Chapter 62 Plan for Sneaking into Monastery

With the paparazzi following all the way, Da Fei swaggers to St. Paul naval headquarters. With a wave of the letter, the guards at the entrance immediately let him in.

The paparazzi cannot help but exclaim: “Just came out from the Duke’s residence, and he can already enter the headquarters, isn’t this too OP?”

Wahahaha! See that? Bro is just so freaking OP! Trying to mess with Bro? Welcome, you will definitely be the top 10 young head of poverty alleviation.[1]

“Freeze! No unauthorized personnel allowed!”

Ah? Da Fei turns his head and look in surprise. Katarina was stopped by the guards. So there is still this kind of ball-ache regulations? Da Fei can only say to the similarly surprised sweetheart: “Wait for me at the hotel.”

Katarina snickers: “Yes, Captain.”

Hmph, Bro will not give all you paparazzi the chance to harass my sweetheart. Wait for me at the hotel, Bro finally has the chance to say such a cool line, haha.

Under the lead of the guard, Da Fei reaches the officers’ reporting office.

Sitting behind the large desk is a fat, arrogant looking officer. He looks sideways at Da Fei, and snorts: “From which section?”

Da Fei takes out the letter and hands it up: “A lord recommended me here.”

The officer snorts coldly and snatches the letter. He says coldly and strictly while opening the letter: “I don’t care who recommended you, at our place, you’ve to obey us, or I’ll let you know why it is said military law is merciless——”

The fat officer’s voice suddenly stops, stares blankly at the letter for a while, and then stares blankly at Da Fei for a while too.

Da Fei snickers in his mind, did Bro’s backing scared you? Still so arrogant, not going to rush over to polish Bro’s shoe? The feeling of tufthunting is really great! Wahahaha!

“Hmph!” That officer snorts coldly, sit up straight and then says solemnly: “From now on, you’re an 2nd Lieutenant-in-training registered in the record. In short, you know your background, so you should be even more strict with yourself, and not bring shame to that Lord, or tarnish that Lord’s brilliance, or else——Military punishment awaits!” Just after finishing, an epaulet is thrown onto the desk with a pat sound.

Da Fei got a fright! Not only did this fellow not polish Bro’s shoes, he even get back at Bro. Is this an experienced old soldier hooligan? Forget it, anyways, Bro is a supernumerary personnel, no need to stoop to his level.

Da Fei snickers: “Lord is right——”

The fat officer reprimands loudly: “Who is joking around with you! Address as Sir! Get it clear, this is the military!”

Oh my fuck, why are you so OP!

Da Fei raises his hands and salutes: “Yes! Sir!”

“Idiot! It’s the other hand!”

Damn! Da Fei can only change hand: “Yes! Sir!”

Damn you! Becoming a regular? Be what regular, Bro rather be a pirate and beating this fat pig into the sea and feed the turtles than be your regular soldier! Trying to be a pain to players, is it? However, it is more like it to convert Bro to commander.

The fat officer then says contentedly: “You’ve Lord’s quest with you, so take the rank and go do what you’ve to do.”

——System Notification: You obtained Light Alliance’s Navy 2nd Lieutenant-in-training rank, your Command Power +100 temporarily.

——Beginner Tip: Military rank and official position can greatly increase your Command Power, but military rank and official position’s Command Power is a fixed value, and is not affected by Hero Class, Leadership and artifacts.

Da Fei continues to salute: “Reporting, Sir, I want to look for Logistics Officer Madam Tabbia.”

Fat officer startles: “Logistics officer? Madam? Is there this person?” And then realizes and laughs: “Go look at the canteen yourself.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Under the lead of the guard, Da Fei reaches the backyard of the military headquarters. Among a whole bunch of pig slaughtering, vegetables washing and firewood chopping laborers, he found the Madam Tabbia Makarl said that has church background, and is startled at the spot!

Oh my! Bro originally thought it is a beauty Paladin or a beauty Priest, so it is actually a short and fat auntie! No, it is a female Dwarf auntie! This this this, this gesturing around, is obviously a mess cook leader, this is the logistics officer Makarl said? But how is it possible for such a high ranking person like Makarl to know such a small character? Could it be this auntie is very strong? There is no halo below her feet, so she is an ordinary NPC that is not even a Hero?

“Tabbia, someone’s looking for you!”

That short auntie turns around impatiently: “Be quick if you’ve something to say, I’m very busy!”

Da Fei takes out the letter: “A Lord made me bring this.”

“What Lord!” Short auntie snatches over the letter impatiently, and suddenly that wine barrel like body shakes vigorously! That expression, that tears floating in her eyes ——Oh fuck! Old man, your taste?

Short auntie realizes and waves her hand: “Come to the warehouse!”

In the warehouse piled with food items, short auntie asks in a shaky voice: “What orders does that Lord has?”

Aish, is there a need to be so excited? Bro has no interest in short auntie’s gossip, let’s talk about business straight away.

Da Fei then says: “Lord wants you to help bring me into Holy Mother Monastery to look for a nun Hero.”

Short auntie gets a shock: “Bring you into Holy Mother Monastery? Impossible! For 600 years since Holy Mother Monastery was built, no man was ever allowed in! Not even the emperor!”

Da Fei is startled: “Ah? But Lord said you were from the church?”

Short auntie sighs: “I was shipwrecked when I was young, and was saved by the benevolent lord, and then sent to the monastery where I grew up. After which, I was arranged to work here. My mission is to be responsible for delivering vegetables for the monastery. How can I complete Lord’s request with my status…” Her voice is sobbing when saying until here: “I, I’m really too useless. I don’t even have the ability to repay Lord…”

Hey hey hey, don’t cry, this has nothing to do with the old man. It is Bro who will be troubled by it!

Da Fei is hesitating for a moment now. Old man, aren’t you way too unreliable? For something someone of such a high rank like you cannot settle, you actually ask for a short auntie’s help? ——Wait! Delivering vegetables?

Da Fei’s heart skips a beat, could it be that the old man means, sneaking in while delivering vegetables? Oh fuck! There is only this kind of method now. When the high-end route cannot work, underhanded tricks will come in handy!

Da Fei hurriedly asks: “What do you use to deliver the vegetables?”

Short auntie says: “Everyday, I’ve to deliver 1 horse carriage full. The monastery has more than a thousand people.”

Horse carriage! So that is how it is!

Da Fei snickers: “I’ve thought of a way. Sneak me in together with the vegetables.”

Short auntie says in astonishment: “But the other side checks really strictly too. Especially that Umina guarding the door, she checks even the bottom of the carriage every time.”

Da Fei says in astonishment: “Umina, you mean that old woman guarding the door?”

Short auntie hurriedly shakes her hand in shock: “That is the 36th Holy Maiden, and has very strong magic. Strong people of that caliber is rare in the whole Light Alliance. Rumors has it that even the Lord is not necessarily her match!”

——Ah pfft! That Granny Rong is actually a holy maiden too! Holy maiden’s image immediately crumbles in Da Fei’s heart!

Da Fei calms his mind: “I have Grand Master Scouting. I can learn Camouflage immediately, will this do?”

Short auntie cannot help but get a shock: “Grand Master level? No wonder Lord sent you.” And then frowns: “But, even if it is Grand Master level, in such a small horse carriage——Anyways, I’ll quarrel with her to distract her attention then, and hope we can make it through.”

Da Fei is elated: “That’ll be very good!”

Short auntie talks again: “Once you successfully sneaked in, you must find a way to hide and not run around, because the time I’m staying in the canteen will not be long, and definitely cannot go anywhere else. But while unloading the goods, there will be nuns on duty helping out, so we can only find the person from the nuns helping out, so this is not something achievable in 1 or 2 days. You must be prepared to hide for a few days. Anyways, I’ll be there every day.”

Da Fei nods: “Understood.” With Bro’s Grand Master Scouting, how many can reach Bro’s realm in the whole world?

Short auntie nods: “I helped out at the monastery’s canteen since I was young, and practically know every nun. What is the one you’re looking for called?”

It will be good if she knows. Da Fei says happily: “She’s called Serbia!”

Short auntie startles, shakes her head and says: “There’s no such person!”

No way, right? Could it be the diary is really just nonsense? Da Fei says in surprise: “How is that possible?”

Short auntie shakes her head and says: “It’s impossible for nuns to use this name. This may be the name she used in the past, but after entering the monastery, she will have to change name, like whatever -na, whatever -sha, or whatever -ael etc, names that angels commonly used.”

Oh my fuck, it is already like being a thief, now that he does not even know the name, this difficulty level is so high it can practically make Bro’s balls explode from the ache?

Let’s not mention whether the diary is reliable or not, even if she is a Hero, how much ability can a 15 years old girl have? Is it worth making him so ball-ache? Ehm, worth it, anyways Bro is free, what can he do other than being ball-ache?

Da Fei then takes out that clarinet: “This may be the only token, she may recognize it!”

Short auntie nods: “Is that so, okay then, give it to me, I’ll let her see it. Then, go get ready, I’m going to deliver the vegetables now.”

“No problem!” Da Fei takes out the Scouting skill book, and golden light flashes.

——System Notification: You spent 1 skill point to learn Scouting sub-skill “Camouflage”.


T/L note 1: Meaning Da Fei is going to rob whoever tries to mess with him. Which will alleviate Da Fei’s poverty.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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