Chapter 54 Assassin or Porter?

It’s close! Not only can Grand Master Scouting see the other party’s Level, it can also check the equipment the other party is wearing from afar.

——Player name “A Sword From the West”, Level 20, Elf Level 1 unit Dual Saber Warrior Wind Dancer, equipped with all equipment shop items! Subordinates of 2 Trainee Sailor, troops Morale +1, 10 units of unknown goods on board.

What is this? Totally cannot tell his strength? Could it be he has something like a magic scroll that can kill Bro in 1 hit? Totally cannot see through him, but Bro also does not have any interest nor time to see through already.

Pro, is it? Perform walking on water for Bro first.

Da Fei waves his hand, and immediately commands a sailor to position at the ballista of the gun deck.

To ballista players, if there is units under them, then they can send a unit (must be medium-small humanoid creature) to operate ballista, while the Damage is calculated according to the Hero, and has no skill nor stats requirement for the unit. Naturally, battleship can carry dozens of ballistae, but only the ballista the player is using can be assigned to unit to operate at will. The other ballistae are not affected by player’s War Machine skill, so they must hire high level sailors that knows ballista, and has high stats for them to unleash their power. Deputy Hero naturally will have no problem too.

A Sword From the West’s small ship has entered the range of fire already. Nothing much to say, just bomb him!

——Boom pat! The ballista sounds off twice, and the small ship suddenly shakes violently and wood scraps splash out.

A Sword From the West yells anxiously: “Brother Fei! Don’t attack first! I’m here to deliver goods for you! Wait for me to deliver the goods first, it’s not too late to kill me then!”

Da Fei cannot help but be startled, what is he talking about? Bro cannot understand!

A Sword From the West continues to yell: “Brother Fei, don’t attack! I’m going to sink if you attack again! Just now, there is a big boss putting the word out in the channel, to let us deliver headcount and red packets to Brother Fei. I’m a mercenary merchant so definitely have to come. It’s not because I want to make life difficult for Brother Fei on purpose. Even if I don’t come, others will want to come to. They are all behind, so might as just give the goods Brother Fei as goodwill. If the ship is sunk, the goods will all be gone, and Brother Fei will make a big loss!”

Da Fei instantly understood. What is delivering headcount and red packets? Naturally is that idiot forcing Bro to kill people, and make Bro’s Red Name even redder! Since he is going to die anyway, why is he still yelling to stop first repeatedly?

Naturally is to sink the ship and drown him to death. Comparing to being slashed to death directly by Bro, the Fame dropped is greatly different. What difference? Bro sinking the ship only is maliciously assaulting merchants crime, but someone dropping into the sea is not Bro’s business, because people dropping into sea is not equivalent to drowning to death. They can still hold on to wooden log and wait for others to save them or drift back. This logic is like luring mobs to harm others, looking at the facts, the person indeed died because of Bro, but System cannot judge Bro to be the killer. After all, Bro did not even touch him, right? Who knows did he accidentally fall into the water?

But slashing someone to death directly, that is murder and maliciously assaulting merchants. 2 crimes being punished together, the Fame dropped is naturally much more.

Since that so-called big boss wants to send red packets, he definitely is paying according to Fame. A Level 1 delivering headcount and red packet and a Level 20 delivering red packet is naturally greatly different. Level 1 only drop Bro’s Fame by 10, Level 20 is 200, how is it possible to be the same price?

Oh fuck, Bro thought it is a pro that can capture a city alone! So it is a meticulous, calculative and sly merchant! Oh well, anyways, both sides are just getting what they need. Then let’s part with no hard feelings, Bro can let you stay alive for now.

Da Fei squats on the ship’s rail and shouts: “Sure, come over!”

A Sword From the West hurriedly says: “Understand! Understand!” And at this time, A Sword From the West is secretly elated, there is chance already!

A Sword From the West is an ordinary Elf merchant, born as an ordinary Level 1 unit Wind Dancer, and his inborn Specialty is also an ordinary unit specialization “Wind Dancer Instructor”, every increase in 2 levels, increase troops’ Wind Dancer’s Attack and Defense by 1 each. The skill learned is also the ordinary Offense and Luck.

But he has his extraordinary unknown to others, that is his Class Specialty as Ranger. In the Class change trial Instance at Level 10, he discovered a hidden quest, and completed it exceptionally. Thus he obtained a hidden Class Specialty, Avenger’s Wrath! When Hero is attacked by enemy, can use 50% of stamina, to deal a strike with 3 times damage to the enemy.

Once there is a lucky strike, that is 6 times damage, enough to 1-hit kill others. Even if it cannot kill in 1-hit, that is still gaining an overwhelming advantage. What does this mean? It means an ordinary person is no longer ordinary.  Naturally, even Master Luck only has 10% chance of getting double damage. It is obviously unrealistic. Therefore, it still needs artifact to boost, for example the most common on the market, 4-leaf clover Luck +1. Lucky Card Luck +1. Naturally, there is high level artifact Golden Horseshoe Luck +2, Swan’s Down Cape Cape Luck +2, there is even the unreachable highest grade artifact Lionheart Crown, Luck and Morale +3 etc.

To complete this full set of luck artifacts, to carry through his path of instant killing people, A Sword From the West, this merchant that does not know Navigation, nor Accounting begins his merchant career. Very soon, A Sword From the West discovered merchant career is actually very leisure and exciting. Not only does selling goods have EXP, if the goods sold are what that city needs urgently, there will be additional EXP, Fame, equipment, and even artifact rewards.

Anyways, A Sword From the West believes his hidden Specialty can change his destiny, and there will be a day when he finally amaze the world.

And chance will always be given to those that are always prepared, so for this day, he kept 1 bottle of system awarded red potion, and 1 bottle of stamina potion. In this game, potions are the crucial items that can change a battle’s outcome. Its hefty price is incomparable to ordinary games. This is also one of the important reasons why mage players are weaker at the beginning. With these 2 bottles of potions, A Sword From the West has enough confident to fight 2 at once!

Not only that, every time before going out onto the sea, A Sword From the West will go to the goddess altar in the city to worship, and add 1-3 temporary Luck. Thus, with Master Luck, his Luck today is 8, 16% chance of hitting double damage, and Wind Dancer is a dual saber warrior, both sabers take into account Luck, so the chance of him getting double damage can be simply counted as 32%. This chance is already quite high.

And during today’s merchant trip, the local region’s commercial channel exploded. The local city’s famous Brother Cannon’s fleet was wiped by famous Red Name Da Fei. Who is Da Fei, A Sword From the West naturally have heard of him. Actually, merchant going on trips is really dull, so merchants normally will leave the sailing of the ship to NPC sailors to deal with, and they go onto forums to look at gossips, or watch movies online, and then chat in the channel. It is impossible to not know Da Fei. After all, merchants are most sensitive to Red Names.

A Sword From the West longs to be famous, and his heart also longs to known throughout the server like Da Fei. But he naturally does not hope to be famous through Da Fei’s way.

And then, the big boss quoted a price, whoever goes and deliver headcount and red packet, will be compensated according to the Fame the other side dropped. As a merchant, everyone can tell this deal is very lucrative. However, even if the big boss is credible, the key is the other side is a big ship, can the merchant’s small ship catch up to it? Even if they caught up, what can a small ship do to him? If cannot catch up, and cannot do anything to him, won’t it be a waste of time and also cannot get the bounty?

When others are still hesitating, this merchant that does not know Navigation, A Sword From the West makes a prompt decision to preempt others.

This may be the chance to change his destiny that he waited for so long!

Once succeeded, after killing this Red Name, he will be able to have a meteoric rise and amaze the world. If he fails, it is just being killed and going back to claim the bounty. Anyways, he will not incur loss no matter what.

And now, the other party has agreed to let him get close. This is the first step to success! Chance has to be created slowly.

It’s close already, the big ship is surrounded by 10-20 ships loaded with goods. A few NPC sailors are busily hanging up goods. That legendary Red Name is squatting on the rail looking down on him on the small ship. Under the shine of the sun behind him, that dark silhouette, that cheap stare makes A Sword From the West not able to look straight into.

His laughter can be heard: “This brother, can you help out, you see, I’m underhanded here, you can help me transport for a bit first, right?”


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