Chapter 56 Clearing Red Name

The whole China region’s Hero forum is already in chaos.

Cheating is nothing, PK is nothing, robbing goods is also nothing, but, cheating people, PK and robbing goods in front of millions of television audience, that is big news. This is being a disgrace in front of the whole world! It is already imaginable, this segment today is going to be broadcast by people of the same occupation from many different countries as a joke.

At the same time, as the mastermind behind it, how will Blood Sea Mad Waves react? Logically speaking, it is those merchants being greedy, and ridiculous themselves. Serves them right for being scammed. Especially, handing their goods to the enemy is something Blood Sea Mad Waves cannot tolerate! But if he does not show any reaction, then what will Blood Sea Mad Waves’ bounty be? Where will the studio’s prestige?

The good thing is the players did not lose their lives, so after a short discussion among Blood Sea Mad Waves Studio’s management, they decided to still compensate in cash according to the loss in goods. This more or less consoled the merchants’ hurt souls. And the cheated merchants also began to call for the bounty throughout China region on the forum, and anyone to not sell purchase bills to the trash Da Fei, and let him cannot even transport much goods with his big ships. For a while, the post is replied, and many answered to the call.

To Blood Sea Mad Waves, the real aim is considered achieved. This Da Fei has already became the shame of the whole China region, and a real public enemy. Let’s see how long he can still survive? Fight with me? Bah! See if I can mess you up!


Now, carrying 800 units of goods worth 40,000 gold coins, Da Fei is about to moor at the harbor, and a few Dragon Eagle knights wearing golden armor descend from the sky.

——”We suspect you have record of illegal activities, we shall detain your ship, restrict your movements, please come with us and cooperate with investigations.”

This is the legendary urban admins[1] that have mysterious combat prowess. Maybe you thought after raising to dozens or even 100 levels you can trash them, but when you really reached Level 100, you will modestly discover, the closer you get to god, the smaller you will feel you are.

As a Red Name that is besieged and intercepted by others at all cost, Da Fei suddenly has the feeling of meeting with his organization when seeing them! A relaxed feeling of relief surges through his whole body: “I’m willing to accept investigations!”

White light flashes, the scene changed. Da Fei appears in a grand and solemn black hall. On top of the platform at center of the hall is a NPC in black robes called “Adjudicator” suppressing the audience with a strike of hammer. His majestic voice resounds through the hall: “Do you know what crimes you have committed?”

——System Notification: As a Red Name, you shall face the rulings below, you can accept any of the punishments.

1, repent at church. Repentance time is based on the time you are online. During repentance period, you are unable to leave the church. Repentance time in real world (7 days 3 hours 21 minutes)

2, exile and penal labor. Penal labor is based on the value you created with labor. During penal labor, you are unable to move freely.

3, fine and bail. Paying enough gold coins or items of equivalent value, you shall obtain the chance to bail.

Nothing much to say, why did Bro scam so much goods for in the first place?

Da Fei nods: “I know, I’ll change! I’m willing to hand over my goods to repent my wrongdoings.”

The judge says contentedly: “Gold coins can clear your sins, but it can let you obtain the chance of bail to turn over a new leaf. You must cherish the forgiveness god has towards you, go and do your best, be a brand new person again!”

——System Notification: You handed over 235 units of goods worth 12,310 gold coins and obtained bail, you turned into Yellow Name.

——Yellow Name: Possesses the same citizen rights and protected by the law as White Name players, but Fame is still negative. You must save up your Fame, or donate at the church before you can clear your notorious name.

The scene changes again, and Da Fei appears at the port.

Looking at the blue sky, the soaring seabirds, bustling flow of people, and the busy port, Da Fei finally has a sense of belonging from returning to civilization. Da Fei heaves a long sigh of relief. Bro is finally safe. This feeling at ease is so good!

And now, naturally is to go aboard and look at sweetheart.

Needless to say, what welcomes Da Fei is sweetheart’s passionate hug: “Captain, you coming out so fast is really great!”

Ah~~enjoying the thrill of squeezing from the waves in front of her chest, Da Fei ecstatically caresses her back and laughs: “Who am I, how can they be able to detain me? Wahahaha!”

Katarina laughs: “That’s right, if Captain does not come out for a day, I cannot get off the ship for a day, and that will bore me to death.”

Da Fei laughs: “Let’s go, we’ll go to the Sea Merchant Association to get a sea permit, and then sell goods. After earning money, the first thing to do is to buy pretty clothes for you.”

Katarina laughs: “Now, our funds are tight, there is no hurry to buy clothes. Just now, we got 235 units of goods being taken. The rest of the goods, some are produced in this harbor, it can only be sold for 70% of the purchase price. Some are from nearby harbors. We can earn a bit lesser, so selling for 30,000 gold coins should probably be no problem. And then, after repairing the ship, there should probably be 20,000 and a few thousand gold coins left. This much money should be enough to pay the deposit for merchant guild’s transport quest.”

Who said she is a materialistic girl? She is a better half that can make every cent count!

Da Fei laments: “Okay, do as you said!” After cheating so many merchants, probably have incurred the wrath of the masses, right? Buying purchase bills from players will probably not work already. The only way is to accept long distance transport quest from merchant guild.

Now, this Yellow Name Da Fei bringing Katarina onto the streets, instantly attracted the attraction of countless players, and the whole city channel exploded.

“Trash swindler Da Fei has appeared!”

“Damn trash used the goods he cheated to clear his Red Name!”

“Everyone, don’t sell purchase bills to this trash! Let him have no use for his large ship!”


Da Fei is filled with emotions. How many years has it been, it has been so many years since he heard such passionate shouting. That is Bro’s long-gone youth, that is Bro’s passion that has returned after so long, that is Bro’s hot-blooded years with no regrets!

A group of people blocked Da Fei. The leader is a player called Shocking Cannon. These players stares at Da Fei fiercely, and then stares at the coquettish and sexy Katarina with unlimited envy and greed.

Da Fei looks at this Dwarf in front of him arrogantly and helplessly sighs: “Excuse me, blocking traffic is illegal, everyone should be a good law-abiding players!”

——Ah pfft! Everyone spits! Shocking Cannon points at Da Fei angrily and threatens: “Wait and see! Don’t let my brothers see you!”

Who is this fellow? Da Fei shakes his head and squeezes past the crowd, leaving a group of people behind him cursing angrily.

And then is to go to the Alliance Sea Merchant Association to get a sea permit. The location to get the sea permit is very particular, if it is gotten at Erowlin, then one will be able to buy more goods in that city. This is also the reason why so many players from other countries come all the way to Erowlin. Naturally, foreign players still do not buy as much as local players, but foreign players naturally has their countries’ advantages.

After handling the sea permit, naturally is to go to the exchange to sell goods. Although only half of the purchase bills are left, this is still Bro’s first bucket of gold, wahahahaha!

Sitting in front of the exchange’s door is a dejected player, A Sword From West. Amidst the cursings, he raises his head, sees Da Fei coming towards him, and has a complicated expression.

Da Fei shakes his head, comes up to tap on his shoulder and laments: “Brother, you’ve suffered!”

The surrounding players curse loudly: “Look, they are really in cahoots!”

A Sword From West slaps off Da Fei’s hand, and stands up while roaring angrily: “He is a liar, we are not in cahoots!”

Da Fei sighs: “Life is like waves on the sea, there will be ups and downs, only by going all out will one win…..”

A Sword From West says with grief: “So easily said! My capital are all gone, the boss thought I’m a cheat and will not compensate me. My reputation is sullied too. I cannot continue anymore.”

Oh, the main point is the boss not giving money? Da Fei sighs: “And then?”

A Sword From West stares at Da Fei’s eyes, and says with a deep tone: “I have 1 last request! I want to challenge to one-on-one at the arena!”

Arena PK does not kill nor will there be any losses.

Da Fei replies with an oh: “Which is to say, you had the intention to strike then?”

A Sword From West says with a deep tone: “That’s right!”

Da Fei shakes his head: “You don’t have the chance.”

A Sword From West grits his teeth: “There is no have or don’t have in chance!”

Da Fei sighs: “Okay, seeing that you have helped me before, I’ll let you get it out of your head.”

Amidst the cursing from players along the way, the two reach the arena in the city.

Da Fei sighs: “Start a public mode.”

A Sword From West yells loudly: “I want to settle it with the cheat Da Fei at the arena! Those interested can come and watch!”

All the players curse loudly: “Acting again, go PK in the field if you have the guts!”

A Sword From West’s expression is even more indignant. Even so, when the two enter the arena, there is still tens of players coming in to watch on the audience seats.

Facing Da Fei and his Deputy Hero, A Sword From West says resolutely: “Let’s begin!”

Da Fei squats on the ground and shakes his head: “Wait for a while first.”

“Wait for what?”

Da Fei shakes his head and does not say anything. Naturally is to wait for even more audience, there is bound to a few people who will believe, right? If nobody really believes you, you might as go along with the mistake and be Bro’s subordinates. Bro sees that you look loyal on the outside but scheming in the inside and is someone cut out for big things, and so much better than that Da Wei. You won’t understand Bro’s care.

Intermittently, there is a few hundred people coming into the arena. The arena is filled with cursing, and is almost time already.

Da Fei also does not get up, and says lightly: “Let’s start.”

Drawing out the dual sabers, the already charged up A Sword From West runs over.

Katarina faces the attack head on!

The crowd is instantly silent. This is the server’s 2nd female Hero. Players are really looking forward to her strength! Although everyone is not optimistic about the Level 20 A Sword From West, but being both dual sabers, and same high attack speed units, everyone wants to see how large is the gap between both sides!

Flash of blood and white light interweaves over!

——System Notification: Your Deputy Hero Katarina deals 46 damage to A Sword From West, caused paralysis effect to A Sword From West, and interrupted his actions!

The crowd is in an uproar!

The second flash of blood comes again!

——System Notification: Your Deputy Hero Katarina deals 14 damage to A Sword From West, and defeated A Sword From West!

The crowd is silent.

Da Fei sighs: “If it is on the sea, you would have already been killed with the first attack. I don’t know what great moves you have. It may be a scroll that can kill with 1 strike, but, you really don’t have the chance.”

At this time, A Sword From West who was lying the ground slowly sits up. His face is pale and his body is shaking. The end of dream is disillusioned!

After a short silent, the crowd are all booing.

A Sword From West looks at the crowd, and uses his last strength shouts out with the top of his voice: “I, A Sword From West, did not cheat everyone. To prove my innocence, I’m logging off to delete account!!!”

Amidst the uproar of the crowd, A Sword From West logs off and disappears!

Oh fuck? Is he really going to delete his account? Da Fei cannot help but sighs. What is the use of you deleting your account? How much is the innocence of a measly nobody like you worth? Did you really think you can shock the masses’ hearts, and make some shed a tear for you?

No matter what, Bro has cured another internet addiction youth. Oh fuck, Bro is a professional gamer, if patient is cured, how will Bro earn anything.


T/L note 1: A kind of enforcement unit in China


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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