Chapter 50 Converting Inborn Specialty

After analyzing Katarina’s inborn Specialty, next is her Class Specialty Treasure Appraisal Master. Uncovering the key in Renoir’s skill book, the godly skill that let Bro change fate. She likes to mess with the telescope, so the little action with the skill book must be this Specialty’s occupational habit too.

And ordinary Pirate’s Class Specialty is actually “Treasure Instinct”. (Pirate Class has 5 sub-skills, which means there is also 5 Class Specialty: Sailing Specialization, Naval Battle Specialization, Train Pirate, Ship Tracking, Treasure Instinct)

The situation like her Treasure Appraisal Master which reigns above basic Specialty is also called Class Specialty Specialization. For example, Japan region’s Infernal Gate Master Hero with a current market estimated value of 6 million, ordinary Devil Hero’s Class Specialty is Infernal Gate, Infernal Gate Master is the more specialized and higher form of Infernal Gate. And the result of specialization is the difference of heaven and earth in market value.

Hero with Class Specialty Specialization is definitely a good Hero.

And although Infernal Gate Master is Class Specialty Specialization, in actual fact, it is placed in inborn Specialty, which is newbie already has it once player creates account, draws the lottery, and before job changing. Similarly, that “Model Knight” Hero which is estimated to be worth 3 million US dollars is also the upgrade form of Knight or Priest general Class Specialty “Blessing Ritual”, and also a Class Specialty Specialization. It is also placed in inborn Specialty too.

This kind of setting means this Hero is born to do this.

What does this explain? It shows that under ordinary circumstances, Katarina’s Treasure Appraisal Master should be placed in inborn Specialty too. However, this Specialty is placed in her Class Specialty now instead.

Isn’t this kind of situation the effect of Bro’s Voyager’s god rank scroll? Converting inborn Specialty into Class Specialty, and then having a new inborn Specialty spot, which is to say, Katarina is actually a dual Specialty Hero!

Analyzing until here, Da Fei is even more excited! The eyes looking at Katarina is even more fanatic! Dual Specialty Hero being an Epic Hero is really slightly wronged, but she is still young, wahahahaha!

However, talking about here treasure appraisal Specialty, Da Fei suddenly realizes the telescope in her bag is called “Precise Artisan’s Telescope”?

Da Fei checks the equipment, and is suddenly stunned.

——Precise Artisan’s Telescope: Increase Hero’s field of view by 50%. Famous work of renowned artisan, selling this artifact, value increases by 300%.

Oh fuck, this is definitely the present Bro gave her, right? Treasure Appraisal Master can discover hidden treasure is not surprising, it can actually appraise the same treasure into something else?

Da Fei cannot help but ask in shock: “Baby, why is your telescope different?”

Katarina says in surprise: “Of course it is different, there is never 2 same pieces of leaves in the world, right?”

So that is how it is! In the eyes of ordinary players, there is not much difference between leaves, but the world in the eyes of Treasure Appraisal Master is really different from us, there is really something about Treasure Appraisal Master.

Katarina laughs again: “Captain, think about it, there is so many valuable famous paintings and sculptures, their imitations, fakes are so plenty, won’t one be cheated if he cannot differentiate real from fake? This is the situation of passing off the genuine with fakes. There is another situation, disguising real works, which is some highest grade treasures, to prevent it from being stolen or snatched, so it is disguised as very ordinary items. Merchants do it really often. This is also the hardest to see through.”

Da Fei’s eyebrows twitch: “Disguising real works? Disguise as ordinary items? How ordinary?”

Katarina laughs gently: “This will be all sorts of strange, legends have it that some treasures can be disguised as something completely without any stats, and totally have no difference from ordinary daily necessities. I’ve heard that Silver Federation’s alchemist are exponents of it. So Uncle Ballack might as well just moved all of the ship’s items away, that is way his store looks like a grocery store. It is very interesting, and is the place I liked to play at the most when I was young.” (Note: Silver Federation, neutral faction, also called Wizard’s Academy City, players cannot choose it directly)

Da Fei involuntarily nods continuously, it seems like it is really deep regarding the treasures in the game, pirate is actually a really cultured work.

Once thinking about disguising as miscellaneous item without any stats, Da Fei suddenly remembers that very artistic and old flute he discovered in Sailing Master’s relic bag, will that have any substance?

Da Fei hurriedly takes out that flute from the bag: “Baby, take a look, this thing is someone’s relic, is there anything special about it?”

“Oh?” Katarina receives the flute for a look, and her eyes shine again!

There is something!

As expected, Katarina begins to focus on messing with this flute, and her expression is excited yet nervous too.

Haha! Definitely has something about it! Good! Such a good Hero! Bro’s sweetheart, wahahaha!

Now, Bro’s account is a Voyager, and also a Grand Master, and also has a treasure appraisal Deputy Hero with dual identity, it is definitely a cash cow! If the commodity price in the game is really like promoted, Bro earning millions in 1 or 2 years is not a problem. At least no matter how poor the market is, getting a few millions is still possible.

It is decided, Bro is not going to mention selling account again! So what if hunted throughout the server? That brat really think he is the boss of the server because he has money? This is delusional and egoistic disease, have to be treated! Don’t let Bro encounter him, or else the Grand Master Bro will beat him until he has to beg on the streets.

Finally, Katarina lets a long breath: “Captain, this is definitely a treasure, it should be a hunter’s tool to summon falcon, and it is most probably made in Elf Kingdom, I cannot make out anything else anymore.”

Da Fei is ecstatic: “It’s alright, it’s alright! As long as we know it is a treasure will do, you’ve worked hard, Baby!” A treasure that a treasure appraisal Hero who can uncover skill book cannot distinguish, it is definitely higher than Rank A? There is many appraisers among NPC, by that time just pay them to settle it.

Katarina laughs gently: “Captain, where are we going now?”

Da Fei cannot help but be stunned: “Where are we now?”

Katarina laughs: “Jade Sea, not far from Elf Kingdom Faroland.”

Da Fei laughs: “Good! Then let’s go to Elf Kingdom, and find someone to recognize this treasure along the way!”

Katarina laughs: “I’ve heard that Elf Kingdom’s goods can earn much money by transporting to human kingdom.”

Da Fei hurriedly nods his head: “Right right right, the first cargo will start from Elf Kingdom, wahahaha!”

Katarina laughs gently: “You’re the captain indeed, then I’ll go and steer the helm, as for the sails, I can only trouble the captain then?”

Da Fei laughs: “No problem, must to, heavy work like controlling sails should be done by man.” But Baby, shouldn’t you take your clothes off, after being in the rain for a night, you should do a suntan first, right?

Flying begins to set sail towards its destination.

Da Fei who is free takes out that piece of paper with golden light that did not come easily again, puts it in front of his nose while filled with emotions and takes a deep breath, as if he can smell the fragrance of sweat between Baby’s chest, ah~~

——System Notification: Your inborn Specialty “Storm Sailing” is classified as rare sailing Specialty, and fulfills Voyager’s Wisdom Scroll’s usage criteria, do you want to change your inborn Specialty into Voyager’s Class Specialty?


With a flash of golden light, the piece of paper turns into gold shreds and disappears.

——System Notification: Congratulations! You spent 1 skill point and obtained Voyager Class Specialty “Storm Sailing”.

——Storm Sailing: Hero’s fleet will have increased safety when sailing in harsh storms, effect will increase with the increase of Voyager skill level. (Note: Prerequisite is for hero to possess large galleon with good wave resistance. Large galleon requires hero to have a certain amount of fame before having the right to buy at the shipyard.)

Finally not a wild Specialty anymore, compared to before, it has an additional effect of raising with the increase of Class level as expected! The feeling of finding organization is really very different, haha! Wahahaha!

——System Notification: You converted inborn Specialty into Class Specialty, now you have the chance to choose your inborn Specialty again, you can choose a certain skill from the skills you possessed to become your new Specialty.

It is as expected! Bro has dual Specialty now! Wahahaha!

But what skill to choose as Specialty? Bro’s most high-end skill now is “Analyze Information”, choose it? No no no, what is Bro rushing for, Bro is a Grand Master already, will God rank still be far? Wait till Bro learn a god rank skill first, Bro, a god rank Hero, a godly master, wahahaha!


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