Chapter 51 Beginning of Great Sea Merchant Career

The so-called tycoon, is just driving a luxury yacht, filled with bikini babes on it, and then popping champagne all over them, and then ah ya ah ya hahaha——Crude!

The tycoon in Bro’s heart, should be like what Bro is like now, hugging the sexy hot sweetheart with smooth silk-like skin, sitting on the smooth like water deck, fishing while barbecuing and drinking rum, enjoying the sea breeze, watching stars, listening to waves, and singing the song of love in his heart! Chatting freely about the future of love! Between the sea and sky, is the poetry world of the two of us!

——”Let us swing the oars, the small ship pushing through the waves…” This is pirate, no future.

——”Chasing the power of thunder and lightning…Even the smallest of wind can let the sail voyage far!” This is trying to die!

——”Seeing you in the dreams every night…” This is Titanic, fits the occasion the most! Wahahaha!

After the storm last night, this ship’s max Durability is already below 1000. There are cracks and broken marks everywhere, it is really not far from Titanic already. Although storm can easily destroy ships, fixing it will recover Durability. But max Durability dropping easily shows that this ship is too old, and decrepit already. System is really not so generous as expected.

Facing the topic of future, Da Fei hugs the baby in his arms and sighs: “It doesn’t matter, this ship can still be used for a while, we can earn a big pile of money within this period, and then buy a new big ship. Then we will renovate the new ship into a luxury palace, and then set up more than 10 ballistae, and arm the ship into a fortress. By that time, we can still go and wander around New World, and enjoy the most blissful lives of kings on the sea.”

Katarina sighs faintly: “It is really such a pity for this ship, even if it is not maintained for many years, it is still the ship with the best capability I have ever seen. Using the terms from the Kingdom, it should be a special-type ship, ordinary shipyard cannot manufacture it.”

Da Fei is involuntarily startled: “Special-type ship?”

Katarina nods: “That’s right, this ship’s material is very rare and outstanding. A ship’s size and shape are closely related to the material’s quality. This ship’s material is sturdy and tough, only sturdiness can support the large ship’s body under the waves and force from the wind and only toughness can support such a long and streamline high-speed body. With only two of us, we have no way to bring out its capability, and the ship’s age is too old and cannot bring out its capability too but once it is equipped with the most capable sailors, it is not difficult to imagine exactly how fast it is back in the days!”

So there is so much details to shipbuilding in the game? Da Fei sighs: “It used to be a ship that shouldered great historic mission before after all, it is definitely much better than ordinary ships——” He then says excitedly: “But it doesn’t matter, we just need to work hard at earning money. As long as there is a lot of money, we can always find ways to get new ships with the same capability.”

Katarina smiles gently: “Although this type of ship material is not easy to obtain, but I believe Captain definitely will have a way.”

Da Fei laughs while caressing her smooth shoulder: “Of course, nothing is too difficult for me!”

Although he said it like this, Da Fei is moaning in his heart. Hero’s personality is actually very import too! Baby is passionate, can trick her until she is left with undergarment and then hug anyhow one likes, it is the blessing of players! But she is totally a materialistic girl! Bro is a professional player, earning money by selling gold coins to buy car and house, it is not for buying this kind of irrelevant and unreliable special-type ship!

However, Bro is what kind of person? Expert! A Grand Master! God rank Hero with dual Specialty and dual Class! She followed the penniless Bro with only a tattered ship because she have faith in Bro’s future! Is there such a nice materialistic girl in reality? Conquering materialistic girl is the symbol of a successful man! Things that cannot be done in the real world, what is the point if one cannot even do it in the game?

Anyways, the white tomorrow is calling Bro, and beautiful angel is opening their arms to Bro!

Embrace! Looking at the sweetheart’s chest that is covered by undergarment and almost exploding in his arms, the hatred in Da Fei’s heart! What is undergarment? The game’s territory of god! The absolute fortress that cannot be captured no matter how thin it is!

Dawn sun turns the sky red, and a new day begins again. The refreshing sea breeze brushes the sails lightly, and crowds of seagulls tweet lively while circling Flying. The presence of seagulls means land is near.

Katarina takes out the nautical chart: “Captain, we are have reached Elf Kingdom Faroland’s offshore. The closest large port is Erowlin. After going ashore, the first thing for Captain is to go to the Alliance Sea Merchant Guild and apply for a maritime business certificate, only with this certificate will the exchange make transactions with us. At the beginning, the business certificate is only Level 1, the exchange will only sell 10 units of low grade goods to us at most. Only by making more transactions, and after gaining good credit then the business certificate can be raised and then be able to buy more and higher end goods. But if this is the case, it cannot bring out the transporting capability of our large ship. Therefore, we should accept the Merchant Guild’s transport quest. The more goods to transport and further to transport the quest is, the more credit can obtained, and can quickly raise the business certificate’s level. Of course, this kind of quest requires the payment of security deposit equivalent to the goods’ value in advance, so we need to think of way to earn the money for paying the security deposit first.”

Da Fei laughs: “Baby, I didn’t expect you to actually know so much.”

Katarina laughs: “As a pirate, one definitely must understand merchants’ habits, find out about the goods’ market, and then lay an ambush at the location they are most likely to appear.”

Da Fei laughs: “Pirate is really a technical work!”

Actually, what Katarina said has its logic, but players have their ways of playing instead. The exchange limits players to a transaction a day? Then just buy the goods from other players at a high price.

Players with ordinary Level 1 business certificate can only buy 10 units of goods. Bro’s ship has a cargo volume of 1000 units. Bro just need to set a stall at the entrance of the exchange and buy 100 players’ purchase bills at a high price will do. As for how high is the high price? It just need to be slightly higher than the price they purchased it. During beta, many players are too lazy to set sail, so they stayed in the city doing this kind of dealings.

In the game, commerce is a very important selling point of the game. It is connected to whether a lord is able to expand or not. Therefore there is “Accounting” and “Haggling” etc in the lord-type skills.

——Accounting: Increases territory’s monthly income by a maximum of 3%, every increase of skill level increases an additional of 3%.

The sub-skills below are “Farm Development”, “Mine Development”, “Orchard Development”, “Fishery Development”, “Market Development” etc, the effects of the sub-skills naturally are increasing the income and productivity of the facilities.

——Haggling: Bargaining, can reduce a maximum of 5% in price when buying goods, and increase a maximum of 5% in price when selling goods. Every level increases the effect by 5%.

The sub-skills below are “Food Dealings”, “Textile Dealings”, “Hobby Items Dealings”, “Precious Metal Dealings”, “Luxury Item Dealings” etc, the effects naturally are to be able to buy that type of items cheaper from the exchange. And Grand Master Haggling still has a godly skill during beta that shocked the commercial circle, “Bribe”!

——Bribe: You can use a sum of money to bribe the trader of the exchange, and make him sell additional goods above the quota to you.

And then Lord-type skills still have Conscription for increasing troops’ production, and City Construction for increasing buildings’ Durability and building speed. Anyways, Lord-type skills are pretty ball-ache. Basically, after learning these skills, there is not much skill points for fighting wars. Of course, as a Lord, it is all about having many troops and Deputy Heroes, going down personally is too low. As for Da Fei, in front of the huge rewards brought by the ship’s large cargo volume, Haggling is nothing.

Now, Da Fei already can see the land close to sea, and those white sails on the sea in a distance. Those white sails are naturally those players driving small ships on merchant trips near the sea. The players now can only buy that kind of single mast small ship that can transport 10 units of goods at most and trade between 2 ports.

Aish, wonder what will they feel when they see Bro’s 1000 units large ship? Land, Bro is finally back! Bro’s great sea merchant career, will start from here! Wahahahaha!

At this time, on the sea in a distance, a fleet formed by 20 small ships is sailing briskly. Such a large ship like Flying naturally attracted their attention.

“Brother Cannon, look, look, that ship seems to be piloted by player!”

A Dwarf player named Shocking Cannon immediately takes out a telescope for a look, and only sees the 3 big red words hanging on top of the ship “Flying (Da Fei)”!

Shocking Cannon get a shock: “The trash player wanted in the whole server Da Fei!”

For a while, the whole fleet of players are in an uproar! However, everyone recovers their senses very quickly: “This Da Fei is alone! And is still a Red Name, we just have to kill him, and his equipment and ship’s certificate may even drop!”

Shocking Cannon makes the decision immediately: “Hurry up and contact Blood Sea Studio, everyone record video as proof, and prepares to get him!”

Everyone cheers loudly!


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 51 Beginning of Great Sea Merchant Career

  1. So quick question guys didn’t the Mc get a dark magic book in the beginning on the skeleton ship and couldn’t he then summon his own skeletons? Then he really could have a “skeleton crew” and have kat train them all to be skeleton pirates.

      • Did he ever use that dark magic skill book then? I don’t remember him using any dark magic skills. He could turn it into his specialty. Wouldn’t surprise me if he had skeleton crews and then just recruited beauties for the looks.

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