Chapter 55 Deceiving the Whole Server

In the azure sky, seagulls are soaring. In the azure sea, waves are rippling. The towering and dilapidated Flying, is silent and yet busy.

Numerous white sails are gathering towards Flying from the surrounding. After all, players that have organized fleet like Shocking Cannon are little. Most players are unorganized solo players. Solo players are the best!

A Sword From West is scolding from below the ship: “Newcomer, be self-conscious and queue up! Help Brother Fei transport the goods onto the ship!”

What is Sheep-Flock effect, bandwagon effect? This is it! When A Sword From West who has ulterior motives is obediently helping to transport goods, and the 2nd small ship comes murderously, they cannot help but be startled at seeing this situation.

Being able to fudge the first one, will the second one still be far away? Da Fei stands on the tall deck and shouts: “Newcomer, hand over the goods!”

The newcomer is naturally unconvinced: “Why should I?”

Then what the hell are you here for? Da Fei says coldly: “Just because he can get 10,000, while you cannot even get 5,000!”

A Sword From West immediately helps out: “Brother, since we’re here to deliver headcount anyways, the goods cannot be saved, just take it as giving Brother Fei a favor, aren’t profits just what we merchants are after? No need to offend Brother Fei.”

Da Fei slaps his head and laughs on the ship: “You’re right, brother. Anyways, after you all leave, your units cannot be saved too, better to give me your units too.”

A Sword From West laughs: “No problem!” But he is actually sneering in his heart, the time you make a move later will be the time I 1-hit kit you.

The newcomer thinks about it and thinks that is true too. Anyways, there is big boss to reimburse, and this deal is bound to earn. There is no need to offend the Red Name. Thus, he joins in the transporting ranks too.

With the second one, the third is even easier: “What are you all doing?”

The two say: “Come and give a hand, give all the units and goods you don’t need.”

“Did the boss arrange it like this?”

Da Fei clicks his tongue: “Do Bro look like boss to you?”

A Sword From West continues to help out: “Brother Fei is very busy, get cracking.”

“Oh.” It does not matter already, as long as the big boss gives the bounty.

Thus, there is a fourth: “This is?”

Everyone says: “Don’t ask so much, hurry up and carry so we can knock off sooner.”


Thus, there is fifth, sixth, and finally the busy site now. Brother Fei’s sailor army conscripted dozens of people like snowballing. With such a large military might, and in front of such a orderly scene, these solo players seem to have forgotten what they came for.

Do you all know what are you all doing? Actually, Bro also does not know what you all are doing.

This is Sheep-Flock effect, bandwagon effect. Everyone are unconsciously led by their noses. This is the similarity between man and sheep, which is will unconsciously submit to the crowd, always feeling that so many people are doing something, he should just do it too. Da Fei used to dabble with multi-level marketing, so he is well-versed in this.

But what should the next step be? Looking at the small ships continuously coming over, Da Fei’s gaze is deep yet distant.


——”Hello to all the audience, Hero Newsflash is back here with everyone again. We’ve received a live broadcast footage from a warm-hearted player in the game. The highly concerned Da Fei finally appears in front of all the players. He appeared near Elf Kingdom Erowlin port. This should be the first time he get close to shore after he left the beginner trial’s island and drifting for several days on the sea. And half an hour ago, Da Fei killed 20 merchant players that responded to Blood Sea Mad Waves’ bounty, and displayed astonishing combat prowess. And now, Da Fei has already came to an agreement with the merchants. That is the merchants, in line with the principle of not offending both sides, in players’ terms, continue delivering headcounts to respond to Blood Sea Mad Waves’ bounty, and then use goods to compensate Da Fei’s Fame loss. The scene now is filled with bustle.”

——”Now, we’re are playing video that another set of players sent over. This video clearly shot the full view of Da Fei’s Flying. Here, we will connect to Slaying Dragon Guild’s Dragontooth, China’s renowned athlete Mr. Chang Liang to receive our telephone interview.”

Host: “Hello, Mr. Chang Liang?”

An excited voice comes out from the other side of the phone: “Hello! Host! Hello to all the fellow players, I’m Chang Liang, China’s largest guild, Slaying Dragon Guild’s Dragontooth, very happy to meet with everyone…ehm, phone meet.”

Host smiles: “I heard that the new established Blood Sea Mad Waves Studio joined Slaying Dragon Guild. Then, what players are more concerned with is, how will Slaying Dragon Guild treat this Da Fei?”

Chang Liang laughs: “That is Blood Sea Mad Waves’ personal grudge with player, and does not represent Slaying Dragon Guild’s stand. We, Slaying Dragon Guild’s motto is to let everyone play happily.”

Host: “Now, the player Da Fei is driving such a big ship back. The size of this ship’s cargo volume, the players on the spot should be well aware. What impact would such a big ship have on the players now?”

Chang Liang sighs: “Personally, I feel think is really like cheating? I believe all the merchant players present must have the same feelings as me. But looking at the video, this ship is filled with cracks and patches, and the wood in the cracks have already rotten into sludge. This ship’s usage time should not be too long already, it probably is a one-time item awarded by System, hopefully.”

Host laughs: “Now on the spot, there is almost 100 merchant ship in position already. According to statistics by players at the scene, there is 60 players above Level 10, 30 players around Level 20, if one will to kill all these players, how much gold coins are needed to clear the Red Name? Can the goods of these merchant players be enough to pay the fees for clearing his Red Name?”

Chang Liang laughs: “Red Name’s Fame and the gold needed is close to a ratio of 1:1, but the lower the Fame is, the higher the cost. Reportedly, he killed Blood Sea Mad Waves until negative 3000 Fame, and he just killed a 20-man merchant fleet with average level of 20. That is another negative 4000 Fame, so that is at least 10,000 gold coins already. If he continues killed and the negative Fame breaks through 10,000, his Title will become Criminal straight away. He might not even have the chance to clear the Red Name, and be arrested by NPC coast guards, and be exiled to the legendary Villains Island for repentance and penal labor. Honestly, I would like to see how Villains Island is like.”

Host laughs: “It is said that there is an independent server, all the Red Names from all over the world will be exiled there.”

Chang Liang laughs: “I reckon he must be very lonely if he were to go there.”

Right at this time, there is a commotion in the screen in the background.

Host says in surprise: “The order has been upset, there is a new situation again!”\


That’s right, there is a new situation! Just now, a gust of strong wind suddenly strikes, the small ships surrounding Flying suddenly shakes, and the best timing Da Fei is waiting for is this time!

Why is he waiting for the best timing? Naturally is all the sailors immediately raise the sails and set sail! Big ships are originally slow when the sea is calm, because he plundered them and stopped his ship, the startup is even slower, and urgently needs a strong wind for boost. And the small ships are unstable from the shaking in the strong wind, how will they still have the ability to give chase? If he does not run now, when should he run? Did you all really think Bro will kill all of you? Then how will Bro continue playing? Rather offend all the players in the server than offend NPC! Haha, wahahaha!

As expected, merchant players that have realized they are cheated all curse: “Swindler! Trashy Swindler!”

“Everyone, give chase together. Smash the ship, sink him, don’t let him escape!”

“I already felt something was wrong with him from the start, and already recorded a video and uploaded it!”

“This A Sword From West is his accomplice. Everyone, let’s throw him into the sea and feed the turtles!”

A Sword From West exclaims: “I’m a victim too, I was cheated too!”


Flying with full strength of sailors begins to set sail in the wind. Tens of small ships wobbly chase up to Flying and angrily smash the body of the ship. Da Fei calmly smiles, smash slowly, Bro shall make a move first. At the same time, he is really rejoicing in his heart, if not for this gust of wind carrying him out by force, he will probably have to shed a layer of skin, by going on a killing spree.

Looking at A Sword From West that was thrown into the sea with a plop by the furious players, Da Fei secretly sighs. Just like multi-level marketing, trickery is very simple. Once the atmosphere and order is created, there will still be many being cheated. And A Sword From West’s role, is the most important in multi-level marketing, executive!

Bro is not harming you all, Bro is educating you all, being cheated in the game is still better than being cheated in the real world after all. This is called know the evil and yet preserve your kindness, haha!


At this time, in the Hero live studio, the host is looking at the live broadcast screen behind and speechless for very long.

Finally, Chang Liang speaks out: “Host, can you allow me to speak vulgarities in front of all the audience?”


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