Chapter 48 Seeing Rainbow after the Storm

Point shaving, definitely point shaving!

How is it possible that System will really give players a dead end? It will always give players hints to let players escape. No choice now, this chance cannot be missed, he must escape already.

It is 12 midnight now, 3 days later in the game is tomorrow 6 am. Okay, get to sleep. It is just a pity that Bro escaping now means Bro’s godly scroll is gone now. How good will it be if life can restart, Bro definitely will ask about that stupid Stealth Sailing, aish.

The second day, the alarm clock wakes up Da Fei, and Da Fei hurriedly eat and goes to the toilet before logging on.

At this time, it is really the calm before the storm. The whole Barren Sea region’s sky is gloomy, and waves are churning on the sea. The pier is packed with pirates busily tying the ships parked at the port together. People keeping their clothes can be seen everywhere on the streets.

The storm is about to come, while Da Fei has already memorized the route, and nervously waiting for the chance to escape to come.

Evening time, lightning roaring, wind blowing wildly, and rain is pouring. All the pirates shrink back into their houses, and the whole world is in pitch black. In the dark fog of rain, fingers cannot be seen when the hand is stretched, only the suddenly appearing lightning flash lights up the whole world instantly.

Now is the time! Da Fei activates Grand Master level Scouting’s Stealth, and climbs to the pier where Flying is moored against the wind and rain that can even make breathing difficult while holding onto to the wall.

Flying’s large body is bound tightly onto the dock by hundreds of thick strong ropes, and is making loud crackling sounds amidst the storm and waves. Even the waters within the archipelago is so violent, Da Fei can already imagine how large the waves will be after getting into the sea. Maybe, it will sink right after getting onto the sea. However, no matter how large the price to pay is, Bro must escape.

With the right time and right place together with Da Fei’s Grand Master Stealth, the wooden house’s oil lamp sentry at the dock is practically useless. Da Fei climbs onto his ship smoothly.

Check the ship’s status first.

Ship Name: Flying (Quest reward, bound to player and cannot be traded)

Captain: Da Fei

Ship Special Ability: God’s Blessing (Seafarers’ Luck +2)

Ship Model: Large size 4 masts 3 deck levels high speed sailing ship

Ship Cargo Volume: 1000 Units

Ship Usage Time: 10 years

Ship Minimum Seafarers On-board: 30 people

Ship Durability 1690/1690

Ship Speed: 10

Ship Armor Defense: Port Side 32, Starboard Side 80

Sea God’s Insured Level: 0 (Ship is not protected by Sea God, once wrecked, it will be sunk forever)

Ship Current Status: Port side’s added-on armor fallen off, cursed by bad luck (Seafarers’ Luck -3).

So the pirates have already repaired the ship these few days, yup, must have to, it is just a pity the max durability is hopeless already. Nothing much to say now, cut off the rope tying the ship and leave.

“You really came!” A familiar yet flirtatious voice sounds off from behind.

Da Fei gets a shock, and hurriedly turns his head to look. It is Katarina! At this time, her head is wrapped with cloth, wearing gloves, and twin sabers on her waist. She looks just like a sailor going out to sea!

This very instant, a word jumps out of Da Fei’s head: Elope!

Katarina smiles: “Not welcoming? You couldn’t have been thinking of driving the ship away on your own, could you?”

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ahhhh! Legend Hero, Legend Hero, Legend Hero ahhhhh!! Beauty Hero, beauty Hero, beauty Hero ahhhh!!! Eloping with Bro, eloping, eloping ahhhh!!! Bro is too OP already!!! Haha! Wahahaha!

Da Fei is very excited on the spot, all the words in his heart is gathered into only 2 words: “Welcome! Welcome!”

Katarina smiles: “I’ll helm, go cut off the ropes tying the ship, cut from the bow, after cutting, immediately go to the mainmast and raise the sail, at most raise half-sail will do. Take note of the wind direction, don’t let the wind blow the ship onto the shore.”

Da Fei hurriedly nods madly like a chicken pecking on rice: “Ok ok ok!”

In this stormy night, when Bro is isolated and helpless, you are the angel sent by god, no, you are the goddess! Bro loves you so much!

There is no need to cut off all the ropes, the power of the large waves causes the ropes at the stern to snap straight away, and Flying charges out of the harbor like a runaway horse and charges towards the outer sea where large waves are monstrous.

——System Notification: You fought with the storm, gained 1500 EXP!

——System Notification: You fought with the storm, gained 1500 EXP!

——System Notification: Warning! There is leakage in the ship’s 3rd bottom deck, please hurry and drain the water.

——System Notification: Warning! There is plate fracture in the port side of ship’s 2nd bottom deck, please hurry and fix it.

The ship is rising up and down in the waves and winds. Katarina nimbly controls the ship to only follow the wind direction and avoid the large waves. With Legend Hero steering, Da Fei who knows nothing about piloting a ship can have peace of mind. This sense of security, at ease and excitement ignites the heart of Da Fei who is hurriedly repairing up and down. Da Fei really has too many questions he wants to ask. Da Fei had never thought that a NPC in the game can actually make him so excited, and care so much. This is love!

The wind is blowing, that is Bro’s scream of love. The waves are churning, that is Bro’s love surging. The ship is threshing, that is Bro’s cradle of love with her! Haha! Wahahaha…

The storm is over, the sea and sky are of 1 color and the open sea is covered with mist.

Da Fei and Katarina who have fought through the night sit side by side at the bow and looks at the sunrise and rainbow. The morning sun shines on Katarina’s tired and moist face and golden radiance is reflected. It is so shiny Da Fei cannot look at it directly. Goddess, this is a goddess delivered to his doorstep!

Da Fei looks at the far east and says affectionately: “I didn’t expect you to come help me at the last minute. Leave with me, we’ll be merchants together, earn money together, and remodel our ship into a royal family class luxury cruise together. I’ll let you live like an empress.”

Katarina laughs, draws out a piece of paper shining with golden light from the surges of her chest: “Although you have already said these before, I still like to hear it, return it to you now!”

——Ah pfft! Recovering what was lost, Da Fei is so happy from the surprise he can cough a mouthful of blood! System really will not easily eat up player’s equipment! It even return Bro a beauty as interest! Sis, you clipped such an important item there all these time! What to do if it drops? How confident are you exactly in its storage capabilities? However, confident is good, Bro likes it, wahahahaha!

Katarina smiles again: “The reason why I’ll help you, is because you won’t be a pirate no matter what, and will go as far as giving up something so important, do you understand?”

Da Fei is startled: “You, weren’t you always persuading me to join the pirates? Could it be you were sounding me out?” She really did know what this piece of paper is?

Katarina laughs: “You’re right, pirates’ playing field is indeed too small. From young, I’ve always been yearning for the world outside the island, and yearning for a noble life like noble ladies. I’ve always imagined a real hero taking me away, and you, are the hero that I’ve chosen and passed my test! If you joined the pirates, I’ll only become friends with you, but if you’ll not join the pirates no matter what, I’ll leave with you!”

Once finished, a large row of system notifications floods the screen!

——System Notification: Congratulations! Epic Hero Katarina becomes your Deputy Hero!

——Beginner Tip: Congratulations! You obtained your first Deputy Hero. Once Deputy Hero lost in battle, they will appear in your Deputy Hero space, and needs to be revived in the Hero Altar in large cities. Reviving Heroes require to pay a certain amount of fees, the higher the level of the Hero is, the higher the fees. At the same time, if you possess first aid-type personnel, you can revive your Deputy Hero after the battle. Deputy Heroes that are revived through first aid will be in long period of weakened state.

——Beginner Tip: Ship is equivalent to moving territory, sailing mode is equivalent to territory management mode, and captain can arrange all kinds of positions to Deputy Heroes. Deputy Heroes can unleash their talents in different positions. It is recommended for you to appoint your first Deputy Hero as Chief Mate.

——Chief Mate: Vice-captain, possesses all of captain’s functions, can cruise automatically when captain is not around.

Da Fei suddenly realized it now! Actually, her poetic feel is already giving a hint! So this is how it is!

Fortunately, Bro’s will is firm, or else it will have the opposite effect! In the end, Bro is still OP! By now, what is done cannot be undone already, so Bro will gladly accept it. Although he initially thought she is a Legend Hero, Legend Hero has almost no chance of joining players, so Epic is still better, wahahaha!


Barren Pirates’ port, Barren Pirates’ leader Captain Locke stood at the outpost through the night until daybreak. He looks tired yet lonely.

Ballack comes over while yawning: “Big brother, Katarina seems to have left with that kid.”

Locke reignites the smoke that was extinguished by the storm, and puffs out a smoke ring: “That kid is able to become a Voyager at such a young age, his future is immeasurable, Katarina may have a better future following him.”

Ballack sighs: “Leaving now, Katarina probably is not coming back anymore.”

Locke laughs, and shakes his waist vigorously for a few times: “Not a problem, I can give birth to a group of daughters again, wahahaha!”


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  1. I really like this book. Yet i think i’m going to stop reading it. cuz it has +2000 chapters. with the current release frequencie, even 10 years are insufficient.

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