Grand Master

The ballista sounds off, the beach is stained red by blood, the sea is rolling waves of blood, huge crocodile’s inflated corpse stacked into piles of small meat hill.

Golden light flashes, level 22!

Golden light flashes again, level 23!!

Golden light continues to flash, level 24!!!

Killing a BOSS with 2 shots, Da Fei’s level is skyrocketing! BOSS that used to look fearsome to people became Da Fei’s large amount of EXP after their last breakfast, no, it became the stairs leading to Truth! How shocking is this grinding! Originally, the shark Da Fei encountered on the sea giving 2500 EXP per shot is already quite an unbelievable reward, but compared to this 15000 EXP crocodile, it is totally nothing at all.

Why is Bro so OP?

Wahahaha, Da Fei’s laughter resounds over the island for a long period of time.

And what Da Fei does not know is, his skyrocket leveling has already shocked the professional observers in China region! Within a mere 2 hours, Da Fei’s ranking dashed from tens of million to top 10,000 in the world! And the ranking is still increasing quickly!

After, Da Fei who snatched a god rank hero’s quest reward, and at the same being wanted by god rank hero Blood Sea Mad Waves with a sticky post is considered a gossip celebrity already. It is difficult to not be followed.

Host: “Hello all players! This week of Hero Newsflash is back again. The game has already started for 6 days. Let us take a look at the situation in the world level ranking.”

“At the first place, it is still France player Natasha’s Vampire Princess Specialty Hero, level 29!”

“Second place and third place, is still China’s Stars Team’s player Piggy, Run Faster’s Griffin Breeder Specialty Hero, and Russia’s War Angel Team’s player Pavlov’s Siege Technician Specialty Hero, level 28! Currently these 3 persons are already way ahead in the first 3 placing for 6 days already. The supremacy is difficult to be shaken by other players. Other than the reason of them entering the game at the first timing, it is also largely because their stronger and more suitable for beginning Specialties, and also related to their hardworking grinding day and night without logging off. Of course, we don’t encourage ordinary players to learn from them…”

“As for the world’s first god rank hero that many players are interested in, Sweden player Vurtne’s Death Lord is still lying low, currently level 21 and ranking is above ten million. But according to information gathered from EU region forum, Vurtne seems to have discovered the existence of bone dragon in the field. If he really managed to capture a level 7 unit like bone dragon which players have no way to obtain at the current stage, his leveling speed will definitely skyrocket.”

“And talking about leveling speed, what is worth paying attention is, currently our China region already has 1 player. In this 2 hours just now, which is also a day’s time in in-game time, his level rises with unbelievable speed like a rocket, and is already level 24. He, is the red name player currently being largely criticized on the forum, Da Fei. This is really a, a really shocking thing. And what is even more shocking is, he is already level 24, he still hasn’t change class. Anyways, we will maintain further attention to his progress!”

“Analyzing from the situation of the current top 100 of the level ranking, Heroes that are leveling fast are mostly medium or low level unit or Specialty. In comparison, USA’s Supernova Team’s player Elisa’s Unicorn Maiden Specialty seems very awkward. After all, in the early stage, players have no way of obtaining level 5 units like Unicorn, so her situation now is equivalent of having no Specialty, her ranking is also not much higher than ordinary players.”

“And up until now, magic Hero players are still within the beginning inferior situation, magic’s mana consumption, magic with recovery speed using in-game days to calculate, expensive magic potions and limited supply all greatly limits magic Hero players’ beginning development. But magic players’ strength in later stages are definitely without a doubt. Regarding this point, the vast magic Hero players, please have firm confidence, the future is bright, the path is winding——”

And at this time, in front the camera, a staff passes a note to the host. The host’s endlessly reporting suddenly stopped! After the short silent, the host says in immense astonishment: “Hello all players, the latest news, the China region player Da Fei who we were maintaining attention to, raised to level 25 just now! Just before this week’s program started, the latest news I received here was still level 24. In less than 10 minutes’ time, he raised a level again!”

Needless to say, China region’s game forum begins a new round of brilliance again. If Da Fei becoming famous is said to be because of his vile actions having something to do with god rank hero Blood Sea Mad Waves, then it is concrete strength now! Many ball-aching players on the forum are guessing how this big red name can still level up so crazily while not changing class.

The Blood Sea Mad Wave who has gotten the news is bleeding from the hatred! No matter how this trash is leveling, his achievements are gotten by snatching his god rank hero’s reward! And there is only 1 reason why he is not changing class, that is he has not landed. This hatred is absolutely irreconcilable! No matter how much money he has to fork out, as long as this trash dares to show up, kill him until level 0!

Barren Sea Crocodile Island, following the death of another large crocodile with a boom, a golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Congratulations! You raised to Level 25! Gained 1 free stat point, gained 1 skill point, HP +2, Command Power +1, gained character base Damage +1 reward.

——System Notification: As a Beginner Voyager, you obtained growth, rewarded with 1 free stat point.

Leveled up again! And the thing that makes Da Fei even more excited than leveling up is, the Truth that he awaited for so long has finally befell!

——System Notification: You gathered Barren Island Large Man-eating Crocodile’s complete information!

——Glutton Feeble: Reptiles normally are unable to choose the size of food, and can only binge eat and devour it raw, this leads to Defense and Speed greatly decreasing 45% – 75%.

The data is out, the information is perfected!

——System Notification: Congratulations! Through continuous scouting and gathering information of strong creatures, you made your Scouting skill obtain qualitative leap, you comprehended Grand Master Scouting!

——System Notification: Through continuous gathering of strong creatures’ information and researching on strong creatures’ weak point, you obtained all the information about the skill “Analyze Information”, you comprehended the skill “Analyze Information”.

——Grand Master Level Scouting: Increases Hero’s field of view by 120%, can discover creature hiding in other dimensions.

Wahahaha! Comprehended, Bro really did comprehended Grand Master skill as expected! Not only that, even the sub-skill is comprehended too! Analyze Information, the godly skill that ignores enemies’ 25% – 100% Defense, the only OP combat skill in Scouting. With the godly skill at hand, there is no way Bro’s ballista cannot beat the shit out of mobs! Bro’s life does not need explanations from now on, haha, wahahaha!

Although accidental reward normally makes people overjoyed, through own pondering, and then gain the imagined reward logically makes people even more fulfilled and refreshed! And what made Da Fei even more happy is, the comprehended Grand Master skill and Analyze Information are given by System for free, and did not spent his skill points.

So that is how it is! Comprehending does not require the usage of skill points. It is equivalent to System rewarding directly, while learning must spend skill points. This is totally a different concept. Especially when leveling is difficult at later stage, and skill points are seriously tight, Comprehending is really too important.

Through the successful comprehension this time, Da Fei has already faintly figure out a knack to comprehending Grand Master. Firstly, the enemy faced must be a monster stronger than himself. And then, this type of monster must be the same kind, and only hassling with the same kind repeatedly, can large amount of comparable data be gathered and comprehend through it.

Deducing from this, if he wants to raise Offense to Grand Master level, then the most reliable way is to mess with a same kind of monsters continuously? But then again, Bro’s Ballista is Master level, right? Hasn’t it already messed with the strong crocodile BOSS repeatedly? Why is there no notification or signs of comprehending at all? Could it be all of Bro’s brain power is used to think about Grand Master Scouting, there is no time to bother about ballista?

Haha! No need to rush, the first Grand Master is already comprehended, will the second Grand Master still be far away? No no no, Juan has already said it in the diary, being Grand Master already, will God level still be far away? When Bro’s account is a God already, even if cannot continue playing anymore, I can still be firm and not accept anyone suppressing the price.

That’s right, from now on, Bro is a Grand Master!


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  1. i wan to see when he meet up the pirates later on .surely they will afraid of him laughing like a maniac that echoing in the whole island lol.

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