Chapter 60 Meeting with Makarl Successfully

At evening, the horse carriage Da Fei hired reaches the rest stop of Holy Mother Monastery at the suburbs. A group of imposing and majestic buildings surrounded by high walls in the forest can be seen from afar. Loud and clear hymn singing can be heard from a distance.

Katarina revels: “It’s really sacred, and really solemn!”

Da Fei sighs: “I feel it’s more like a prison instead.”

After changing into a set of formal wear, the well-dressed duo goes to the main entrance, and a slouching old nun wearing black robe and black headpiece that was sweeping the floor stopped them.

She says glumly: “Stop, this is not somewhere you all can trespass.

Looking at her old witch-like face, and that broom that seems to be able to fly, Da Fei’s heart skips a beat——”Emperor, do you still remember the Xia Yu He from beside Daming Lake?”[1]

Da Fei absentmindedly recovers his senses: “I’m here to look for——”

Old granny interrupts straight away: “Go back, those that comes here are nuns that devote that bodies and minds to god, and already have nothing to do with the mortal world!”

Da Fei does not give up: “I’ve her father’s relic! I’ve to give it to——”

That old granny waves her hand impatiently. White light flashes below the two’s legs, and then the scene changes, and the duo appeared at the rest stop for waiting for horse carriage.

For a while, the duo is so shocked they can only look at each other. Oh my fuck, Granny Rong-rank Sweeping Divine Nun![2] What kind of scary existence is this? And totally gives no chance for players to sprout nonsense. Seems like the tavern boss is really right, this is really a place ordinary people cannot enter. Barge in by force? Stealth and sneak in? Hehe…

Da Fei can only shake his head and sighs: “Let’s go back. I’ll bring you to the most luxurious hotel.”

Katarina snickers: “Okay, captain!”

Seems like this information in this diary is really not that simple. Could it be this information is only a boring story-line? Just like how those debts recorded in the Master Gunner’s diary have no actually meaning? No no no, impossible! This is a living person! Even if Master Gunner is boring, he still recorded the information of a super creature like Leviathan, didn’t he?

But the situation now is obviously not something Bro can settle. What to do? Could it be Bro’s Deputy Hero slot really have to give it to that Beardy? Fuck! If there is really no way, will just have to bear with it. No matter success or failure, once the quest ended, immediately get him to leave, no explanations required.

As for the next move, right, originally intended to look for Makarl once ashore when on the sea. Let’s look for Makarl once sun rises. This risk have to be taken. If successfully fudge the Phantom Ballista from him, then Bro is going to be really ferocious going to the subterranean sea this time. And he is the greatest voyager of this century, right? Can he give Bro this newbie Voyager some advice?

The duo return to the city and check in to a hotel. Da Fei logs off to eat, drink and shit, and when he logs in again, a new day has begun in the game.

Look for Makarl.

As the largest harbor of Lionheart Empire, there is no way St. Paul Port does not have the residence or something like office for the world’s greatest voyager, Makarl.

The guard at the entrance blocks Da Fei: “Freeze, this is not somewhere you can enter!”

Another Granny Rong who does not let people finish their words. A mere soldier dares to block Bro? Bro does not believe it. Da Fei takes out Makarl’s dark skill book: “I’m Duke Makarl’s student. I’ve the right to meet the Duke!”

As expected, that guard saw the book like he saw the Duke. His expression suddenly changes, and immediately turns his head and shouts: “Butler, someone is looking for Lord!”

Wahahaha! Bro is right. Under normal circumstances, players that completed the trial must also use this book as a knocking brick, how is it possible to be unable to meet the Duke?

A butler wearing tuxedo appears: “You are?”

Da Fei raises the skill book in his hand and says with pride: “I’m the Duke’s student. I have Duke’s important item, and I want to request an audience with the Duke.”

The butler says in doubt: “Student? Where did you get this from?”

Da Fei says honestly: “I discovered it from the St. Antonio that Lord Duke explored in before. It has Lord Duke’s important experience on it. I have to return it to Lord.”

The butler nods: Please follow me.”

It really worked! Thus, they pass by rooms and halls, and through a teleportation formation. The scene changes, and Da Fei appeared in a gorgeous yet solemn circular library’s hall. All kinds of magic shrapnel are spiraling and flowing within the few storeys high library, displaying the boundlessness of the owner’s mana.

The butler says in a deep voice: “Lord Duke is very busy and hardly have the time to meet with guests. If you have anything, get to the point.”

Da Fei quickly says: “Oh, understood.”

“Please wait for a while.”

After the butler left, Da Fei begins to get nervous. Bro accepted the Epic quest against him, god knows what will happen at the meeting. Anyways, as long as it concerns the Sailing Master, Bro will not say anything. Don’t know, haven’t meet, hmph hmph.

Not long after, with the accompaniment of the butler, a white-bearded old man wearing a red magic robe with gold rims, holding a golden gemstone staff, and surrounded by a few different colored magic spheres appeared. The golden Hero halo below his feet shows that he is a Priest Hero!

He snickers: “I don’t remember accepting any student?” His voice is serene and tranquil. His smile is kindly and amiable. The magic shrapnel in the entire hall also weave into a magnificent and luscious emblem because of his appearance.

Oh my fuck, a Death Lord able to act like this is also really something. The first impression he gave is definitely Santa Clause! No wonder the Master Gunner idolized him so much. Then, Bro’s first impression needs to act well too. Isn’t it just boot-licking? Bro never know how to blush when boot-licking NPC.

Da Fei hurriedly salutes: “Please pardon my presumptuous. I’ve important affairs and must meet with Lord Duke, so I lied about being Lord’s student, but I really did received inspiration and enlightenment from Lord Duke’s notes. In my heart, Lord Duke’s wisdom is already my guiding lighthouse. And from the records in this Master Gunner’s diary, I’m even more deeply impressed by Lord Duke’s grace. I’ll forever treat Lord Duke as my life instructor!” And then takes out the dark skill book, Master Gunner’s diary, and the soul crystal drop from killing that Ghost and offers it to him.

The butler goes up to receive the items and passes it to the Duke.

The Duke cannot help but be startled: “You retrieved it from the shipwrecked St. Antonio?”

Da Fei says respectfully: “That’s right.”

The Duke flips through the book quickly and laments at the same time: “This should be the item I accidentally left behind during that great battle. That was the journey that I will not forget for my life. Our St. Antonio went through countless difficulties, witnessed countless miracles, and almost return in triumph, but at the end, we received dual attacks from the enemies and storm. We were stranded at a deserted island, and trapped by the enemies’ curse barrier. We fought to the last moment, and with Captain Renoir’s covering, I became the last survivor, and persisted to the arrival of rescue team. And the curse barrier left behind by the enemies at the island caused the strong to have difficulty entering. The retrieval of St. Antonio cannot be completed, so it was always left unsettled. Who could have imagine a young warrior was able to complete the mission so many years later. It’s really amazing!”

Da Fei laughs: “Lord, you flatter.” Seems like it is going to work?

The Duke raises his head, stares at Da Fei’s eyes and asks while smiling kindly: “Your clothes are Captain Renoir’s?”

Da Fei’s heart shivers. It is still early to say success. Now is the most crucial point, right? Honesty, is a very important character in life. Lies is also a very important measure in life. So when met with this kind of situation, naturally is 99% honesty + 1% of lies!

Da Fei then says: “Yes, I met the Captain Renoir who was tormented by the curse at the lowest level of the cabin. He asked me to help him get rid of the curse. He gave me the ship and clothes after completing the quest. I also successfully comprehended the Voyager from the navigation book left behind by the captain.”

Hmph hmph, if he did not discover the Sailing Master’s corpse, the normal quest flow is definitely like this. Wonder what will you think if a player destroyed the barrier you set up?

The Duke nods and snickers: “Renoir is a very outstanding voyager. You being able to comprehend Voyager from him, that makes you worthy of being his student. And Renoir is my good friend and teacher, so you can also be considered my student too.”

——System Notification: You obtained achievement <Arch-mage Makarl’s Student>, your Alliance Fame +5000!

Succeeded! Bro’s spying really succeeded! Juan’s Epic quest did not have any influence! That’s right, the quest hint already said it, as long as his diary is handed over, the world is going to change. As long as the diary does not see the light of day, nothing will happen, haha, wahahaha!

Da Fei happily went through the apprenticeship ceremony, a large bow from the head to the knee: “Thanks Teacher for the guidance! Being able to become Teacher’s student is the honor of my entire life!”

Makarl laughs: “It’s mainly because you’re very outstanding, and very full of potential. But as teacher, I’m indeed ashamed for not being able to teach you much, but it just so happens, I have a Voyager’s experience to give you as a gift to commemorate our first meeting.” After finishing, he waves his hand and a little shiny golden book appears out of nowhere in his hand.

——System Notification: Duke Makarl gave you <Voyager’s Advancement Experience Notes>.

——Voyager’s Advancement Experience Notes: Using this item, you can spend 1 skill point to raise your Voyager Class Level to “Intermediate Voyager”!

Da Fei is really happy. He really did passed something to Bro! Voyagers really is leveled up using this kind of method. Since Voyager is already gotten, will Phantom Ballista still be far?

Makarl shakes his head and smiles: “I’m only an on-board mage, and focused on spell research, but was conferred as the world’s greatest voyager. It’s really unworthy of the name and I’m really ashamed. If you still want raise your level further, you can only pay a visit to more voyagers.”

Da Fei nods continuously: “Teacher’s humility is really our model! Actually, I came looking for Teacher is to learn the Phantom Ballista in the Master Gunner’s records.” Hmph hmph, you are fake righteous old man anyways, so Bro will not object to your pretending, and make requests boldly.

Makarl startles, and then shakes his head and laughs loudly: “That was thought of for fun then. It is totally unpractical. Not only is the cost high, if it is damaged, you cannot even find spare parts to change after the battle. This thing is just a joke. Don’t mention it anymore, it damages my reputation.”

Da Fei is startled at the spot, no way right? Rejected so directly? Could it be this Master Gunner’s diary is used for talking nonsense and has no practical use at all? Impossible, it must be quests have to be done to earn his trust or something, right?


T/L note 1: An line from the show My Fair Princess meant as a joke to insinuate the old nun looks like the character Granny Rong from the show.

T/L note 2: Sweeping Divine Nun is a play of words on the sweeping divine monk from Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils novel where the strongest character in the novel is a unnamed monk sweeping floor in the Shaolin Temple. This character is normally referred to as Sweeping Divine Monk outside the novel.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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