Chapter 61 Makarl’s Scheme

At this time, Makarl looks at that soul crystal with god knows what uses again, and nods: “This thing seems interesting. I need to spend some time to study it. We’ll meet next time when I’m free.”

The butler comes up and says: “Sir, please!”

Oh fuck, sending guest out already? Without Phantom Ballista to hold the line, Bro’s trip to subterranean sea will be risky! How do Bro know when you will be free next? Meeting bigwigs in this game is not easy, and can meet whenever you want. Either handing in quests, or using special item or affairs as an opportunity, or else the guard will just politely say: “The lord is very busy, come again next time if there’s nothing important.”

At this very instant, Da Fei’s thoughts are turning very fast. Where will Bro find special items that can meet with him? Items definitely are out, but isn’t there an event? As a death lord, Makarl is actually disguising and concealing in the human world for so many years, what is it for? What is he aiming for? It is probably just something like conquering the world, right? Relying on force is definitely not reliable, then buying support and forming faction is the right way? If it is like this——

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Teacher, actually I’m here this time is because I’m charged with an important mission from the Elf Kingdom, saving the World Tree and purifying the Pool of Radiance. The Elf Kingdom has also decided to spare no effort in supporting me with supplies, including expensive special equipment like that wind-type magic formation sail etc, so I thought of the Phantom Ballista. Such a genius creation is definitely considered special equipment, right. It is alright as long as it is useful at the crucial moment. I’m Teacher’s student now, if I successfully saved the World Tree, it will also look nice on Teacher! Teacher will then be the Alliance greatest hero behind the scenes!”

Is Elf Kingdom worthy of roping in for you? Even if you are a death lord and is unwilling to help the Elf Kingdom, but you are still an Alliance’s Grand Duke, and have to keep up the front even if it is tiring. Bro are good at finding trouble and not afraid of tiring you out.

As expected, Makarl is slightly startled: “Saving the World Tree? You’re the one chosen by Elf Kingdom?”

Haha! He also knew this matter? Oh well, as a Grand Duke, it is impossible not for him to know such a major matter in the neighboring nation.

Da Fei hurriedly salutes: “Student is the person chosen by the Elf Kingdom’s Erowlin City, and will head for the subterranean 9 days later! My ship is the St. Antonio Captain Renoir gave me.”

Makarl as if thinking of something: “So that’s how it is, the youngsters able to bear this arduous mission is really not much at the current stage, and with your qualifications now, it had to be you too.”

Da Fei snickers: “Thanks Teacher for the compliment.”

Makarl sighs: “But this matter is not that simple.”

Redundant, Epic quest definitely is not simple, or else why would Bro look for you?

Da Fei hurriedly says: “No matter how difficult, student will definitely do my best.”

Makarl shakes his head and sighs: “Elf Kingdom thought of things too simply. They think there is only scattered devils polluting the Pool of Radiance and it can be settled by sending a hero down. But in actual fact, if you went down, you probably will face attack and reinforcements of devils from all planes.”

What does all planes mean? Oh fuck, who cares how many planes, Bro has already accepted the quest, what is there to talk about? Da Fei hurriedly says: “It is actually like this? Teacher, then all the more you have to help me!” Although it is the first time we met, and became the apprentice for this possibly 0 trust and Relationship Point, but it does not stop Bro from playing along!

Makarl sighs: “We, the Light Alliance, are connected together. We suffer loss when one does. Since allied nation has difficulties, we cannot stand by and do nothing!”

Succeeded! Da Fei is elated: “Thanks, Teacher!”

Makarl snickers: “But you probably don’t know elves’ temper. They are always noble, cold and especially love to bear a grudge and especially love keeping up their front. Actually, I’m dragged down by the false reputation of Number 1 Mage. All these years, I did have that tiny unpleasantness with them. So I also don’t want them to know I’m helping them behind their backs, in case they think I’m looking down on them and have to offend people for doing good deeds.”

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Teacher has a strong sense of integrity, and very modest, hiding achievements and fame and not stooping to their level. If there’s anything, left it to student will do it!”

Makarl snickers: “What difficulties do you have now, see whether I can help you solve it?”

Wahahaha, what must come will come after all!

Da Fei is wildly elated: “Teacher, I’m short of Phantom Ballista! I’m short of Command Power! I’m short of strong beauty Deputy Hero!”

Makarl coughs and shakes his hand: “Young man…Phantom Ballista is no problem. Come and look for me 8 days later. I’ll will gather all the materials and make one within these 8 days, but after using it, you’ve to return it to be. This kind of weapon cannot go public. Command Power is also not a problem. Take my letter and report to our city’s navy headquarters immediately. I’ll appoint you as Navy 2nd Lieutenant in-training. It can increase 100 Command Power temporary. After this quest is over, the intern period will be over, but if your results are good in this quest, I can consider promoting you to a regular officer. As for others, it’s beyond my ability.”

Wahahaha! Settled! Really settled it! Although it is temporary, isn’t bombs and bullets temporary too? Things like weapons can only show their values after using it, what is the use of saving it? But old man, you can settle ballista and military rank, merely a few beauty Deputy Heroes is too difficult for you? Bro wants to uncover your potential!

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Teacher, my team needs a nun Hero for healing, and I’m thinking of going to the Holy Mother Monastery outside the city to choose a nun Hero!”

Makarl casts a look at the Katarina beside Da Fei, and then frowns: “There can many Heroes that can heal. Young people shouldn’t be addicted to women.”

Da Fei is anxious already: “Teacher is mistaken. Student is afraid of being mistaken of being addicted to women, so I especially chose pure nun to set the record straight!”

Makarl’s expression is unpleasant: “You can hire male Priest!”

Oh fuck! The old man is unhappy from pretending already! But now that it has come to this, Bro will not back off no matter what. Anyways, the old man obviously needs Bro’s help now and will not fall out with Bro.

Da Fei anxiously says: “Male’s healing is no good, and cannot give meticulous care to seafarers, especially mentally. Teacher, you’re a voyager. You should know, it will decrease Morale——”

Makarl reprimands: “Nonsense!”

Da Fei anxiously says: “Teacher, mainly is because student is afraid hiring a male Priest will make people mistake me for having abnormal sexual orientation, and bring shame to Teacher!”

Makarl says anxiously: “What does this concern me?”

Da Fei sighs: “Don’t tell me, Holy Mother Monastery won’t make an exception even for Teacher?”

Makarl sighs: “Monastery is the church’s institution, and won’t give way to anyone. I’ll write you a recommendation letter. When you report to the navy headquarters, look for Logistics Officer Madam Tabbia. She’s from the church. You can ask her to bring you to the monastery. If it really doesn’t work, you can still let her recommend a few candidates for Priest.”

Da Fei nods. Bro understood already. The old guy is afraid of being rejected himself and losing face. Seems like this monastery is really great? Bro don’t believe it. The tighter it is shut, the more Bro wants to get in. The more you wear, the more Bro wants to strip. Talking about stripping, Da Fei remembers that Granny Rong instantly, and his heart cannot help but shiver.

With a wave of hand, Makarl finishes a magic letter, and flicks it to Da Fei’s hands with a flick of finger: “Done, you can set off immediately.”

Da Fei hurriedly says: “Okay! Student will go now.”

Right while turning around, Da Fei suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly says: “Teacher!”

Makarl’s beard shakes: “Now what?”

Da Fei laughs greedily: “Teacher, you see, I haven’t change Class yet. Do you have any strong hidden Class to recommend for student——”

Makarl claps his hand: “Riel, send the guest out!”

The butler hurriedly goes up: “Sir, please!”

Da Fei anxiously says: “Hey hey!”

White light flashes, and the scene changes. Da Fei is back at the teleportation transformation of St. Paul’s office. Oh fuck, old man, your pretense is dropping! Too unkind, too not noble, right?

However, Bro basically settled more than half of this matter already. With Phantom Ballista, won’t Bro be able to run amuck and why be scared of Epic? Bro is using an Epic quest’s NPC to resolve another Epic quest. This is called fighting poison with poison, stones from other mountain can be used to polish jade![1] Why is Bro so OP? Bro is just so OP! Wahahaha!

When he left the entrance, a few players outside the door whisper: “He’s out!”

“His name is turning white!”

Oh fuck! Bro is already beginning to enjoy the treatment of having paparazzi? Sure sure sure, you all can continue to follow. Bro is going to blind your backstage bosses’ eyes, haha, wahahahaha!


Makarl’s library.

A golden bat descends from the sky, and transforms into a graceful middle-aged butler wearing a tuxedo when it landed: “Lord, please give your command.”

Makarl says in a deep voice: “Sneak into Elf Kingdom, and spread rumors in Elf Kingdom’s black market, just say Elf Kingdom sent a super Hero into the Pool of Radiance. Not only do they want to clean the pollution, they want to take the chance to attack into Abyss Blood Pool. Expose the location of Abyss Blood Pool along too. This information must be spread to both elves and devils.”

The butler says in surprise: “Why is Lord selling your teammates out?”

Makarl shakes his hand and smiles: “Devils are snatching too much territory at New World. I want to divert some of their force. And also, test this newly accepted student of mine along the way. I see that he is very greedy. Maybe, his ambition can influence all the dimensions’ devils to move out.”


Makarl takes out that soul crystal again, nods contentedly, and disappears with a turn.


T/L note 1: People from other countries can work for your country or qualities from other people can be used to improve yourself.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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