Chapter 53 The First Capital-Less Deal

Now, all the players have died, only those small ships with 1 or 2 sailors are left.

In a legion battle, once the commanding Hero is killed first, the remaining troops’ Morale will all drop to negative, but majority will still fight to death, a small portion will escape, and a small portion will be captured. The captives normally are the lowest-leveled troops.

The Hero died, these sailors have no chance of fighting, so they all jump into the sea resolutely.

Da Fei is anxious already: “Those that surrender will not be killed! Oh fuck, don’t run! Where do you think you all can swim to!”

Katarina shouts angrily too: “Freeze! Those that leave behind will not be killed! Those that escaped, go feed the sharks yourselves!” Seems like this is Pirate’s Threaten skill.

Finally, there is still 6 sailors who hugged their heads and stayed behind. As for those sailors that jumped into the sea, all turned into white stripes in the waves and disappeared into the distance.

Oh fuck, it is really possible to escape? While lamenting, messages came.

——System Notification: Congratulations! You obtained the achievement <Second Victorious Battle>, obtained 1140 EXP, obtained additional Command Power +1 as reward.

——System Notification: Congratulations! You won the battle, captured 6 trainee sailors, after sweeping the battlefield, discovered 200 units of fruit wine, 3 units of freshwater, 2 units of dry bread.

——System Notification: Fruit wine is classified as large-size goods, must be transported to your cabin before it can be taken away.

——Trainee Sailor: Attack 0, Defense 0, HP 4, Damage 0-1, Attack Speed 8, Movement Speed 10, Command Point 1, special ability: Ship Piloting, Swimming.

Fruit wine? Da Fei hurriedly checks the purchase bills in his hands, and smiles calmly.

1 unit of fruit wine has a purchase price of 50 gold coins, and 200 units is 10,000 gold coins. Bro can probably get like 11 to 12,000 by helping them make this trip, right? Now, the money for clearing the Fame is available, and gotten 6 sailors for free, yup, thanks.

Naturally, this is not Bro being black-hearted, all right, Bro is just black-hearted. However, merchant not doing their work but robbing pirates, isn’t that asking for trouble? One will not die if they do not ask for it, do they understand it now? Wahahaha!

Katarina throws the rope and safety net towards the small ships, and scolds that 6 sailors: “Lift all the goods up, move faster, I’ll throw whoever dares to skive into the sea to feed sharks!”

The sailors speed up their actions of tying the goods crates in fear.

Da Fei laughs: “I’ll do it too, I’ll do it too!”


While at this time, Shocking Cannon who revived back in the city, is exasperated from wrangling with Blood Sea Mad Waves: “Big boss, I’ll send you the video now. You’re the one who said he is alone. Look now, what is this beauty? Deputy Hero! And a pirate! Robbed all our purchase bills! If we knew from the start he still has a Deputy Hero, my brothers and I won’t suffer such a huge loss, isn’t this because of boss’ wrong intel? Now, the goods are lost, the ships are gone too, what to do now, Boss!”

At this time, Blood Sea Mad Waves is looking at that familiar cabin aisle in the video and the blurry silhouette of the female pirate’s bloody saber dancing in the darkness. One can imagine the shock in his heart. Who will have the time to listen to this Shocking Cannon’s ramblings, so he says impatiently: “I said, I’ll compensate with bounty!”

Shocking Cannon is unwilling to let go: “Boss, I know you have a lot of RMB, but gold coins are the hard currency in the game. Gold coins are the one that are actually valuable. Now, even studios are just starting and not selling gold coins yet. We lost 10,000 gold coins of goods, 10,000 gold coins! Now, it cannot even bought with money. This is capital dozens of our brothers worked hard day and night for this week to obtain. Boss, your miserable bounty is slightly unfair to us! Who will still care about your server-wide bounty in the future?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves is even more impatient: “10,000 each!”

Shocking Cannon only laughs now: “You’re not the big boss for no reason, generous enough, my brothers didn’t die for no reason! If you have anything in the future, you can still look for us. We’ll be at Erowlin.”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs: “I feel all of you still died for no reason, so I want to ask a small favor from you all.”

Shocking Cannon is startled: “Our ships are all gone…”

Blood Sea Mad Waves sneers: “I feel he is still not red enough. I want to make him glow with red, so I want you all to help me publicize in the city, for those that have died, I will compensate double the bounty according to their losses in goods. Anyways, that trash’s Fame has dropped again, then might as well let him drop even more, make it so that he cannot get close to the port, the best is have him go on an overseas trip permanently!”

Shocking Cannon laughs: “No problem, it’s easy!” The so-called overseas trip is naturally the place where those glowing Red Name players are exiled to by the System.

Blood Sea Mad Waves heaves out deeply. After experiencing the initial shock, Blood Sea Mad Waves begins to be numb already. After snatching his god rank Hero’s reward, no matter what this trash developed into, it is nothing to be surprised of. The key thing is, the video reveals a signal, he has hired a Pirate Hero, and it is an envious beauty Hero, what does this mean? It means he has gotten on shore before already, and it is the shore of pirates’ territory.

Judging from the notification of losing purchase bills everyone get after being killed in the video, this Pirate Class is indeed very good at snatching things! Blood Sea Mad Waves is interested already—— How can working so hard by going on merchant trips himself be compared to pirates’ capital-less business of snatching directly? Didn’t he made the plan of being a pirate and robbing NPC merchants while back on the deserted island?

Judging from this Da Fei not changing Class yet now, the prerequisite for making peaceful contact with pirates must definitely be to not have changed Class yet. And coincidentally, there was all kinds of matters at the studio these 2 days, so he did not have time to level up and change Class yet too. He should fulfill the the condition to meet the pirates too.

It is decided, be a Pirate! Knight and Priest are too conservative, and really unsuitable for naval battle. Only Pirate is worthy of his god rank Specialty!

Blood Sea Mad Waves immediately tells his assumption to his brothers, Brother Tian, Shao Dong and Xiao Ma. Everyone then exclaims: “We’ve already changed Class, and you are only saying it now?”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs: “Bros should still go on the right path steadily, the goods I snatched after being a pirate will all be given to you all to sell.”

Shao Dong says in surprise: “But we are starting a studio now, right? Won’t it be bad to tarnish our reputation by being a pirate?”

Brother Tian laughs: “It’s nothing, reputation is useless. Some people lower down their heads and be a good person for their whole lives, but in the end, just because they did 1 thing wrong and their reputations are tarnished for life. Some people live well and throw their weight around, but in the end, when they have a change of heart, they get praised for turning over a new leaf. What say you, do you all want to be a good person first or bad person first?”

Everyone laughs loudly: “Isn’t that obvious! Of course is to live well and beat others into submission first, then be a good person. By that time, wouldn’t others be so grateful!”

Blood Sea Mad Waves laughs loudly: “Bro is right. We must be unscrupulous in raising ourselves. Even if we are scolded throughout the nation, it doesn’t matter. When we’re stronger, we will go to the War Server and fight the foreigners. Beating the fools and shorties, we will be the ethnic heroes, who would still dare to talk?”

Everyone laughs loudly: “Right! Ah Tao, you can rest assured and go out to sea, the shore has us on it!”


At this time, Da Fei is transporting goods on the ship. Katarina suddenly sounds the alarm: “Captain, another small ship is approaching us!”

Ah? 1 ship? Da Fei immediately takes out the telescope for a look. Indeed, he sees a white sail coming from the distance. It really is a small ship.

Oh fuck! Are you kidding me, a small ship dares to rob Bro? The 20 ships earlier are done in by Bro already. The guild channel has probably exploded, yet you dare to come with just 1 ship? Could it be a super ace that can take down a city alone?

Da Fei’s heart tightens, looks carefully again, player name “A Sword From the West”! Oh fuck, this name is cool! Seems like a pro!


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